the teacher i sent this to hasn't got back to me

If you worked at Oxford University and read this, would you give me a place at your English Literature summer school?

I have a love for literature that goes beyond mere interest in and enjoyment of the subject. I am obsessed with stories and how writers create and craft those stories, whether they’re in the form of a play, poem, short story or novel. I love to analyse the way the right words can be sewn together into the right sentences to create a meaning that is uniquely and exclusively the author’s, and thus the reader’s. The way language can be chosen, wielded and used to portray ideas, characters and whole worlds that can ultimately become immortal fascinates me, and I can’t imagine ever not being in thrall of the power of the written word.

As part of my AS course, I am studying Joyce’s Dubliners and the selected short stories of D.H Lawrence, two writers whom I highly admire and enjoy analysing. Their shared, provocative themes of epiphany, isolation and paralysis have inspired me to explore their works further and delve into the backgrounds of both writers to illuminate my study. I do a great deal of wider reading beyond my AS course requirements; I am currently enjoying the twisted love story and tale of self-enlightenment and destruction that is Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, and I contribute to my college’s student-run magazine, sharing my thoughts and opinions on famous literary works in the hope of inspiring others to read and appreciate them. I also have a profound enthusiasm for Shakespeare - his comedies in particular. I love both reading his plays and seeing them performed, whether it be traditionally or as modern adaptations.

The opportunity to spend a week studying literature in a historic academic setting like Oxford would be invaluable. I would be incredibly excited to learn what is involved in studying English at degree level and to meet others who are as passionate about literature as I am. Attending the UNIQ summer school would give me the chance to significantly enhance and broaden my skills and to deepen my appreciation and understanding of a subject I love.