the teacher was cool with it

Our poor English teacher

I have a few stories about my cool young English teacher that I had in sophomore year.

- in class we had an assignment where we had to write something on a sheet of paper, but after we finished Ms. R said that we can have a paper ball fight with the assignment so we all balled it up and once the countdown finished we let loose and let the paper balls fly, after a sec we all just see Ms. R get hit square in the face with a paper, she’s shocked were all laughing and she’s trying to act mad at the kid who threw it at her while laughing herself.

- Later on Ms. R got a puppy and it became a habit for her to talk about it, she even had her school computers background changed to a picture of it.

- In class I turned to talk to someone and across the room I see a tiny cut out of Ms. R’s face taped by the pencil sharpener, it was common to see it anywhere in the classroom and I even saw in on the ceiling one time. (mind you she claimed that she never saw anyone put it there)

- one day while we were working Ms. R decided to put on some music, not the radio but her personal playlist And when a song started playing I snapped my head up to look at her, because she was playing EMO music! (Mind you she’s a preppy teacher and even runs the cheerleader team so it was very ironic)

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A bit random but I was wondering: a lot of HP fics write Harry as someone who turns out to really bad at Auror-ing (sometimes simply incompatible with the details of the job, but other times legitimately incompetent compared to his colleagues). Do you have any personal head canons, or thoughts about how Harry would do as an Auror? Do you think he would like it after everything he went through or be any good at it? Thinking back on your fics I think you've had a mix? Sorry if I'm misremembering!

I don’t think there’s any way in hell that Harry would be an incompetent Auror. He has as much as or more skill at seventeen, as both a fighter and a teacher, than many of the adults around him, he’s cool in a crisis, he’s passionate about justice, he’s got great instincts. There’s just no way he’s inept at this.

Traumatized though? Maybe. I could see it. I could see him not wanting to fight anymore.

Otoh, it’s one of the few things he’s ever had in his life that’s led to him feeling loved and included, I could also see him clinging to it fiercely.

You’re right that there’s a mix of depictions in my fic (though I don’t think he’s ever inept?) and that’s because I think that how Harry felt and performed as an Auror would depend on a lot of other things about his relationships and the evolution of post-war society. In a scenario where Ron joined him and Kingsley ran a tight (and just and moral) ship, I could see him being a career auror. If Ron went to work at WWW and Harry was fighting without the support of his friends, and/or if the Aurors were engaged in morally dubious stuff and/or if a bunch of ex-Death Eaters pulled a Lucius and got back into power, I think he’d be inclined to step away.

This is, I think, an important thing to keep in mind about writing fic: characters are not static. Understanding characters does not mean developing one definite headcanon and shoehorning it into every situation, but openly and thoughtfully considering how your characters would respond to the world in which you put them.


He’s so cool 😍

cursed plant pathology item #452435

ok i was gonna put this in the queue but im crying lmao 

so in plant pathology lab today our class is like, a total of 4 people + the teacher so we were just kind of chilling and talking about plants when the professor brings up the locker of plant specimens in the back of the lab that he inherited when the old plant path professor retired. we were like o cool ok and hes like yeah idk what half that stuff is but yall can see if you want and i was rummaging through it and stuff and then


introducing: bottle of ???????????


-unlabelled except for the phosphate solution and what appears to be some names etched into it on the front

-bottle appears to be repurposed from…..something and is super heavy

-top sealed with aged scotch tape, felt phosphate solution leaking on my hands after holding it for a while

-plant inside is skeletal and translucent white, yet perfectly preserved

-the roots are….what im assuming this was preserved for because it’s the full system carefully attended to with strange knots on them that kiiiinnnddd of look like a fungus or something??

-not a TRACE of chlorophyll in the leaves 

-or anywhere on the plant

-like seriously part of me is inclined to think that someone found an albino plant, which does happen but is extremely rare; albino plants have a defect with chlorophyll and cant produce it and therefore die very quickly but like…..maybe its been treated???

-plant path professor has no idea

conclusion: cursed botanical object spotted


Jungkook’s suits Ver.

The combo of his walk and the thin black tie n polished shoes woa

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Him in blue kills me

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  • Bow tie and stripes on the blazer look so good
  • His glare like “I’ve been watching you all night, let me buy you a drink”

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Looking like a model posing for a perfume advert wow such a look

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Idk this gives me vibes of bratty rich kid jungkook?? I love it ??

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The ruffles on the end of the sleeves ooze this “royalty and high status” vibe

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He looks like a student here with the navy blazer, the cool guy that all the girl like but avoid cos he’s trouble but he likes you most n whispers shit in ur ear when he walks past you in front of everyone

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he looks like a teacher here fight me

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Cute prom night look paired with his wide smile, melts me every time he’s so soft

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The hemming and buttons and walk finish the look, ultimate prince look

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Seventeen as things my art teacher has said
  • Seungcheol: Even though you're my top class, I still hate you all
  • Jeonghan: Louis does my hair look ok? Like...does it look like my hair had been conditioned by 10000 little stars?
  • Joshua: I will not have that word in my household. From now on, the word 'baka' is banned.
  • Jun: Oh good morning gremlins it's your handsome teacher :))))))))))))
  • Soonyoung: You may keep your head high but he will always be high-er. That's it. He's just blazed all the time.
  • Wonwoo: may be weird.......but you guys are weirder god damn
  • Jihoon: Louis can you not be like 6ft I feel very intimidated by you sometimes.
  • Seokmin: What do you mean I'm the worst teacher? I'm the best damn teacher you'll ever have I even made you brownies!!
  • Mingyu: We honestly don't deserve dogs I meAN HAVE YOU SEEN CHOW CHOWS LOOK ITS LIKE A FLUFFY BABY LION
  • Minghao: Holy shit that's adorable.....burn never know if it will come alive at night.
  • Seungkwan: This art is amazing I'll pay you £1 and half a pizza for it
  • Hansol: I'll give you guys extra credit towards uni if you incorporate bubbles or snoop dogg into the painting
  • Chan: Help.

did u guys kno that back in ancient rome the poet Catullus was in a relationship with this lady named Clodia but she was married so he had to refer to her as Lesbia in all his poetry, but the reason he called her Lesbia is because Sappho and all her students lived on the island Lesbos and they were so great at poetry that calling her Lesbia was the highest complement he could give. so basically he called his gf a lesbian because he decided it’s the best compliment you could possibly give someone


dream daddy: a dad dating simulator aesthetics

hugo vega + orange

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