the tears we hide

Dry your eyes, √Hide is alive.

Initially, after watching the finale, I was certain (like everyone else) that Hide is dead. After thinking about it for a bit (and reading some theories) I started to believe he could he alive. After rewatching the finale I’m positive he’s alive. 

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We all have addictions

Most of us that are addicts,
Have our toys in the attic.
We try to push aside our pain,
Hiding our tears like heavy rain.
Most of us try to self medicate,
Because the pills ruin our state.
Anything that can help our vice,
Comes with what is a major price.
Up and down we all go
Some fast some slow.
Some things we can’t control,
What helps and leaving soul.
Its so different for us all,
Makes you happy is my fall.
I just want to be as normal as I can be,
Hiding away what makes my disease.
Don’t judge what you don’t understand,
Mistakes upon your personal digression.
If your straight all the time,
There isn’t life you can find.
Its a tuff road to find yourself
It comes from what you felt.
Every one has their own demons,
Some of us just understand them


The Enneagram Types Describe our Generation
  • 1: Hopeless addicts... The education system is fuqed up
  • 2: Cute and cuddly, why do you ask?
  • 3: Idk just pretty crazy *shrugs*
  • 4: We´re all artists... escapists... dreaming of a better world. We´re running in circles - this is tragic, because we know it, and still don´t make a change. We hide our tears behind self-defeating attitudes and hate. We project everything we are onto others, and vice versa... How can we chart a new course when our hearts are bleeding? The way we linger on expresses our true passive nature that longs for the good. Yes, we have to look for our own individual spark that lights up this goodness within us. But also, we have to realize that we are one collective conscious, interconnected to achieve greater things. *wipes away a tear, then hides*
  • 5: Our generation, hmm... Lonely souls, waiting for a sign?
  • 6: We´re contradictory in many ways but idc
  • 7: Hedonists, all of them... I mean, us
  • 8: This generation? Not rebellious enough imo... sheep...
  • 9: We´re pretty open-minded :)
When you’re scared of horror movies

EXO | Monsta X


*Enjoys your reactions way too much. You hiding behind pillows or grabbing onto him.*

‘’We should definately watch horror movies more often.’’


*Instead of protecting you he hides behind the sofa.*

‘’Is it.. over now..?’’


*Falls asleep halfway through, because it was ‘too boring’, while you keep screaming and what not.*


*Worried about you, when you start tearing up or hiding your face behind your hands.*

‘’You know.. we can also watch.. something else, if that makes you more comfortable?’’


*Like D.O he’s worried.*

‘’Let’s watch something different Jagi.’’


*Hugs you the whole time, so you don’t have to watch it.*



‘’Don’t worry babe. I will fight all those ghosts for you.’’


‘’Let Lu-man protect you, babe.’’


*mostly frustrated with your behavior lol*

‘’I don’t understand you. First you say you want to watch it ‘that badly’ and now that we’re watching it, you’re not even looking.’’


*While you’re hiding behind pillows he’s dying from your cuteness.*


Before the movie:

*giggles at how scared you are*

‘’Don’t worry Jagi, I’ll protect you.’’

After the movie:

‘’Forget what I said. Every men and women for themselves!!’’ 

*Runs out of the room*


*looks at you cutely, while you’re having your head rested on his chest, eyes shut closed.*

Can we talk about the fact John never really cries in the show. I mean, he sobs, he’s on the verge of tears - just once he hides in his hand but we see no tears -  he swallows it back and chin up each time he’s about to cry (and it does happen quite a lot), he never truly allows himself to cry. Can you imagine how many tears he has refrained that way? John internalize too much, sadness, anger, pain, look at how he explodes with all the accumulated and restrained anger, think about the fact it works the same way for tears.Please let John cry for good, he needs to get this out or he’ll drown from the inside. :’(

Isha was supposed to become an Emperor, destined to join with the bodies of other fallen Imperials, but the Gladekeeper had other plans.

“I couldn’t bear to watch you become a monstrosity, not a child born in the soft grasses of the Viridian.” The mother of flora whispered as she delicately wove plant fiber between bone and sinew, adding a touch of flowers and feathers where skin was not to be. “You fought bravely,”  she added quietly, plucking several of her own vines to drape around the Imperial’s mauled form. 

Tears were falling at this point. Try as she might, even the Gladekeeper could not restore what once was. Her efforts were not in vain, however, as Isha’s body trembled as the tears landed on her tattered hide.

“Survive where we can, young one.” Gladekeeper gently pulled a flower growing from her side and placed it in the Imperial’s mouth before withdrawing back into the trees, hoping she had done more good than harm.