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After Laughter Summary
  • Hard Times: National anthem of 2016
  • Rose Colored Boy: For An Optimist I'm Pretty Pessimistic
  • Told You So: So Talking Heads that it hurts
  • Forgiveness: If you like one this check out Shura
  • Fake Happy: This could even have been a more appropriate title for the whole album
  • 26: Beautifully melancholic
  • Pool: Love song that uses graphic drowning imagery
  • Grudges: "Welcome back Zac!"
  • Caught In The Middle: May contain my favourite Paramore lyric ever
  • Idle Worship: "Please don't put me on a pedestal"
  • No Friend: "It's not me, it's you. Actually it's the taxidermy of you and me. Untie the balloons from around my neck-"
  • Tell Me How: *Side eyes at Jeremy Davis*

FEMALE AWESOME MEME: [4/7] females in a movie » vanessa carlysle

I’ve played a lot of roles, damsel in distress ain’t one of them.

I just want you to know that sometimes you are going to have nights where you sit in your bed and you fucking cry and want to smash a window and scream because no one is on your side and shit is so fucked up and you just want to give up. Have your moment, run down the street, journal 5 pages and then go outside and throw it in a bonfire, kick the shit out of the tree in the back yard or go scream at the pool and tell it to go fuck itself. (Apologize after tho cause that fucking tree didn’t do shit to you; calm down bruh)

It’s okay to have a moment where everything is fucked up. Try your best not to take it out on others, don’t hurt yourself, express that frustration, that anger, that sadness in a healthy way.

Just don’t go off and kill yourself. You’d be shocked how much better you feel after screaming at a tree and getting yourself a good meal.



James March and you went back a long time, having met at one of his father’s political parties. They weren’t rich, but James was an excellent entrepreneur, managing to amass a wealth unlike any other. You had fallen for each other when you were younger, but never acted on it, leading to separation. You met nearly a decade later and by the time you fully remembered who he was, you were already stuck in an endless cycle of extravagant gifts and money when you struggled, but didn’t dare tell him.

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How… hard do you think it is to avoid touching people when you’re in using the showers?

It’s not difficult, honest.

Everyone here seems to love calling themselves gay which I find interesting because most of you also consider yourselves trans so my question is how many of you are legit ACTUALLY gay like I mean exclusively same sex attracted? Or are you all just like “i dont care whats in your pants i am attracted to anyone who calls themself a boy/girl regardless of their sex” i.e bisexual?

Because for example whenever you come across a big mean lesbian (EXCLUSIVELY SSA) like me you all switch and go nuts saying we’re transphobic for not making transwomen part of our dating pool and tell us to choke and die and you get people to ostracise us so which is it?

Are you lot actually gay like you say you are or are you just calling yourselves gay for the aesthetic or because you think it makes you look cool? I’d hate to think you were all calling yourselves ‘gay princex’ and 'smol gay’ or whatever whilst not actually being gay and hating the shit out of legit gay people lol

After Laughter by Paramore

This album is the best thing I have ever heard, ever, its the best thing to happen to my ears and my soul DAMN Paramore did good on this. Every song, EVERY song is perfect woooo THIS IS AND HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE MY FAVOURITE BAND 

Briana Lays Down The Law (source Heat mag, UK)

Heat magazine has the original print article that is now rehashed on CelebsNow online. I’ll put the main point first before the article itself which includes the quotes from Luke Poole. This is a 2 page with a whole page of Briana with Freddie - last pink cap pap trip.The main essence is her laying down the law with rules for Eleanor (and looks like a heads up to us on what we can expect)









“Briana wanted to get back with Louis”

But then the 1D star got back with another ex, says her mate

Is there anything more complicated than Louis Tomlinson’s love life? The One Direction star dumped long term girlfriend Eleanor Calder back in March 2015, announced he was having a baby with stylist Briana Jungwirth in July that year, started dating The Originals actress Danielle Campbell five months later, became a father in January 2016, split with Danielle in January this year and, just weeks later, hooked back up with original girlfriend Eleanor. All caught up now?

Well, it just got a whole lot more complicated, as Briana’s friend Luke Poole tells heat that Briana wanted Louis back earlier this year - and had no idea he was reuniting with fashion blogger Eleanor. When Danielle and Louis broke up, Luke says, “I think that maybe, for a second, she did [hope they’d get closer].” But Briana was blindsided when Louis got back with Eleanor - as revealed in heat last week - with Luke confirming, “I don’t think she knew about that at first.” When we asked if it’d be hard to compete with Eleanor, who Louis dated for three and a half years, Luke simply answered, “I don’t think it’s ever going to get to that level where they get back together now.”

When Louis was dating actress Danielle, there were a few issues - with Briana tweeting, “You can pretend all you want but you will NEVER be my baby son’s mother”, and insiders told heat that she’d banned Danielle from even holding baby Freddie. And Luke, who speaks to Briana regularly - says that to avoid any problems with the new relationship, there are definite ground rules around Eleanor’s contact with the baby. “Louis and Briana are getting along right now, and everything is going well,” he says, but adds that Eleanor’s off babysitting duty for now. “Freddie wouldn’t be allowed to stay with the new girlfriend unless Louis was there too.”

Luke goes on to say that photos of Eleanor acting like Freddie’s mum or putting baby pics on her Instagram wouldn’t be OK, and it would be an issue if “they [Louis, Eleanor and Freddie] posted a picture together.” Official photoshoots are out, too, but Luke adds, “I don’t think Louis would do that, I don’t think he is trying to step on anybody’s toes. At this point, everyone is just coping with the situation.” Of course, they all want to get along for Freddie’s sake. However, as Luke ominously says, “Anything can change; there’s always the possibility it could be more confrontational.” 

Luke says that Briana hasn’t met Eleanor yet, but she wants to. “I definitely think so, because I’m sure if [Eleanor] is going to be around Louis, then the kid will be around her. Briana is protective, and she is definitely going to want to know her. They will definitely have to meet, for sure.” But it’s not going to be a comfortable meeting - after all, there wasn’t much of a break between the split with Eleanor and Louis meeting Briana. “It may be awkward,” Luke tells us. “It will be awkward for Eleanor, not Briana as much.”

We’re going to guess that it’ll be more awkward for Louis, to be honest. Good luck everyone.

I didn’t include the pics - big pic of pink cap Briana and Freddie plus a small pic from pap shoot, the infamous This one’s for the Sun pic, pic of Briana and Luke, and one old pic of Lousi and Eleanor (Louis in striped top and Eleanor in white blouse)

Source: Heat Magazine 28th Feb 2017

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“Hi guys! I have a question for both of you.” A teenage fan asks excitedly. 

“Ok shoot.” Jared gives her a cute smile. 

“I know you guys like to prank each other on set, does it ever happen in Texas too?” 

“Oh shit.” Jensen mumbles glaring at his best friend. 

“Uhhh yeah you could say that. Do you wanna tell the pool story or should I?” Jared smirks mischievously. 

“Oh by all means!” Jensen gestures towards him with a comical glare. 

“Ok so…” Jared starts trying not to crack up. 

“I have been known to skinny dip in my pool. Which is fine, right? Cause it’s my own pool.” He quickly glances at Jensen who’s looking unamused at the moment. 

“I was home in Texas a couple of days earlier than Jay was because Dean had extra scenes that episode. I decided to make a funny video of me skinny dipping, to make fun of him for being stuck at work.” Jared finishes as he hears people gasp and giggle. 

“Oh wait! It gets better.” Jensen huffs crossing his arms. 

“So yeah I made the video then sent it and Jensen flipped out. Not only because I was naked but because I was in HIS pool.” Jared bursts out laughing. 

“True story. Unfortunately. Very true story.” Jay gives a somewhat strained smile as he responds. 

“Oh! That’s not even the best part! Guess who took the video?!” Jared exclaims looking proud of himself. 

Jensen scoffs loudly clearly still affected by the whole prank. 

“My wife. My wife took the video of this dumb ass naked.” He playfully growls.

“Hey, man!” Jared replies holding his hands up in surrender. 

“Y/N volunteered!” He wiggles his eyebrows. 

“Shut the fuck up!” Jensen grumbles making everyone including himself crack up.

Europe’s Biggest Party

Yuuri Katsuki/Victor Nikiforov

2,351 words

AO3 link

Victor loves Eurovision and no one can convince me otherwise. Dedicated to @clairles who I’ve spent most of the past week screaming about Eurovision with.

(I rewatched practically all of the final for this, send help)

13 May, 21:45

Victor renamed the chat Europe’s Biggest Party

Victor added Yuuri Katsuki, Yuri Plisestsky, Emil Nekola, Christophe Giacometti, Michele Crispino and Sara Crispino


Yuuri: …what is it?


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