The Samwell Team as stuff my bf did p.2
  • Bitty: accidentally ordered 50 cans of peaches instead of 5, sold them at school to make profit
  • Jack: once fought a goose to impress his s.o (me)
  • Ransom: once drunkenly cried bc his best friend said that he was "a good noodle"
  • Holster: Rapped the entire Hamilton Musical, continued to ask me out on our first date after he saw that it impressed me
  • Shitty: His chosen signature is a weed smoking illuminati sign
  • Lardo: Broke his thumb, continued to play beer pong (instead of going to the hospital)
  • Chowder: Got sent to the principals office, brought pizza with him
  • Nursey: screamed "CLOTHES DON'T HAVE A GENDER", while fistfighting in a skirt he borrowed from his s.O (again, me)
  • Dex: Stole a refrigerator from his neighbors (bc his grandpa dared him to)
  • Whiskey: Secretly loves polca music
  • Tango: Still speaks to his plants lovingly though they have all died in his care

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Coran getting seriously hurt in a Galra attack and Lance getting worse everyday. Coran had studied the human concept of psychology and was helping Lance by doing regular space therapy. They were attacked in the middle of one section and Coran used himself as a "shield" because he promised to never let Lance getting hurt again, not when he can do something about it and now Lance can't stop blaming himself

Okay but, imagine Allura, under stress of losing the last person she has left, blames Lance too. She doesn’t outright say it, but everyone can tell. While the rest of the paladins know that this is not Lances fault, they take Allura side- because she’s already lost so much, she can’t lose Coran. And of course almost no one realize how Lance feels- Hunk semi realizes, but he’s been busy making sure Allura actually eats

Of course, when Coran wakes up, and is  healed, everyone crowds around him. They are all exclaiming how relieved they are and, after hugging Allura, he looks at Lance, and completely loses his shit. The boy is absolutely destroyed, he looks like he’s given up on life. He just goes off on the rest of the team, asking why they didn’t take care of Lance while he was out.

Surprisingly Lance answers before any of them can. 

“It’s because of me that you were hurt, so why didn’t I deserve to be hurt?”

The Hausmates as stuff my bf did
  • Bitty: came to school in bright pink pajamas with little dancing zebras on them just because
  • Jack: Got me sunflowers during February bc he is just that extra
  • Holster: put a flower in his mouth chewed on it then tried to kiss me (it was our first date)
  • Ransom: teared his meniscus while twerking
  • Lardo: chased ducks and fell into the pond trying to catch them
  • Shitty: Got so high that, when he wanted to kiss me at the cinema, he leaned to the wrong side and kissed a stranger on the cheek instead
  • Dex: Once went on a two page long rent about the German train system during an exam
  • Nursey: befriended every bus driver he knows and has not paid for a bus ticket in five years
  • Chowder: still draws little sun's into the corners of letters he sends to people
  • Tango: Once wrote the pope a letter asking him to be his prom date
  • Whiskey: once used all his money to drunkenly buy two life sized stone gargoyles
Taming of the Squirrels

I reblogged this post about the campus squirrels being different from regular squirrels and noted in my tags that the OMGCP fandom had been woefully neglecting key Samwell campus life content. (Dedicated to @josighah​, who let me spew random squirrel facts at them in chat while writing this.)

Summary: Tango and Nursey make it their goal to touch a Samwell squirrel. Mostly Tango-limited POV, with some accidental Nurseydex happening in the background.

“Have you noticed the Samwell squirrels are different from, like, normal squirrels?” Tango asked over breakfast one morning.

Whiskey just nodded in confirmation next to him, not bothering with words when there was still food he could be eating.

“Oh, bro, those half-tame little fuckers are terrifying! Look like they’re about to mug you,” Ransom said from the other end of the table.

“Oooooh, the Samwell squirrels…” Holster looked almost gleeful, which was always kind of worrying. He sat up straighter and took on his storytelling pose. Ransom rolled his eyes. “Legend says there was once a student who dedicated himself to picking up one of these fabled creatures before he graduated. For four long years, he strove to tame the beasts. He offered them food. He sat still as stone under the trees by the Pond. He learned to speak their language. And finally, the day before graduation, it happened. A squirrel came to him and took the bread from his hand, and did allow him to lift it. Verily, they even say he was able to pet it for nearly five minutes. He refused to walk at graduation, saying his true college mission had been accomplished.”

Dex raised a skeptical brow, while Bitty looked vaguely disgusted. “Well, I certainly hope he washed his hands afterward. Tree rats.”

“You don’t think they’re cute?” Tango asked.

“I mean, I guess,” Bitty conceded, “but they’re everywhere where I’m from. My mama uses a pellet gun to keep ’em off the birdfeeder. Why spend all your time trying to pick up a squirrel when you can pet Prof. Atley’s dog? Or the volleyball team’s cat? Respectable pets. Clean pets.”

“Guinea pigs,” put in Chowder. “I think I know someone with a ferret.”

“Rats,” added Whiskey.

No,” said Bitty, “not rats. I said respectable pets.”

“Rats are actually very clean,” said Dex mildly.

“Yeah, Bitty, don’t judge,” drawled Nursey, clearly just to be a shit.

Bitty narrowed his eyes at them. “I will deny pie to any person who dares bring a rodent into my Haus.”

“Nah, bro, chill!” Nursey threw up pleading hands. But then he turned to Tango. “I do kinda want to touch a Samwell squirrel now, though. You in?”

Tango’s face lit up and Nursey held up his hand for a high-five.

Dex buried his face in his hands.

Whiskey took the opportunity to casually steal his bacon.

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