the taunting

Yesterday: Reylo is The Balance!! “Darkness and The Light” in the trailer was specifically about Reylo! The poster is about reylo!! Kylo’s tight pants allude to Rey’s sexual awakening in TLJ! The story won’t make sense if it doesn’t revolve around romantic Reylo! Reylo Reylo Reylo canon canon canon nobody knows how to interpret things but reylos lmao

Rian Johnson:  In our story, [romance] is not a centerpiece.

Today: LMAO nobody thought Reylo was going to be CENTRAL to the story, literally no one, we never taunted other Star Wars fans over the trailer confirming Reylo is The Balance aka the central part of the story, haha, you can’t read, ha ha anyway he said it won’t be 100% exactly like Hanleia so basically he confirmed reylo canon jokes on u reylo liiiiives….

I don’t think anyone could love (the way I love you)

a/n a post 5x23 Olicity reunion fic - some aspects, William wanting to be a firefighter, are inspired by @so-caffeinated and @dust2dust34‘s great Olicity verse. On AO3 here

He’s holding his son, his beautiful boy, in his arms, his head buried in his blond hair but all his mind is doing is screaming at him. Screaming to go back and torture himself some more until he knows for sure that they are gone, that even if he has son he’s lost. It’s like a pounding chorus running through his mind, singing, “Fel-ic-ity, Fel-ici-ty, Fe-ic-ity.”

Taunting him, tempting him to forgo reason, leave behind logic and let his heart rule the day but then he hears sniffles. He looks down and sees William, trying in vain not to cry.

“Hey, hey buddy.” He says in what he hopes are soothing tones and his son, god he has a son, looks up at him, takes a deep breath and says, terror clear in his voice, “Oliver, where’s my mom?”

Oliver bends down, carefully keeping him in his gaze. His son shouldn’t have to see the body of his kidnapper or the smoking ashes of the island, so he positions them in just the right way that William can see the smoke but not the fire.

“I don’t know but I know she’s safe.”

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fight me ❤

is what victor always tells yuuri when he’s taunting him into working harder to get the gold medal, except yuuri mishears and thinks he said bite me, and “every time, goddammit, every time—this is how we find new kinks… not that i’m complaining”

hashtag language barriers hashtag did you mean… exCItiNg poSSibILitiES

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caretaker how do i tolerate my friends' taunting and teasing of my romantic feelings? i offer a reputation for getting hurt and hurting, the freckles on my arms that map out constellations, and my ever-present desire to cuss out Freud



  • ratbert: *kills katie*
  • ratbert: *cheats on chrissie, stages a break in, treats her like shit*
  • ratbert: *outs lawrence multiple times, taunts him for being traumatized, steals from him & manipulates him*
  • ratbert: *tries to kill paddy, threatens his wife & son, tries to kill aaron*
  • ratbert: *manipulates rebecca, forces her into multiple abortions, also treats her like shit*
  • ratbert: no one ever forgives me :((((((((((((((((
Poetry for Im-on-fire-today

Title: Indulge

Sidon’s POV, fluff for @im-on-fire-today

Wiping the sleep from your eyes, my gaze lingers on, like you’re a fantastic prize. Still sleepy and spent as you’re laid down to rest, nuzzling and humming against my broad chest.

There’s no better time to enjoy your face, than when you utterly relax and lose your grace. Stubborn, abrasive, so sure what you want, that cute little pout when I give you a taunt.

Your eyes they beg in the subtlest way, pleading without words, for me to stay.

Only you can draw me into your sweet embrace, as your hand reaches out to skim my face. So much conveyed in those lidded eyes, your bitten lip, those quivering thighs.

I indulge you too much some would say, but I’d never want it, any other way.

Remus Lupin is a young child, and he sits next to his mother in their backyard beneath an old, fraying quilt. She points to the glimmering pricks of light in the dark night sky, telling him the stories that accompany them. When she names the constellations, he tries to repeat the words, but he can’t quite pronounce them properly. It doesn’t matter. He leans into her and smiles.

Remus Lupin has bandages wrapped around the wounds on his arms. The long claw marks and the tell-tale puncturing of teeth that he knows without a doubt will scar. He sits in that large cushioned chair in his father’s study, too tired, too achy, to move as night begins to fall. Through the window, the moon taunts him: only two days past full, yet impossible to ignore. Tears roll down his cheeks as he remembers the days when the only things he cared about in the night sky were the stars.

Remus Lupin walks on shaking legs to his first transformation away from home. He wonders if the wolf will like the shack, if it will be able to hold him. He wonders if anyone will be able to hear to howling. His heart pounds as he glances to the sky: still void, in its fading light, of the moon. Through the fading oranges and emerging blue, a few stars begin to shine. They guide his way. And they keep him together when he enters the tunnel just as the moon begins to rise, alone.

Remus Lupin can’t sleep, and he sits in the common room with his heart pounding in his stomach. Sirius and Peter have long since fallen asleep, though he’s not sure about James. He curls up on the couch, grateful as it cradles his sore body. His stomach churns with nausea, and his fingers tremble so violently that he couldn’t hold a warm drink even if he wanted too. Outside the window lies the moon, round and white in its glowing glory. A sliver away from full. He can’t tear his gaze away from the sky, and at last turns to whispering the names of the constellations that he can see in his soft, shaking voice. He names the stars first, then the full constellations. And, when James arrives with a quilt and settles down on the couch beside him, he tells the stories too. 

Remus Lupin smiles as he sits beneath the moonless sky. To his right, Sirius points excitedly to the star he was named for, and Peter frowns as he tries to pinpoint the exact star Sirius’ waving finger is pointing at. Lily tilts her head back, wind whipping her hair as she tries to find Cassiopeia, and James, with a small wink towards Remus, launches into his own dramatic retelling of the stories that Remus told him those many nights ago. His loud voice ruptures the silence of the night, and a wide gesture almost gives Sirius a bloody nose. Remus laughs, looking to the sky where the moon can not haunt him, not tonight, and for once, he finds that he isn’t afraid at all.


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