the temporal

Hey so I just met up with my buddy from the year 2007 and we collaborated for this cross-temporal meme

Spartans! Tonight we will dine at McDonalds

Demon Notes


Rank: Duke

Color: Green

Incense: Sandalwood

Metal: Copper

Planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Enn: Rean ganen ayar da Agares

Date: March 31 - April 10 (day) *Aries 10 - 20 degrees

Tarot: Three of wands

Original purpose: Teaches languages, destroys dignites, find runaways, cause earthquakes

Daemonolatry Goetia (S Connolly)

It is said you should wear his seal after the work in question.  Seek Agares for wisdom in friendship and to make your garden grow.  He also gives advice in financial matters with regard to projects.  

Crowley’s Goetia

The Second Spirit is a Duke called Agreas, or Agares.  He is under the Power of the East, and cometh up in the form of an old fair Man, riding upon a Crocodile, carrying a Goshawk upon his fist, and yet mild in appearance.  He maketh them to run that stand still, and bringeth back runaways.  He teacheth all Languages or Tongues presently.  He hath power also to destroy Dignities both Spiritual and Temporal, and causeth Earthquakes.  He was of the Order of Virtues. He hath under his government 31 Legions of Spirits. And this is his Seal or Character which thou shalt wear as a Lamen before thee.

Luciferian Goetia (Michael Ford)

A spirit which allows the understanding of both languages and interpretation, Agares is a spirit which accelerates the perception of languages, communication – magical and otherwise. In the design of my Sethanic /Shadow alphabet (see Austin Spare’s Alphabet of Desire), I made silent invocations to Agares – to speed the communication of the subconscious to the conscious. Earthquakes are the symbol of a strong

As Always



do you remember?
when it comes to soundscape irresistible
in other words nostalgic where curbsides
don’t get browsed and the suffix
gives a slant to the nuclear family
a veritable extension this man is trying
I’m not sure we’ll ever meet
all of our consciousness within
the temporal organization
into ruffled garments

don’t you remember?
supplements to the negative language provide
a history of literature mediated by pre-selected tropes
in small towns wherever the cognitive process
of transferring information captured
by security cameras wireless in comparison
[mothers playing in the theater park with kites
from the ether tethered with what
is it … an umbilical cord?
photographers refuse to abandon
what is tradition
in whose prefaces

Unfinished for review, thank you!

There can be no I
And I can see
There is to be no you,
But soft that we go together
As friends
To where the dogwood will flower
And the scent of lilac fills the breaths of
The disappointed and
The forever tired
With calm.
We shall bathe in the universe,
Bask in the glories of the sun
Sweeping aside
Who we were, what we are
As the day laps on our skin
Gently like a kitten
On a path.
We can’t look behind us.
There is nothing but exile there
Trees like skeletons, scorched and barren,
All growth is finished but for
The light we afford their charred roots.
But let us not have this darkness now.
Let us go on our way
Me the temporal priest
You the eternal one
As friends to the day



Review: This is such a beautifully written poem. One thing to note is the last few lines dont flow as easily as the rest of the poem, taking from the impact of the last line. Otherwise, this was such a pleasure to read. Lovely job, keep on writing. ❤


because the leafs are out in the east my default would normally be to cheer for the team that has the highest concentration of jewish people but that team is currently the capitals and i would rather use a melon baller to remove my medial temporal lobe