the tears are real rn

i was litERALLY itching to draw Hoseok-real life from your au, SO HERE!! (i sorta messed up the stripes but i’m happy with it, i hope you are too 👀👀👀)


na jaemin as your boyfriend

request: anon: can i request a boyfriend!jaemin?

genre: disgustingly fluffy

warning: slight swearing, probably really cringeworthy

author’s note: gender neutral !!!

this is purely based on my own personal opinions. agree or disagree, either way, enjoy!

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- shit okay im gonna be real with you guys…

- I’m chokin back tears rn becaUSE I MISS THIS BOY SOSOSOO DAMN MUCH



- ALright I’m calm now….. shall we begin?

- So you and Jaemin are best friends

- Have been for as long as you can remember

- There’s even pictures of the two of you as babies

- Butt naked

- Anywho!!

- You guys went through the best friend stage

- Then you hit a lil rough patch when you got to the “”cooties”” stage

- But once that passed, you two were inseparable again

- Everyone always assumed you two were dating

- And when you would correct them, they still didn’t believe you

- It was just another movie night at Jaemin’s

- The usual messy pillow fort filled with stuffed animals, buckets of popcorn and your favorite snacks was thrown together in the middle of Jaemin’s bedroom

- The movie was playing but neither of you were watching

- You guys talked and talked while one of you occasionally tried to throw a piece of popcorn into the others’s mouth

- And then, like usual, Jaemin starts to tease you about one thing or another

- So you (jokingly) get defensive with him

- Before you knew it, the two of you were in the middle of a profound battle to the death

- And by that you mean play wrestling

- By the time the rolling around came to a halt, Jaemin had you pinned underneath his lean frame

- Both of you were breathing incredibly hard

- When suddenly, Jaemin’s hand slowly inched towards your head

- Brushing away the disheveled hair from your face

- The two of you stared into each others eyes for what felt like an eternity

- Not uttering a single word

- And then BAM!

- He confesses

- Failing to hide the smile on his face when he asks you out

- finally

- And of course you agree

- Because who could turn down such a boy ????

- Anyways,,, enough yappin

- Onto the actual dating !!!

- Can somebody say  c l i n g y

- V V greasy !!

- “Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile”

- “Jaemin, you smile at everything?”

- “Oh shit, you’re right…”

- Alwaayysss cheesin

- But I mean who’s complaining

- That boy has a god given smile

- This kid is surprisingly  b o l d

- So y’all are sittin on the couch watching a movie or somethin

- It’s pretty chill

- Until this lil shit fake yawns and stretches his arm around you

- Yea,, you know the move

- “Jaemin…”

- “Yes, cutie?”

- *sigh* “nothin…”

- Or let’s say you’re reading a book

- And suddenly Jaemin comes out of nowhere

- Laying his head on your lap

- Cuddling up to your body

- “Nana, whatcha doin?”

- “Nothin,, I’m jus-”

- Followed by incoherent mumbling as he shoves his face farther into your lap

- He absolutely adores kisses !!!!!

- Cheek kisses !!!!!

- Nose kisses !!!!!

- Surprise kisses !!!!!!

- ESPECIALLY long, meaningful kisses !!!!!!!!!!!!!

- He likes droppin bombs on you, too

- “Jae?”

- “Yeah, babe?”

- He asks while coming behind you

- Snaking his arms around your waist as he holds you close to his body


- You just stand there kinda stunned

- “Y/N…? Did you need something…?”

- “I… i can’t remember……”

- Seriously so extra!! when it comes to reactions

- *Insert the gif of him on Mickey Mouse Club House where he’s slapping his knee and pretending to laugh*

- Seriously doesn’t give a fuck if his bandmates are around

- Sometimes he even purposely kisses you in front of Donghyuck because he knows he’ll get a hella funny reaction outta him

- But honestly,, he loves showing you off

- He gets a rise out of making you flustered

- For example ;;;

- He’ll be standing behind you, arms wrapped around you, chin resting on your shoulder

- A very familiar stance for the two of you

- And suddenly he’s planting light kisses on your neck

- The ticklish sensation causing you to flinch away

- A red tint instantly flooding your cheeks

- And this fucker knows what he did to you

- Cause when you look at him he’s already looking at you

- Grinning like an idiot

- And failing to suppress his giggles

- Prompting you to whine while you bury your face in your hands

- All in all, your relationship is very comfortable to say the least

- This kid just wants someone he can hold

- Someone who alleviates the stress from his career

- Someone who loves him just as much as he loves you (’:

I am so emotional and it is all because of Sense8 


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Free! ES espisode 2 dub
  • Sousuke: Don't ever get in Rin's way again
  • Haru:
  • Haru: Don't be a douchebag

(slides onto home plate hours before deadline) HEYY ITS?? A HAIKYUU KPOP AU????? HOLY CRAP

for the truly excellent @digiclouds !! i honestly couldnt believe my luck in getting this prompt, and i only wish i couldve done more for the kagetsukkis because it is REALLY REALLY TINY im sorry,,,,. i hope u like what i’ve made!! HAVE A GREAT WHITE DAY

here’s a comic about glasses to make up for the tiniest kgtsks in the world: