the tardis is alive


     To whoever originally made this meme: I am truly sorry for the rant I’m about to go on, because I know you meant this to be funny, and it is. But this scene is incredibly important to the character development of, well, pretty much everyone– but especially Jack.
    Right from the beginning, Jack believed in the Doctor. This rogue Time Agent just hooks up with this clearly insane alien and decides that this is the man he’ll follow, come Hell or high water. Jack the renegade, the criminal, the con man, the torture master (see Torchwood season 1, “Countrycide,”) decides that he’s going to owe his loyalty to this total stranger in a blue box– all because the Doctor came back for him when his ship was about to blow rather than let him die. He calls him “sir.” He enforces his wishes. He throws himself into danger for him. Then Station 5 happens, and Jack knows full well that they could all die, and what does he say? “Never doubted him, never will!” And not only does he march willingly into the jaws of his own death, he turns commando and encourages others to die in this man’s name as well. And die he does– brutally, quickly, and with all the attitude of a man who has chosen his own fate.
    He wanted to believe that the Doctor would never have intentionally abandoned him on Station 5. We can see it in his face when the TARDIS disappear. His idol wouldn’t just leave him there to die, or for dead. And when he makes it to Earth, what leads Torchwood straight to him? “Just you wait until I find the Doctor!” “The Doctor will fix me!” He’s as stubborn in his faith as everything else.
     But the Doctor doesn’t come. And doesn’t come. And doesn’t come.
     And every day, as Jack cuts himself shaving and the nicks heal, as he gets into barfight after barfight and comes away unscathed, as bullets go through his skull like noise through an eardrum, his faith gets just a little more battered. And a just a little more bitter. And the days turn into decades. And the decades turn a century. And Jack’s loved ones drop dead, and he remains, and the Doctor still doesn’t come.
     He’s almost given up hope. He’s got his little team. It’s enough, isn’t it? Isn’t it?
     And then he hears the wheez of those blessed engines, and for the first time in a hundred and fifty years, he feels alive.
     He almost misses the TARDIS, but that’s okay, he’ll hold on. He doesn’t realize that the Doctor is running from him as hard as he’s running to him. He doesn’t know that the Doctor saw him coming and intentionally tried to get away. (What the fudge, Doctor?)
      “You abandoned me,” he accuses, facing this man who has to be the Doctor but looks nothing like the man he died for all those years ago. And the Doctor can’t even come up with a decent excuse. “Got busy,” my left butt cheek.
     He doesn’t get a decent answer until he’s up to his eyeballs in radiation, and the Doctor has known all along. He did it all, leaving him and staying away, on purpose. But Jack starts cracking jokes! He should have been so bitter! But he knows now that he’s “wrong,” and maybe he deserves the Doctor’s ire, just like he did back in 1945 during the nanogene incident.
     The Master, the Toclafane, that’s all just part and parcel of running with the Doctor, and he’s okay with it. Mostly. Sort of. You can even see him smile at the Doctor when Martha’s gone (season 3, The Sound of Drums,) as if to say “Good work, getting her safe.” Even though they’re both trapped in the Master’s ship with no visible hope of escape. But the Doctor will figure it out.
     The world is burning. The Master reigns supreme. And it’s true that the Doctor’s basically disabled, so you can’t blame him, not really…except Jack does. Just a bit. Because this is the man who’s outsmarted Daleks and left planets safe thanks to his brilliance, yet there Jack remains, chained in a room with no sunlight and tortured for the amusement of a madman. (Which Time Lord that’s referencing is almost irrelevant at this point.) And it’s not just Jack who’s suffering. Every human being still alive lives in mortal terror, and Martha’s family are slaves. Even Lucy shows signs of abuse. The Doctor’s desire to save the Master is laudable, but at this stage of the game, utterly irrational. At the very least he should have defeated the Master first and then tried to redeem him, leaving the innocents of Earth out of the equation. This is one of the few times we see the Doctor act like the arrogant Time Lords from whom he tried so hard to distance himself, so desperate to hold onto this last piece of his race, planet, culture, that he’s willing to let this atrocity play out for his end game. Leave humanity out of it this time, Doctor. No one else volunteered to risk their lives to save that bloodthirsty maniac.
     Jack’s the first one on the Valiant to join his whispered, bruised, battered faith to the psychic network that will revive the Doctor. In spite of all the pain he’s suffered, not just at the hands of the Master but throughout his inhumanly long life, he throws his faith behind this madman with a box who has simply got to save those people on the planet below. Jack needs those people safe just as much as the Doctor ever did.
     The Doctor told Jack that he was “wrong.” That he was never supposed to exist. That he ran away from him because looking at this man who admires him above all others is just too difficult. But he’s willing to keep the Master on the TARDIS indefinitely, maybe forever.
     What exactly is the point of loving and believing in someone who barely acknowledges that you exist?
     And so we come to this scene. Jack’s not just tired, not just recovering from injuries, not just battling PTSD. He’s disillusioned. He’s lost what little was left of his idealized version of the Doctor, the one he maybe tried to believe didn’t leave him behind on purpose, the one who would SURELY come back for him and tell him he’s done good. The one who would make all his suffering worth it. This Doctor MADE him suffer. This Doctor could have saved them all, but tried to save the Master instead. He’s shown where his priorities truly lie– and Jack isn’t even a factor.
     “Jack Harkness is just a slut,” so proclaim the naysayers. But what kind of person who is “just a slut” could smile at the Doctor the way Jack does as he says good-bye, knowing finally that he’ll never truly have a place at the side of the man he waited a century for, and still manages to forgive him?

Captain Jack Harkness. The Man Who Waited. The Man Who Believed. The Man Who Deserved an Apology. The Man Who Should Have Had Better.

She Isn’t Me, Part 2 - 11th Doctor x Reader

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@lets-imagine-fanfics, @starblack1997 and @alurea-actually all loved the first part of She Isn’t Me, that you can read HERE! They asked for a part 2, so here it is. Normally I don’t really write part 2′s unless it’s planned, but hey…. I don’t know if I really like this one, it doesn’t have a lot of Doctor in it. It does contain ANGST. AANGST!

ALSO: FF is favourite food.

The door appeared in your room. You still hadn’t figured out how it worked, but apparently outside the aliens could control for there to be a door. The door opened and the female doctor that you had seen many times came in. She smiled.

“Hello, Y/N,” she said kindly and sat down next to you. You snarled at her.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” she said, “how are you doing today?”

“I’ll be fine if you let me go,” you told her angrily. It had been weeks since you saw your doppelgänger leave with the Doctor. You wondered if he had already figured out that she wasn’t you. Had she hurt him? Was he all right?

“You know that is not going to happen, honey,” she told you.

“Why, why do you do this?” you asked, standing up.

“We need you in case something happens to the doppelgänger, Y/N. We need to keep an eye on the Doctor. A spy. She’s perfect,” the woman said.

“The Doctor is smart. He’ll figure it out. He’ll rescue me,” you told her. She smiled at you sadly.

“You’re identical. The Doctor will never realize. Until.. we deactivate her. But when we deactivate her, you will be executed too. We don’t keep people alive when it isn’t necessary any more, honey,” she said with her sweet voice.

“Murderer,” you hissed.

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  • Moffat: Okay, to break the myth about me being a mean person, I gave you this 'wish jar'. Put in what you wish and I'll try to put them on script.
  • Peter: *scribble* Guitar in the TARDIS
  • Moffat: granted
  • Pearl: *scribble* stay alive
  • Moffat: I'm sorry.
  • Michelle: *scribble* The Master and Doctor kisses.
  • Moffat: You've already had that - no touching this series. I'll leave kissing for John Simm.
  • Moffat pull out one more 'wishlist'.
  • Moffat: Mondasian Cybermen? - Peter, only one wish each - well - okay, I'll be nice for ya!
  • Pearl and Michelle roll eyes.
  • Moffat pull out another paper.
  • Moffat: Who? Missy dabbing? Michelle - you've submitted more than one...
  • Louis: It was me.
Flatlining: the episode in series 8

Inspired by this meta by the lovely @the-lazy-cat-bakes-souffles, I went to re-watch ‘Flatline’, and as to be expected, I was completely blown away. But this time, something else caught my eye.

The major themes of series 8 are death and corruption. It started right from the strikingly dark reading of regeneration in ‘Deep Breath’ and went all the way to ‘Death in Heaven’, resolving itself in ‘Last Christmas’. Now if we look at what we’ve got in this episode:

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An Unexpected Rescue

Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Eighth Doctor

When they find themselves stranded on an abandoned spaceship by the Doctor, Rose and Mickey find help in an unexpected place.



 based on

this amazing gif set

.  It was supposed to be for her birthday, but that fell during my muse’s hiatus, soooo…Happy Early Christmas, Trin!

“We can’t fly the TARDIS without him!” Mickey shouts.  “How’s he gonna get back?”

Rose doesn’t answer, instead lifting her burning eyes to the skylight revealing all the wonders of space around her.  Wonders she’ll never see, stuck floating on this derelict spaceship.  Some survivalist part of her, the one that’s been created since she started running around the universe with the Doctor, is already going through a checklist of needs, automatically crossing off things she won’t have to worry about.

Food: check.  Probably.  The TARDIS always seemed to have that covered, except for milk.  But they could probably find things to survive on.

Shelter: check.  The TARDIS life support systems could sustain them for a long time even if the ship eventually powered down.

Doctor: not so much.  And without him…they could survive, sure.  But they’d still die here.  Eventually.

“Rose, what are we going to do?” Mickey demands.

“I don’t know!” she finally shouts back, some little piece of her breaking.  “I don’t–I told you, I can’t fly the TARDIS.  We’ll be okay, we’ve got plenty to keep us alive–”

“Fat lot of good that’ll do us!  So we just get by til he figures out a way to get back, then?  Lot of good he is!  He abandoned us!  Again!

Rose opens her mouth, trying to argue, but not really knowing how just at the moment.  Her faith in the Doctor is splintering, fracturing just like the bloody time window he’d jumped through.

“Look, she’s still got power,” Rose says finally, moving toward the TARDIS.  “Maybe I can…dunno, figure out how to reverse, or whatever.  Maybe…take us back to the last place we were.  Maybe  sort out how to start Emergency Programme One…”

“That’s a lot of maybes for a little plan,” Mickey complains.

“Well I’m open to suggestions!” she snaps at the door to the ship.  “Other than saying how useless this all is, cause guess what, Micks?  I already know that!  I already know I’ve got nothing else, and I already know that we’re buggered without the Doctor, but the Doctor’s not here, so I don’t know–”

She freezes when she hears the familiar groan of the TARDIS materializing, looking in shocked confusion to the side as a second blue box shimmers into existence.  After a moment, a man steps out, his face guarded as he considers them.

“I’m the Doctor,” he says slowly.  “But…probably not the one you expected.”

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Set six months after Doomsday, this is my fluffy fix-it. 

Words: 1151

Characters: Ten, Rose, Pete, Jackie


It was the only time of day she could relax.  When the evening breezes were cool and the wind chimes softly played their ever-changing melodies, she’d pull on a light jacket and go.  No one would bother her or try to talk.  No one would ask nosy questions.  She would be alone with the stillness of twilight.

The last dying embers of sunlight faded from sight just as she spread out the old blanket and settled down to look at the stars.  She wondered how he was and what he was doing.  She wondered if he was as lonely as she was.  

Rose swallowed and clenched her jaw, stopping the tears before they started.  It had been six months since the hell of the beach and she felt it.  Each day that passed with him gone from her life, she felt it.  In every painful, terrible breath, in every heartbeat, she felt the loss.

So, she walked to the bluff and looked at the stars.  Though he was in a different world, a parallel universe, she felt a bit closer to him there.  She’d speak to him- not out loud, but in her mind; she’d tell him little differences between the two worlds, how her bed seemed so empty now and how she missed having him next to her at night…how deafeningly quiet everything seemed without the familiar hum of the TARDIS…  More than anything, she wished she could tell him he was going to be a father.

Rose sat outside in the darkness for an hour before the night air grew too chill and damp and she retreated to Pete’s house where she lay alone in her empty bed, her hand resting protectively on her stomach.


She was dreaming of the TARDIS.  The sounds of whooshing and grinding filled her mind with longing and an urge to run. It sounded like adventure and home and all the things she missed about her old life.  It was all so achingly familiar.

Someone was shaking her shoulder, disrupting her dream and she let out an unhappy sigh, wanting to be left alone to remember.  

“Rose,” the Doctor whispered softly.

She turned away, whimpering. It sounded so much like him.

“Rose,” came the voice again, this time more insistent.

Warily, she opened an eye…then another.  The Doctor, her Doctor, was standing in front of her.  She sat straight up, every muscle in her body tensed.  “It’s you.”  

His hand reached out to touch hers.  “It’s me.”

“You’re here,” she whispered in awe.  “I mean…you’re really, really here.  Oh my God…you’re here.”  Her lower lip trembled and her eyes shined.  She choked back a dry sob.  “How are you here?”

He shook his head.  “I found a way.”  He scratched his neck and sniffed.  “Wasn’t about to give up on you.”  

She stood up and his eyes bulged.  

“Rose…” he gasped.  “You’re…”

She nodded.  “Yeah.”  

His hand tentatively reached out for the swell of her stomach.  “Is it…” he trailed off, afraid to ask.  

Tears welled in her eyes. “Yes.  Yours…ours.”  

He sank to his knees. “If I had known, Rose…”

She choked out a little laugh.  “You couldn’t have done anything, Doctor.  I know that.”  

His brown eyes searched hers.  “Wasn’t even sure I’d make it through alive, but the TARDIS found a way,” he smiled.  “She seemed intent on my finding you…now I know why.”  He ghosted a hand across her stomach again, his head dropping.  “I-I can’t stay.”  

She shook her head desperately.  “I’ll come with you.”

“But your family…” he trailed off.

Rose bit her lip.  “How long do we have?”  

The Doctor sighed.  “Maybe ten minutes…”  He gently placed his hand on her stomach.  “I’m so sorry.”  

She slid her hand along his cheek.  “Don’t go anywhere.”


She placed her hands on his shoulders, shaking them.  “Promise me. Don’t go anywhere till I come back.”

“Rose, we don’t have the time-”

“Just stay put!” she exclaimed.


“Mum,” she shrieked, “Pete, get up!  It’s happened!  He’s here.”

Jackie sat up in bed, her pyjamas twisted around her stomach.  “Rose…” she trailed off.  “What…”

“Mum.  He’s here- downstairs.  Ten minutes, Mum.  Ten minutes.”

Jackie’s eyes widened. “Oh my God.”  

Rose looked her Mum in the eye.  “Are you ready?”  


Rose rushed down the steps and back to her bedroom.  The Doctor was sitting on her mattress, paging through a book from her bedside table. He stood up abruptly when she entered.

“Rose, I want you to know, you don’t have to come with me,” he said soberly.  “I can’t take you away from everything you know and love.”  He inhaled sharply.  “But I thought I’d maybe…”  He scoffed, his eyes bright.  “Silly old Doctor…if I’d known about the baby…” he touched her stomach again. “Rose…”

“Doctor, whatever it is you’re thinking, please stop,” she said softly.  “We’re ready for you.  We had a plan…in case you ever came back.”  

On cue, Jackie and Pete stumbled into Rose’s room, bleary-eyed, each carrying a small suitcase.

“See,” Rose continued, “we had a talk after the beach…that if you ever came back, we’d be ready.”   She swallowed.  “I couldn’t leave my mum behind, but she couldn’t leave Pete behind, either.”  She walked to her closet and pulled out a suitcase.  “If you came through, we didn’t know how long we’d have so we always wanted to be ready.”  

The Doctor sat down, dumbfounded.  “So you-you’re all coming back?”  

Rose smiled, tears shining in her eyes.  “Why can’t we all have a happy ending?”  

He looked at the three of them, sitting there, smiling, suitcases in hand.  His eyes widened and he wondered what he’d done to deserve such a moment as this.  “Oh, Rose…”

“Doctor,” Rose said softly, “take us home.  All of us.”

He swallowed and shook his head, his eyes bright.  “Rose Tyler, you are brilliant.  Absolutely brilliant!”  

Pete and Jackie stepped through the door and onto the ship, setting their bags down on the metal grating. The Doctor carried Rose’s suitcase, his hand at the small of her back.  

He paused briefly, his smile fading.  “You’re sure this is what you all want?  I can’t come back.”  

Pete smiled and placed a hand on the Doctor’s arm, giving it a gentle squeeze.  “We’re all sure, Doctor.  This is what we want.”  

Rose stepped up to the console, patting it lightly.  “Take us home, old girl.”  

The TARDIS hummed appreciatively, and the Doctor’s smile returned.  “Right you are, Rose Tyler.  Let’s go home- all of us.”  

He leaned down and softly pressed his lips to hers, cupping her cheek.  She gave him a tender smile.    

“Go on…” she smiled.  “Say it.”  

“Say what, Rose?” he asked cheekily

“You know…” she trailed off, egging him on.

Jackie wrinkled her eyebrows.  “What the hell are you two talkin’ about?”

“Ahh, yes…” he said brightly, grinning like a fool.  “Allons-y!”  

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so i was just wondering, since you have that massive selection of fic recs, do you know of any BAMF rose fics or things like bad wolf!rose or time lady rose? thank you for your time!!

Hi! I’ve read and know of quite a few actually :D. This got long so I’m putting it under a read more and dividing the list into three categories.

First: Bad Wolf Rose fics

Warning: telling you that these are BW fics is a little spoilery for some fics (gif not mine)

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