the ten plagues of egypt

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So I just rewatched your Mummy episodes. What did you really think about Imhotep using the Ten Plagues? I remember something about "theological nerd rage" and "with a rusty spatula", which sounds intriguing.

Ah yes. 

Briefly, the Ten Plagues of Egypt were plagues sent by the God of the Hebrews in order to convince the Egyptians to set them free from slavery so they could go find their own land to live in.

It makes absolutely naff-all sense for an Egyptian high priest of the Egyptian gods to be able to summon plagues which were explicitly sent against the Egyptians.

Er…no, guys.

Callout post for Sergei Rachmaninoff

-If there were a conservatory in hell, and if one of its most talented students were to compose a programme symphony based on the story of the ten plagues of Egypt. And if he were to compose a symphony like Rachmaninoff’s then he would have fulfilled his task brilliantly. And would delight the inhabitants of hell.

-His music leaves an evil impression. With its broken rhythms. Obscurity and vagueness of form, meaningless repetition of the same short tricks. The nasal sound of the orchestra. The strained crash of the brass. And above all it’s sickly per verse harmonization and quasi-melodic outlines, the complete absence of simplicity and naturalness, the complete abcense of themes.

Can I also say that it is ridiculous to think that God does not use science/nature to His advantage?

For example, my mother - a deeply religious woman in her own right - was watching a documentary on the ten plagues of Egypt and how they could have a very scientific cause. She, in frustration, proclaimed; “Why can people not just leave it at God did this?”

I was tempted to speak, but had no words for that moment. Then, thinking on it, I formed a response. So, here is my response:

Because God uses the natural world in such a way that makes everything have both scientific and religious possibility, so that we are left with only the option to use science or faith or a combination of both to validate the events. We can accept that it was just a volcano, or we can think that perhaps God made that volcano erupt at that moment to cause the pitch-black, the acid water, the destruction and the chaos?

We shouldn’t underestimate God. He has it all thought out before we even learn to speak, and thus we should know that He can use whatever He wants to create the means to an end and the ends to justify all means.

And then with surprising suddenness, Richard was there… with a greeting frozen on his lips and eyes only for Anne.

“I do believe, Dickon that I neglected to tell you this day Stanley would be meeting us at Coventry with the French harlot…and our fair kinswoman, Anne Neville… Well, lad, I’d venture you need me here as much as Egypt did need the ten deadly plagues.” The door closing on the echoes of his laughter.

Richard came swiftly to Anne… his lips barely grazed the corner of her mouth. “Welcome home, Anne." 

proof that lacus welt is illuminati

lacus welt is a minor character in an anime called owari no seraph. this post will tell you why he is illuminati.

lacus welt means “lake world”. lacus welt is also a vampire. therefore, lacus welt is a lake vampire. vampires are monsters. what monster lives in a lake? that’s right, the loch ness monster. there are thirteen letters in “loch ness monster”. thirteen is often considered to be an unlucky number in many cultures across the world. you know what else is unlucky? dropping money. you know what symbol is on the dollar bill? that’s right, it’s the eye of the illuminati.

you know what else? “lacus welt” has nine letters. laucus welt also has two eyes. if you count the third eye that is undoubtedly hidden somewhere on his body, this means that two of his three eyes are exposed at any given time. two thirds of nine is six. lacus also has a nose. a nose is shaped like a triangle. a triangle has three sides. six repeated three times is six six six. six six six is the number of the beast. the number six six six is also associated with the illuminati. not convinced yet?

remember how i said that lacus is a vampire? well, remember, vampires are commonly seen as monsters. do you know what another word for monster is? yep, beast is a word commonly used instead of monster. we can see this in disney’s beauty and the beast. satan is often referred to as a beast in the bible. the number of the beast? it’s six six six. also, if you divide each number in six six six by two (the number of lacus’ visible eyes) you get three three three. a triangle has three sides. there are three triangles in the triforce. the triforce is a well-known symbol of the video game series “the legend of zelda”. in the legend of zelda, the main villain is ganondorf. he is also a beast. see, it all circles back.

in english, the word “welt” refers to raised and reddened areas of skin associated with injury or disease. “plague” is another word for disease. think about famous plagues. do you get it? the most famous plagues in history were the ten plagues of egypt described in the bible. do you know what famous buildings were erected in egypt around the time the bible was written? that’s right- they were the pyramids. the symbol of the illuminati is an eye on top of a pyramid. what’s more, the number six six six is also found in the bible. it refers to satan. satan is related to the illuminati.

in conclusion: lacus welt is #illuminati confirmed.

Season 4 Speculation Masterpost

Hey guys! I’m super excited to finally be writing this. I haven’t written much of anything about Season 4 since the trailer came out, in part because I’m busy all the time and I don’t have much opportunity to sit down and write analytically, but also because I wanted to give myself plenty of time (if less than a week counts as “plenty”) to mull over the trailer and allow myself to digest everything that happened, as well as to sort through old spoilers we’ve gotten over the hiatus and connect that to what we know now. I’ve been dying to write about the trailer, but I know that if I didn’t give myself a chance to think things through and figure out - logically - what is actually going on, I would start putting in random pieces of information in an attempt to explain away plot holes, when - in fact - I have not a single clue what is actually going on.

I wanted to avoid doing that.

So, as a result, everything you will read in this spec post is based off of what I believe to be logical conclusions resulting from outside sources, the narrative, as well as my own idea of where I’m expecting the show to go. 

I’m going to say right now that not everything in this post are my own original ideas. Since I waited this long to write, I was influenced by other people. However, I’m only putting in other people’s ideas that align with my own interpretation and that make sense to me. I will also make sure to give credit where it’s due. 

Now that I’ve gotten the introduction out of the way, I think its appropriate for me to begin. If you’re interested, continue after the cut. 

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Dean x Castiel; Prince of Egypt!AU: 
Dean - Moses; Cas - Tzipporah; Sam - Rameses; Aaron - Benny; Miriam - Anna.

Dean never thought he was any different from the rest of his family. Okay, sure, there was the matter of the fact that no-one thought him strong enough or true enough for the throne; his younger brother Sam ended up being named heir after some ancient prophecy of some sort. But Dean never wanted the weight of the crown upon his head anyway. He saw what it did to his father; can see what it’s doing to his brother. He’s happy as he is - pulling pranks on the priests, chariot racing his brother and being nothing more than the Prince of Egypt.

It isn’t until he receives a Midian man as a present from the priests, just before he is made Prince Regent by Sam, does he begin to realise how different he really is from the family. Seeing the look of shame and sadness in his mother’s eyes, as he turns back to her with a grin on his lips after letting the man fall into the small pool is enough to make him turn back to the Midian and make sure he’s okay. But before he can do anything, a slave is leading him to Dean’s chambers and there’s nothing more than a glare in the man bright blue eyes as the connect with Dean’s.

The event lasts longer than Dean ever wanted, and because of his new position, he isn’t allowed to leave until his father tells him to. He goes straight to his chambers, seeing the outline of the man on his bed, behind the sheer curtain and he stops, swallowing hard as he phrases the apology, trying to coming up with the best way to say “I was an idiot, forgive me”, but realising there is no good way to do it.

He is given a pleasant surprise when he pulls the curtain back and doesn’t see the Midian man there, but instead his slave, tied up with the rope that had once been wound around the prisoner’s wrists. He hears a sound and follows it to find the prisoner leading a camel out of the palace. With guards about to discover him.

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Random interesting fact relating to a statement about Khoshekh I saw in an ask to you: not only is it Hebrew for 'darkness', it is specifically used to refer to one of the ten plagues of Egypt. I find it neat because Night Vale/the desert world Dana's in seem threatened by a plague of light (or Strex Corp). Perhaps Khoshekh will be their saving grace. Somehow.