the tension between them is insane

So all I can think about after that last episode with Cas’ blunt “you’re welcome!” is Cas and Dean having yet another one of their endless infamous staring contests with so much tension between them that it’s making them both (and everyone who happens to be in their vicinity) nearly go insane (again), and Cas finally being so d o n e with it after like eight years of this same bullshit and thus suddenly going in to kiss Dean right on the lips, then a stunned Dean blinking like five times before asking “what the hell was that, Cas?” and Cas going 

“a kiss, YOU’RE WELCOME!”

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So my ex and I had amazing sexual chemistry when we were together and there has been insane sexual tension between us the last few time we hung out. Only problem is he has a new girlfriend now. We started sexting in January to help deal with our crazy cravings for each other, but after a while it wasn't enough. We finally met up on Friday and fucked hard in his car. He fucked me, stopped and ate me out until I came and then started fucking me again until he came. Then I sucked him off. So f good

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Any good fic recs? Preferably Clexa

Okay a lot of these are really popular so you have probably heard of them.

The White Queen Running by KL_Morgan. Canon divergence (in the best possible way) The plot is super intricate and well written and it makes the fic really hard to put down. (Tbh ANYTHING of KL Morgan’s is really good)

In Love and War and Politics by centuriesofexistence. An engaging AU plot, with political clexa (hence the name) it’s really well written and planned out. The tension between Clarke and Lexa is INSANE and the build up is so worth it.

Love is Blindness (I Don’t Want to see) by effortlessly-opulent. It’s a gang AU. This one is less known then her HSAU but I really really enjoyed it (lbr the angst since I’m and angst hoe) 10/10.

Sisters by commandmetobewell . TW it’s a military AU with graphic descriptions of violence. This fic has made me sob like a baby. It’s very intense but the writing is beautiful and I can’t wait to see how all the characters heal.

Living on a Fault Line by anddirtyrain. Another sad AU. Again, the writer is amazing as is the plot. A divorce AU where Clarke and Lexa have a kid (who’s super cute btw).

Before Words, Beyond Silence by natkate. This is probably the best (or one of the best) canon divergence fics I have ever read! The ending fucked me up (in the best way possible) and there’s a sequel that’s a WIP!! 

Freak Show by Heather_Michelle. This was the first fic of its kind that I read. It features an Aspergers!Lexa, but is written so amazingly and the author does a wonderful job making sure that the syndrome doesn’t take away from her character (I am neurotypical though so feel free to call me out if u disagree).

(my) Destruction Within Your Mouth by KL_Morgan. Another great canon divergence fic. It’s very hard to put down (I’m still wondering about why Clarke is mute though? The author did their research though so I trust them)

Little things by anddirtyrain. It is a WIP also, but I’m super excited about it. The fic features Doula!Clarke and wannabe mom Lexa.

There are a ton more that I absolutely love but I’m sure yall want me to shut up because this post is already wayyyy too long.

My headcanon for the new poster of Digimon Tri.

And because there’s this enormously insane love tension between Yamato and Taichi. D:


It isn´t a love triangle anymore.
After years of not being able to decide between Taichi and Yamato because Sora really loved both  boys, she notices something.

Realization hits Sora strong. Like a slap in the face.

Yamato is in love with Taichi.

And then there’s this little possibility of Taichi having those same feelings back for him.
So, Sora as the awesome and good girl she is (and because she really cares about them) tries to talk about this with Yamato, in order to help him with Taichi.

Stuff happens. Yamato actually confesses to Tai, just to be rejected by this  really confused boy. And then Yamato blames Sora for that.

More bad stuff happens and a strong digimon is about to attack the boys (because there’s so much tension between them that they can’t even fight back) and Sora runs into battle with a new evolved form of Biyomon to save them, like the amazing mom squad she is.

While yelling: “Get over this!! Punch each other or kiss each other!! I don’t care which of them you choose anymore.!!! But stop acting like idiots!!”

And at the end Sora was the truest love protector.

AN: Thank y'all for all the nice compliments! I really appreciate it. Many have asked what my name is, so I’m Jess :)
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Pairing: Pietro x Wanda (partial reader)

Plot: Request for Pietro and Wanda to get into a huge argument and not talk to each other for a few days but eventually the tension between them get so thick that the avengers get sick of it and decide to lock them into a room until they make amends ~Anon


“Family Feud”

“Get out of my head, Wanda!” Pietro slammed his bedroom door.

“Stop hiding things!” Wanda spat back.

“You know, it’s getting to be like Family Feud around here.” Tony joked, trying to make light of the situation.

Pietro and Wanda usually don’t fight. Their relationship always made you so jealous. You wished that you had a twin. But this was getting insane. Pietro and Wanda had been fighting for weeks!


A couple days later…

The team was getting really agitated. Pietro and Wanda still hadn’t made up.

It was starting to affect everyone in combat. Pietro and Wanda wouldn’t listen to orders. They’d go off on their own, bickering the entire time.

Enough was enough. A team meeting was called, and everyone was to show.

“What is this about?” Pietro grumbled.

“Oh, quit complaining.” Wanda hissed.

“It’s about you two,” Cap noted, “and your constant bickering.”

“We aren’t-” they started in unison.

“Yes, you are.” Clint stated.

Everyone was staring at the twins.

“We need answers. What is wrong with you two?” Cap spoke up.

“Him.” Pietro pointed at The Vision.

“I do not understand.” The Vision cocked his head.

“Please,” Pietro rolled his eyes, gesturing to Wanda. “I know that you two like each other.”

“Pietro, enough!” Wanda hissed. “Besides, we all know that you like Y/N.”

Pietro and Wanda basically threw themselves at one another.

This is going to get ugly, you thought.

Before someone got hurt, you threw your hands up and froze the twins.

“The perks of being a walking TV remote.” Tony chuckled.

“Oh, save it Stark.” You huffed.

The twins were frozen, but they could comprehend what was going on around them.

“You two need to stop. You’re brother and sister!” you continued, “You seriously need to sort things out before something happens that you’ll regret.”

“Y/N is right.” Cap agreed.

The teamed created a plan to lock the twins in confinement until they sort things out. Of course, they were monitored just in case things got out of hand.

After a few hours of more bickering, the twins finally came around and forgave each other.

They realized they need to respect each others decisions, even if they don’t agree with them.

(This actually just helped me. I’ve been arguing with my sibling, and writing this made me realize I need to forgive and forget.)

No joke, the amount of sexual tension between Owen & Claire in Jurassic World is INSANE

Like seriously, even in the beginning when they’re insulting each other and arguing about their first date was filled with the kinda love-hate chemistry that I love. 

I will be SHOCKED if these two aren’t married by the sequel film. I mean I can accept them being Boyfriend-Girlfriend in the sequel but I would be shocked if they weren’t married. 

Imagine: Draco and Hermione aren’t a couple but the tension between them is insanely noticeable. They currently don’t admit it (yet). Draco and ‘Mione haven’t had long conversations until this point but now and then exchanges of words which were pretty . . let’s say deep. “The starry sky is beautiful today.”, is something Hermione said before, when they were together. She was pretty nervous, unsure about her own feelings, confused, but definitely knew that Harry and Ronald shouldn’t notice that in any mean. In that moment, she didn’t have in mind, what her words could mean to Draco. ©me||Dramione_is_real