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I Bet That You Look Good on the Dance Floor - Arctic Monkeys

Okay, here it is!! My first ever taunt video! I would like to love and thank @c-3pno for the clips, you are such an amazing friendo and I love you so much!

Any way, I hyped this up so much because I was so excited, but I apologise if it is terrible (it is my first one, give me a break)

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I didn’t give up with the timing at the end what are you talking about…

Jakob Chychrun- Come Here

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Could you do a #10 for chychrun pls:)

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“Babe, come on I need that” you whined to your boyfriend Jakob.  He was currently feeling very playful and had taken your cell phone, knowing you wouldn’t leave for your girls night without it.

You took one last look in the mirror making sure your make-up wasn’t smeared. “I need to be walking out the door right now, so please give it back” you plead.

“Come over here and make me.” Jakob taunted from the bed.

You looked over at the bed from the doorframe of the bathroom. He was laying on top of the covers naked.  You closed your eyes praying for willpower.  “That’s so not fair” you whispered.  When you opened your eyes, you noticed that he had a wide grin that went from ear to ear.  

You walked slowly over to the bed. You let him grab your hand and pull you down on top of him.  You walked your fingers in a slow dance up his bare chest as you straddled him.  Once your fingers where on his upper chest you leaned down to kiss the center of his chest.  Alternating kisses and nibbles you worked your way up from the center of his chest to his neck.  Once you reached his earlobe you softly sucked it into your mouth.   Your hands getting a grip on his wrists and moving them up over his head and holding them there.  You both knew that he could easily overpower you, but you both also knew he enjoyed playing this game.  You distracted him by running your tongue over his bottom lip then sucking his tongue softly into your mouth, while simultaneously taking the phone out of his hand.  

Once the phone was in hand, you give him one last kiss then headed for the door.  

“No Fair!” you heard him exclaim.

Better Man - part 5

Word count: 2,997

AU: Mechanic!Dean, Stanford!Sam. No monsters or demons except other humans, no ghosts except for the past.

Warnings: Language, implied panic attack/PTSD, a wee bit of angst, slow burn-ish, bad jokes


A/N: This part pretty much just wrote itself. Hope you like it. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated. 

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4  


“You’re gonna love this.” Jonas laughed out.

All I could smell was of vodka and vomit. I gasped for air but the hand wrapped around my throat made it impossible. I was taunted by the odors of booze and bile stuck inside my nose. Everything felt so far away. My legs fell open. Jonas’ dead grey eyes stared into me and I could feel him…

“WAKE UP!” Dean yelled.

My eyes snapped open and I sat up, gasping for air. My whole body was shaking. Tears were streaming down my face. I was starting to hyperventilate.

This was the fourth time this week that Dean had to wake me from a nightmare. Each one was more vivid and worse than the last.

Dean placed his hands on either side of my face, his thumbs grazing back and forth over my cheekbones. When he spoke his voice was calm and soothing, “Hon, I need you to breathe for me. Can you hear me?” I nodded. “Good. Follow me, okay? Inhale… Hold… Exhale…”

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well team skull was like breakin limbs off of Pokemon werent they so I guess u can do that


@ask-team-skull​ please explain this to me *sobbing*


  • It was horrifying.
  • Gladion still can’t believe anyone would do something like that just to taunt him.
  • Maybe there are still some crazed employees at Aether who are like obsessed with researching Silvally especially now that he’s been freed from the mask.
  • And maybe they just happened to catch Gladion at a time when he’s super busy and manage to nab the Pokéball from him.
  • When he finds out he spRINTS TO THE LABS.
  • But he’s too late.
  • Crazy scientist person has legit hacked off one of Silvally’s limbs and the poor Pokémon is whimpering but can’t move because anaesthetic and strapped to the operating table.
  • Almost hacks the scientist’s freaking leg off but you manage to stop him.
  • You were visiting him and you were actually waiting for him to finish up paperwork in the lobby so you could have lunch together when you see him sprinting to the lower labs.
  • You know something is very wrong immediately.
  • You manage to pull him away and you hold him as you both fall to the floor and he’s trembling in your arms.
  • You dial up Looker because this scientist deserves death you’re not about to hand him over to regular authorities if he remains in Alola you will KILL HIM YOURSELF, LOOKER GET HIM OUT OF MY SIGHT BEFORE I COMMIT MURDER.
  • Wicke manages to get some medical staff in once she realises what’s happened and they operate on Silvally immediately trying to save the leg.
  • They manage to put a prosthetic and you wait outside with Gladion still holding him.
  • He’s so guilty. He won’t listen to you when you say it wasn’t his fault that scientist was so messed up. He feels responsible for the pain Silvally has to go through.
  • As soon as Silvally is alright and has been given Revive and Potions and stuff he limps out of the room and goes to make sure Gladion is ok.
  • (ಥ﹏ಥ)
  • All three of you are crying on the floor.
  • Gladion gets all his work done and spends more time training with Silvally to compensate for the injury until Silvally is even better in battle than he was before.
  • He takes Silvally’s Pokéball everywhere now.
  • Invests lots of money on research to create Pokéballs that only open with their Trainer’s fingerprints.
  • Slowly, Gladion and Silvally heal together.

oh man, life. am i right?

today is day one for me. my clean slate, as some would say. i’ve been eating like an absolute asshole these past couple weeks and i’ve definitely packed on a few pounds. i’ve hardly been tracking my points and although my workouts have been kind of consistent, i’m not where i want to be. it’s already the end of february and i’m still where i was at the end of 2016. i’m not going to let a another year go by with this unwanted weight.

so i’m starting over and i’m just going to move forward. something i struggle with is the weight i lost and then gained back and that hangs like a cloud over my head, taunting me to the verge of a mental breakdown. i’m taking it one day at a time and that’s it.

here’s to day one.

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I seem normal, but I have a really strong sixth sense, so I can sense who will be on the phone without looking at the caller ID and also can predict things before they happen. Don't get me started on the dreams. Also, I predicted Antisepticeye's return, through a traumatizing nightmare where he taunted me as I was forced to crawl across a sea of needles and syringes, where I nearly lost all of my blood. Also, Darkiplier dreamstalked me three nights in a row.

i have this weird sixth sense too?? its not as strong as yours. but i literally could be reading a book or sleeping or brushing my teeth or showering and then not even a 2 second long flashback type thought would happen of something. and then that something actually happens like, 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months later or something and then, only then i realize that i saw this exact situation whatever ago.

- tell me a secret on anon

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There is something seriously wrong with a 60 year old man who taunts young ice skaters. Didier Gailhaguet is a disgrace to the French Federation and to skating in general and to the entire Olympic community. I don't understand why there isn't more outrage over his childish, toxic behavior. Helllllloooooooo ISU? Anybody home? Anybody paying attention to this guy's dangerous online ranting? Wake up ISU and IOC.

No one is home. It’s pathetic.

Lance absentmindedly calling Keith ‘babe’ though. they’re not even dating. he just does. 

“hey babe, you wanna go for some training?” 

“hey babe, pass the salt would you?” 

“could you - ah, thanks babe.” 

Keith is so fucking confused and weirdly pleased and the team thinks its the most hilarious thing that’s happened since the lot of them were chosen as defenders of the galaxy (which is still pretty hilarious to them.) 

Lance never even realises he’s doing it. nobody even tells him. he doesn’t know the team is laughing at him. he doesn’t know he’s now the reason why Keith spends all his nights awake staring at the ceiling just thinking an endless stream of ?????

min yoongi probably.....
  • Yoongi: did someone change the wifi password?
  • Seokjin: yes, i did
  • Yoongi: why
  • Seokjin: this group needs to stop being so dependent on the internet. so i changed it to something only i would kno-
  • Yoongi: it's '2pretty2die' isn't it
  • Seokjin: what? how'd you know?!
  • Yoongi: hyung you've been using the same password for everything ever since i've met you
  • Yoongi: i'm surprised you aren't a victim of fraud yet