the teikou arc

  • [Some time during the Teikou arc]
  • Nijimura, to the GoM: Alright, listen up you little shits!
  • Nijimura: Not you, Kuroko, you're an angel and I'm thrilled you're here.

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Can I ask for nijiaka where aomine taste akashi that he looks like he is inlove with niji and hits on the elder to annoy sei but, nijimura sees through aomine and finds out about akashi's feelings (and he feels the same) so happy end~?

Hi dear! Sorry if it took me a while! I’m afraid to say that in the end I’ve slightly modified your prompt. Mainly because I can’t even imagine Teikou!Aomine flirting with someone for revenge: he’s a dork, a basketball dork who thinks only in basketball terms. That’s why his aid to the couple is unconscious, he’s only trying to be petty and vengeful. I know it’s short, but I hope you’re going to enjoy it either way dear! (Please forgive me if there are more mistakes than usual but I’m writing in the middle of the night again and I don’t know how lucid I’m to be honest.)

Have fun!

All thanks to Mai-chan

“Damn Akashi…” Aomine muttered under his breath, seated at the border of the gym with a menacing expression.

Akashi had threw away his last Mai-chan’s magazines as a revenge for Aomine clumsy joke about his “non-existent love life”. He still couldn’t believe he had done it and was boiling with anger. No one could touch his Mai-chan. No one.

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If you’re going to climb a mountain, you’ve got to aim for the top, but you’ve got to enjoy the scenery too.

Retconning KuroBasu: Kiseki no Memories

I finished Kuroko no Basuke (the manga) and was instantly struck by the need to write a long, pointless tribute to how it is one of the most romantic manga to ever exist, but then realized that in order to do so, I needed to do this other long, pointless thing, where I try to reconcile the earlier volumes of the manga with the Teikou arc.  

Bottom line: Kuroko no Basuke becomes a much more interesting series if you center the Teikou arc into the narrative of the manga from the very beginning.

Ground rules:

1. I am not claiming this reading to be Fujimaki’s or the correct one.

2. I suspect the anime had the luxury of knowing the Teikou arc from the beginning, so all analysis is built on the development of the manga. Additional non-manga canon (Replace novels and Replace Plus) has not been taken into consideration.

3. I do not know enough Japanese to read the manga in its original language and have tried not to be dependent on the exact wording of the English scanlations to develop any points, but please note and forgive my dependency nevertheless. 

4. Spoilers, obviously.

(Most of this post was developed in a long email to moutheyes, so ty for indulging your kouhai’s long-windedness.)

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Hello dear!! What do you think about the GOM (including Kuroko and Momoi)'s thoughts on Akashi before and after he changed in Teiko (Oreshi and Bokushi)? Can I have your headcanons on this? c;

Hi dear! What a complex question! I tried my best to summarize the swinging relationship Akashi and the GoM share, I hope it’s understandable and acceptable. Feel free to write me for whatever question, discussion or everything else!

The GoM and its relationship with Akashi (Oreshi –Bokushi)

Let’s see…starting from the Teikou arc, where he’ still himself, I can see him having an overall good relationship with all the GoM. He is eccentric and a bit out of the (common) world, but it works well with the other strong personalities. He’s not the most integrated member of the team, even due to the issues with his family and upbringing, but they care for and respect him. Without mentioning him being very capable and gifted with the capacities of a proper leader, his politeness and kindness make it hard to contrast him or being annoyed by him. Obviously, he has also shown his scary traits so they’re fully aware of not getting on his bad side.

He gets along well with Midorima, his vice, and Murasakibara; he and Kuroko have probably a swinging relationship, between trust and diffidence. I see Kise and Aomine as more detached: they consider him more as a captain than as a friend and they are terrified by his emperor moments. Momoi is a girl and she is treated extra nicely by him, so she considers him a good friend and he treasures her for her value both as a manager and as a sweet girl.

The change to full Emperor Mode is surely a shock for everyone, but probably less marked of what we could think since all of them were already changing at the time. He probably becomes just The Captain instead of a friend, being able to hold together the team only making use of his power and the egocentric desires of his players. Murasakibara is the one who is least perturbed about it, once Akashi shows his power he just recognizes and accepts him easily. Midorima is more conflicted, realizing the change and feeling their friendship crumbling, but being himself dragged in the abyss of narcissism and victory like the others. Kuroko is the one who reacts worst, as we all know and as it is shown in the story, while Kise and Aomine are too trapped in their personalities to bother excessively.

And then there’s the return to his original self. I believe at first is very embarrassing and awkward for all of them, except probably for Murasakibara and Momoi, who is always sweet and ready to forgive. They all have new teams and new captains, yet they feel part of them will be always bound to the Generation of Miracle and this bring them to respect him. Even because, all of them have made mistakes and have things to be forgive for, so they’re ready to welcome him again and build up a new, healthier relationship. I feel that Midorima is the one who has more difficulties and needs to sort out his problems directly with Akashi, while Kuroko is already satisfied with what happened during the match. Aomine and Kise are…okay I guess? Probably they are aware of him and need more time to get used to the idea he’s just a friend now.


because im working on so many things of course i have to start something totally new
from @incorrectknb‘s post here! it was gonna be teikou arc but then i thought
wouldnt it be even better if akashi still couldnt read an analog clock even in high school


Can we all just take a moment to notice and appreciate that our beautifull Shin-chan never got completely rotten by the other guys’ shitty attitude? Sure he didn’t confront them, and he too had grown overwhelmingly strong, but he clearly knew things had gone sour and just kept playing because he had to; he didn’t fall into the cruel tactics of toying around with their opponents or dissing them like the others did and never approved of the guys skipping practice. I feel like maybe  if he and Kuroko had talked things out, they could’ve figured out some way to help everyone

Things I was REALLY looking forward for the new knb episode but they were left out

And those are just a few. (Where are the dork scenes?)

And this ladies and gentlemen happens when you reduce a big flashback arc in only 4 episodes.


I’m also disappointed they left out the scenes with Nijimura I mean come on  he won’t come back again ;_____;