the tanner sisters

So today is dress like someone else day and I easily could have decided to just borrow some of Bradley’s clothes and dress like him but where is the fun in that? I mean, I already do that every day. I have decided instead to honour a woman that I need to spend more time with. That’s right. I am dressing like Crystal today. It was hardly a difficult task since she could be my much tanner sister. So here is to a little bronzer, cute dress and dark contacts are going to get me a long way. 


Emilia: You look sickeningly happy. 

Tanner: That’s because I’m with my love Priscilla every day. 

Emilia: It’s a shame how your sister can’t experience that same happiness because every time she tries to date, someone ruins it. 

Tanner: My younger sister can experience the same happiness with her homework and getting good grades in school.