the tea god


05. 02. 2017 // I have a biology test tomorrow and I’ve been studying all weekend! Also these are my class notes. They’re usually really messy, but they get the job of writing down important information done - class notes are very rarely pretty. And they don’t have to be cute or nice, they’re just helping you note the things you otherwise wouldn’t remember. I usually rewrite them and then add the information from the textbook. 

🌏🌺🌙 ATTENTION WITCHES! Online Grimoire🌙🌺🌏

SEND ME A MESSAGE IF YOU WANT TO TAKE PART OF IT! I love my grimoire. I try to write every day in it. It always makes me really happy and it gives me a lot of energy and positive vibes. 

I was thinking to start a “Online Book of Shadows” on Google Drive. So that all witches have access to it and also can tell me their own ideas. 

What will I write in it? 

Spells, meditation, astral travel, crystals, tips and tricks, sigils, pendulum things, color magic, about all kinds of tea, mythology, gods, about the nature, numerology, palmistry, DIY’s, divination forms, incense, chakras, symbols, hidden messages, saving the bees, tarot card meaning and tarot spreads, aura, … AND MUCH MORE!

I will only start with it if this post gets 500 notes. Because I don’t want to work for it if no one is looking at it. 

What do you think? Please message me if you want to take part of it. 



Achievement Hunter AKA The Six Gayest Straight Dudes You’ll Ever Meet.

  • Alex: THE FLOOR IS-
  • All of floor nineteen: *jump onto nearest couch/chair/table*
  • Alex: -loving me.
  • Magnus: *falls from seat onto the floor*
  • Me: What if fierrochase doesn't become cannon :oo
  • Also me: Rick Riordan is a 100% lgbt friendly author, and has already confirmed Alex as a part of the lgbt community in the books. Their relationship has very heavily hinted at romance and, well, Rick seems to have the flaw of forcing characters into a relationship so we all good lol

The Art of being a College/University Witch

- visualizing taking in energy before a 8 AM course.

- enchanting your coffee so you hopefully make it through the day without cursing anyone.

- panicked praying and last minute offerings to any Goddesses or God of wisdom / knowledge you can think of before exams.

- braiding confidence into your hair with a hair band dangling from your mouth while looking for your keys.

- sigils in pencil cases, sigils in books, sigils on and in f-ing anything

- midnight / one AM showers as cleansing

- my familiar, Gustav, he’s a plant.

- wanting an altar but also not wanting to use any space, because your bookshelf is also your desk and part of your bed.

- cursing profesor x for giving you a 20 book long reading list

J. S. Morrigan

Add more if you can think of something!

Okay I’m just gonna express how Tired^tm I am of L/aura M/oon like….she literally says “The whole time I thought I was responsible and it turns out someone else was responsible the whole time!!@111!!” like abt her life and her death and everything and like…..BICTH IT WAS STILL YOU! YOU decided to rob the casino. YOU decided to cheat on Shadow. YOU decided to give road head LIKE! I’m TIRED JANICE! Shadow Moon has had so many problems too and you don’t see my mans trying to blame it on anyone else ENOUGH DEBRA.