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Tennessee woman receives three new felony charges for attempting to self-induce abortion

Strict abortion laws have never meant fewer abortions. They have meant fewer safe abortions. The case of Anna Yocca — a Tennessee woman who, in September 2015, used a coat hanger to self-induce an abortion — speaks loudly to that trend. The charges against Yocca have changed a few times, but on Nov. 12, a Rutherford County, Tennessee, grand jury added a trio of felonies to her docket.


Great Smoky Mountains wildfires ravage Gatlinburg, Tenn.

At least seven people have died from the massive eastern Tennessee wildfire that has burned more than 15,600 acres in Sevier County, officials said on Wednesday.

Officials have not released the names of the deceased.

The blaze – which has devastated the cities of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and surrounding areas – has also injured 53 people, scorched more than 700 homes and forced thousands to evacuate, officials said. It is believed to be human caused.

Some 14,000 people were evacuated from Gatlinburg on Monday night, and the city has been closed off to residents since then. Police say they have searched about 30 percent of the city so far, and officials estimate that some 300 buildings were destroyed there alone.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam said that the wildfire is the state’s biggest in 100 years. (GMA)

(Photos: Michael Patrick/Knoxville News Sentinel via AP, Tennessee Highway Patrol/Handout via Reuters, Michael Patrick/Knoxville News Sentinel via AP, Amy Smotherman Burgess/Knoxville News Sentinel via AP, Michael Patrick/Knoxville News Sentinel via AP, Jessica Tezak/Knoxville News Sentinel via AP)

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Tennessee Teacakes: Thirty-Three

Hello, my little cupcakes! I can’t believe I managed to get this chapter out after only a week! I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to hear what you think! <3

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every storm (runs out of mulled wine cupcakes); november 6, 2019

Umbrellas were in abundance at the Queen’s Grove bus stop on Wednesday morning. It wasn’t raining, but the threat was in the forecast, which was why the crowd was larger than usual. Bonfire Night celebrations had everyone looking hungover and glum as a rumble of thunder cracked through the sky. On that particular morning, I was less concerned with the chance of rain and more with the fact that—twelve hours later—I still hadn’t felt the baby move.

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“The United States Battle Fleet steaming in column off the California coast during the middle or later 1920s. The three leading ships are (in no particular order) Colorado (BB-45), Maryland (BB-46), and West Virginia (BB-48), followed by Tennessee (BB-43) and three older battleships. Photograph taken from USS California (BB-44).”

(NHHC: 80-G-695093)