the tekkit adventure


The start of every tekkit adventure (I’m rewatching Sjin and Sips and having some old world memories :’[) 

Jaffa Factory [x]

Sjin and Sips [x]

Blackrock Cronicles [x]

Duncan’s Lab [x]

Martyn and Toby [x]

Hannah and Nilesy [x]

Rail Bros [x]

Owl Island [x]

The Apprentice [x] [x]

I’m not exactly talented at drawing people hugging, so here’s Rythian awkwardly patting Zoeya on the back as she throws her arms around him.

Rythian is covered in Creeper blood and goo… there’s a reason for that which is explained in the story I told myself to keep myself sane during the wait for Season Two. I’m in the middle of writing it. (The reason why Zoeya has no cape or goggles is explained in it too.)

so cosplay.

I love that Rythian’s MC skin is literally a mess of pixels and I can’t even tell what’s going on, much less start planning how to make the outfit. Might just go with Reiu’s interpretation of it, because that’s what I draw from whenever I draw season 1 Rythian.

I want to get my hair cut for it ASAP but my parents want me to wait until the 15th so it looks pretty for my mam’s birthday party. I don’t know if I can wait that long…

also prop list:

  • destruction catalyst
  • dark matter pickaxe
  • red matter katar
  • swiftwolf’s rending gale
  • Teep plushie? or we could dress Roger up as Teep
  • blue contact lenses?
hah that’s a lot of stuff. I’ll need an alchemical bag to keep it all in…

also considering English convention next year for it because I know like… three Irish Yognau(gh)ts. And none of them go to conventions.

First thing on the agenda is an Enderman scarf/cloak. I’ve been planning to make one of those for weeks anyway.