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Whatever you are giving your attention to is already vibrating.
And when you give your attention to it, if you maintain your focus for as little as 17 seconds, you begin to include its Vibration, whatever it is, in your Vibration.

When you see something you want, and you give it your attention, and you say yes to it, you are including whatever its vibration is in your Vibration.

When you see something you do not want, and you shout “no” at it, you are including whatever its Vibration is in your Vibration.

In this Vibrational world, which is everything, you are far more Vibrational Beings than you are verbal beings.

You are communicating with everyone far more on a Vibrational basis, than you are on a verbal basis.

—  Abraham-Hicks☆☆☆☆☆ Portland, OR - Sunday, July 11th, 1999

Page of Swords. Temperance. The Empress.

You stand upon the threshold of something new. Something unexpected. Embrace that which is to come. Feel yourself becoming better, healing energy engulfs your aura. Move beyond your pain. Know only light. Exhale insecurity. Inhale confidence.

Teach Me Something I Don’t Know

This is an edited repost of the third installment in the series of ficlets about preschool teacher Claire/ suit and tie Jamie.  Lots of thanks to @awesomeeyeroll and @internallydeceased for your input and editing skills.

Necessary Proximity

Jamie realized on their third official date that he never wanted to be without Claire. They were sitting in a darkened movie theatre and as he methodically stroked her knuckles he was hit with a wave of sadness.

But why? For the last few months wherever they had found a spare moment they were together, usually at Lallybroch with his extended family. His nieces and nephew quite possibly believed the demure teacher hung the moon! Claire’s smiling face was even a regular fixture at Sunday meals after they attended mass with the Murrays at the village kirk. It didn’t take very long to see that all the things meaningful in his life were also deeply important to her.

This is why it made no sense that he missed her when she was sitting right next to him, holding his hand.

Claire leaned a bit more into him, her head happily nestled in the crook of his neck. He radiated warmth in spite of the drafty theatre, and she melted against him. He was like a magnet, and her body was metal; unable to resist. She was falling hard for him. She tried to reason with herself that everything was so great because it was a new relationship, that they were blissfully unaware of the world around them. And yet, the thought still lingered. They had had an instant attraction, and they weren’t the only ones who noticed. She had been in relationships before but, this was different.

She never gave much credence to the idea of soulmates, but if there was such a thing; he was hers.

“Jamie?” she whispered. “Could we please go? I just can’t seem to focus.” She spoke rather quickly, not letting on to the fact that he was the reason.

He held her tighter to him, kissing the top of her head.

“Aye, if that’s what ye want.” He smiled. “I know a place we can go.”

They left the theatre, hand in hand; staying that way until they reached his car. He opened the door for her, kissing her hand as she sat down.

“Ready?” He asked once he was in the driver’s seat.

She nodded, eyes sparkling, and grinning ear to ear.

The Murray kids were playing outside in the courtyard when the car pulled up. Of course they had to mob the couple to ask their usual hundred questions before their mother shooed them inside for their nightly bath.

Jamie took Claire’s hand and tugged her in the direction of the path. She laced her fingers with his as they walked up the hill with the main house behind them.

“Jenny and Ian have such sweet kids.” she declared. “They’ve done a fantastic job. If our kids are half as good we’ll have some amazing kids.”

She flushed red as soon as the words were out of her mouth. A sweet kiss to her forehead quickly dissipated any regretful feelings she might have had.

“Aye, you’re right about all of that.” he soothed. “Maybe we’ll get a ginger as well.”

They continued walking in silence until they reached the bench at the side of the water. He sat then brought her to sit on his lap before he wrapped his arms around her. With such busy professional lives physical closeness as well as quiet were things they enjoyed beyond measure, for this reason Jamie decided to take a step forward in their relationship.

“I want you to move in with me at Lallybroch.” he began. “I want you with me. Always.”

Claire paused before replying. She knew what he was saying was difficult to put into words. She felt like she had a place in a family again after a very long time.


It was all she needed to say and it was perfect.

JLPT N5 Grammar  

か - Particle  (・_・ ) ?

Used at end of sentence as question marker. Used to mark alternatives in a list. Added to nouns to show expertise.


Question marker, either/or, good at/skilled at


か as a question marker
Placed at the end of a sentence.
Word order does not need to change to make a sentence a question. (See first example)
Question mark ( ? ) not required in Japanese. (It’s optional)
Intonation goes up at end of sentence, just like in English.

たかいです。It’s expensive —> たかいですか。Is it expensive?
アメリカじんです? Are you American?
これはなんです?What is this?

か as phrase particle
Marks alternatives in a list, eg. “either”, “or”

マットキムがします。Either Matt or Kim will do it.
コーヒおちゃみずはいかがですか?Would you like coffee, tea, or water?

か as a noun suffix
When added to a noun, か denotes expertise or special knowledge of a subject.

げいじゅつ (Art) —> げいじゅつ (Artist)
せいじ (Politics) —>  せいじ (Politician)

I may not always get along with my mom, but...

When I was in 5th grade, the teacher handed out a sheet to read in class. This teacher did NOT like me. Why? Who the hell knows. She was near retirement age, clearly didn’t like her job anymore, and was just nasty in general. She had done 45 other things before this incident, many of which my parents knew about, but this one was the final straw.

After reading the handout, we were suppose to go up to her desk and get the worksheet relating to it. I did just that. She looked up at me from her notebook, glared, and said, “My best reader isn’t even done yet. Go finish reading the sheet!” I was annoyed, but this wasn’t uncommon behavior for her, so I went and read it again. However, she rejected me a second time, and that’s when I started to get pissed.

I ended up sitting at my desk, twiddling my thumbs, until someone else went up to her. After them, I was finally given the work. As she handed the paper over to me, she said, “Let me know if you need help reading this one” in a very stuck-up voice.

I was done.

I went back to my desk, pulled a marker out of my bag, and filled in the answers with a ridiculous amount of detail. I put the sheet on her desk, and she asked me why I had written it in purple marker. I replied “Well, knowing you, you would change my answers so another kid could score higher.”

I was sent to the office. They attempted to force me to apologize, and I told them no. They did not like that response, so they threatened me by saying I wouldn’t be allowed to do certain school activities. I still refused, and they got mad when I started telling them stories about the teacher, so they called my parents.

My parents were ridiculously strict, and generally unsupportive, so I figured they would ground me without thinking about it. Whenever I had told them about the teacher in the past, they had pretty much told me to “stop making things up”, or “work harder and she won’t bother you as much”, etc.

My mom came to bring me home, and while parked in the car, she asked me what had happened. I was shocked she wanted my side of the story, but was still outraged by it all, so I told her everything in great detail. After a short pause, she left me in the car, walked back into the school for a few minutes, and came back out. 

We’re going to have a meeting with the teacher in the morning.” was all she said. I was so afraid of getting grounded that I didn’t ask for details. It wasn’t mentioned the rest of the day.

The next morning, we went to school early. The teacher was sitting there, with a few other teachers/important people around, and we sat across from them.

My mother attempted to ask why the teacher had said such nasty things to me, but the teacher changed the subject into how I was “disruptive”, and “didn’t work well”, etc. My mom did not relent, demanding to know why the teacher had singled me out. Again, the teacher started listing all the reasons why I was a terrible person, and had an attitude, etc. At some point, the guidance counselor suggested I might have ADD or ADHD, and that I should be evaluated and possibly medicated for it.

It was at this point that my mother opened the flood gate. Every story I had ever told her about the teacher came pouring out. Not just the ones where she had told me to stop lying, or work harder, etc. There was even incidents in there that I had completely forgotten about. She told them that I had never had a problem with any other teachers, and that my grades had always been fine. Everytime someone attempted to interrupt her, she talked over them and kept going. It went on for a solid 5 minutes. I was shocked.

Of course, the teacher denied everything, and the other teachers defended her. Nothing was coming from the meeting. My mother stood up, said “She’s only getting ritalin if that teacher takes it first.”, and she brought me home.

In the car, unable to imagine my luck, I asked her, “So… you believe me now?”

20+ years later, I still remember her reply:

I knew you were telling the truth because you have ALWAYS been the fastest reader. I taught you before you started school, everyone else let those fucking dumbass teachers do it for them.”

We have never seen eye to eye. We fight alot. But God damn, my mom knew she taught me to read well.

(Edit: No, I did not get in trouble at school. I guess they decided to drop the issue lol)

i really like thinking about teachable perks. like the survivors actually taking time to teach one another skills they have. like claudette showing the others how to perform first aid on themselves? meg waking everyone up to go running with her to build up stamina? jake teaching them how the hooks work? and then there’s grandpa ace whose like ALRIGHT KIDS, WHO WANTS TO LEARN HOW TO C H E A T 


So what you’re saying is you don’t want to pay for tutoring but you want me to meet up with you and speak to you in English… To practice conversation…

I mean, to ME that sounds a lot like you want an English conversation tutor, but…

Boy, you’re cute, but no one is cute enough for me to work for free? Why would I meet up with a stranger to do free work with nothing in return?

Why don’t you go ask one of your “many foreign friends” then???


List the first lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have altogether).
See if there are any patterns.
Then, tag your favourite authors.

Thank you @madamredwrites for the tagging me! :3

Tagging: @severeminx, @boxwineconfession, @phaytesworld, and anyone else who would like to do it ;)

1. Unsteady

Otabek was going to kill JJ. He was going to take the next flight to Canada, hunt him down and kick his ass.

Leo: I tried to stop him but he went and did it anyway, I’m sorry! (link)

2. The Little Pieces of Us

“You’ve been awfully quiet all day, even on Instagram,” Otabek noted once Yuri accepted his Skype call in the evening (well for Otabek it was almost midnight).

“Look at you, actually using social media! I’m proud of you,” Yuri teased. “So you’ve been all up on my Instagram stalking me, hm?”

“No, of course not.”

3. The World in Dazzling Colors

Forth-Consecutive World Title For The Russian Super Star?

Yuri Altin-Plisetsky is the star of the ice, no one can question that. After dominating the Junior Division, he went on to become the first skater in male figure skating history to win the Grand Prix during his senior debut at merely age 15.

4. Beautiful Dangerous

“Look at them in their ballet tights and pastel colors,” JJ said and lightly bumped Otabek’s shoulder as they stood in front of the giant window allowing them to look into Studio 3. They’d become friends eight months prior when JJ walked into Otabek, successfully spilling hot coffee down his shirt, in one of the hallways of the Ballet Academy where, as it turned out, they both worked as part time pianists accompanying the rehearsals and lessons. “You’d think they’re all innocent little souls, right? Pff, if only people knew what some of them get up to at night.”

5. Teach Me How To Say Goodbye

Otabek’s limp body hung off the chair, his arms bound behind his back and secured to the wooden chair. There was absolute silence all around, a lone bulb attached to the ceiling flickering every once in a while, the air completely still. He moved slowly around the chair, dust swirling through the air as he walked, his hands hanging on his sides, his eyes carefully watching the unmoving body still completely unconscious.

6. I Moved Further Than I Thought I Could

From: Yuri Plisetsky

To: Otabek Altin

Subject: You and I

Dear Beka, Hey Otabek,

Talking about feelings and shit really isn’t my thing, obviously, but there are some things I really need to get off my chest because else I swear I will go fucking mad so here goes nothing:

I like you. Shocker, right? You are my best friend after all so it only makes sense that I would like you, but I think there’s more than just that.

7. Picture Perfect 

“What’re you looking at, asshole?” a gruff voice asked ripping Otabek out of his thoughts. Until he spoke, Otabek hadn’t even realized that he’d been staring at him. His mother would’ve definitely reprimanded him for such rude behavior.

The guy, or maybe boy, it was hard to tell his age, sat up in a tree in the middle of the park, his long blond hair open and falling over his shoulders, his clothes loose but carefully color coordinated to fit the scenery around him. He looked almost ethereal with the sunlight hitting him just right, though the scowl on his face didn’t match that idea at all.

8. Gods and Monsters

“It looks even fucking worse than on the pictures,” Yuri said as they walked into their new apartment in New York. “It almost looks exactly like that dumpster fire of an apartment you used to live in Moscow. Fuck.”

9. Happier

When Otabek was invited to fly to Ibiza to play at Pacha, he’d welcomed the opportunity with open arms. His friends only encouraged him more, said he needed the change of scenery and that it would help him move on. While he wasn’t too sure about the latter, the former was true.

As much as he loved the city, it held too many memories, just like his apartment. All his things were long gone, all traces faded, replaced by others, but Otabek could still feel Yuri’s presence even months later.

10. Little Ghost

Protocol #173B2
Plisteksy, Yuri
Age: 22
In treatment for: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Hallucinations
Psychiatric: Victor Nikiforov
Session #37.1
Plisetsky showed signs of distress upon entering my office in form of eye contact avoidance and fidgeting with a hair tie around his right wrist.

11. Together in Paris

The Catherine Palace was abuzz that night in 1916 as Emperor Nikolai Plisetsky, father of the Russian Tsar, sat and watched as the numerous guests danced across the ballroom. It was a grand display of colors and smiling faces, beautiful music and delight. Chandeliers hung from the ceiling lit with thousands of lights, the walls decorated with rich wallpapers, ornaments and wide windows allowing for a look out onto the winter night’s sky.

It seems like I have a thing for opening stories with some sort of dialogue or an introductory paragraph to set the scene. But besides that, I don’t really see anything pattern wise, I think. Do you guys see anything? :)

It seems though like my titles seem to be usually somewhere either 1 to 3 words, or really damn long, 5+ words.