the tardis is not just a machine!

We are the Fandom. We are FAMILY

Hogwarts is not just a school

The impala is not just a car

Alexandria is not just a town

The mocking jay is not just a bird

Camelot is not just a kingdom

The tardis is not just a time machine

Gravity Falls is not just a waterfall

The ring is not just a weapon

Heisenberg is not just a man

The Death Star is not just a ship

Gotham is not just a city

The throne is not just a game

They are not just shows

They are not just stories

They are not just movies

For some of us they are distractions

For some they are our dreams

For most of us they are our homes

But everyone of us are apart of this family not matter where we come from. We love and protect each other because that’s what they (our idols)  would do for one another.

Fandoms are not stupid

They are not unhealthy

They are not mental institute worthy

These fandoms are our family. They are our homes.

We created the Fandoms. We did this. All on our own. This is what we made together. And for that we are not just multiple fandoms sharing one website. We are a family taking over the world. The fandoms didn’t create us we created the fandoms. And for that I love my family.

We are Fandom but we are most importantly Family

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Does the title of your blog have a deeper meaning?

“Smaller on the Inside”?

It’s a Clara Oswald quote, from Doctor Who!!!

Everyone says his TARDIS (his time machine and space ship) is “bigger on the inside” when they walk in (because it is!), but her response is to say that it’s “smaller on the outside”, and I just love it because it shows how unique her mind is and just.


***Ye be triggers ahead. Do not proceed if you were sensitive to physical familial abuse.***

With the Doctor’s hand in yours, and the TARDIS within sight, you knew you two would make it. The roars of outrage coming from the aliens behind you made your legs move faster, desperate to get to the safety of the time machine.
The Doctor threw open the wooden door of his TARDIS, then slammed it shut once you ran it. The aliens who were chasing you slammed their fists against the door in anger.

“Yes! We made it!” The Doctor exclaimed happily, then raised his hand to give you a high five. “We did it!”

The raising of his hand in your peripheral vision caused you to flinch slightly, ducking your head and hunching your shoulders. Once you realized that you just flinched in front of the Doctor, you straightened up immediately and forced a grin on your face, as if it didn’t happen. “We did.” You agreed.

But the Doctor had a more serious look on his face. He caught that flinch, and he didn’t like it. Lowering his hand, the Time Lord tilted his head. “Y/N, why did you flinch?” He asked quietly.

Your heart pounded only a few times, but the length of silence felt like years. “I don’t know what you mean.” You stated, looking away from your friend.

“No, don’t give me that. You flinched for a reason.” The Doctor persisted. “I’ve been seeing this in the past, you show signs of someone who’s been hit-”

“What if I have?!” You suddenly snapped, throwing your fiery gaze to his. “What if it was my family, huh? What does it matter, it’s over.” You said, then looked down at your shoes. Hot tears of anger leaked from your eyes involuntarily, and you cursed yourself a hundred times for crying.

But the tears didn’t scare the Doctor away. He pulled you into a hug, his chin laying on the top of your head. “Oh Y/N, yes. It is in the past. I would never do anything to harm you, and you’re away from those horrible people.” He said, pain and pity evident in his voice.

You wrapped your arms around his abdomen and cried softly into his shoulder. “I know.” You whispered hoarsely.

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Soooo are you telling me that Ten and Rose fell in love in just a week?

Or maybe he just lied, but I don’t think he would have, not in front of that woman and the Torchwood, since they seemed to know everything about him.

And then, time machine… maybe they really spent one week together.

Considering that this is the last time Ten and Rose are together…
If this is not love, then I don’t know what it is.

Headcanon asks: part 4! Thanks @unwillingadventurer


  • What they smell like: Usually some kind of fruity scented shampoo. She likes to try different ones all the time.
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): Vicki has been known to fall asleep curled up in a chair when she’s especially tired- this can be a problem when she’s also got a blanket over her head, since she’s very small, and several of her fellow TARDIS inhabitants almost sat on her not realizing there was girl under that blanket!
  • What music they enjoy: The 25th century’s hottest techno grooves, just like all the teenagers of her time.
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning: Entirely too much, she thinks: she’s annoyed at having to brush her own hair and do her own make-up, first in the TARDIS and then in ancient times, because back home she had a machine that did all that stuff for her while she ate breakfast.
  • Their favorite thing to collect: PETS. ANY ANIMALS. GIVE VICKI ALL THE CUTE ANIMALS. Of course, Vicki’s definition of ‘cute’ is very broad, and it makes for some interesting confrontations with any other people she lives with when she brings home some freakish monster and is like: ‘look, I named him Fluffy! Let’s keep him!’
  • Left or right-handed: Left
  • Religion (if any): None. After she marries Troilus, she pretends to share his beliefs to keep up appearances, but secretly she thinks religion is hopelessly old-fashioned nonsense. As she gets older though, she learns the tact to keep from saying so out loud and learns to look at different ways of life with more tolerance.
  • Favorite sport: Space Polo. She rolls her eyes and giggles like mad when Ian & Barbara ask ‘they don’t use horses in space, do they?!’
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): Shopping is Vicki’s weakness!
  • Favorite kind of weather: Anything that isn’t rain or snow. Vicki does NOT enjoy being wet or cold.
  • A weird/obscure fear they have: Heights
  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: She’s pretty good at any kind of computer game, having played them since she was a child.

In which Dean and Cas flirt on the side of the road over a broken-down Impala and become boyfriends.

It’s a hot day.

Peeling off his sticky bedsheets from his sweaty body was disgusting. He couldn’t make his usual hot coffee from fear of his insides melting along with the rest of the sweltering world. His car had been sitting in the sun outside of his apartment because some imbecile had stolen his parking spot in the underground garage and now his steering wheel was burning to the touch.

In short, Castiel very much minded this hot day.

His uncomfortable morning makes him late for work. He’s speeding down I-494 westbound, wondering how many hours of Zachariah’s seething looks and passive-aggressive jabs he’ll have to endure before his boss finally lets his tardiness go. He wonders if eating lunch from a vending machine is sufficient so he won’t have to go outside again until five-o-clock that night.

After rounding a wide corner of the freeway, he sees a black classic Chevy pulled up on the side of the road, a body lying next to it just next to the back left wheel, and his thoughts about work, food, and the heat goes right out his Continental’s open window.

“Oh, shit,” he growls with the squeal of his tires as they fly over two lanes, weaving in between two angry semis, before slamming his breaks to a stop on the shoulder just a few yards from where the black car was idling.

He adjusts his rearview mirror and squints. It’s a man, lying on the ground, and he doesn’t seem to be moving. He opens his creaking door and braces himself against the assaulting humidity.

Castiel jogs a few paces toward the Chevy—an Impala, maybe?—and calls out, hands cupped around his mouth, “Hello! Are you okay?”

The man on the ground’s head tilts back, and Castiel is slapped in the face by a gorgeous pair of green eyes and fully pink lips back-dropped by a stubbly beard. Castiel stops by the hood of the man’s car, suddenly unsure. He doesn’t look hurt…

“Hey!” the man yells back, climbing to his feet, “I saw you barrel toward me like a freakin’ kamikaze! Are you insane?”

“I thought you were hurt,” Castiel shot back, crossing his arms over his obligatory business suit jacket. “You were on the ground and not moving.”

The man looks incredulous. “I was changing a damn tire!”


Green-eyes pinches the bridge of his nose, shaking his head with a laugh. “You’re lucky you’re cute, man,” he mutters, and the sudden heat on Castiel’s face is definitely not due to the weather.

“If you don’t need any more assistance…” Castiel says, turning to take his exit from this awkward situation.

“You can help me change my tire?” the man cuts in. “I mean, you came all this way,” he adds with a cheeky smile.

“I don’t know how.”

“Don’t know how to what?”

“Change a tire.”

Green-eyes gives a loud scoff as a semi-truck blares its horn in the distance. “Your old man never taught you?”

Castiel tilts his head thoughtfully. “I don’t think he knew how to, either.”

Green-eyes raises an eyebrow, a smile playing on his lips. “Of all the people to stop and help me,” he laughs.

Castiel shrugs and can’t help but mirror the man’s grin.

“Well, since you’re here, do you want to learn?”

He forgets the heat as the man—Dean, he introduces himself as—lays back on the ground to fiddle with the crank holding up his car and his shirt rides up his stomach to reveal a strip of tanned and freckled skin. Castiel forgets the heat as Dean keeps shooting him award-winning smiles when Castiel cracks dry jokes that no one—before Dean—ever understands. Castiel forgets the heat as he shrugs off his jacket to help Dean take the nuts off the wheel and replace it with the spare, their hands and arms brushing against each other in the process.

“Hope I didn’t make you late to work,” Dean says when they’re finished, brushing the dirt off his hands. He became too hot a few minutes ago, and stripped down to a white tank-top. As a consequence, Castiel is having a hard time keeping his eyes on his face and not his broad chest where the fabric is soaked through with sweat.

“Uh, no, it’s fine,” is all Castiel can reply, licking his chapped lips. To be honest, he completely forgot that he had a job in the last ten minutes.
Dean abruptly steps into his space, staring down at him through thick eyelashes. “Tell me if I’m getting the wrong idea,” he says with a grin, “but if you’ve got nowhere to be, I saw a diner a few exits back that I’d like to try out. You interested?”

Yes, Castiel finds it very easy to forget the heat. Mainly because the diner has cool air circulating generously through the restaurant and Castiel can finally drink a hot coffee. It also helps that both he and Dean order breakfast plates, but their food is forgotten as they flirt and fumble their way through conversation.

What truly makes the thought of the heat go out the window, though, is when he and Dean say their goodbyes at their cars after exchanging phone numbers, and after chewing his lip and giving Castiel a very hesitant look, Dean takes him by the waist and pulls him in for a kiss, his lips surprisingly cool.

It’s a hot day, but as Castiel takes Dean’s scruffy cheeks between his hands and deepens the kiss, feeling Dean become pliant and melting his body into Castiel’s, he finds that he doesn’t mind the heat anymore.

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for the first time in a while, magnus was totally and completely alone. after the night of the party ( and everything that entailed ), he’d always been around alexander or jace, or simon, or isabelle. all for very different reasons, but all just () around. but the shadowhunters had a mission to get to and after his boyfriend left, magnus practically ran at the chance of finally getting to watch one of his very hidden secret pleasures  ——  doctor who. it made sense, he supposed. an old man running around helping people? give the warlock another heart and a time machine and he’d be a close enough fit. fine, he didn’t have companions, or a TARDIS, but there were parallels.

all reasoning aside, magnus settled for  the eleventh hour , the chairman curled up in his lap and a nice glass of wine in hand ; this was more like it. a peaceful, quiet, full of wine time of relaxation with no problems to solve and no wounds to heal.

     if only sherman could see me now, huh, chairman? 

AU in which the Doctor is a very sick little boy lying in a hospital bed in a coma and his universe is just a dream. Each of his companions represent the kids in the beds next to him and when they die or leave the ward, they die or leave in his head. Regenerations represent times he nearly woke up or nearly died and the TARDIS represents his life support machine.

  • Clara: *removes jacket*
  • Clara: *walks to the TARDIS exit*
  • Doctor: Whoah-oh-oh, where are you going?
  • Clara: Outside, where the action is.
  • Doctor: *But you just undressed! It's so close to a perfect sentence! You know - this is a time machine... We can have 'action' inside and outside.*
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It had been years since he had seen Donna, hundreds of years in fact.  The way it ended for them, the way he could never see one of his best friends again bothered him greatly.  So, he had worked on a plan.

He had been building a machine.  He wasn’t completely sure how it might work, but it should allow him to see Donna again.  She might even be able to travel with him again, if she wanted to of course.  It all depended on how well the machine worked.  All he had to do was aim and press a button and it would either allow her time lord consciousness to exist or eliminate the time lord consciousness so she’d just be Donna again.  He wasn’t sure which, but either one would work to allow her to travel once more.

He landed the TARDIS and walked out, looking for Donna once more.

I finally found you

This was a first for him. He had never set foot on earth before. Artist stared at his screen from the safety of his internal world known as a tardis. He picked a safe time in a safe area hoping to have a quiet first day out but, not everything goes to plan. “Ok….everything will be fine…you can blend.” Artist reassured himself before opening the door and taking his fist steps outside into what looking to be an ally way in between two walls of bricks. One end went out to a street and the other ended in greenery. The midday sun shone brightly above shining light onto the cola machine the young timelord just stepped out of.

Taking a deep breath artist took in this new world. “it’s warmer than I thought…” He murmured to himself as he shut the door behind him and chose to head for the street.

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- Oh god, i regenerated… How i… FOR FUCK SAKE!  HUMAN! I REMEMBER YOU. CLARA IS’NT IT? actually i dont give a fuck people just look at her she is so short and adorable!oh my god how she can be so cute?


- Clara, what the hell are you go away from  me? STOP. CLARA, WHAT DID I SAY? dont leave. Clara.  It won’t happen again.

- Well, fuck you, i have TARDIS  Impossible girl. you have offended me

- Okay, i dont care if you busy with something else, i need you just for a few minutes. and in few minutes i mean all my fucking life. 
I can safe you.

- I don’t think that I’m a hugging person now
- Oh come here!



- *I DID NOT MEAN THIS* Clara stop her! Clara she is attacking my lips!i do not want to kissing! at least her.