the teacher never liked me after that

Nothing could have prepared me for the fire in his eyes once I was able to meet his gaze again. He stared at me, his dark eyes scanning my face so fast that I started feeling dizzy after a few seconds of trying to keep up with it. I could feel his body going tense against mine, his hand forming a fist while cold fear was rushing through my veins.
I knew that I should not have blurted those words out like that, without thinking of the consequences they would have once they were out in the open.
But I simply had not been able to keep them in any longer, when they were all I had been thinking of at night since that day in September when I had heard his voice for the first time, filling the air with bitter sweet sounds and the laugh of a fallen angel.
And even now, when he could not hide the desperation any longer, when he realized that we were both fucked, simply watching the way his eyes both absorbed and reflected the sunlight at the same time, knocked the oxygen out of my lungs. It was impossible for me to imagine that anyone could feel what I felt at that very moment, when love and pain, panic and hope were filling my mind with blankness.
And I wondered wether he had ever felt the way I did right now or if I simply misinterpreted his lullabies and thoughts.
“It has been a while”, he eventually whispered, his voice smooth and careful, making harsh contrast with the flames that were still lighting up his eyes.
“I know.”
“Okay”, it was just a word, just one word, that rolled of his tongue almost effortlessly while my heartbeat picked up speed and I had trouble breathing, the fear of rejection still controlling my insides.
And then he did not say another word, he just looked at me, the way he did when we had met for the first time and my heart stopped.
—  // ‘What’s your dream?’
excerpt from a story I will never write

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I could use some cheering up and as an idea I was wondering if you could do the batfamily as 'things you've done' or something like that? If you feel like it, there's no pressure. Thank you for being around, your crack tag helped me a lot last night :)

bruce: got downstairs, realized my mom had guests, stared at them, immediately went upstairs again without a word as my mom kept yelling after me to come down

dick: every time i open the fridge at 4am thinking i’m silent but wake up the entire neighborhood because i remembered we have leftover food

barbara: i used to be an ultra fast reader in elementary school to the point my teachers never believed me when i’d finish assigned passages for reading in half the time compared to the other kids, so i once wrote a report on the text i had finished reading at the same amount others were done reading the assignment. added “you’re sometimes rude :)” in a corner for the teacher

jason: convinced with a straight face an ultra conservative teacher in high school that the smutty fanfiction she confiscated from the girl sitting next to me and kept showing me during class was in fact part of a book i was planning on publishing

tim: didn’t drink my (gross) antibiotics when i was sick but kept insinsting i had when my mom asked me why i was lying. the following morning i got a spoon, poured some medicine on it and then “dropped” it near the sink. my mom later found it and apologized because “it must have fallen on the floor last night and i didn’t see it”

damian: as a kid visited a family friend’s pet shop during rush hour, went to their backyard, played with some cats and dogs around the place, accidentally stayed too long so i was locked inside for two hours in the middle of the night. bonus: my father hadn’t realized

stephanie: told a very annoying kid of a family friend that children who shout all the time transform into donkeys later in life. he didn’t believe me so the next week they visited, i showed him a googled picture of a man with a literal ass for a head on the laptop. he cried (i laughed)

cassandra: age 13, blatantly told someone i would rip them a new one if they kicked their cat in front of me again. he took a step back

alfred: baked a cake to mask the smell of blood after i had patched up my wounded dog

Uncle Jase


Could you do some Jason fluff where you’re Lian’s teacher and he’s picking her up from school cuz he’s the ‘cool uncle’  +
Hi I’m the anon that requested the Jason teacher fluff I forgot to ask if you could maybe have Lian try to set them up, like she always talks about her cool uncle Jason with her teacher


“Excuse me!”Jason heard your voice call out after him, as he waited for Lian to pick up her stuff “are you Jason?”

Jason turned and saw you approach him and looked confused
“Yeah i’m Lians uncle, is everything okay?”
He was concerned and now his hands were sweaty, You’d barely noticed him before despite him being captivated by you.
Among the sea of parents rushing into the classroom to talk about grades, he’d never been able to get out more than a quick hi and a smile from you, before getting pulled into a conversation about Paul’s struggle getting homework completed. Although he knew Lian spoke highly of him at every chance she got, even to Roy’s dismay, when she had to make a story about her family she had only included “Uncle Jayson.”

“Lian sweetie, can you please feed the hamster quickly while i talk to Uncle Jason?” You asked Lian and she nodded, as she ran off Jason caught the mischievous sparkle in her eye and panicked.
“Is everything okay?” He repeated as he realised how alone they now were, and how quiet the classroom was.

“Yes, i wanted to remind you that it is school policy not to send notes through the children.” You said with a slight smile “So i feel i must return this to you.” You finished passing him a note. He opened it to see it was a handwritten “love letter” from “Unkle Jayson”  which contained a heart and “Miss Y/L/N” in the middle, and an invitation to get pizza together.

“I am so sorry.” He said nervously chuckling
“You can find my number on the back incase Lian wakes up deciding to pull flowers out of the school gardens again.” You laughed pointing at the tulips on your desk.
“I just. I have no words.” He said looking at Lian who was motioning for him to kiss her.
“Well how about you think about it and tell me on Friday, over pizza?” You asked hopefully
“I uh.. Lian lets go! Yeah. i’ll um. I’ll text you.” He said flustered “Now Lian!”

“I thought you were supposed to keep your cool Uncle Jase.” Lian giggled as she walked past with her backpack bobbing up and down as she walked past him and his date.

I was explaining this post by @the-irrationals and I accidentally….

Gryffindor Math Major: Mathlete in high school/ Encyclopedic memory of precal and calculus. Can actually do 3456 x 284765 in their head. Asks questions in class. Pretty much what non-math people think of then you say you like math. Really hasn’t even thought about what they’re going to do with their life after completing their degree.

Hufflepuff Math Major: That kid who starts a group-me chat for the class so everyone can participate in the the weekly study groups. Gets good grades because they work really, really hard. Never misses class. Unreasonably good at explaining literally everything to literally anyone. Grows up to be a friendly accountant or that math teacher who completely changes they way you thought about math.  

Slytherin Math Major: ‘Knowledge is power.’ Can’t do arithmetic for h*ck, but slaughters at abstract topics/advanced topics in calculus. Learns programming. Professors love ‘em, peers think they’re insufferable. Actuarial, or PhD track with extensive plans for departmental restructuring, taking over wall street, or advising really expensive proprietary software. Knows every single person in the department.

Ravenclaw Math Major: Math for math’s sake. Smartie McSmarterson. Incapable of doing things that don’t interest them. Already forgot precal entirely. Obsessed with research. Doesn’t need to go to class because they’re autodidactic as all get-out. Spends hours working on a proof, then feels bad because they should have figured it out sooner. Social anxiety panda.


ok so back in college my friend and I had a slightly strange sense of humour and we thought it’d be a fun idea to buy a broccoli and sneak into our teacher’s classroom when noone was there to leave it on the desk before the lesson so when everyone did arrive there would be a mystery on how the random broccoli got there. unfortunately someone else got there before we did so we weren’t able to do it. so anyway we’re sitting through the lesson and this guy on the table next to me whispers to me ‘why do you have a broccoli in your bag’ and I’m like oh no because I realise we’ll never be able to leave the broccoli in the room after that because he’ll know it was me and I don’t want to be known as insane broccoli girl so anyway I can’t remember what I said exactly but I think I made up some reason for having the broccoli.

after that we were going home and nearly everyone at our college got the train home. anyway there’s those barrier things you have to put your ticket through to get onto the station and being the organised person I am, my ticket is stuck at the bottom of my bag somewhere and I ask my friend if she would mind taking the broccoli for a moment so I can look through for it. she takes the broccoli and as I’m searching for my ticket I manage to spill everything out of my bag and I’m literally in everyone’s way trying to pick up everything. and then my friend decides instead of helping me just to put the broccoli down next to everything and go onto the station. and so I’m left with everyone staring at me and a couple of guys came to help me pick up everything and one of them goes ‘here’s your broccoli’ and I panic and say 'it’s not mine’ and he’s like ’…ok’ but then someone else comes along and tries to give the broccoli to me as well so I had to admit it was mine. this was witnessed by like half my college. guess I am insane broccoli girl after all

the signs as things my math teacher has said
  • aries: *explaining a complicated mathematical concept* it's just one of those things, guys. just do it
  • taurus: we've been factoring for DAYS
  • gemini: please don't make me dab
  • cancer: i'm never dabbing again
  • leo: *folding his body into a camel shape* your graph should look like this
  • virgo: you guys can't vote about what we do in class. school is not a democracy
  • libra: sup
  • scorpio: i'm just gonna hit the gym after class
  • sagittarius: *on seeing a student throw their paper in the air* oh my gosh
  • capricorn: i don't think donald trump is here guys. he's not even gonna try
  • pisces: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

i remember that one of my history teachers idolized andrew jackson. would go on and on about andrew jackson, the president for the common man, day after day. i sat in front of a native american student, and every time good ole mr. sherril would say, “president andrew jackson - ” i watched that boy’s face crumble, but he never once said a word.

imagine what it’d be like, sitting in a class, day after day, having to listen to someone sing the praises of the man who tore your ancestors off their land, killed thousands of them in doing so. who stuck your ancestors on reservations. imagine having to hear someone praise the genocide of your people.

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(1 of 2)When I was little I used to hate reading and then in 4th grade my teacher started reading Harry Potter to us after we finished class if there was time and boy did I get invested in that book and he read. So. Slow. I was afraid we'd never get to the end before school was out so I asked my parents to get it for me. From then on I swallowed books like they were air. The next year I was reading at an eighth grade level and by the following I was at a college level. By eight grade I

(2 of 2) stopped advancing in reading level &had read through everything in the school &public libraries that were interesting. I got discouraged by my lack of advancement &also by the serious lack of female driven stories. I actually quit reading for years. I wrote some, but it was hard, I couldn’t create the level I was used to reading. In the last few years I’ve found amazing poetry &fiction on Tumblr and also fanfiction on ao3 that has spurred me back into reading &writing. You’re 1 of them

So it went into longer than two asks but the point of all that mess was really thank you for sharing your writing here because it helps remind me what I love about reading and writing. It keeps me inspired, thinking, and creating.

Ah that’s so sweet! I know what you mean by getting discouraged by the lack of strong, female characters! That’s actually how I wrote my first fanfiction– I got so frustrated because a character in the book I was reading just crumpled at the climax, letting the guy be the hero. So I rewrote it (poorly!) and then never stopped :)

(I’m so honored! I feel like I’m really reaching people when I hear things like this. I want people to read and write and enjoy it!)

Slow reading speeds are my enemy in audiobooks. When they came out with the feature that lets you speed it up to 1.5X I was over the moon!

Tutor Love (Chapter 1)

Originally posted by taehvnqs

Words: 2522

Pairings: taehyung x reader

Genre: fluff

Summary: You are a writer, Taehyung’s a math magician. He is forced to tutor you and things get a little crazy throughout the sessions. You find yourself falling for someone you never thought you would fall for in a million years.

I hope you guys like this!! Ive always wanted to write a series and i’ve done so before but i never got super into it but i feel like i’ll be super into this one, I have a lot of ideas planned out for this and I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1  Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6


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Wisdom Teeth

Cast x Reader 
Words: 511
Request: hi! i just had all four wisdom teeth out (kill me), so i was wondering if you could to the cast like sitting with the reader/getting out ice packs and just platonic fluff? thank you!! xxoo

hi anon! i was kinda worried i would screw this up, which i think i may have. anyway, send me a dm if you want me to redo it! i hope you’re feeling better by the way xx

i’ve never had my wisdom teeth out, so this was based off what I read online and what i’ve heard. My singing teacher got hers out last week and she said it was like super painful after the painkillers wore off. I was sad because i missed my lesson, but anyway!

i’m feeling super sick today and i’ve procrastinated starting one of my science reports, so hopefully i’ll get to take the day off tomorrow and i’ll get it done then. i’m amazed i even got this done, because i have the worst headache and i just feel disgusting in general

i have plenty of requests to write at the moment (i’m sorry for taking so long guys) but if you have anything you want me to write, send me an inbox! 

that’s all from me for today because i wanna go back to sleep. enjoy this everyone x



It had been a few hours since you had left the dentist. You had had all four wisdom teeth removed, but hadn’t felt anything until now because of the anaesthetic. It was now that the full pain of the removal hit you.

You curled up on the couch with your face propped up on a pillow. You groaned quietly, holding your cheek with your hand.

“Is everything okay (Y/N)?” Daveed asked, sitting down next to you.

“It hurts,” You whined loudly, attempting to pout but wincing. “Ow!”

Your room mate Daveed had been busy with Hamilton when you had your appointment, but he had picked you up afterwards and helped your drugged up persona get home on the subway.

“I don’t know what to do… I mean, I’ve never dealt with anything like this before,” Daveed said, rubbing your back awkwardly.

“Can’t you just get an ice pack or something?” You mumbled, wincing with every word.

“We don’t have an ice pack. You threw it out the window when you were mad at your partner,” Daveed replied, crossing his arms.

“Oh yeah, can you get someone to bring one over?” You mumbled.

“Sure, but they’re not gonna be the most helpful people,” Daveed replied, sending out a message to his friends. He turned on the TV for you, going back to his room.

A few hours later, Anthony, Jasmine, Pippa and Renee entered the apartment.

“Hey (Y/N)! We brought you painkillers and soft foods, because apparently that’s what you need when you get teeth removed,” Anthony said, sitting down next to you on the couch.

“He made me research everything before we came,” Jasmine stated, sitting on Anthony’s lap.

“We also got an ice pack, but it needs to freeze so I’ll leave it in your freezer for a little bit,” Pippa stated.

“How are you feeling?” Renee asked, kneeling in front of the couch.

“My mouth hurts, a lot. And it tastes like blood… honestly there’s just a lot of pain,” You stated, sitting up slowly.

“Maybe take some of the painkillers we got you. That could help?” Renee suggested, passing you a water bottle and two small pills. You took the drugs, yawning slightly. “Thankyou.”

“You’re welcome,” Renee replied, patting your head and sitting down.

“Where’d Diggs go? Anthony asked, poking your side. You shrugged.

“He disappeared about an hour ago. I’d say he’s in his room, writing something,” You replied, turning the TV down.

“Is there anything we can do to help you recover?” Pippa asked, sitting on the other side of you. You shrugged.

“Just being here with me has literally made my day. Thank you so much for coming,” You replied, smiling weakly.

“How about we get you iced up and turn on some Disney movies?” Jasmine suggested.

“You guys know how to cheer a person up.”

The rest of the afternoon consisted of small snacks, your favourite childhood movies and casual banter between the five of you. Your pain went down considerably as you concentrated on spending the rest of your day with your friends.

♡ Forbidden Fruit ♡ Chapter 1

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Chapters: Prologue / 2 /

Character: Jaebum x You

Genre: School!AU, TeacherxStudent

Summary: School never seemed to interest you, that us until a new handsome guy takes over your history lessons

Length: 1000+ words

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Just an aside to the whole online class situation: I *never* confront teachers. Like ever. Social anxiety makes me second guess myself a ton and then I freak out about the possible repercussions of speaking up for myself/other students for like a week after so I avoid it whenever possible. I also have done really well on the assignments in this class so far (100% on everything turned in.) But I know a lot of other students were voicing confusion and several people got 1/10 or 3/10 on unclear assignments. So while *I* am personally super frustrated and anxious about this whole thing, I’m not even the one who has to worry about failing a course because a professor refuses to clarify. I don’t know, it just makes me really upset that other people are suffering for this professor’s behavior…

I fell for you all over again.
After these months of missing you,
I couldn’t keep my eyes off you,
your contagious smile, your smooth voice,
your shoulders and your damn eyebrows.
And although I remembered
all these little things about you
that usually drive me crazy,
like the way your hair
falls into your face all the time
or how you lick your lips
after taking a sip of coffee,
actually seeing them again
made everything fall into place.
—  // too many words to count - poem

I know we normally reblog pros, but I thought our fellow adult beginners might like to see this. Sorry for the tiny pics, these are the ones our teacher sent me. This is my classmate Annamaria, right after her very first pointe class! She’s been coming to class twice a week for 2 years, and like many of us, has dreamed of pointe work. She wasn’t sure if she’d ever be able to do it, with her job, kids, and everything, but here she is! PS everybody check out her ridiculous Vaganova feet - serious envy every class!

Anyway the point(e) is, for all of us taking a less-traditional path to ballet, there is hope! Pointe isn’t for everyone, and you should never pressure yourself if you don’t want to do it or don’t feel ready, but if you want to get there, you can! Tell your teacher about your goals, and work with them to figure out how to get there. We can’t all have Annamaria’s feet, but we can all share the joy and triumph on her face in these pics.

Celebrate 30 Rock’s anniversary with the most underrated lines

1. Liz: “Hey, where are my Sno Balls? I was gonna go to the gym later, so I deserve a treat.”

2. Jack: “Never go with a hippie to a second location.”

3. Liz: “I tried to get my high school tennis team to call me Ace, but they wanted to call me Shorts Accident, so we settled on Supervirgin.”

4. Liz: “I was gonna take a class called Cooking For One, but the teacher killed himself.”

5. Jack: “There are no bad ideas, Lemon, only great ideas that go horribly wrong.”

6. Kenneth: “Miss Lemon, your eyes look like my uncle’s after he would drink from the air conditioner.”

Today, I fucked up... by hugging my professor

I had just finished taking my final exam and was walking up to my professor to hand her the paper. After I handed her my exam I started thanking her for teaching such a fun class (it was a class about sexuality and I loved it) and as I was talking to her I noticed her arm reaching forward - about to hug me.

I had a rapid, panicky thought process. Oh my god, I’ve never hugged a professor before? Is this allowed? Is this breaching a student-teacher relationship? Does this mean we’re friends?? But I liked this professor and didn’t want to be cold to her, so I immediately raised my arms to hug her back. But I was so nervous, so I sort of lurched forward to hug her back.

My arms were almost around her and her arm was hovering above my shoulder when I saw her face suddenly look shocked, then she started to laugh. I looked over my shoulder behind me and I realized SHE HAD BEEN REACHING BEHIND ME TO GRAB ANOTHER STUDENT’S EXAM PAPER.

I was mortified, but my professor thought it was hilarious and ended up actually hugging me before I left the classroom in shame. She ended up choosing me as her TA later on in the year!

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

So I was talking to my mom on the phone yesterday after school talking about my math teacher that we both hate because she likes to drag on me over idiotic and simplistic stuff to my mom when my mom says, “Who is Evan?”

Of course at first I’m like “What? I don’t know why?” and my mom goes “Mrs. M says that she heard you talking about some guy named Evan and on the back of your homework a letter written to him talking about you cant date home because he’s 29 and you’re not legal.”

I have never laughed so hard in my life. I said, “Mom, I was talking about Evan Peters! Me and Alliah (my best friend) were fangirling over Evan and writing weird shit down for fun, I forgot I put it on my homework.”

My mom started laughing because she knows about my crush on Evan and said, “That’s what I thought. You’re so weird, I told her ‘listen lady, she doesn’t know anyone named Evan and definitely doesn’t know anyone over 29, stop calling me.’” She laughed with me.

True story.

Me, before the start of ep 4 despair: Man I hope we find out why those 3 got expelled!
Nagito, after 5 seconds into the ep: *has a problem the teacher can’t solve* Ahh……looks like I have to take matters into my own hands….. :)
Me: Never mind I figured it out.

I have this idea for a Teacher Alec and Mature Student Magnus AU. I mean, imagine genius Alec rising up through the grades no problem and getting a job teaching as a professor at a uni (at only 21!). Then there’s Magnus who spends all his money taking degree after degree, never attending class but always passing where it’s nessecary. Then one day he gets a fail in Ancient history and he’s like “wtf? Ever other teacher has let me pass” so he turns up at the teachers office, barging in like he owns the world wondering why he has been failed. And there’s Professor Alec with his nerd glass, khakis and button-up, who’s like “you never turn up to my class so i failed you”. But Magnus is like ‘dammmmnnnnnn, that ass’ and suddenly appears in all Alecs’ lectures. Writing flirty messages on his answer papers and Alec is so fucking frustrated (sexually) because he knows Magnus is never paying attention in class but he gets every. damn. question. right.