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Marjane Satrapi To Helm ‘Radioactive’ Marie Curie Story

Oscar-nominated Persepolis director Marjane Satrapi is set to helm Radioactive, based on the 2010 graphic novel by Lauren Redniss, Radioactive: Marie & Pierre Curie: A Tale Of Love And Fallout.

Born in Poland in 1867, Curie (née Skłodowska) moved to France in 1891 and married Pierre in 1895. They worked together to develop the theory of radioactivity, techniques for isolating radioactive isotopes, and discovered two elements, polonium and radium. The pair were at the dawn of a new scientific and technological era which ushered in the nuclear age.

People need to stop condemning this generation. Just like any other previous generation it has its ups and downs, and that is no reason for people of different generations to be commenting ignorant things like ‘All teenagers are lazy and on their phones all the time’’ when that isn’t remotely the case. These teenagers were brought up in an era when technology was reaching its peak, so why do some people think that they wouldn’t take advantage of it and use it for higher learning? That’s like offering someone a house with electricity only for them to walk away and live in a cave with candles. Seriously. 2015 isn’t 1985, and its time some people should realise that and stop making teenagers feel bad for literally ‘living in their time period’.


Amongst all the innovators in Sengoku Era Horse Technology, the brightest was Date Masamune. His innovations included self-induced jet propulsion, allowing horses to fly through the air, as well as the later genius invention of attaching futuristic handlebars to his horses. His retainer was famously quoted as saying “Motherfucking shit, why did I stick with this idiot. I should’ve joined with Takeda, at least he gives me a cool mask.”

Your 10,000 Dollar Cell Phone

In the early 1980’s a home video player (then called a Video Cassette Recorder or VCR ) would cost you (adjusted for inflation) about six or seven hundred  dollars. Today you can buy a DVD player (a far better piece of machinery) for about 40 bucks. a camcorder would cost you 2000 dollars or more in today’s currency. Today they come as just part of the free equipment of a 12 dollar cellular phone (by the way, the phone itself would cost you 6000 dollars in today’s currency) . The cheapest tablets  (now around  50 dollars)  are supercomputers that have thousands of times the processing power of the most expensive computers of the 1980’s. When Progressives bemoan the disparities in wealth that have been created by the modern era of technology and industry, they fail to recognize the sense in which it has made, even the average American fairly wealthy by the standards of the past.

But the Progressive Is not concerned about improvements in the actual lives of individuals, he cares only about comparisons; comparisons used to justify government control and suppression of free enterprise, which has been the engine of that improvment.

guy: excuse me what time is it?

me: 12:27

guy: 12:27?

me: yep

me in my brain: why do you not have a watch or a cell phone. this is 2016, almost 2017 and we have been in the era of technology for your entire lifetime.  the world is endlessly yours if you would only reach out and grab a piece of it

    Souvenir pin featuring Maud Powell, c. 1890. Maud was a violinist of international acclaim, one of the first women to achieve prominence on that instrument in an era in which most women played the piano, and very few were professional musicians. 

    Born in 1867, she began playing the violin as a child and was recognized as a prodigy by age nine. Her parents sold the family home to fund her education and traveled to Europe, where she studied in Paris and Berlin at the conservatories there.

    Upon her return to the United States, Maude traveled the concert circuit. She used her fame for advocacy, performing the work of African-American and female composers. She encouraged women in the musical arts, both with her public performances, and in her written articles. She made a point of seeking out women musicians in the cities she visited.

    Maud became one of the first famous recording artists. Unfortunately, the limits of the technology in the era before microphones means that her stunning performances of Tchaikovsky, Dvořák, Bruch, and Mendelssohn are not preserved. In those days, recording music meant performing in front of a recording horn, pointing the instruments toward it and hoping to capture the sound. Violinists played a contraption directly connected to a recording horn.

     Maud insisted a way be found to record using a real violin, and was the first to record a performance, though she was limited to a five minute piece - the longest that could be recorded on a wax cylinder. She eventually made over 100 recordings, including - unusually for her time - African-American spirituals.

    In 1920, at only 52 years of age, Maud died of a heart attack.

    In 2014, 94 years after her death, Maud was given a Lifetime Achievment Grammy for her work.

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Pairings prompt: Well hell. All of them?? (Okay, okay. #2 Rexsoka.) (oh, you think I'm done...?)

Thank you for not going, “1-28. And 33-40.”

2. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”

The sharp, unstable shaking of the 501st flagship drowned out the emergency sirens wailing in each cabin and along every corridor, even for Ahsoka’s highly sensitive montrals. Admiral Yularen’s broadcast command of “Non-essential personnel, evacuate to the escape pods immediately,” was certainly lost to the complaints of a damaged ship. But it was impossible to mistake the strobing alert lights, flashing bright orange every ten meters and successfully conveying the immediacy of the situation well before the Separatist droids began trickling in.

Honestly, it was like a bad dream. No matter how many droids Ahsoka carved through, every new corridor brought her face-to-face with more. The task wouldn’t have felt so daunting if she wasn’t the only Jedi on the ship; whenever the Jedi Council had a special mission to complete these days, her master somehow ended up as one of the first candidates selected.

Clearly, the enemy didn’t know that, though. One of the fleet ships had already been destroyed by cannon fire, but the flagship was still intact, only periodically earning a volley of lasers. The amount of droids swarming the corridors felt like an invasion than anything else– what would they be there for except to capture Anakin, one of the most successful Repbulic generals? 

Ahsoka reached that conclusion before rounding a corner and running into a squad that pointed at her, shouting, “Look! We found a Jedi!” But that was all they managed to say before a couple rudimentary swings of her lightsaber decapitated all seven of them.

As much as the clones added a variety of color to the blaster fire breaking out in some corridors, Ahsoka was quick to order them to escape pods before they could be of much use. She sliced her way through roughly two enemy platoons alone to make it to the bridge where she found the officers still busily sending emergency transmissions, and locking down whole sections of the ship overrun by the Separatists in attempted containment.

Captain Rex was here guarding the bridge entrance with some of his men, blasters trained down the corridor as a last line of defense for all the unarmed and unarmored officers. That was the problem with the essential personnel: they were the hardest to move, both because they didn’t want to leave their post, and then once they did, the ship had roughly five to ten minutes left before neglected systems began malfunctioning.

“Admiral, you need to move to the escape pods!” Ahsoka shouted over the incessant whine; at least it sounded a little more muted on the bridge. Her announcement caused several heads to swivel, look at her, and return to their previous work. Yularen, though, was a little too wrapped up in a conversation with the coms officer to answer.

“What about you, Commander?” Rex asked from the doorway.

For the first time since the alarms started blaring, Ahsoka’s lightsabers hung on her belt again. “I’ll lead the droids into the hangar bay and try to buy you time to get away. Once I’m there, I’ll shut off the magnetic shields.”

Rex’s visor whipped around faster than Yularen. “Have you lost your damn mind?!

A gray-clad officer shouted that the engines were failing, and more droids were closing in on the bridge.

“Sir, now is not the time for insane heroics!” argued Rex, deeces dropping from a corridor that had lost his attention. 

A frown bent her mouth for only a moment. Rex never contested Anakin’s ideas, even while they seemed to get more farfetched as the war dragged on. If anything, Rex met most suggestions with hesitant approval– not outright challenges as he did with her.

“I know what I’m doing,” she told Rex evenly, nearing him as if proximity would help better convince him. “I’ll be fine.” And before he could disagree, contending her rank with his experience as she knew he would, Ahsoka pulled him down into a light headbutt that stalled all conversation.

Releasing her captain, she glanced back at Yularen to see she finally had his attention. “I’ll take out what droids I can, Admiral, but you have to leave now!”

Ahsoka took off sprinting away from the bridge, lightsabers once again humming at her sides. Every B1 battle droid she came across barely managed to report, “There’s the Jedi!” before its head flew right off its body in one quick slash of a lightsaber.

Halfway to the main hangar, she also heard, “General Grievous wants her alive!” Unfortunately, that droid also met a swift end before it could elaborate. Two corridors later, the familiar premonition of incoming fire tugged at the periphery of her senses. Ahsoka pivoted just in time to divert the laser bolt– but she’d expected a B1 shot, not a B2. The force of it still knocked her off her feet and straight into a wall.

The wailing sirens were all but white noise now, drowning out every other sound around her. Ahsoka only realized the enemy was closing in when she opened her eyes to see a line of B1s fencing her in, aiming their weapons on her crumpled form. She closed her eyes again and inhaled. Reaching out, she felt the familiar presence of the Force, directly around her, directly around the enemy, permeating the corridor, the level, the ship. And she pushed out. 

The nearest battle droids flew back as if from an explosion; the successive rows of B1s and B2s fell like dominos. Ahsoka popped to her feet and continued on her mad sprint down the hall. Her lightsabers were more useful behind her, blocking red laser bolts flying from the constantly growing horde following her. WIth as much as the flagship shook from increasing enemy fire, it was a wonder so many clankers stayed on their feet. The few droids she bumped into trying to cut her off from adjacent hallways ended up littering the floor while Ahsoka hardly even slowed her pace. 

R7-A7, Ahsoka’s astromech since she landed in the 501st, already sat snugly in her Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor by the time Ahsoka slid into the hangar bay. Only a couple LAAT/i populated the bay now, as the rest of the gunships and every fighter pilot were already occupied in the space battle. 

The controls for the magnetic shield– barring the bay enjoying its life support from open space– were set into a recess in the durasteel wall on the opposite end of the bay and protected by a ray shield. Ahsoka hadn’t even reached the halfway point before the enemy fire caught up to her as the droids filtered into the hangar. Thank the Force they were terrible shots. 

“Arseven!” Ahsoka shouted into her wristcom. She was met with happy bleeps. “Bring the ship over here; I’m going to need a fast getaway.”

She heard the welcome roar of her interceptor powering on across the hangar floor. A handful of droids pivoted and began firing at the ship, as Ahsoka skidded into the far wall. The ray shield, no bigger than a standard doorway, stood next to a screen of buttons. Ahsoka input the code she never thought she’d have to use; the ray shield blinked off, and all that was left was the clunky lever, about as big as Ahsoka’s head. 

R7-A7 blocked all enemy fire descending in the interceptor next to Ahsoka, and she immediately hopped into her seat. She sealed the cockpit, diverted more power to shields, and warned her astromech to be ready to take off. 

Ahsoka closed her eyes once more, trying to keep her nerves calm in a ship barraged by enemy fire. She focused her attention into grasping hold of the Force around the lever and pulling it down. The nearing enemy only helped raise her anxiety, but just as a B1 started climbing onto the wing of the ship, the lever swung down, the magnetic shield disappeared, and everything not bolted to the ground slipped toward the open hangar doors. 

After the initial moment of free floating, Ahsoka returned the recommended amount of power to the engines and steered her ship out into space, avoiding the floating droids and lazily spinning gunships. 

The danger was nearly over now. A second fleet had come to the rescue, sliding out of hyperspace behind the Separatist ships, diverting all their attention and leaving Ahsoka free to look for her men.

“Arseven,” Ahsoka said, rolling her interceptor over the port side of the damaged flagship and scanning the void for life signs, “switch to the pod frequency.”

R7 chirped, the coms crackled, and soon her cockpit flooded with the voices of very chatty soldiers. Immediately after their accountability checks, the conversations strayed. Ahsoka’s attention focused more on locating the wandering pods until a certain comment caught her montrals.

“…and Captain Rex got kissed by the commander.” A mixture of laughter and incredulous noises followed before the first amended, “A Keldabe kiss.”

“You coulda told me it was a real kiss and I’da believed you,” a second said. The laughter roared anew.

“WHO IS THIS?” a third voice broke in. “NAME AND RANK.”  

A tense silence followed until one brave soul declared, “Found the Captain.” The next wave of laughter surged from numerous pods as Rex raged on, threatening blindly.

Ahsoka patched her own frequency into the conversation then. “Wait… what’s a Keldabe kiss?” Her distinctively female voice cut through the clone chatter with surprising ease. All communication immediately dissipated into an awkward silence Ahsoka felt even in her own ship.


A Thank You Letter To My Ex;

Each relationship is a learning experience. Relationships mature you; you gain confidence and insight about life, yourself, and others. I can’t say that that is always the case right away, but I can tell you that one day, you’ll wake up and that person’s presence will make all the sense in the world. Suddenly, no matter how you and your ex ended, you will thank them for what they, both, did and didn’t know they taught you.

First off, thank you for putting me back together.

Thank you for taking all my broken pieces, and somehow finding enough glue to put them back together. Without even including my consistent need for attention, stubborn personality, and never-ending hunger, putting up with that alone was hard work. You found me beaten and battered, and without even a second thought, you put me back together the only way you knew how in this technologically advanced era mixed in with some old-fashioned love…with endless text messages and snapchats, and consistent compliments and love notes.

Thank you for teaching me how to love.

The reason I fell so quickly and so wholly for you was because of your ability to love despite all the hurt you had endured. Your intentions were selfless and pure, and you never asked for a thing in return for your love. I thought love was selfish, a take thing. But you taught me that love is actually quite selfless, it’s more about the giving rather than taking. You taught me exactly how much love I could hold in my being, and it was tenfold the amount I thought I was capable of. In your words, “I guess you just bring it out in me.” I realize now that I was selfish while loving you. I took more than I gave, but please understand when I tell you I’ve never loved something more in my life, I don’t mean it lightly. I so desperately wanted to be fixed so that I could treat you the way you deserved to be treated, and I am sorry that it was harder than we both had imagined.

Thank you for the mushy stuff.

You knew my childhood fantasies. You knew my hopes and dreams. Hell, you knew about my secret Pinterest boards (mostly due to my stubbornness and my consistent insisting that you look at just “one more” living room idea). You did the best with what you had to make sure all of my short term dreams and goals were fulfilled, while never forgetting to remind me that the long term ones will be to one day. Thank you, my love, for always holding me tight in public…although I’m mostly sure that was just because you knew how clumsy and accident prone the girl you were dating was. I think we both can agree I never needed much. I didn’t need expensive gifts or surprises. Your occasional mushy paragraphs were enough to make me swoon. I would have spent every birthday in with you if it involved pasta, makeshift forts, and scary movies. It was the little romantic things you did, the gestures you didn’t believe were enough, that meant so much more than the restaurants and presents.

Thank you for putting my in place, but also knowing when to just deal with me.

I was always the first person to admit to my stubbornness. But thank you for calling me out on it when I needed to hear it. Sometimes, one’s judgement gets clouded, and they are hellbent on proving that they’re right…even when they’re clearly not. Thank you for the times when you told me what I was saying was ridiculous, thank you for quieting me down and being reasonable. And even know there weren’t many times when you dealt with my attitude without trying to give me one back, thank you for the few times when you did. I think that shut me up quicker than the times you told me to stop being stubborn and cut the shit. Although I know I’m not always right, you reassured me, which I definitely needed sometimes.

Finally, thank you for leaving and not coming back.

Despite all of our good times together, now that we are done, I’ve become so content with the person that I am. Nobody can deny that you and I are soul mates, but I believe that we are soul mates that met at the wrong time. We met at a time when we both thought we were sure of who we were, but in reality, were far from it. We have yet to experience what life has to offer us, we still have room to grow. We both made mistakes, some bigger than others, and as cliche as it sounds…time heals all wounds. I believe we both have things to reflect and work on, and time will let us do that. So, thank you for giving me room to grow, for giving me time to think about my mistakes, and thank you for teaching me so much about life, myself, and us.

I have learned so much, and I am forever grateful. I am stronger now, but I owe that one to myself.

Thank you, and I love you.


Turn Down the Heat - 28 (Leonard Snart Reader)

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It wasn’t hard to fall back into routine quickly despite having a child around. The difference it was 1959…You sighed looking down at her in a crib, “It won’t always be this hard…One day you’ll be surrounded by more technology than this era can imagine.”

True enough…almost a year later you were standing in your room on the waverider watching Len hold her. You smiled a little. You’d wondered about this moment for so long it was hard to believe it was happening.

He looked over at you smirking, “What?”

“You make it look very easy.” You told him stepping over to him.

“I had practice with Lisa.” He looked at Elain, “And I have no doubt that you have already reared her in for us.”

“Yeah…I guess.” You sat down next to him looking at her as you sighed.

He swallowed, “I’m sorry you had to do this alone…”

“I wasn’t alone.” You told him reaching over taking her from him, “Ray and Kendra helped…”

“Yes, but it’s not the same is it.” He told you supporting her head as you adjusted her in your arms.

“No…it isn’t, but I can’t change it that you weren’t there, can I?” You stood up walking over to the crib putting her down.

“You’re angry…” He stood up looking at you adjust the blankets around her.

“I’m furious…” You looked at him watching him flinch back. Something that you’d thought would never happen.

“Y/N…if you…if you think that I didn’t want to be there…you’re wrong.” He told you quietly hoping that this small rift he felt between the two of you, “I didn’t want this…”

“I know.” You told him tearing up, “I know, but it still hurts…You don’t know what it was like. I was alone…pregnant, working…everyone just assumed I got knocked and the father didn’t know…no one bothered to ask. I had to work through all of that…while being terrified of everything around me. I was in a world that I had only ever read about.”

He stepped toward you as you went on, “And then I went into labor and Len…I was alone. Ray and Kendra had stepped out to grab some groceries…I had to call 911 and strangers came to my rescue. To a hospital with insufficient equipment to deliver my baby…and you weren’t there.”

He took your hands, “I’m not going anywhere again…I am here with you.”

“It’s just…” You looked at him, “It’s just going to take me time okay. I can’t just bounce back from this one. It wasn’t like time jumping. It was worse because I was stuck in that place…”

He nodded as you took your hands away from him, “Listen…Rip needs some help taking down little Hitler…”

“Yeah, he told me.” You looked at him taking in a deep breath, “Be careful.”

He sighed stepping past you looking at Elain before kissing her forehead whispering, “You are strong, you are beautiful, you are enough.”

You smiled listening to him. You wish you’d had a father who’d cared enough to tell you those things. It took you a long time to figure it out on your own.

He looked back at you catching your smile. He returned it briefly before walking out. How did this hurt more than losing a hand?

You waited a few beats before speaking, “Gideon.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Baby monitor.” You picked up the tab on your desk, “Full volume please.”

“Of course.”

You had a certain pryo that you needed to speak with. Len had woken up during the night in a cold sweat and told you what Mick had done. It’d taken all amounts of control for you to not march out and see him then.

You stepped into the brig slowly peering into the clear box at the man sitting there. He looked over at you surprise falling over his features, “I didn’t expect you to come here.”

“We need to talk.” You said quietly walking toward the door. You glanced down at the screen seeing Elain sleeping soundly. You set the tab down on a bench outside the cell.

“Oh?” He stared at you.

You stared at him, “Why?”

“I think that should be obvious.” He eyes burned, “Your lover…a fool…couldn’t finish the job. Left me for dead…”

“Got it vanishing point, bad place, visited once wouldn’t build a home there.” You interrupted him.

He smirked standing up, “You’ve grown up a little. What happened?”

When he stopped in front of the door you looked up at him, “You killed my daughter…”

He stared down at you, “What?”

“The girl…on the ship.” You pressed the door command pushing him backwards.

He stepped back surprised by your action, “You don’t want to start this.”

“You killed her!” You yelled at him pushing him again, “My baby!”

He stood there letting you beat on him until his anger built up enough that he grabbed you pushing you back toward the door, “Enough!”

“You will pay for this…” You told him, “I promise you…you will pay for it…”

He stepped toward you as you shut the door, “Pick your battles wisely…you might be biting off more than can chew.”

“I have a pretty big appetite right now.” You told him before turning to the tab. Still sleeping. You turned slamming the tab against the glass, “This was your god daughter…you killed her…we were coming back for you. We just needed time.”

You left quickly before he could reply to you. Sara glanced at you in the hall, “Hey, how’s the little one?”

You stopped trying to calm down, “Good…she’s uh…napping. Trying to get somethings done while I can. Luckily I have a ship wide baby monitor.”

“Yeah” She smiled a little, “Everything okay?”

“Yeah.” You nodded quickly, “I just want to get back to her. Don’t like to be away too long.”

“Right. Of course.” She smiled at you, “See you later.”

“Right…Later…” You turned heading back to your room. Once inside you leaned against the door putting your hands to your face finally letting out the emotions you’d been holding in. Damn everything…you would not let your daughter die that way…She would die old surrounded by family and you would die to make it happen.

Truth in the Lies | Stiles

Allison breathed in the dust ridden musk of the school’s library. In the wake of the technological era, it seemed these shelves saw little attention beyond the ceremonial carvings or haphazard bodies being thrusted into them. Libraries took on different meanings for the students who sought shelter from one plague to the next. Some found it the best place to hide from their work, others a place to surrounds themselves in something greater than themselves. Knowledge. It truly was the only thing that could set you free; or it could condemn you to the shackles of the world’s more damning nightmares.

With a labored sigh, Allison scanned the crowd for the only person she’d been trailing that day. Stiles Stilinski. The wiry young man hung onto answers she’d desperately wanted to begin to piece together. 


fashion eras + zodiac

ARIES // 2000s

While the beginning of the 2000s was marked with Y2K(year 2000) futuristic fashions, the mesh of styles of the previous decade pre-cursed the fashion revivals of the 2000s almost perfectly. Throughout the new millennium modernized revivals of the 60s, 80s, and specific parts of other eras littered the ever chaotic fashion scene, making the versatility and impulsiveness of this technology ridden era a very Aries thing to do.

TAURUS // 1970s

While reveling in the aftershocks of the 1960s, most of the fashion choices in the early 70s were a reflection of the hippie subculture, but by the end of the revolutionary fashion era colors had become muddied with earthen hues and looser, more relaxed fits. The smooth movements, push for more natural beauty, and newfound sexual prowess discovered in this era are telltale qualities of a Taurus.

GEMINI // 1920s

The change of the 1920s fashion scene from all previous years was a very drastic one. A sense of lightness, wealth, and effervescence was brought to women’s clothing, creating a subculture titled flappers. In fact this revolution in fashion still dominates the fashion scene today. It seems this era brought a sense of life and fun in comparison to the grittiness the era held; this show of duality is unique to Gemini.

CANCER // 1990s

After the almost too vibrant antics of the 80s, the 90s fully rejected the obnoxiousness of the previous decade and turned it into something new. By 1993, there absolutely was no trace of the 80s, but instead styles like grunge, minimalism, hip hop, and glamor fashion had taken hold. This sensitivity to the previous decade and craving for originality is very Cancer.

LEO // 1980s

Materialism took this era by storm. Everything was bigger and brighter: hair, fashion, music, etc. Flashy jewelry, neon colors, power dressing, and brand names were never as important as they were during this era. All of the 10 years was a mixture fast-tracked people, look-at-me attitudes, massive egos, and brilliant energy; all describers usually associated with Leos.

VIRGO // 1930s

Due to the Great Depression, most fashions were very, very modest and handmade. Despite this, the 30s also marked the beginning of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Glamor still remained, however limited to those of wealth and the motion picture industry. Nothing was gawdy in this era, even the starlets had neat hair and simple, gorgeous flowing dresses. The cleanliness, meticulousness, and beautiful simplicity of this era equates well into the Virgo personality.

LIBRA // mid-late 1950s

As shown by the sales, the earliest years of the 1950s was a fashion slump, but it didn’t take long for fashion to return full force. The industry snapped back to a more elegant and classy standpoint. These years began more personalized options for clothing choices amongst women, ex. Coco Chanel’s suit, the poodle skirt, the sack dress, etc. time fashion was varying, options were becoming an actual possibility. The TV industry boomed in this decade, leading to a sense of elegance and romance that play perfectly into a Libra spirit.

SCORPIO // 1980s punk

In response to the 1980s spike in brand name and commercialism, the American punk was born. This subculture didn’t just touch fashion, but hairstyles also spoke of their disscontempt with the mainstream 80s scene. This patchwork grouping kept together by safety pins, bravery, and band memorabilia embodies the independence and tendency for resentment of the SCORPIO folk.

SAGITTARIUS // 1970s disco

It didn’t take long for the vibrancy of the hippie style to be assimilated back into mainstream culture. While all of the rebellious intentions of the bright clothing died out, people were still left with the colorful fun. Tube tops, wrap dresses, and other infamous pieces brought these colors from the outdated 60s and into the evergrowing 70s, forcing a whole new sense of Sagittarius-esque freedom towards another generation.

CAPRICORN // 1940s

The length and flow of the 1930s didn’t show much in the styles found in the 1940s. The outfits of this time period had a more modern flare. While,during WWII things took a change and women had to work in factories, while men were at war, this period still managed to change things for women and women’s fashion. This, along with the sharp lines and bold colors of the post-war fashion scene, speaks volumes of CAPRICORN’s tenacity and undying ambition.

AQUARIUS // 1960s

The 60s proved to be even more radical in its changes than the years that proceeded it. As wars struck, the children rebelled and countercultures were born in bulk. It was in this era that youth found its voice and showed the nation its independence and relentlessness, shown not just in their words, but the boldness of their beauty standards and clothing. This is something that is without a doubt a very AQUARIAN trait.

PISCES // 2010s

The ever-increasing amount of technology in this era has allowed for a more easily accessible approach to fashion, making pinpointing a certain style that defines the unfinished era difficult. Through the internet, the increase of online stores/e-commerce, and the blossoming strength of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have made finding your unique style easier than ever before. This sense of individuality and idealism is a very obvious part of the Pisces lifestyle.

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Dr. Loki Laufeyson was one of ten scientists and one of three medics aboard the self-sustaining spacecraft the ISS-Beserk. Through a company called Paradox, established in 2220, Loki and his crew were sent to explore unknown regions of space and the worlds and asteroids that inhabited other galaxies. 

Their mission? To land on and map out as many unexplored worlds as possible regardless of individual cases of pre-existing life or lack thereof.

Originally there were twenty-five crew members including the scientists, medical officers, technicians, engineers, captain, and first officer. Along with a synthetic human by the name of Artemis and a white cat named Morph, the crew set sail through the unknown reaches of space, excited and nervous to start their lives-long voyage through the stars.

For over two centuries, the crew traveled the universe in search of as much information as they could possibly gather. The extended life expectancies, as well as the modern technology of the era, allowed them to travel for hundreds of years without much aging or decline in health. Between extended research trips to various worlds, they would go into hypersleep while their ship and their synthetic traveled through the stars, allowing them to sleep for weeks, months, or even years when necessary without aging a day.

They were humble and peaceful, carrying weapons on board only in the event of the need for self-protection. Due to the risks that came with such extensive travels, they lost a few members here and there. Each death was like a blow to the ship’s morale. Despite the lack of blood relation between any of the explorers, they formed a tight-knit family upon the ISS-Beserk. Had they not loved and trusted one another, their objectives would have never been fulfilled.

Thanks to their technology, they rarely needed to dock or resupply. Occasionally, when death did occur, or serious damage to the ship needed to be repaired, they could dock at any of Paradox’s space stations known as the Mythos series. Each space station had its own name based off of a myth or deity from Earth. Their stops at such stations were minimal, though, as each and every one of them was nothing short of eager to continue on their mission.

Doubling as a field scientist and a medical officer was a tough job on Loki, though. He had so many responsibilities upon the vessel that he often found himself overworked, exhausted, and easily irritable. Fortunately, there were always a few people aboard who could always make him smile. Fródi and Inka, for instance, were always there to cheer him up in even the sourest of moods.

Loki’s drive for knowledge was nothing short of sheer passion. He never would have given up his life for this sort of work had he not been, but life upon the ISS-Beserk could be difficult to say the very least. Fights often broke out when people felt like they were trapped with the same group of people for too long a period of time. No one aboard could hope to hold onto any secrets. Physical, emotional, and mental needs became very apparent.

Each member of the crew knew every other member quite intimately and that had its highlights and its downs.

Aside from the few deaths and the frequent fights, the crew maintained a progressive and aggressive approach to exploring as many new worlds as possible. Within the 200 years they spent aboard the vessel, they explore over 150 new planets, of which almost half had been inhabited by life and a fifth held some form of sentient being.

Everything that the team accomplished during their travels together seemed so minuscule in comparison to the massive expanse of the universe, but they kept on going and pushing forward to gain as much as they could.

At least, they had until they landed on one fateful planet shrouded in darkness.

Originally, the ship headed for a very specific planet near the black world that they landed on. As they approached, they picked up the existence of this second planet closer to their position than their original target. The planet had no records of ever existing and it hadn’t shown up on their equipment until they were extremely close.

So, making a detour, they landed and sent out a crew of five field scientists to do an initial scout. Loki and the rest of the crew stayed on the ship, watching via monitors as their friends embarked on their newest expedition. At least, until the feed and communications were disrupted.

One by one, the crew disappeared from the ship until all that remained was Loki and his best friend, Fródi. Up until the moment that Fródi was taken, Loki hadn’t seen anything abnormal and couldn’t account for the missing people. He caught just a split second glimpse of a long, black tail with ribs running down like exposed vertebrae as the appendage wrapped around his friend’s midsection and hauled him up inside of one of the vents. Loki tried to pursue but was unable to catch up with whatever had taken his best friend.

In a matter of twenty-four hours, as Loki locked himself and his cat into the bridge of the ship and sent out a distress beacon, he realized that they’d finally come to make a grave mistake.

And he feared that each and every one of his friends would turn up dead.

Or worse….

World of SMT: COMPS

In the Shin Megami Tensei, usually there is a device called COMP. This device lets the user control, summon, and fuse demons. It is usually found in the main line series, so series like Persona and Raidou lack this device. Although I think Raidou did not have this device because his era’s technology has not reached this point. 

Almost every game has a different COMP. What I mean by that is the looks, the origins, and functionality. The capability of the COMPs differ from game to game as well. For example, in Devil Survivors, you and participate in Demon Auctions, but this cannot be done on COMP from SMT IV. 

For example, in Devil Survivors, the COMP looks like a Nintendo DS. It was built by Naoya, one of the characters that joins the party. The COMP allowed the user to control the demons they could summon, but some people were not able to use it properly. And many people were able to use it as long as they access.

In SMT Devil Summoner, a Gun-COMP or GUMP was used. It is a gun fused with a COMP. Since I did not have a chance to play the game, I cannot say too much regarding this device. 

In SMT IV, the COMP was treated as a sacred device reserved only for the samurais. It’s origins was not very important, and it allowed the user to cast spells as well as fuse demons.

Probably the most powerful and fun part of the COMP is the Demon Summoning Program and the Demon Fusion abilities. In SMTIV, the Cathedral of Shadows was an app, that actually hurts to type, so fusion can be done anywhere. Although it is very convenient, the actual building was really cool. 

Although it not a COMP, in Strange Journey, the Demonica suit served a similar purpose. It helps the user to communicate with the demons as well as protect them from various attacks and environments. A very similar suit also made an appearance in SMT IV.

I must have missed some stuff, let me know if which ones I missed!