the teal color scheme stays though

scratchedsombra  asked:

Okay the update was confusing, but did you notice something special about the witness? Specifically... the color scheme...? >:]

Teal belly, green body, red eyes…… Nah, don’t see what we’re getting at, here. It’s not Caliborn-schemed-enough to signal Caliborn, so I dunno who you’re implying.

Anyway, looks like subtle was RIGHT! She really IS setting up a complex message for herself. John seems like he’s looking up the next jump keyword right now… though he MIGHT be staying to do something else right here, it seems more likely that he’ll be using the witness to compose some sort of message. (And Terezi remembers the names of most of her scalemates… she’ll definitely remember the witness who went missing if she sees that same witness again later, and assign said scalemate deeper significance because of it.)

((EDIT: And another anon points out the code itself, “FR4M3D”, might hint at what this scalemate could to be used to point out to her later… telling Terezi that Gamzee framed Vriska for the other murders. (Added a touch more under the cut, too, in similar double-parentheses.) ))

Under the cut…

  1. Flip-changing chances reduced, but Vriska-saving chances about the same as before (low) in total
  2. Potential scalemate-delivered messages
  3. Witness to accuse, and/or sinner spared
  4. Why John can or can’t just go captchalogue all of A2’s goddamn Quest Crypts on the ride back
  5. Weird metaphorical Crypt-looting consequences

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