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I mainly play engineer / tech boy in mass effect but Im worried all the biotic abilities are gunna be too good. Game seems like its going to require a lot more mobility so charge and the new skill backlash (a biotic barrier that you can hold up while you move) are going to be important. hope we get lots of good tech things to help with our lack of mobility. i know we get a tech cover skill

  • 2016: Trump wins both Republican primary and general election.
  • 2017: In a few months, tensions with China escalate because of Trump's fierce anti-China rhetoric. Trade relations between the two countries deteriorate. Trump uses this to push his popular mercantilistic schemes on the public. The American populace loves it.
  • 2020: Trump consolidates all power by turning the GOP into a centrist party that both the Republicans and Democrats have a hard running against. He wins a second term.
  • 2022: Our relationship with China deteriorates to the point where the US is again in a cold war. Trump, starts his own project called 'Trump Shelters' which he promises, will keep the American populace safe.
  • 2023: Trumpite GOP senators control both the senate and the house. They vote to expand the Presidential term limit.
  • 2024: Trump wins a third election against the Democratic and Republican remnant parties.
  • 2025: With tensions between China and the U.S increasing, Trump elects a new 'cultural policy', to bolster American moral. Architecture, style and culture will be returned to the style of the American 50's. While there are protests, the American populace largely accepts the new measures.
  • 2027: Chinese are considered enemies of the state and Chinese Americans are taken and put into internment camps.
  • 2027: Under the Trump administration, genetic experimentation goes further. The Chinese largely focus their efforts on stealth technology
  • 2028: President Trump tries running for a fourth term, but dies of natural causes in office.
  • 2029: A large private industry called 'Vault Technologies' buys up Trump shelters.
  • 2032: Trump's cultural incentive has been taken up by the vast majority of people and becomes the foundation of culture for the era. The entire world looks like something straight out of 'Leave it to Beaver'.
  • 2040: Europe, which has also been affected by Trump style leadership, starts persecuting the growing Muslim population.
  • 2044: Under the pressures of the times, Coca-Cola changes its name to 'Nuka-Cola'.
  • 2050: European economies collapse causing Europe to invade the Middle East for resources.
  • 2070: China invades Alaska.
  • 2072: US annexes Canada.
  • 2074: US reclaims Anchorage.
  • 2077: Total Nuclear war breaks out between the US and China, destroying civilization as we know it. The only people who survive do so in great underground vaults. Fallout is real.

I realized I should just make a post about this lol. So I went looking for evidence of the question-mark tie-clip CMS said Ed wears and I found it in the Supercut as you can see. It’s a typewriter key; that’s cute. Very Etsy. But look what much better thing I found—Ed’s canonical birthday! 4/1/88. He’s turning 29 this year; he’s 28 right now, yes? Not only is it bad enough that his bday is April fucking Fool’s Day, it’s obvious that his birth year is 1988, making Gotham take place in the modern day. CMS has referenced Ed’s age range before (labeling it “late 20s” like here, under the pic of Ed looking in the mirror) which matches this birth year perfectly. I love that something this small unraveled a whole mystery LOL, but really, it IS the only answer that makes sense. 



This takes place during Karasuno’s match against Date Tech. Hinata kept getting totally shut out, but he wasn’t giving up. Kageyama knew they had to do the “freak” quick in order to get past them, and they did. Again, and again. He causes such a distraction that Aone focuses only on him, paving the path for our ace to score.

Kageyama notices Hinata spacing out and asks. him. what’s. wrong.
In this moment Hinata is realizing his value of being a decoy, which is so crucial to him as a character learning to find value in his special set of skills, as well as a huge necessity for the team to become a more cohesive unit. Kageyama has already stressed to Hinata how important his role as a decoy is, and here he is, reiterating that fact in the most supportive, encouraging way he comparing it to the status of the ace, which he KNOWS is what Hinata has always dreamt of being. He is trying so hard to show him that no, he doesn’t have to be the ace to be a valued, fantastic player. It is so clear how PROUD he is of Hinata in this moment. Anyone else notice the majority of the time he smiles on the court (or in general, let’s be honest) it’s because of Hinata? They may get teased about being a “set” or a “pair,” but it is TRUE. They bicker, they fight, they make sad attempts at insults, but they whole-heartedly care about and support one another because they need each other.

Ugh, I just love these two so much. ;_; I could scream about these 5 screenshots in even more detail but I’ll spare you all for now. I’d love to chat more about it though!! As always my messages/asks are open ^^

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your art is simply so inspiring, i adore these designs! do you have a favorite plane?


And OH NO the dreaded question! I have too many favorites. But if I had to pick one, it would be the plane-that-is-not-really-a-plane, the Lun ekranoplan! 

More detail on cool planes I like under the cut, if you want to be a victim to my rambling:

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everything we do in theatre is done with the actor in mind. 

”I have to make these actors visible in the light”
“that would be a really cool set idea but it wouldn’t be safe for the actors, so I’ll change it”
“a long coat would fit this character but I don’t want an actor to trip on it”
“okay, let’s strap $500 worth of sound equipment to this actor” 
(and more but I’m tired right now)

and that’s fine. we’re perfectly aware of that when we decided to do this for a living, for fun, etc.
but that’s why we get seemingly disproportionately annoyed with actors who are dismissive of what we do. 

i would watch the fuck out of a benjamin sisko cooking show

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Ja'far, masrur, and judar headcannons for their s/o blowing them a kiss.


  • Ja’far can’t help but smile at such a cute display of affection. He tucks the kiss in his robe for safe keeping, patting lightly over his heart. After a moment’s consideration, he blows a kiss back—his face flushed red.


  • Masrur stares blankly at his s/o for a moment before reaching out to catch their kiss. Once he’s ‘caught’ it, he doesn’t know what to do with it. He walks off with the kiss still in his extended, clenched fist.


  • Judar makes a face. Sounding almost repulsed, he asks why they wouldn’t just give him a ‘real’ kiss, never mind the fact that they were being sweet. He chases after them, pestering them for a ‘real’ kiss.