the tenderhooks

Had a dream that I was with @tenderhook, @sadish-radish, and @prawnlegs at a zoo in either Spain or California (my subconscious was vague) where we were sketching stuff and visiting an exhibit with a guy who shapeshifted into a giant feral dragon-lizard.

The dragon followed consistent rules of interacting with people, depending on if you advanced with your palms up (friendly), advanced with palms down (warning blast of fire that might escalate), made lunging motions (exposing mouth, then a mock sneeze). (I forget the other rules)

I had a wonderful ten minutes in the exhibit, and once the dragon turned back into a human, I gave some heartfelt speech about how I’m so glad to live in a world that contains something like this, and then he killed the mood by referring to Laurel and Jey as “this girl and her guy-friend” (unclear which of them he meant by which) and I dearly resented this figment of my subconscious for it

Hannibal Rewatch Recap: 2x10

**Warning: rewatching blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

I am so sorry for the rewatch delay, friends! I had Things. But hopefully you’ll forgive me as this newest TREATISE was written while drinking a glass of wine that went into full effect right in time for the scene we were all awaiting for, in…

Season 2, Episode 10: “Naka-Choko”

“Naka-Choko” is interesting in that it actually starts BACK a touch from how 2x09 closed. “Haha, you didn’t think we’d miss a chance for a trippy emotionally charged fight sequence did you?” - The Hannibal Show

This also gives them the opportunity to show off some footage they didn’t use in the last episode, namely DAVID ANGLE WILL GRAHAM.

Flawless. Fight off your lions, petal. This is how Hannibal sees him all of the time.

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