the tears are real man

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can you kiss already ??¿?


Hear me out.
The middle circle of the blurryface cover design (the one that supposedly represents TIMH) is, in-fact, inspired by a magnified onion layer.
Let me take you through it;

Tear in my heart is the first clue. Tear can also be pronounced as tear, such as crying. Tell me, what makes you cry?
Sadness? yeah.

What makes you cry when you don’t want to?
Laughter? sure.
Small animals? i mean go for it…



As Tyler was discussing the design of the cover, he thought of Jenna, whom the song is about, and how she makes him cry (with laughter) even when he doesn’t want to. A thing that onions, can also do (probably not with laughter tho). Onionspiration strikes again.

Point 2:
The song, Tear In My Heart, goes for 3:08 minutes.
Exactly 3:08. A strange number… why not stop at 3 minutes? Why not go the extra 2 second to 3:10. I’ll tell you why;
3:08 or as I like to see it as, 308, is the precise street number of the one and only GLASS ONION SOCIETY. I kid you not.

Coincidence? Hardly.

Point 3:
The Blurryface album features three colours; black, white and red.
What do these colours have to do with onions you may ask. Well i’ll tell you;

The two most common colours of onions are…

And the seeds colour?


Point 4:
The music video for the song Tear In My Heart, takes place in Chinatown, Los Angeles.
A very different scene to other of the band’s music videos, the perfect way to hide a clue. In plain sight.
Onions, originate from Asia.
And as we all know, China is part of asia.
Point closed.

Point 5:

Point 6:
It is a widely know fact (obviously) that the average person consumes around 13 pounds of onion per year.
The exact number of letters in “Tear In My Heart”
Facts in ya face.

Point 7:
At the beginning of the song, Tyler shouts the words ‘Un Yong Haseyo’ a phrase that means ‘Good Morning’ when translated from Korean to English.
“Good Morning”… the exact words any rational, civilised human would utter upon the viewing of an onion.

To any bystander, it would appear that Tyler is screaming ‘Onion i say yo” which is also an appropriate way to greet an onion.

Point 8:
“Tear In My Heart” is the fifth song on the Blurryface album. 5 also just so happens to be the average number of useful and edible layers an onion has.
Like Shrek, an onion is DEEPLY layered. A lot like love.


Fifth design:

I know what you’re thinking. “Whats the difference?”. Don’t fret, it took me 2 years to see the truth

And thus, thy case is closed. The fifth or centre circle of the Blurryface album is indeed inspired by a magnified onion layer.

Thank you for letting me enlighten you. Please feel free to add your points to this completely valid, informed and in no way joke of a theory. (also i know people think the middle circle is doubt but i don’t think i can make a theory this stupid about doubt XD)


Somehow I managed to stumble on the “The boy next door” (Ep 1, Chanel to watch the series eng sub). It turned out to be one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen in a long long time.
If you like BL and haven’t watched it, go check it out.

It’s queerbaiting from ep 10…seriously you fucked up such a good thing, go fuck yourselves. It could be so good, shit…now at least I know why they’re not awkward when playing…seriously gtfo, I’m so mad.

Ok just watched the whole thing…it’s not that bad…at least they didn’t end up dating the girl…and kinda were into each other at the end…you won’t be disappointed in the end, but they’re not together as in dating…I would treat it as prequel ))

clydeandjanie  asked:

If Hyde had been in character since the begining of the show, his season 2-3 self would had a crush on Donna and treat Jackie that bad?

Yes and yes, lol. Now, let me explain:

- The Crush:

I hate it a lot, but I know it would happen anyway. The difference is that he won’t act like such a creep over her. He would back off the second she said no and would not act over it again after seeing Eric and Donna are going for each other, and only each other.

So inted of forcing her into a kiss and stalking her, being agressive towards her and imposing his feelings, he would just, maybe, pine after her at the distance, maybe banter about it with Fez some time, and that’s it.

He would get over it, especially after seeing Donna so happy with Eric. He would probably had the chance to talk it out with her, because of course Donna would care about his feelings, she just doesn’t feel the same way. And she doesn’t want to lose her friend, alright.

After The Talk™, things will eventually get normal again.

- Being an ass to Jackie:

What made Hyde stop being an idiot to Jackie was realizing she is a human being, like him and his friends, who has her own problems and feelings, and who had been hurt by the guy he was so jealous for because she took all his attention away.

Yeah, I said that.

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also can i say how dissapointed i am in jack rn??

youtube sends him a brand new play button before anyone else, and it even has mini playbuttons for each of his subscribers

and what does jack do??


i mean how selfish can you be to do that??? the jack i knew when i subscribed two years ago would’ve never done that! you’ve changed man…..

i bet those tears werent even real smh

IronHawk (Part Fourteen)

Fury is an asshole (but we knew that) and Logan and Clint fight (in the should be violent but is kind of sexy way)

Catch up on Chapters 1-13 HERE!

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“Another day, another mission, hm Agent Barton?”

Hawkeye didn’t even flinch when he rounded the corner to be mess hall and found Director Fury waiting for him. His wings spread a little farther however, and Fury caught the aggressive motion. “You know, If I didn’t know better I’d think you didn’t like me.”

“He doesn’t.” Logan rounded the same corner just a few seconds behind Clint, brushing past the Director as he made his way to the counter for breakfast.

“Your roommate leaves quite a bit to be desired.” Fury squinted his one eye disapprovingly at Logan’s broad back.

“What do you want, Fury?”

“Now, is that any way to speak to a man who only has your best interest in mind?”

Clint rolled his eyes, and started moving again, Fury falling into step beside him as he moved through the buffet style breakfast spread.

“I have been talking to Agent Coulson, and we feel like it’s time for you to rejoin the Avengers. They have attracted the attention of a few local vigilante-types, and it would be better for all of us if the entire team was there to make decisions regarding the newcomers.”

Logan looked up from where he was shoveling pancakes into his mouth, and Clint met his eyes uneasily.

“Is that so?” Setting his own tray of waffles, pancakes, cereal, bacon and sausage down at the table, Clint dropped into the seat across from his friend, leaving Fury standing.

“Yes.” The director replied shortly, watching the two men with an thoughtful expression. “In fact, I could even see to making sure your roommate is welcome at the tower as well. Since the two of you seem to get along so well. Coulson says the two of you are basically inseparable.”

If Fury expected Logan to get angry at the insinuation in his tone, he was disappointed. The mutant simply downed his cup of coffee, reached across to spear a waffle from Clint’s plate, and kept right on eating.

“I’ll think about it.” Clint muttered around a mouthful of food. “Logan, if you take food off my plate again I’ll put an arrow through your hand I swear to god.”

“It’s not really up for discussion, Hawkeye.” Fury said impatiently. “You will be removed from assignment on SHIELD and—”

“Try and stab me, Wing Boy. Do it.” Logan’s low voice interrupted, and Fury watched with a degree of fascinated horror as three silver blades close to a foot long each slid through the hand casually resting on the table. Clint just laughed and tossed a napkin at the other man before finally turning back to Fury.

“Look, I know I don’t actually have much say in where you send me. But if it’s all the same to you, trust me when I say keeping me from the Avengers tower will keep the peace a lot longer. I am sure you with your all seeing eye are aware of everything that’s happened, and taking me back would just… nobody wants to see that okay? It’s better this way.”

“I will take your feelings on the matter into consideration.” Fury couldn’t take his eye off Logan, who was staring right back at him, with an amused smirk, as the blades disappeared back into his knuckles. “Does that… hurt?” He couldn’t help asking and Clint chuckled.

“Apparently it hurts every fucking time. Or at least every time I ask him.”

“Noted.” The director said blandly, and turned on his heel to go.

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Alright so Cursed Child gaybies...

Spoilers, obviously….

I’ve seen CC 5 times, this Sunday (16th October) was by far the gayest I’ve ever seen Albus and Scorpius. 

The first hug (4th year, on the train) was short and sweet but when they were climbing up onto the train roof, they were touching eachother so much. Like going for it. Basically hugging as they got up. Totally flirty.

The staircase ballet: Anthony actually CRIED. Like during the whole seperation section, he was crying real tears (honestly that mans talent). It was heart wrenching. It is pining on another level, honestly, I can’t get enough of the looks they give each other during this. 

The library scene/hug number 2: Anthony is still crying at this point. Sam didn’t cry today (well if he did I couldn’t see cos I wasn’t super close) but he was very much more sad than angry. These boys are heartbroken about being apart, its so clear. And the hug. They held it for so long, probably double the time I’ve seen them hold before. Super satisfactory considering the conversation they’d just had. 

The Myrtle/ bathroom scene: Sam almost nose booped Anthony as he was passing him the gillyweed (more on nose boops to comeeee…).

The Scorpius torture scenes: I think these get overlooked as scorbus scenes but watching Albus as Scorpius is being tortured is kinda all I need. Its like Delphi is crutio-ing him too. Such a testament to their acting. Today Sam was a little more subtle when begging her to stop- it was more pained and desperate than angry and that just worked so, so well. Albus is so desperate to save Scorpius and I think this is the point that people really start to believe it. 

Act 4, scene 14: So Rose walks out onto the stage and Anthony falls backwards, flails his cloak everywhere- it hits his head, the banister, Sam- like brilliant and hilarious. Rose does her thing and runs off laughing. Then they go in for the final hug and its about the length I’m used to but as Sam delivers “you better ask Rose if its the right thing to do” he BOOPS ANTHONY ON THE NOSE. THE NOSE BOOP HAPPENED. I thought it was a lie too but OMG there it was- totally clear to see and so incredibly cute. 

Scorbus is real guys and I think Sam and Anthony are finally starting to ship it too.

what if im physically incapable of having a playthrough where i romance anders. what if every time i go to hit that flirt button some hidden survival reflex in my tiny lizard brain screams and slams the button to the side. what if ive spent the last 15 minutes stuck on the same dialogue menu, circling every option with dread and dismay