the ten field games

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reynabeth or pipabeth highschool au? pretty please?? (idk about you but i'm always a slut for femslash and highscool aus tbh)

((I would just like to say that radycat has the best femslash art of all time. Also I have literally no idea what the rules of field hockey are so sorry to anyone who plays it if I fuck this up badly )) 

If the girl from Accademy smashed into Annabeth again, she was dead. Annabeth’s shoulder were sore enough from nonstop practice for the game agains their rival school, the last thing she needed was for their center forward to be running into her every ten minutes. Annabeth was use to be kicked around in field hockey games, it was the nature of it, but this girl acted with pure intention. Annabeth could tell. 

Annabeth was waiting for her teammate to pass to her, when she was nearly nocked over by the same girl. Oh she was going to rip the braid out of her head. 

Her jersey said Ramirez-Arellano. Annabeth submitted that to her long-term memory. She had no shame about taking names. 

Annabeth kept running. If she couldn’t stop this girl from bruising her, she could at least keep her from winning. 

She had a perfect shot lined up, when the braid-girl ran at her. She blocked the shot, and kicked Annabeth legs out from under her. Annabeth grabbed the front of the girls shirt, and brought her down with her. The girl landed right on top of Annabeth. 

Annabeth pushed her off, as the ref blew the whistle, calling a foul on Accedemy. Some of the girls teammates pull braid girl up, and Rachel helped Annabeth off the ground. “Good job getting up a foul shot,” Rachel said, “the game is ours now,” 

Annabeth smiled, perfect. Annabeth took a perfect shot, landing it right in the goal. Her team was in a comfortable lead now, all they had to do was keep it. 

Their win was being celebrated at Jason Grace’s house - a huge house, with limited super vision. A teen movie director’s dream party setting. 

Annabeth was walking around crowds of people, looking for her friends. Finally, she saw Jason. She waved, and he waved her over. 

“Annabeth, this is Reyna,” Jason introduced them. Annabeth smiled. Reyna was pretty, really pretty. She had amazing brown eyes, and a purple tank top that couldn’t be more perfect. 

“Can I get you a drink?” Annabeth offered. 

Reyna smiled, “Sure,” 

Fifteen minutes later, the drinks had been forgotten. Annabeth was leaning up against Jason’s washing machine, with Reyna’s fingers in her hair, and her lips against her own. Annabeth pulled away to catch her breath, looking at Reyna in the bright light of the laundry room. She noticed some bruises on Reyna’s shoulder that matched her own. Annabeth pulled Reyna’s hair out of her face and looked at her. 

“Ramirez-Arellano!” She yelled. 

Reyna looked shocked, “What?” 

Annabeth pulled her hair, “I’m Chase. I’m the girl you threw to the ground to day.” Annabeth was officially caught in some weird reverse masquerade, and she didn’t like it. 

Reyna’s expression became harsher. “I tripped, you pulled me to the ground!” 

Annabeth moved forward, closing the space between them, “You were running into me the who game!” 

“You were in the way!” 

“Fuck off!” 

Annabeth was back against the washing machine. The kissing was rougher now, like Reyna was trying to give Annabeth a new bruise on her  back. Annabeth flipped them, so Reyna was against the machine. Now it was a contest, and bruised or not, Annabeth was going to win.