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i don't know if i'm the only one, but i think henrik and tarjei make each other so much better than they already are? like yeah they are such good actors on their own, but when they act together, it's something i can't explain with words like they are so good together???? i don't know how and where julie found henrik but i'm just so grateful bc he is the perfect choice. i don't think tarjei or henrik will ever have this much chemistry with someone else again. it's just WOW.

They’re really something special, aren’t they?? I don’t know if I’d say better because we saw a lot of Tarjei acting in a room by himself and he had me in tearssssss with just that but! I think the two of them have really amazing chemistry and trust.

With chemistry, there’s a reason that we talk about their eye contact a lot? Like at the end 2:10, they completely establish the “but there’s no turning back now” in their relationship just by the eye contact they’re making? They realize what this is going to be and we realize what this is going to be just by the looks they’re giving each other. You don’t need more than them talking and laughing and looking in a room together once.

Then as @toneelspeler said, “Look, you can have chemistry with another actor right away, but trust needs to be built. If I’m doing this, can I count on you to give me your best shot and vice versa? This is important to do, because if the trust’s not there it is noticeable.” It’s going to be even more important when you’re portraying such an intimate relationship. Isak and Even were both vulnerable in front of each other in a number of ways we didn’t see with other characters. And I think a lot of people got hooked on this show because they were so good at all the little details that said “this person is intimate with me”? They’d reach for each other and touch each other in all these different ways and just trust that they could do that. That it was okay, that the other party would follow along. In a relationship, your boundaries are so much different than with other people and when you watch them, you see that. And I think it can be a tricky thing to get right with someone because it’s such a base part of you. And you’re acting it out in front a roomful of people with cameras and mics in your face, heh. We see intimacy but it can’t be an intimate setting by necessity. 

I really would love to hear more about how they found and cast Henrik too because it was a bit different than their usual casting, as I understand it? He’s one of the only people in the cast who was already established as an actor? So I’d love to hear about if this chemistry just came from the first time he was reading opposite Tarjei? If that’s what won him the part over others? Because what I really get from them is that they feed into each other so beautifully, they give each other a lot. Just… I’m so thankful that the stars aligned and they both were in these roles in this production.


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Petit Interiors and, um, whatever it’s called when a prince come to your room after you placed the bait his special interiors

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