Movie Night @ the Haus

The boys at the Haus (really it’s just the team) have a bi-monthly chick flick “binge” and it’s fucking impossible for these boys to agree on movies so what really ends up happening is that the team only watch 2 movies because they argued too damn much.

What IS agreed upon this particular evening was Clueless and 10 Things I Hate About You because

“90s movies are better than 80s movies. Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club are overrated.”
“Y'all, we AGREED that we were gonna do 90’s movies, we drew straws and everything. You’re upsetting Chowder.”
“… Sorry, C”
“… I wanted to watch Grease”

“So… why is this movie called Clueless? Like, does she just. Not get things?”
“Shh, just watch the movie.”
“Why is she trying to change her? Why is Cher so bossy? Why are all the guys all gross towards her?”

“Oooooooooooh, THAT’S where the quote comes from.”
“Heh, Nursey would probably do something like this.”
“Nah, man. It’d be Dex.”
“Lol, tru tru”
*Nursey and Dex look at each other. Dex quickly looks away blushing*

yj post s2 au: so the team has to run a mission against queen bee, and kaldur’s running low on people to send up against a villain who’s powers are based on attraction to women. artemis has just started dating zatanna, babs just came out as bi, and karen has taken time off of the team to focus on her studies, and there just aren’t enough straight girls on the team to make up for their absence anymore. 

so kaldur, very awkwardly and stiltedly, asks if any of the guys on the team are gay. artemis laughs really hard, and says, “you’ve got quite a way with words, kal.” he glares at her. bart and jaime have both been in a weird state of “oh god i’m totally crushing on him but i don’t know if he even likes guys” for months, and bart takes a breath, sends jaime a look, and then says, “i am!” and jaime just kind of freezes like, “oh gosh bart’s gay i have a chance how do i talk how do i do things-” 

and he just kind of blurts out, “i’m bi!” and everyone looks at him funny and kaldur is like, “i thank you for the information beetle, but that does not help us. queen bee’s powers are based on attraction to women, so attraction to both does not solve the problem.”

artemis looks between jaime, who looks like he’s going to sink into the floor, and bart, who looks like he just won the lottery, and she starts laughing even harder. whatever stories zatanna has from the league today aren’t gonna top this

(Written for @bookedbyfandoms for Fitzsimmons Secret Santa. I was so ecstatic to have you as my giftee and to write this holiday fic! I hope you enjoy <3 )

She’s awake as he opens the door slowly and softly, and when it creaks, he pauses for a moment and then begins again.

Not that it matters, of course. Sometimes Jemma dreams of blue; and it’s not the blue of his eyes but the blue of the sky, the water, and the ground beneath her feet.

Sometimes, it’s falling from above, screaming and crying, only when she’s saved it’s too late to save him as he tumbles after her.  Sometimes, it’s dragging him up from the bottom, holding her breath, and fighting to reach the surface only to lose her grip and watch him sink.

Sometimes, its amidst the swirling blue sand that bites into her skin as she reaches out for his hand, and watching as he gets pulled away from her before she can grasp it.

In all of them, Jemma loses Fitz, and she doesn’t know who she is without him.

(Scientifically speaking, she knows she can survive, even if he’s gone. She survived for 9 days after they sank to the bottom of the ocean and she survived 4722 hours on that hellish planet. So she knows what it’s like to survive. But there’s a difference between surviving and living, and it reaches from the depths of the ocean to the distant galaxies in the sky.)

So Jemma’s been awake for a while, really. And Fitz was awake with her, hand placed upon hand placed upon his chest before he kissed her forehead, her cheek, and her lips, and shifted out of their bed. Jemma’s lain there since, wondering how she’s still trying to pick up the pieces, and how he’s still there beside her even when she’s still dreaming blue.

Jemma keeps her eyes closed and body still, pretending to still be asleep because she knows what’s coming next. She can definitely hear the little patter of footsteps as they come closer, and she can feel the dip of the bed as her daughter climbs on.

The last bit of her dream of blue and survival and loss washes away.


Jemma opens her eyes and gasps, feigning surprise. She reaches her arms out and Maisie clumsily falls into them, giggling in that little girl giggle of hers. Jemma throws her head back and laughs at her daughter’s toothless grin.

“Mummy!” Maisie demands once again. “Time to wake up!”

“I’m up, I’m up!” Jemma relents, and she turns to face Fitz as he stands by the bed, beaming at them.

“Good morning, Jemma.”

“Good morning, Fitz.”

It still manages to take her breath away— he still manages to take her breath away. Anything and everything, anyone and everyone, changes but her love for him never does. It always remains constant.

His love for her never does, either.

And their love for their daughter never does.

It’s seeing him now, Maisie twisting around and reaching towards him, calling out “Daddy Daddy I woke up Mummy like you say to!” that Jemma’s heart races and feels like it might burst out of her chest.

It’s watching him now as he smiles, picking their daughter up and covering her tummy in kisses, hearing her screech in laughter, that Jemma leans over and places her lips on his cheek.

(Before when she dreamed of the blue he was beside her, and she woke up with a shiv in her hand. Now she dreams of blue and he’s still beside her, but she wakes up with their daughter in her hands, and she doesn’t think any of her billion questions she had when she joined SHIELD could ever answer how incredibly lucky she feels.)

“I love you,” she whispers, and hopes that he still, after all this time, understands what she means between these three words that could never say what she feels.

Fitz turns to meet her, and although he does that cheeky grin of his before he kisses her, Jemma knows he’s trying to do the same thing.

(They’re psychically linked, after all.)

“Mummy! Daddy! Are Aunty Daisy coming today?” Maisie interrupts.

“ ‘Is’ coming today, Maisie.” Jemma corrects and kisses Maisie’s forehead. “Aunt Daisy is coming today.”

“And Aunt Elena and Uncle Mack and Grandpa Coulson…” Fitz narrows his eyes and taps a finger on his lips, tilting his head. “There’s someone else, too… who am I missing?”

Maisie gasps and places her hands on her hips. “Daddy! You forgot Grandma May!”

Jemma snorts as Fitz widens his eyes and nods vigorously. “Of course! Grandma May! How could I ever forget her? Come on, Monkey, time to get dressed.”

Fitz whisks Maisie away, and Jemma pauses for a moment before she places the covers aside and steps out of the bed.

“Imma tell Grandma May,” Jemma hears Maisie say in a singsongy voice. “That you forgot her.”

“Wh—what? Maisie please do NOT tell her that oh go—JEMMA!

Jemma smiles.

(She still remembers dreams of blue where she only survives and never lives. But she also remembers when she would do anything to—

to have the things she has now.)


Jemma’s in the midst of balancing Maisie on her hip and putting the last of the decorations on the tree when the doorbell rings, immediately followed by Fitz’s frantic footsteps thumping towards the hallway.

“Okay, May, listen.” Fitz declares as he opens the door. “I might’ve joked to Maisie that forgot that you were coming but I swear I was joking. May, I was joking.”

“Oh my god, Leopold. You should’ve seen your face– I can’t believe that after years you’re still a little afraid of May. You’re practically quaking in your boots.”

Maisie gasps and strains to leave Jemma’s side. “It’s Aunty Daisy it’s Aunty Daisy!”

Jemma sets her down and follows as Maisie bolts to the front, where Daisy is laughing as Fitz groans.

“It is Aunty Daisy! And who would’ve known from the horrible pun I’ve just heard?” Jemma calls out mockingly.

“Excuse you, Jemma,” Daisy calls over Maisies’ chants, lowering herself to the ground and opening her arms, smiling at the little girl. “My puns are terrific. You wish you had my—oof!” Maisie reaches Daisy and Daisy rocks, thrown back a bit at her strength. But she remains steady, and embraces Maisie tightly.

(somehow, Daisy always remains steady, always loves immensely)

“And I—I wish I had this beautiful little nugget!”

Maisie’s face contorts and she shakes her head furiously. “Ew, Aunty Daisy! I’m not a nugget!”

“I could just eat you up!” Daisy emphasizes each word, bopping her nose with a finger when she ends her thought.

Fitz laughs as he shuts the door behind them. “If you could not eat my child, that would be great.”

“Oh, shush.” Daisy stands up and brings Maisie up with her, gazing at him. “You’re just mad that I wasn’t May for that great little apology you had going on.”

“I didn’t know it was going to be you!” Fitz groans once again, dragging his hand down his face in exaggeration. “And when do you ever ring the doorbell?”

“Does May ring the doorbell?” Daisy ignores the question, and gives her own.


“–Always.” Jemma answers the same moment Fitz replies.

Daisy pauses, slowly blinking at the both of them before she speaks. “Oh. Well then, I’ll be sure to go back to my vigilante days of not ringing doorbells next time.” Shifting easily into a crooked smile and shifting Maisie easily onto her hip, Daisy reaches out and pulls Jemma into a hug.

“Hey, Jems. Happy holidays.”

Jemma brings her arms around Daisy and Maisie, and is suddenly overcome. How could something so simple as Daisy reaching out and embracing her make her feel so– make her love– feel so vast? Jemma inhales and just breathes in the milky scent of her daughter, and the sharp scent of her best friend. The first time she had hugged Daisy like this, Daisy was Skye– and SHIELD was still SHIELD. They were children, all of them. The first time Jemma had ever hugged Daisy like this Jemma was the girl who fell from the sky, and she first began dreaming of blue.

Jemma closes her eyes and is overwhelmed in the black, and she wonders if this is what Daisy dreams in.

(Jemma’s throat feels dry, and the pit in her stomach grows because when she wakes up from dreams of blue Fitz is always beside her, but when Daisy wakes up there’s no one.)

She’s pulled back into reality when Maisie speaks, her voice laced with concern. “Mummy? Is you okay?”

She pulls back and meets Daisy’s eyes, narrowed a bit with suspicion, affection, and concern. Jemma offers a wavering smile and attempts to take Maisie from Daisy’s arms.

“ ‘Are’, Monkey. It’s ‘are you okay’.” Maisie latches onto Jemma and nuzzles into her neck, the pit in Jemma’s stomach loosening slightly.  “And Mummy is fine she just missed Aunt Daisy a lot.”

She risks a glance at Fitz, although she already knows what she’s going to see because she knows Fitz better than he knows himself, and he knows her better than she knows herself. He nods faintly, and then moves to embrace Daisy, exchanging greetings.

(Later, Jemma will grasp Fitz’s hand while they lie awake at night, and wish that she could take the pain Daisy must still carry. She will hope and hope and hope that she and Fitz and Maisie and May and everyone who loves Daisy is enough for her. That even though they might not be there when she wakes up from her dreams of black, they are still there. And at first Fitz will say nothing but grasp Jemma’s hand back, and then he will let his own tears fall.

Later, Jemma will grasp Daisy’s hand while they sit side by side, and tell her of all her wishes and hopes. And at first Daisy will say nothing but grasp Jemma’s hand back, let her own tears fall, and then whisper that they are all more than enough for her.)

The whistle of the kettle blares over Jemma’s voice, and she has to raise it if she wants Daisy to hear all the way from the kitchen. “Daisy! Where do you want to sit? Next to Coulson? Or Mack?”

“That depends; where’s Elena sitting?” Daisy calls back, just as loud.  “Because I don’t want somebody to play footsie with me when it’s meant for somebody else. Again.”

Fitz snorts from where he’s setting the plates on the table, and glances at Jemma, rolling his eyes. She rolls hers back, smirking and shaking her head. Taking the kettle off the stove she begins to pour the hot water into the teapot.

“Is that a game? I want to play! Aunty Daisy can we play footsie?”

“Not right now, Monkey.” Jemma replies and keeps her voice even and steady, stirring the pot languidly. “Maybe Aunt Daisy can play later. Even though it’s been three years since she played it that one time and still manages to bring it up at every occasion.”

“Jemma I have to. What’s the point of embarrassing situations if nobody brings it up every now and then? What kind of a friend would I be–”

“But Daisy,” Fitz interrupts, coming up next to Jemma and grabbing the utensils. “You bring it up every single time.”

“Fine,” Daisy saunters into the kitchen with Maisie on her shoulders. “Guess I’ll just have to get something from you guys. Then I can alternate.”

“Yes, Aunty Daisy!” Maisie pipes.

Fitz gasps, clasping a hand over his heart. “Traitor!”

Daisy beams as Maisie giggles, Jemma feigning a glare at both of them, placing her hands on her hips.

The shrill ring of the doorbell goes once, twice, and Fitz places down the last knife before he walks quickly to the door.

Daisy tilts her head and smirks. “How much you want to bet he starts the apology and it’s still not May?”

“No deal,” Jemma replies immediately.

They both listen to the sounds of Fitz rambling, the door opening, and the interruption of a “Turbo!” and a “Fitz!” before a long groan.

Jemma smiles.

(She still remembers dreams of blue where she only survives and never lives. But she also remembers when she would do anything to have the things she has now.)


Fitz’s busy grabbing beers from the garage for Mack and Elena when the shrill sound of the doorbell rings at exactly five o'clock.

“May! Coulson! Right on time!” Jemma says before she even opens the door.

“Of course,” May answers. “You said dinner at five, right?”

She pulls Jemma in for a brief hug before stepping back and letting Coulson have a chance to.

Jemma beams, beckoning them in and shutting the door when they’ve stepped inside.

“Everyone’s seated at the table, and Fitz is grabbing some beers if you guys want anything?”

“Just my—there she is!” Coulson exclaims, grinning and his voice rising an octave higher.

Maisie races down the hallway, giggling with arms already outstretched.

“Grandma! Grandpa!”

(Seeing her daughter racing toward May and Coulson, Jemma can’t help but quickly glance at their faces. Coulson’s always been easy to read, wearing his heart on his sleeve. He bonds so quickly and loves so fast that Jemma’s never doubted that he cared for her, for all of them. But if Coulson is day, then May is night– and she keeps her heart hidden behind a closed fist, afraid of letting go. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love, and it’s clear as day when Maisie comes at her that May loves her.

May loves all of them, and she always has.)

In Coulson’s arms, Maisie slobbers his face with messy kisses as Coulson laughs, Jemma and May exchanging amused looks.

“Thank you so much for the kisses, Maisie.”

“You’re welcome Grandpa!” Maisie chirps, then swivels her head towards May. She squirms and reaches out, and May gingerly takes her.

May smiles as Maisie wraps her arms around her and nuzzles into the crook of her neck. “How’s my favorite girl doing?”

“Glad you’re here!”

May takes a deep breath before she replies back, her voice firm like always but laced with a kind of softness and warmth that only May could have. “I’m glad I’m here, too.”

Maisie leans back and faces May head on. Before Jemma can say anything at all, there’s a twinkle in Maisies’ eyes and a grin on her lips.

“Daddy forget you were coming.”

May scrunches her nose and turns to look at Jemma, who can’t help but smile and chuckle under her breath.

“It’s ‘forgot’, Maisie,” Jemma reaches for her daughter. ‘Forgot’ you were coming.” She leans forward and whispers to May. “He didn’t really. Obviously. But she thinks he did.”

“Ah, I see.” May nods, and, with her own twinkle in her eye, says wirily, “This is going to be a fun night.”


“Fitz, can you pass me the sauce?”


“Thanks. I was worried you’ll forget me again.”


May quickly glances at Jemma and winks before returning to glaring at Fitz. Elena and Daisy snicker while Mack lets out a hearty laugh. Jemma reaches over and places her hand on Fitz’s, leaning towards him and placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Happy Holidays, Fitz.”

He turns and immediately gives her a crooked smile, oblivious to everything else in the world but her.

“Happy Holidays, Jemma.”

“HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!” Maisie shrieks, causing an eruption of laughter around the table.

Fitz squeezes her hand, and Jemma beams at her daughter before looking at each and every one of her friends. Her heart thumps in her chest and she’s filled with such warmth and content seeing their smiling faces.

(She still remembers dreams of blue where she only survives and never lives. But she also remembers when she would do anything to have the things and the people and the happiness she has now.)

Sitting at this table with Fitz, Maisie, Daisy, and the rest of her family, Jemma smiles.

just got an ask and answered privately (due to not wanting to cross tag) but i thought i’d post my response here because i actually like how it came out overall?

ASK: Do you think that Keith and Allura are even friends? Outside of the episode Ark of Taujeer, Keith and Allura really don’t interact much. I find it very unlike that they are capable of being friends

They interact a couple times in in season one, but beyond that not much. I think Allura considers all the Paladins to be friends, and they must bond off screen, given that there’s seven people in total floating in a castle through space.

I think that Keith is probably one of the Paladins Allura spends the least time with, ESPECIALLY one on one.

  • allura and keith can spar? talk about weapons? there’s no way in hell keith is opening up to allura about personal problems, and she isn’t opening up around him. (the fact they never actually talk about the issues between them in season two except for the apology scene is a canon showcase of this). that being said, i can slowly see them becoming good friends!! even if in the beginning they use the other paladins as buffers to avoid awkward one-on-one interaction. (the most one on one time they’ve had together is arguing with each other, lmao). eventually when they’re comfortable with each other they might share their grief for their family, and things like that, or allura wrecks keith in sparring matches, and he has a good sort of respect/admiration for his new mentor
  • she and pidge spend time talking about tech and fixing the castle, and also some girl things — pidge has an interest in altean biology and cultural technology, so at least they have a sound basis for what to discuss
  • allura gets along well with hunk. he enjoys learning about other alien species she’s met, she helps him figure out how to contact shay and things like that. they share cooking tips, and hunk has a happy, friendly vibe that is similar to allura as well.
  • allura hangs out with lance, and possibly they bond over homesickness. she actually likes being around him when he’s being genuinely goofy and sincere and not flirting with her. they share beauty tips.
  • she loves hanging out with coran, for obvious reasons, although she finds it annoying when he’s a worry-wart and they do have a generational gap. they spend most of their time reminiscing about altea and things only they can share now. recording things they don’t want to be forgotten.
  • allura likes hanging with shiro because they have a basic understanding of each other, and sans coran — who’s relationship with allura is mostly built on the past, as a father-daughter mentorship — allura’s relationship with shiro is grounded in the present, and in the future. they can talk as co-leaders of voltron. shiro has supported her in vulnerable moments (1x09, 2x05) and she too has expressed concern over his wellbeing, even placing it above hers (1x10). they bicker, they work well together and follow each other’s orders normally without question (1x10, 2x03). allura shows an immense trust in shiro (2x03) and shiro shows an immense amount of concern/protectiveness over allura (1x10). he’s her partner in leading voltron. they work together to make sure the rest of the paladins are training and doing their best. the range of emotion we see between shiro and allura is one we don’t see any other character really bringing out. they bring out understanding, concern, support, disagreements, bickering, sass, and much more.

i realize this is probably much more than you were expecting (and bc i actually like how this mini analysis/headcanons came out) i’m also going to post my response publicly in addition to answering this privately - as unfortunately having the ship name in the ask will make it show up in the kallura tag, and i don’t want to cross tag.

after tim and cassie break up they can’t work together worth shit. add this onto the fact that la’gaan can’t be placed on a team with either m’gann or connor, and it creates a major Problem on the team. kaldur decides that the best way to fix this is just to ban team members from dating each other. which you know, is a terrible idea but seemed alright at the time. 

he makes the announcement and jaime just awkwardly raises his hand to try to ask what to do if you’re already dating someone on the team, and bart like slams it down and glares because there’s no way that they’re gonna stop dating just because there’s a “rule”. they’ve only been together like two weeks! bart’s not giving up on it because kaldur said so. 

and then the fic is jaime and bart, who are one of the least subtle couples EVER trying to keep their relationship a secret. 

bart accidentally invents a fake boyfriend that just happens to live in texas. his name is jorge glass.

jaime accidentally calls bart cariño on a mission and barbara’s like “blue, isn’t that like a pet name?” and he quickly makes up some bullshit lie about it meaning that in spanish from spain (that’s normally taught in schools) but in spanish in texas it means the same thing as ese. so he blushingly tries to cover it up for a little while by calling everyone cariño. it lasts a week before he gives it up, half because it’s really embarrassing and half because bart won’t stop glaring. 

one of the team members catches bart kissing jaime and he bullshits some story about that just being a thing friends do in the future (just boys being bros). he doesn’t know if mal looks angrier when he does it to karen or when he does it to HIM

the team figured out really quickly that jaime and bart were dating and they were just letting them pretend because they all thought that it was hilarious. kaldur finds out and he finally just drops the rule because it’s obviously not working. 

he does make them sign a “we will try to get along on missions if we break up” contract, though. that might have been a better idea in the first place, to be honest.