the tea connoisseur

Darjeeling The Champagne of Tea

From the foothills of the Himalayas within the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India, a unique type of tea is grown. Due to the high altitude, climate, and lightly acidic soil within this region a one of a kind flavour is crafted. Contrary to most tea produced in India this is not an assam variation of camellia sinensis but of the sinensis variation. The tea leaves are small and only partially oxidized in processing, generally only leaves from the first or second flush are used. Although considered to be a black tea, Darjeeling is actually a cross between black and oolong tea.

Darjeeling gets its nickname from the distinct floral, almost grape like aroma, which really brings to mind the aroma of champagne. The Tea has a unique muscatel like flavor and vibrant golden colour. This tea is best enjoyed black or with a small splash of milk.        

- The Tea Drinkers Guide 

Louis' Birthday Gifts

So it’s the darling duke’s birthday and let’s see what his mates got for him.

Alyn: A cake, what else. Blueberry cheesecake.

Leo: A book. Exupery’s The Little Prince. Louis didn’t even know Alice [in Wonderland], and the bureaucrat thought he needed to read more than just documents and letters.

Giles: A tea set. Also comes as a token of appreciation for his diligence in his duties to the crown.

Byron: All the way from Stein, tea produced from the highlands of His Majesty’s territories. It was a new product, and knowing the duke was a tea connoisseur, he wanted Louis’ opinion as well.

Robert: A beautiful portrait of him with Lucia perched on his shoulder. Louis was surprised as he did not model for him doing such a pose.

Nico: A stationary set, for his personal letters. It also included a quill that doubles as a knife for self-defense.

Albert: He didn’t know what to give Louis, so he sent him rare plants, with a card that read, “May these be useful to you, Duke Howard.”

Princess: She cooked his favorite Beef Rissole for him and had it sent to the manor along with Alyn’s cake. So he’d have something for dinner and dessert afterwards.

Sid: Sent himself, bringing all the other’s gifts for the blond duke, plus a bottle of wine they might or might not share.

The Highest of Teas AU

Character A is asked to attend high tea with their mother, something they are completely and utterly against. Character B serves their tea. Character A is enthralled and returns every week, claiming to be a “tea connoisseur,” wanting to have a cup of every tea available. Character B is amused by Character A’s antics, of course knowing what’s going on. Soon enough, the flavors of tea become progressively more distasteful and downright disgusting. Character A toughs it out. Just for kicks, Character B spikes Character A’s tea with concentrated caffeine to see the after effects. What does Character B do? What happens?