the tears of my haters keep me hydrated on life

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OH GOD!!! I am not angry because of the canon book. You can make a werewolf book for all i care. I am just angry because the sterek book got so much hate. And now you make a book yourself. So suck it up. You don't like sterek. Okay. Stay classy yourself. The hate is embrassing.

Sweetie, if you’re the one that wrote that damn drivel then come off anon. Like I know who you are, so anon was just completely pointless. Side eyeing you very hard…

And I didn’t hate on the book. I just thought it was embarrassing. Talk to some of my other peeps cause I honestly was trying to block it from memory given all of the secondhand embarrassment I was feeling. I made one damn post about it, and I wasn’t nearly as mean as I could have been about it.

If you interpreted people being annoyed that the Sterek fandom excluded parts of the fandom YET AGAIN but then presented their shit as indicative of the ENTIRE fandom, as hate, then, dude, y’all need help.

Y’all excluded parts of the fandom to make your Sterek book. Which, whatever, cool, we know y’all don’t watch Teen Wolf for anything else but Sterek so it makes sense. But you all do not get to be pissed off when the very people you excluded start making up fanworks for themselves and the cast and ‘exclude’ you.

I put the quotation marks because honestly, nothing is excluding y’all from participating except your persecution complex. If something is not about Sterek, some of y’all don’t want to participate. It’s okay to be a Sterek shipper and contribute to Pages for Posey or the Teen Wolf With Love campaign, but YOU JUST CANNOT MAKE IT ABOUT STEREK like I do not understand why that is such a hard concept for people. Pages for Posey is about Posey and Scott. Teen Wolf With Love is about CANON interaction from the show, which means FANON ships cannot be included. What, are you allergic to watching the show for canon interaction? It’s not like its, you know, the basis of the entire fandom or something…

The parts of the fandom that a lot of Sterek shippers have excluded have ‘sucked it up’ and are doing something instead of complaining. What I want to know is why our shit offends you so much, given we haven’t excluded you at all and on top of that, y’all have got nothing but the campaigns and the cookies and the books all to yourselves. Idk, all that anger you had just seemed to be misplaced because it seems to me that you felt you couldn’t contribute to fandom things unless it was Sterek related. 

And sweetheart, I will keep it classy just as I have been for the past three years I’ve been a part of this fandom.

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You have issues. Instead of being rude maybe you should deal with them. Ridiculing people is not how you be a good person. But I guess you don't care about that.

Sorry, honey. I know my url is scesusmcchrist but I am literally nothing like Scott. I do not have anywhere near his kindness and compassion. I do not suffer fools. I will call you on your bullshit if it pleases me to do so and if you pissed me off I will laugh at your pain. So, really, it’s no wonder I’m over here with my anti-sterek buddies laughing it up while the sterek fandom crumbles (it was circling the drain anyways) and tries its best to repair a broken ship. It they hadn’t made being in the Teen Wolf fandom such a horror, I might’ve been bothered to feel sorry for them. But…no. And if these things make me a bad person, well, I can’t say that I care.

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just what do you mean by "people IGNORE the POC gay character"? are people obliged to ship him with someone just because he's there? do they need to ignore the ship they like and believe in just because there's a canon POC gay character? it's ridiculous

Hush thyself and calm your tits poor little anonymous, irrelevant bitch.

The Sterek fandom is pretty much ALWAYS screaming their little shipping heads off about representation for the LGBTQ community, which is a crock of shit because they pretend as though two white dudes in a crack ship getting together is some huge thing on television, when we literally see it more than you think.

However, as soon as you mention Dethan, they act as though it’s not real, it won’t happen, or that them getting together in canon isn’t a big thing. That’s where you’re wrong, cause IT’S GONNA BE HUGE.

DANNY’S GONNA LAY SOME SWEET LOVE AND GET SOME FROM ANOTHER DUDE! BUT GUESS WHO ISN’T? Yeah, that’d be Derek and Stiles and they’re def. not getting any with each other.

You don’t have to ship Danny with anybody, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna be happy about you and your ilk ignoring him.

So you can fuck right off sweetcheeks.

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Your George Zimmerman rant was very one sided & ignorant. You only know the side that the MEDIA is telling you. Trayvon was little PUNK. Sure Zimmerman fucked up, but don't act like Trayvon is an innocent person. Which is why they keep putting pictures up when he was a fucking child. To manipulate people like you. There's so many crimes going on in this world & the only reason people care so much is because of race. I guess black on black crime is totally acceptable in this day & age.

Bitch shut the fuck up. If you wanted to have a debate about this, get off of anon you stupid bitch.


It doesn’t matter if Trayvon was on suspension or smoked weed or was a bad kid. Hell I was a stupid punk at his age, and that was only two years ago. It doesn’t matter if George Zimmerman is a 'family man’ and has black friends. The only thing that matters is that an unarmed Trayvon Martin was gunned down walking home by someone who had no business carrying a gun or even confronting Trayvon to begin with.

Jesus Christ, the ignorance in your little punk ass ask is killing me right now. Please go dunk your head in a bucket of hot water until you pass out.

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What the fuck do you even know about the shippers who support #moresterek? Maybe their goal is a better presentation of queer people through Sterek. Did you ask all of them? No. You just assumed because that is what people do with Sterek shippers. Sorry, it just pisses me off to no end that people always assume to know everything about the whys behind a ship, but the truth is: they and you don't.

For the love of god please shut up I’m not in the mood for anonymous punks right now.

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You're a bully. You come right out and say you don't care about that cosplayer. A real person. Whose moment you tainted with your laughing at them. With the defacing of their picture. You care more about what a professional actor working a job, a man who could have refused that staging (he refused other things), than you do about a young fan who had their moment ruined by you Antis. If that isn't bullying, then I just don't know. There is a real person behind that picture and you were cruel.

I let them have their moment. We all let them have their moment. I don’t understand how it’s wrong that we laughed at a picture on the internet. Hell, I showed that picture to my friend who doesn’t even watch the show, and she fell out laughing.

She was laughing at Sinqua’s expression btw, like no one was actually laughing at the cosplayer we were laughing at the expressions of Hoechlin and Sinqua are you gonna call us out for bullying those two?

I don’t understand how it’s okay that Sterek shippers can laugh and generally be assholes and send anons like this to anti-Sterek shippers, but the second someone on our side laughs at a picture, we’re the bullies.

And really, wouldn’t you rather I didn’t care about the cosplayer and focus on the other parts of the picture. It’s not actually bullying to not care about someone who’s face I couldn’t even pick out of a line up given they were turned away from the camera in that picture.

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can you imagine boyds like though? like everyday he beats himself over his sister. gets a job at a roller rink to torture himself everyday. finally finds relief in a girl named Erica and he tries to protect her but he losses her too. His entire life is pain.