the telling pool

Headcanon that the CIA was big on the whole painful child experimentation side of things, and not-so-big on the whole pool noodle and general water safety side of things, with the end result being that none of the Blackwing subjects actually ever learned to swim properly.

Which leads to the mystery squad discovering that Dirk Gently acts like an actual fucking cat when presented with any situation that involves entering bodies of water larger than a bath. There’s a lot of reluctant testing of the water temperature, and unenthusiastic dipping of feet, and slight twitching of the eye when going in further than waist-height (“the universe does not want me to get my hair wet Todd, what are you doing Todd, put me down immediately Todd”).

The Rowdy 3 think it’s hilarious until Amanda and Farah acquire water pistols, and then the gloves are off.

Ken tries to prevent Bart from getting her hands on a water pistol because he figures that someone might actually die and he’d like it if they didn’t get banned from the local acquatic centre. Bart generally treats the pool as a giant bath and avoids the water like the plague, but she enjoys the communal showers and they have a hard time convincing her to leave.

The mystery squad all agree that if a case involves swimming (or scuba diving, or snorkelling) it’s probably best not to involve the psychic beans who can barely stay afloat.

Punch me in the face

So here’s the thing. I do still believe we will get johnlock this season and also evil!Mary revealed in E2 or E3. HOWEVER. I’m frustrated af with TST. Another 90 minutes wasted on a Mary-centric episode, and not even an evil!Mary episode, but 100% good/redeemed Mary episode. And really almost no onscreen johnlock chemistry or TEXTUAL reference.

I’m just tired of it. If this were a book, we’d be on, like, page 800 of an angsty “miscommunication” obstacle that was 600 pages too long, and I’d be throwing the book at the wall. ENOUGH ALREADY.   

During this episode, I kept thinking we were about to get evil!Mary finally – when Sherlock finds the AGRA drive, when we see Mary doing something sneaky in the rain at night, when she knocks Sherlock out, when she goes off to Morrocco (the whole ‘beloved’ letter to John notwithstanding), when the guy at the pool (AJ) tells Sherlock Mary betrayed him. When AJ calls her out in Morrocco. I kept thinking “Finally, the truth about her is about to come out!” and then no, dear Mary is so misunderstood and wrongly maligned to the last moment and we have Mrs. Norbury as the REAL villain, and Mary gets the big Garridebs moment.

There just comes a point where the bait and switch gets exhausting and you just want to toss the TV out the window. I’m so there. And I bet the casuals are too. There were already people complaining about the Mary / happy family direction of the show before E1 aired. Casuals don’t want to see that either because that’s not the John and Sherlock on cases show.

Same with johnlock. At this point, all this slow burn, bait-and-switch is just fucking annoying. We have great shows out there like London Spy, Sense8, Eyewitness, Yuri on Ice, Skam, etc. where we ACTUALLY have a lovely gay romantic storyline and we ACTUALLY get to see the characters kiss, etc. At this point, I’m sick of having all the gay buried in subtext and meta. JUST FUCKING GIVE US THE ROMANCE. ON SCREEN. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST.

So that’s where I’m at with it. After 5 years of fics and meta and TJLC and everything else, I’m just tired to WAITING for the show to actually go where it’s obviously going. AND we get 3 episodes, and maybe NO MORE EVER, and we waste 90 minutes on this utter Mary tripe? I really wish they’d had BAMF!John take her down or any one of another 20 better directions to go.

Also, wtf John? I still feel like we’re nowhere near his POV or knowing what’s going on in his head.  

I know.  We only have another 1 or 2 weeks to wait. I just needed to rant!

Girl Meets World Fanfiction
I found some inspiration.
Title: You Love Me?
/Or The One Where It Wasn’t A Dream/
Summary: A certain duo wake up from a sleep over, but something is different.
Pairing: Rilaya
Rating: T (13+)

They were both sprawled out on the bed, limbs wrapped around each other.

Silent smiles on both their faces as they slept peacefully.

It was like any other night: The blonde came over to the brunette’s house, they watched movies together and talked, joked around, maybe flirted a little without the other actually realizing, and then got into bed and fell asleep.

But the next morning, that was different.

The two had fallen asleep with each one’s arms and legs to themselves, each one of them on either side of the brunette’s bed, backs facing each other.

Now, each of them had their arms around the other, with their faces closer than ever and their legs entangled under the blanket they were sharing.

If anyone looked at the two in that moment they would for sure think that they were a couple. Though, most people thought that already.

The blonde had her hands wrapped tightly around the brunette’s waist, keeping the two of their bodies close together. While the brunette had her arms loosely entangled around the blonde’s neck, keeping their faces inches apart.

The blonde could feel the brunette’s breath on her lips in her sleep, causing a lot of commotion inside of the girl’s mind.
The brunette could feel the blonde’s heart beat, making her feel closer to her than ever.

Both their eyes were shut, the two of them still trapped in their own deep slumber. Neither one of them knew how close they were, it all just felt like a dream.

And then suddenly, the blonde somehow pulled the brunette’s body unbearably closer to hers and there was absolutely no distance between the two, except for the space between their lips.
Until the brunette’s arms shifted and she brought the blonde’s head closer to her own, their lips merging in a fiery explosion of lust and love.

It was the brunette who initiated the kiss, but the blonde was the first to swipe her tongue across the other’s lip, immediately gaining access to the girl’s mouth.

A moan made its way from the brunette as the other girl’s tongue explored every part of her mouth, both their hearts beating faster as her pace quickened and her hands began to move along the girl’s hips.

The brunette then pulled the blonde’s head closer and nibbled on her lip lightly, being granted access immediately as she kept on hand around the blonde’s neck and moved the other down to her waist.

This went on for another seven minutes, both girls letting out faint moans every few moments, both of them fighting for dominance, their hearts beating to the same rhythm, their limbs entangled together.

Eventually, the brunette took the blonde’s hand in her own, intertwining their fingers, and the blonde pulled away slightly, their lips still lightly brushing each other’s.

“I love you so much, Riley.” She mumbled against the brunette’s lips, both their eyes still shut.

“I love you so much, Maya.” The brunette did the same.

Then suddenly, both their eyes widened as they stared one another in the eye, noticing how close they were.

“I usually wake up before you say it back…” The blonde whispers, “…This isn’t a dream, is it?” She already knew the answer, feeling guilt and regret for kissing her best friend like that.

The brunette shook her head, both of them still wide-eyed as their cheeks began to turn a similar dark shade of red.

“You love me?” The brunette, Riley, asked, her heart beating faster than ever.

The blonde, Maya, nodded slowly, “You love me?”

Riley nodded again, a small smile starting to appear on her lips as she said her next few words, “We kissed.”

It wasn’t a question but Maya nodded anyway, “We did.” She paused, and then, “I’m sorry.”

Riley shook her head, not taking her brown eyes off of Maya’s blue ones, “Don’t be.”

“I took control over you.” Maya looked down, unable to meet Riley’s gaze anymore. She felt too guilty to look her best friend in the eye.

Riley moved up her other hand, the one that was interlaced with Maya’s, and lifted her chin, making the blonde look her in the eyes, “No, you didn’t.” She shook her head, continuing, “We were both asleep, it just happened, it’s not your fault.”

No one said anything, they merely looked at one another, “Besides,” Riley smiled, “I liked it.”

A smile started to make its way on to Maya’s face, “Yea, I did too.”

Riley gave Maya’s hand a light squeeze, as they both just stayed still, smiling at one another.

Then, Maya began to lean in again, her lips almost touching Riley’s soft ones, “Can I…”

Before she could even finish, Riley had leaned forward, connecting their lips once more, and this time, they both knew it wasn’t a dream.


For just a little while, as she ran, she forget who she was, and where, and found herself remembering bright cold days at Winterfell, when she would race through Winterfell with her friend Jeyne Poole, with Arya running after them trying to keep up.

  • The first chakra is the Earth chakra, located at the base of the spine. It deals with survival, and is blocked by fear.
  • Next is the Water chakra. This chakra deals with pleasure and is blocked by guilt.
  • Third is the Fire chakra, located in the stomach. This chakra deals with willpower, and is blocked by shame.
  • The fourth chakra is located in the Heart. It deals with love and is blocked by grief.
  • The fifth in the chain is the Sound chakra, located in the throat. It deals with the truth, and is blocked by lies, the ones we tell ourselves.
  • The sixth pool of energy is the Light chakra, located in the center of the forehead. It deals with insight, and is blocked by illusion.
  • The final chakra is Thought chakra and is located at the crown of the head. It deals with pure cosmic energy and is blocked by earthly attachment.
Of Sprained Ankles and Chocolate Kisses - AlltheFluff - Free! [Archive of Our Own]
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Author’s note: A fluffy Reigisa coming right up~! This has been in my drafts forever so I decided to finally finish it and turn it into a Valentine’s Special x3 

Summary: It was kinda his fault that Nagisa sprained his ankle on Valentine’s Day so Rei’s gonna make it up to him by baking Nagisa’s favorite chocolate lava cakes.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

It was stupid really. They had been goofing around at the pool; Nagisa telling their new members embarrassing stories about Rei’s first time swimming and how he was unable to even float and that it was just hilarious until Rei threw one of the inflatables at his head, face bright red. Nagisa smirked because oh it was on and they fooled around, trying to throw each other into the pool, which was pretty hard, seeing that both of them were pretty strong. Unfortunately, Rei got the upper hand and gave Nagisa one particularly hard push, which caused him to slip and well, a few hours later they had ended up in the hospital.

“Nagisa-kun, I’m so sorry! I’m the worst person in the world! It was so irresponsible of me to do that at the pool, in front of everyone else, not considering our safety, not to mention that it is common sense that you shouldn’t make sudden movements near a pool because it’s slippery and you could’ve broken your neck and I completely understand if you never want to see me again, so let’s just end it right here because if I can’t even take proper care of my own boyfriend then I shouldn’t—”

“Oh my god, please stop talking,” Nagisa had sputtered between his laughter and laid his hand on Rei’s shoulder. “It wasn’t your fault and I’m not mad. And don’t say you’re the worst person in the world because you’re the best boyfriend anyone could ever wish for. But I do have something in mind if you really wanna make it up to me. It’s Valentine’s Day after all.”

Rei had jumped to his feet and clasped Nagisa’s hand in both of his, a determined sparkle in his alluring violet eyes.  “Anything!”

And that was the reason why Nagisa was now copying the recipe from a picture his sister had texted him on a small piece of paper he had found in one of the drawers. He had changed into some more comfortable clothes already and was waiting for Rei who was also changing out of his uniform. Speak of the devil—

“Nagisa-kun, the doctor said you’re supposed to rest your leg.”

Without even looking up from his writing, Nagisa lifted up his right leg and carelessly placed his foot on the nearest object, which happened to be a chair. He bit his lip to keep himself from snickering at the undignified sound that left Rei’s mouth, clearly not amused.

“… Nagisa-kun…”

“Done! You think you have all the necessary ingredients?” Nagisa hopped in an attempt to turn around and beamed at his boyfriend who was only a few feet away. He was clutching the piece of paper between his fingers as it if was the most important thing in the world (well, they were really good lava cakes), barely able to keep in his excitement. “Or should I go ask your mom if she can do some grocery shopping?”

Rei’s mother was upstairs in the master bedroom, sorting out a mountain of emails, knowing fairly well that she would not be able to get through a single sentence with those two around. She had laughed when Rei came home, carrying a happy Nagisa on his back and decided to get out of the way because, “Rei-chan promised to bake me some goodies because I broke my ankle!”

Sprained, Nagisa-kun.”

“Same thing. Be careful when you take off my shoes— Ow! Rei-chan!”

“S-sorry! Oh no, does it hurt? Should we go back to the hospital?”

Just kidding.”

“… I will drop you.”

“No, no, no! Rei-chan, it was just a joke! Gah, no, don’t! I’ll break my other ankle!”

It’s not even broken!”

Shaking her head, she went upstairs to leave them be and closed the door behind her to block out the muffled shrieks and giggles.

Rei walked over to Nagisa and supported him by laying a hand on his waist since he was having trouble balancing on one leg. He looked over Nagisa’s shoulder to read the scribbly list of ingredients. “Hmm, let’s see. Dark chocolate, eggs, sugar, flour, butter and salt… I don’t think that’s going to be a problem. I’ll get right to it.”

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Her personality is very different from Totoko-chan’s, so it’s kinda hard to imagine! But…

I’ve never seen her angry. Upset and a bit mad at me sometimes, but never angry-ANGRY. I’ve seen her sad, though. And seeing her with sad tears in her eyes is the worst feeling ever. So I’m a bit scared of imagining her like this. Or any way that could give her bad memories of her videos. I’m scared of being gross like the people who made her feel bad. I’m not seeing her the way they saw her and I don’t wanna hurt her.

Child of earth, why do you let yourself drape off the cliffside with the water and moss?

Why do you fall asleep beneath the stars -the stars! - instead of with them?

You are made of nothing else but stardust, iron and copper and hydrogen and magnesium all wrapped together like coffee grounds in a cheese cloth.

Let your veins run untouched, diamonds in Africa, don’t become a slave to the mind. You are boundless, the wild coyote does not hunt the bird.

Listen, listen, listen.

Do you hear that roar? That’s Gaea, beckoning you closer, lost somewhere between the Labyrinth and  the Underworld. She feels your wounds, skin and tissues. 

Sand outside the hourglass, driftwood on the River Styx. Look at your golden reflection in the pool, tell me, what do you see?

Do you see a boy with oak eyes and wheat hair? Freckles under his left eye and a slight scar on his upper lip? You are a padlock, you open for no one. Let your eyes drift with the wind and see where your rose leads you.

The numbers line up like the constellations in the sky, and suddenly you realize comets do collide like you dreamt.

Be your own God,
be your own Savior,
be there for yourself when the earth shatters and you slip through like all the water and coffee grounds and sand,
catch yourself.

—  Z.M. “Spiders Too are Caught in the Webs of Fate” 


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