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Tips for FEH if you are having trouble with some of the harder maps from someone who has played FE for a very long time

For reference, my A team currently consists of: A 4* Virion &Awakening Tiki, a 5* Priscilla (was a 2*? Lissa before I summoned her) and a 3* Niles.

  • Have a team of distance fighters like archers, mages, and one healer.
  • Playing defensively for level 15-18 maps is a very good idea.
  • Sometimes don’t even move, let the enemy come to you.
  • Keep the healer behind your other units, and or boxed by the environment. If another distance fighter approaches, keep them the heck away.
  • Use your healer liberally.
  • I usually use Tiki and Virion for damage, and then use Niles to pick off the low HP ones.

Hope this helps some of you!