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You and TJ have been best friends for years. When TJ finally finds someone to spend the rest of his life with, you offer to be the surrogate mother of their baby. "Teej, you deserve a happy beginning. And if me getting fat is the answer, I'll gladly do it." The day the twins are born is the second happiest day of his life, after his wedding day. Him and his husband elect you to be their godmother, saying they can never thank you enough.

and he’d be so attentive during the pregnancy, always bringing you vitamins and at the appointments with his husband ugh 

Daddy Wednesday™

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Klance Au time: Galra Lance hiding in disguise on earth joining the rescue mission to save shiro. Keeps his heritage under wraps until Keith's big Half Galra reveal then as soon as it looks like Keith's going to get shit for being half what Lance is he drops the disguise and just "Hey look at me I've been full galra this whole time!" and sweeps all Keith's heat onto himself and just takes it because Keith just found out its not his fault but Lance has been keeping secrets and that's SuperNot(cnt

Ok and Allura is uncomfortable with Half Galra Keith but Lance being Full Galra and lying about it is just enough to push her into Seething Rage territory and Lance just weathers it because as far as he’s concerned that’s what you do for friends. Ok he might have just a touch of a crush on Keith but whatever. Meanwhile Keith’s just really confuswd and takes Lance aside later after a while of standing through Allura either snapping at Lance or straight up ignoring Lance all together (cnt)

And like “why are you doing this you could have gone forever without being caught” “yeah but you didn’t deserve to get yelled at. I’m the one who’s a mistake.” and Keith just “?? But ur not? Wat” cue deep feelings talk and shared backstories and Keith standing up for Lance and sleep overs and drowsy “we make a good team*giggle*” after a battle when they’re heading back for a rest up and Keith just stares and “u little shit u remember and 😮😠!!”



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It’s inconvenient truth time. 

Felicity Jones had the weakest performance in Rogue One. Like…it was not good. It was nearly impossible to connect with her as a character. There’s an emotional moment that relies on her ability to emote and the camera is focused on her face for an extended period and it just falls flat and even becomes awkward and uncomfortable to watch because she can’t sell it. All of the men of color in the film? Brilliant, heartfelt, emotional, strong performances. 

Which got me thinking about The Force Awakens. While Daisy Ridley does a decent job for it being her first film, her acting performance is, frankly, mediocre and the weakest of almost everyone in the film. There are key moments in the film where the emotional translation and meaning isn’t clear because her facial expressions and ability to physically emote lack necessary nuance and depth. The men of color in the film? Again, brilliant, heartfelt, emotional, strong performances. 

And what gets me is that Ridley got the role after like 3 months of auditions while John Boyega had to audition for 7 months and JJ Abrams had to have a come to Jesus moment with Disney execs because they were resistant to casting a Black man as the male lead. 

I’m just struck by how all of this is a blatant example of how PoC have to be twice as good and work twice as hard as white folks to get half as far. And to add insult to injury, even with a comparatively weaker performance, Ridley still got more leading role offers post TFA than Boyega and well all know that Felicity Jones is gonna get more shine & opportunities than the men of color in the film. I’m just tired of white people building careers and getting accolades on mediocre performances and calling it progressive because they happen to women, meanwhile PoC are consistently excellent and continue to be ignored and sidelined. 

i recently saw a post that said bill cipher is into vore, which of course begs the question:  would bill be into being vored, or being the one doing the voring? of course, we already know that one member of the henchmaniacs, pyronica, is cannonically into vore, being the one doing the voring. 

in this essay, i will examine each member of bill’s gang to determine whether or not they would be into vore and, if so, they would want to vore, or be vored. 

to begin,


Alright my lovelies. This is not a requested story. This is loosely based on some things I am going through at the moment and I needed to write it out. 

Summary: You have had feelings for TJ for the longest time. When you finally gather the courage to say anything, it’s too late. Now you have to live with the consequences for it.

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You walked through the front door of your home and slammed the door behind you. Today might’ve possibly been the worst day of your life.

Keeping the tears at bay, you went into your bedroom, changing from your dress and heels into some sweats and a t-shirt. You then proceeded to head into the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of wine and a wine glass before plopping down onto your couch. As you began to pour yourself your first glass, you thought back to the day’s events.

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Andre Burakovsky #9

Requested by Anon: Can you please write an Andre Burakovsky imagine where your TJ oshies little sister and you and Andre take care of Layla and Leni. [Here it is! Enjoy!:)]

Word count: 816

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The box of doughnuts felt heavy on your hand. Truthfully, it’s not heavy, it’s just a normal box of a dozen doughnuts but you already know TJ would bite your head off for bringing that much sugar at nine in the morning.

You barely knocked on the door before it swung open, revealing the two smiling heads of TJ and Lauren.

Your boyfriend, who’s been silent up until this point, chuckled, “wow, you’re not wasting time guys.”

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TJ Perkins - “She’s my sister!”

Prompt: Can I request a TJ Perkins x reader Where the readers brother is Neville and he finds out about them dating. Thanks if you can!
Requested: by @megaperfect10
Warnings: None
Words: 1000+

When your brother Neville brought you out to America during the summer after you graduated from University, you hadn’t really planned on staying in America but wwe offered you a job as the social media manager. It was a dream job, just coming out uni and you honestly didn’t care if the only reason they offered it to you was because of Neville. If you were shit at the job they wouldn’t keep you. But it’s been nearly a year and your still there. You loved travelling around with the wwe and your brother - even if he was a bit overprotective. 

Well, extremely overprotective. He always has been. Since the day you were born he was your protective big brother. He was always by your side. When you were 6 and broke your wrist on the play equipment at school. When you were afraid to start high school because you were the only one in your friendship group going to your high school. When you had your first boyfriend at age 14 no matter how hard Neville tried to scare him off. He was then there 6 months later when you had your first heartbreak. He was there when you were 17 and had your first ever pregnancy scare and you were too scared to tell your parents. That was the first time he beat up one of your boyfriends too. And now he was there at your first job out of uni and keeping every male involved in wwe away from you. 

He didn’t do a very good job though. He let one slip through. 

TJ Perkins. 

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(2) new voice messages- TJ Perkins Drabble

As the front door of his apartment closed, TJ was greeted with the same feeling that had been following him for weeks now, loneliness. Normally, after a tough few days of doing shows, he would walk through this door, either with you or expecting you, now, it was just an empty apartment. He had always wanted you here, just not in the way that he was now expecting. Friends with benefits was a term that you had thrown around quite a bit, the two of you simply couldn’t keep your hands off each other. There were nights where there was no sleep, just intertwined in bed, panting and moaning into his skin. TJ could still remember those nights, which is probably why when he walked into his room, it felt like you were there. As he tore off his clothes, falling into what were supposed to be clean sheets but oddly enough still smelt like you, TJ slammed his fist into the mattress frustrated. Friends with benefits is always a bad idea, considering someone almost always falls for the other, and in this case it was you. You fell hard, and eventually told TJ, figuring you saw the signals to tell him the truth. His feelings weren’t clear and you left, not having any contact with him since that day. TJ couldn’t figure out what he wanted, but he knew he wanted you, just never understood how. Now, not having you, and being alone had made him realise that the feelings he had for you were more than he originally believed he had. It made him realise you were it, the one that everyone kept talking about, it was always you. Picking up his phone, he saw that he never changed his wallpaper of the pair of you, so happy and so foolishly in love. His fingers opened up his contact book and before much of a thought, he had decided to call you. His heart was bursting out of his chest realising it was ringing. He just needed to hear your voice, to scream for you to come back to his house, which now only felt like home if you were in it. After a few seconds he was greeted with your voice, however, not in the way he wanted.

“Hey, you’ve reached Y/N. I can’t make it to my phone right now so leave a message and I’ll get back to you. Beep”.

Your voice made TJ stop, his stomach doing flips. What was he going to say? Why did he even call in the first place if he had no words? He slowly took a breath, figuring he needed to at least say something before you just heard a creep breathing into the phone on your voice messages.

“Uh… hey… it’s me, TJP *laugh* sorry, I know how much you love to say that… well used to anyway. I just wanted to apologies… I… I didn’t understand what I wanted at the time but now I know it’s you. You are what I want and” *beep*


Tj slammed his fist on the bed again. Calling the number again, he willed himself to say what he needed to say in the small time frame he had. At the beep, he took a breath and focused on what his heart was telling him.

“It’s always been you, always. You said you wanted to marry me, that night when you were blind drunk and you said you didn’t remember but I know you did. I saw the hurt in your eyes when I laughed it off the next day but you need to believe me when I say I don’t just want to marry you. I want to worship you, I want to make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the whole world, because to me you are the most spectacular girl in the universe. Just please… give me a call. I need to hear your voice and I have so much more to say. Please” *beep*

Tj sighed, bringing his phone to rest on the bed he was sitting on, however he didn’t realise he had been pacing during the phone call. As he made his way to lay down on his bed, he felt empty. What if him finally opening up was going to hurt him more? What if you had moved on already, no longer holding those feelings toward him? What TJ didn’t know is that you were awake back home, missing his calls because you feared hearing his voice would make you crumble even more. But you caved after the second call, initially thinking it was a butt dial but the second voice message made you curious. Hearing his words, the sincerity in his voice made you cry, sob to the point you were gasping for air. A few deep breaths and with a clear vision, you dialled his number, hoping you weren’t making a grave mistake. One ring was all it took for TJ to scramble for his phone and answer.


“Hey Teej.”

“I didn’t think you would call back. Your voice mail cut me off, I have so much more to say”

“TJ, listen… did you mean what you said?”

“Of course I did. Look I know I’m an idiot but I miss waking up to you, miss having you here. I miss hearing you talk about what you want for your future because I now realise that everything you said, I want too but I want it with you, I always have I was just being naïve and scared to realise it.”


“Remember what you said to me one night, how you wanted a baby? I want that. I want to wake up to hear his little cry, or hers, I know how much you want a girl, but imagine a little boy that looked like us.  I think I want that because if we had a girl that looked like you, my god I would be hitting boys away with sticks, she would be the most gorgeous little girl in the whole world, my heart couldn’t handle that. But if he cried in the middle of the night, I would get up because I know you could sleep through an earthquake and may not hear it but I wouldn’t mind because that would be our baby, and I want that. I also want to lay in bed with you on cold winter mornings and hear their footsteps as they come to wake us up, running down the hallways of this house. I want kids here, I now realise this place is too big for 1 person”

By now you were really crying, holding your heart as you both smiled and ached to be by his side.

“TJ, I want that too but are you sure this isn’t just you wanting to make me happy?”

“God no! I want this, I want every birthday, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and New Year’s with you until the day I die. These past few weeks I realised something, that this place, this big house doesn’t feel like home and it’s because you aren’t here. You’re not here to leave makeup on the bathroom counter or the smell of your cooking wafting through the house. I miss tripping on your shoes because you leave them wherever you please but mostly I miss lying in bed, falling asleep to the sound of your breathing, your warmth filing the bed because although I cleaned my sheets, they still smell like you and it’s so cold here.”

TJ could hear you breathing on the other end of the phone, occasionally sniffling. He wanted nothing more than to wrap his arms around you and make sure you were okay.

“Just please Y/N, come home”

You smiled as you heard his words.

“I’ll be on the first flight out tomorrow”

TJ smiled as he lay back down on his bed, content with hearing you say those words.

“I miss you”

“I miss you too Teej. I’ll be there tomorrow, get some sleep”

After saying good night and hanging up, TJ close his eyes and sighed contently. Only a few more hours and you would be here and finally, this house would feel like home again, and TJ couldn’t be happier.  

So, I went on my very first Tinder date yesterday and about 15 minutes in ol’ dude mentions his three kids, all six years or younger…and then about thirty minutes later mentions his ex…who is still technically his wife…whom he just separated from this January…barely three months ago…👀

I would’ve had more wine but I didn’t feel right basically taking money from small children.

Like…sir…you gotta be upfront about that kinda thing in your profile. It doesn’t have to be a deal breaker but not being upfront shows mad disrespect for how much makeup costs! Sir, this eyeliner alone was $20+ and you got me wasting it?! Rude.