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princess-unipeg  asked:

Was it planned in the first place or did you just conveniently make Cassandra an orphan that was adopted by the captain of the guard so that she could relate to Eugene?

I don’t work on the series. I didn’t plan anything.

However, at the D23 Expo panel, @cnotes said that Cassandra is the only character who’s a bit of a mystery. They don’t know 100% where she’s going. I don’t know if that means that they did not originally plan for her to be an orphan, or if that’s something that just developed about her, but it was revealed so early in the series that I wouldn’t be surprised if they always wanted it that way.

As a simple fan, there’s no way for me to know.

Game of Thrones 7x02

HBO must have had a lot of money in the budget this season. 

I hope Theon was thinking he could save Yara if he left but I doubt it. He’s either gonna die a hero or a coward. 

Greyworn and Missandei, about damn time.

If Sansa wanted to rule she should have fought for it. Still, I’m glad Jon left her in charge while he’s gone. And that Brienne is with her.

I’m so proud of Tyrion. He’s come so far from where he’s started. I like Olenna but Daenerys is going to need Tyrion and Varys.

I wonder if Nymeria will follow Arya back to Winterfell.

I just want Cersei to fall down a deep, dark hole. And take Euron with her.

You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to trade places with Jorah Mormont.