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Leia: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan.


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The ending of Rouge One actually does create a plot hole in Episode 4. Why do princess Leia and that officer Vader was chocking try to convince him that the Tantive IV was a diplomatic ship when they knew for a fact that Vader personally SAW them take the plans on board and leave the battle of Scarif? What made them think Vader would possibly buy that excuse? Do they think he's an idiot?

Realistically, this is probably an unintentional plot hole.  However… if I was to give the films too much credit; one of the points of the original film is that the Republic and the Senate (and by consequence, the Rebellion) relied too much on legality in the face of overwhelming reality (we actually saw this in Episode 1 as well, several times).  Thus the idea being that, regardless of what had just happened between Vader, the Galactic Empire, and the Tantive IV didn’t matter so long as they couldn’t legally prove it and could hide behind legal defenses.  And, again, one of the points in A New Hope was how they had finally moved past such legality by disbanding the Senate in order to utilize the Death Star and the Moffs as a direct method of control. 

See why Rogue One's final scene is the perfect prologue to A New Hope
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is set to come out digitally at the end of the week and on Blu-ray and other home releases next week, which means fans will be able to play the film back to back with A New Hope. A new fan cut shows just how well Gareth Edwards’ prequel flows into George Lucas’ original. The video begins at Rogue One’s final scene — the brutal tag with Darth Vader — and transitions into the opening of A New Hope as the Tantive IV is followed to Tatooine and ultimately boarded. Read more

I can’t believe Rogue One managed to make Darth Vader suddenly just as scary again as he was when I was 4 years old, watching A New Hope for the first time and he walked through that door on the Tantive IV and fucking choked a guy to death. Having seen the movies so many times since then kinda desensitized me to the utter terror of Vader but then that end scene of Rogue One turned me right back into the frightened child cowering on my dad’s lap (and I LOVED it)

I’m doing this, because people can’t do math or human reproduction

There’s nothing wrong the numbers/timeline in the skymom/Jyn is Rey’s mother theory.  Timeline wise, it’s completely sound.

Now, I’m assuming that Rogue One happens within the same year as A New Hope, if not immediately before it.  Logically, Jyn and co. get the Death Star plans, and someone from that team passes them on either to another rebel spy, or straight to Leia on the Tantive IV.  This has to happen very quickly. You do not hold on to information that vital for months.  There is just no way that those plans were floating around in the galaxy for more than a month or two (and even that length of time is unlikely) before Vader caught up with them, the man is too damn competent.

Now Felicity Jones is in her early thirties, but looks younger.  I’ve seen guesses of Jyn’s age at everywhere from late teens to 30, so let’s split it and say that Jyn Erso is 25 at the time of Rogue One/A New Hope.

This would make her 28 at the time of Empire, and 29 during Return of the Jedi. 

Rey is assumed to be 19 and having been born roughly 11 years after the Battle of Endor. Following the rough timeline I’ve set up, Jyn would be 40 that year (Luke, if he’s the father, would be 34).  Despite what some people on tumblr seem to think, it is perfectly possible for women to get pregnant naturally in their early 40s. Even if Jyn was 30 in Rogue One/A New Hope being Rey’s mother is perfectly plausible.

And that’s if we assume Rey was conceived naturally.  The Star Wars universe has cloning, I don’t think successful fertility treatments are beyond their scientific capabilities.

Moreover for those who care, in the EU Luke and Mara were 45 and 43 when Mara gave birth to their son, Ben.  Just saying.

tl;dr If you aren’t down with the Skymom theory that’s cool, but I don’t think the timeline/Jyn’s age is a viable flaw.

Random Headcanon: What Biggs knew

So, according to supplementary canon, Biggs visited Luke on Tatooine just before ditching the Empire. They have a talk, and then Biggs says farewell—tells Luke that he’s going off to join the Rebellion.

This was the same day as the Tantive IV’s capture.


Biggs comes in with four other guys–his friend, who is the reason they got to the Rebel contact in the first place, and three other new recruits. They’re sent first to a constantly-mobile cell of the fleet, whose main purpose is to induct new soldiers and pilots. (It’s a lot harder for spies who are new recruits to get anything useful when it’s a small, ever moving section of the fleet.)

It’s maybe the second day after their arrival. They have their identifications, and their uniforms, and have gone through the first round of testing and screening, determining (at least preliminarily) that they aren’t Imperial spies. They’re gathered in one of the training rooms, lined up shoulder-to-shoulder for inspection and their first debriefing.

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“Why was Leia on Scarif if Bail was sending her after Obi-wan that makes no sense?!”

Okay, the thing about the Battle of Scarif was that NO ONE knew it was gonna happen or was prepared for it. A dozen assholes just started blowing up the beach and the Rebels were like “oh well we gotta go help them” and it was painfully obvious that everyone just kind of picked up and went.

Leia was obviously on Yavin 4 when the word about Scarif came because R2 and C-3PO are there, and they are on the Tantive IV the next time we see them. Leia, who has been planning and personally executing Rebellion missions since she was at 15-16, is definitely going to pick up with the rest of the Rebel Fleet and go do whatever she can in the fight. Everyone, not just the girl that was being sent to find Obi-wan Kenobi, abandoned what they were doing because HOLY CRAP WE MIGHT GET THE DEATH STAR PLANS GUYS.
If there was ever a time to call in the entirety of the tiny Rebel Fleet, its for this. 

“But Darth Vader said that the plans were transmitted to her ship!!”

Right. They were. While her ship was docked with Admiral Raddus’s. He received the transmissions and then they were sent to her ship after his was wrecked and clearly going no where. Also, even if the exact wording Vader used doesn’t fit, Vader can be wrong. That’s allowed. You see, people in real life often misunderstand things or word things incorrectly, that doesn’t mean there is suddenly a time paradox if a person’s explanation doesn’t 100% fit what happened. Also the plans were clearly not in the computers of the Tantive IV in ANH, as they straight up said they weren’t. They always only ever existed on the disk she gave R2. Nothing about how she got them in R1 contradicts ANH.

“But why did she say she was on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan when Vader SAW her?!”

Because why the hell would she admit that even if when she knows he knows?1 Seriously, 1) this is Leia we are talking about, who called Tarkin smelly when he was ordering her execution, who insulted her captors and her rescuers continuously, who has an entire planet that could be at risk if she, their senator and member of the royal family, admitted to being a member of the Rebel Alliance. This is the girl who they showed her home planet they were about to blow up unless she revealed where the rebel base was and she lied about where the rebels were. Why wouldn’t she lie, even if she knows it will do no good. Admitting the truth will do no good for her or anyone else. They won’t believe anything she says anyway, so why not find a lie and stick to it, because then you won’t accidentally reveal anything important about the Alliance.

2) Even without the context of R1, Leia obviously lied to Vader’s face. She said that she was on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan, when she was flying over Tatooine. Go look at a map of the galaxy, ok. Alderaan is a core planet in the middle of the galaxy. Tatooine is way far away in the outer rim. She was always obviously lying to Vader’s face. There is no reason she would ever have to fly by Tatooine to get to Alderaan, and everyone knew that.