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Kidnapped (1) - Protection

[Note: This One Shot is based on Season 6 Episode 01]

Requested by Anon: Pretty Little Liars - Can u do a pll imagine where you are dating Jason and yous have a fight over something stupid but then u get kidnapped by A and he has to save u

Requested by Anon: Pretty Little Liars - Can you write a PLL imagine where the reader is included when the liars got kidnapped and Jason is freaking out and super fluffy and sad and romantic when they reunite?? Thanks ✊🏽

Requested by prettylittleliarsfan901: Pretty Little Liars - Can you do one when Y/N get out of the Dollhouse and Jason was there to reunite with her?


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At the police station:

It’s been a week now since your friends got kidnapped. The police questioned you for the third time and you just told them what Ali said you can tell them. After the police was finished, Jason picked you up.

Jason looked at you and shook his head, “No way Y/N, no.” he said serious. You returned the look confused. “Don’t even think about that. Toby already told me what he and the others are planning.-”

“-Jason, I’ve to rescue my friends.” You interrupted him as you walked over to his car. 

When Jason and you got into the car, you were looking at him. You waited for him to agree to the plan, to save your friends. He knew what they meant to you. That Ali and you were confused about why ‘A’ didn’t took you two too, he knew also but he was silent. Jason took a deep breath, he felt that you were looking at him. He wanted to start the car but stopped as you grabbed gently his hand.

“You won’t do it.” Jason said soft.

“Nothing will happen to me. Caleb and Ezra will watch me the whole time and I-”

“Y/N!” Jason said serious again. “You won’t do it.”

You chuckled sarcastic, “Who do you think you’re?”

Jason bite his lip and didn’t replied. He started the motor and drove.


Your House:

When Jason saw your house, he parked, leaned over you and opened your door. You were confused because since your friends got kidnapped, he wanted you to sleep in his house. 


“Jason…” You said soft but he didn’t replied again. You got out of the car and shut the door. 

You saw that Jason shrug because you shut the door with all the rage you had inside of you, since your friends got kidnapped and you couldn’t do anything to help them. Your mother heard Jason’s car and came outside to the porch. 

“I try to protect you Y/N. I don’t know why you can’t see that!” He shouted behind you when you walked to your stairs.

Jason saw your mother and gave her a small smile, then he started the motor again and drove away.

“What happened?” Your mother asked you as you got upstairs and passed her. 

“He’s a typical DiLaurentis.” You mumbled and walked downstairs in your room.

“I’ll call Linda for the police protection when you’re sleeping here.” He shouted behind you. “Are you.. sleeping here?” She asked and you shut your door angry. “I take that as a yes…”


(Two days later) DiLaurentis House:

After two days without seeing each other, any phone calls or texting, Jason wanted to go over to you and apologies. He got downstairs and wanted to go in the living room to get his car keys. A man pointed a gun at him.

Jason shrug, “Toby, what the hell?”

“Why didn’t you come in the front?” Toby asked and put his gun back.

“Told me to be discreet, I came through the garage.” He replied still shocked. 

“Jason, I’m so sorry.” Alison said soft. 

“What is going on here?” Jason asked jumbled as he saw Tanner next to Toby, and some others standing around his sister and his father.

Tanner came towards him, “Mr. DiLaurentis-”

”-Call me Jason.”

“Jason, your- Y/N got kidnapped.” Tanner said while he saw your Mother coming in through the front door.

“Jason!” She said and walked straight to him to hug him.

“What happened?” He asked your mother soft as she let go of him.

Tanner looked to the ground, “The police officers were changing shifts and I was at the market.. they didn’t watch out and then-” Your mother started but paused because she had to cry again.

“Y/N was gone.” Tanner said. “We do everything to find her but I need to ask you some questions.”

Alison walked next to her confused brother, “This is not the right moment.”

“Alison, let them do their work.” Mr. DiLaurentis replied and Tanner nodded.

“How long do you know Y/N now?” Tanner asked.

Jason was thinking about you, about the fight you two had. Actually you both never fought, except it was about the secrets you kept for a while when you two started dating. When you told Jason about ‘A’, it brought you two closer together.

“Mr. Di- Jason? Shall I reply the question?” Tanner asked carefully when she noticed that Jason didn’t listen or looked at her.

Jason stopped thinking about you for a second, “What?” 

“Since 10 years.” Alison replied for him. “When Y/N moved here, they hang out.” Alison smirked at her brother, “I stole her from him.” she tried to cheer him up.

Tanned nodded, “Toby already told me that you two are pretty close. Mr. DiLaurentis also said that she slept here since her friends got kidnapped.”

“She’s my girlfriend.” Jason replied serious. As he said these words out loud, for the first time, he looked mad at Toby. “We came closer when my sister disappeared.” Tanner gave him a view and Alison saw that.

“They couldn’t date each other sooner because I didn’t want them to.”

“Why?” Tanner asked.

Alison chuckled, “Would you share your best friend with your older brother? Probably not..”

Jason sat on the couch, “I should’ve protect her.” he took a deep breath and buried his head in his hands.


>>beeep, beeep.<<

“Everyone absolutely silent.” Tanner said when she noticed that Alison’s phone ringed.

Alison looked at her phone and saw that it was a blocked ID, she answered the call when Jason looked at her. “Hello? Hello?”

>>music plays<<

“I know I’m the one you really want.” Alison said into her phone. “Just tell me where you are and I’ll find a way to get there.” She looked at her brother. “But I have to know that you won’t hurt them.” Then the person hang off.

“Did you get it?” Tanner asked the man who should track the call back.

The man stood up, “The caller is in the house.” he replied.

“You?” Tanner looked at Alison. “Are coming with me.”

After Tanner put Alison in a closet, she told a police officer to watch the door and started to look with Toby, where the caller was. While Jason was still in the living room and saw your mother crying, he stood up when his dad wasn’t looking and went out off the house.


Jason walked into the woods which was right next to his house and saw Eszra’s car. He opened the door and got into the car and saw Caleb and Ezra.

“Where is Y/N?” Jason asked but Ezra and Caleb didn’t replied. “WHERE IS SHE?!”

“Quiet!” Ezra responded. “How do you know we’re here?”

“Toby avoided my views, he hates to lie.” Jason said.

“We don’t know.” Caleb replied with a sad voice. “We thought that, after the fight you two had, she wouldn’t want to play the bait anymore.. and when I wanted to visit her, to tell her about the new plan-”

“Which you are ruining right now.” Ezra interrupted.

“-Y/N was already gone.”

“How do you know about our fight? And by the way it was your fault.” He hissed at Ezra. “We fought because of your stupid plan so shut up, Fitz.” Jason replied angry. “She could be here right now.” He said soft.

“I’m her best friend and you’re a stupid ass whenever you two are fighting. ‘A’ left a note that Ali would be the next.” Caleb replied serious.


It was silent for a second and when Jason wanted to say something, the car door opened and Alison went into the car.

“It worked. They thought the call was from ‘A’.” She noticed Jason. “Hey big brother.”

“Are you serious?” Jason asked her. “Unbelievable.” he shook his head.

“Come on. As if you wouldn’t have known already.. but your ‘I should’ve protected her’ was really convincing.”

“Alison, shut up. It was the truth. I should’ve protected her from you guys.”

“Hey, we try to save our girls here.” Caleb said and tried to stop them from fighting as Ezra got a text from Toby.

“Tanner sent everyone to the Campbell Apple Farm. We’re in the clear.”

Jason chuckled, “Clear? Are you even know what we’re doing here?”

Caleb and Ezra turned around to look at Jason, “Listen Jason.. We’re gonna be tracking Ali every step of the way.. and Toby will always know where we are.”

Alison was smiling, “What?” Jason asked annoyed.

“You said ‘We’. Haven’t heard that from you for a long time.” She smiled still. “We’re going to find Y/N.” Alison looked at Ezra and Caleb. “We’re going to find all of them.” She said serious and Ezra started the car.

So Alli’s what do you think? Do you want to read part 2? Let me know if you do! :)

Music Notes and Heartbreaks - Luke Hemmings Imagine (requested)

HEEYY!! I have a request! Like y/s have a band like Tonight Alive, I mean a girl and 4 guys, and 5sos wants to sign with them, and in the process of the making of their album Luke falls for y/s! I gues it’s too long hahaKisses from Argentina! lov ya!  - sofiirydziel


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A/N: this has been in my drafts for a while and luke is bae xx keep the requests coming!

The very first thing you remember before your life changed was your brother/fellow band-mate Tanner running into your room with a wild expression on his face.

“Y/N, you’re not going to believe this. We’re getting signed!!!!” he exclaimed

“What? By who?” you questioned, eyes widening at your brother’s revelation

“5 seconds of summer. You remember them right? Brady dragged you to their concert last summer.” he scoffed, rolling his eyes

“Hey!” you threw a pillow at him “He loved that show!”

“Well it doesn’t matter because they saw our cover of I Miss You (a/n: my favorite 5sos cover)  on youtube and the one dude–aaron–wait ASHTON messaged Brady on twitter about signing the band!”

“So they liked my voice?!” you held back your hysteria as Tanner nodded, causing you to scream and jump up and down on your bed.

 You and your brothers–Nick, Brady, Noah, and Tanner had made your band, Chasing The Last Tomorrow on a whim because you all loved music and wanted to become as good as the bands you and your brothers had looked up to.

 Some people had called your band punky, others, alternative but it didn’t matter as long as they liked you guys. Your band had played dive-in bars and clubs around town and the local news had covered your band several times but you never expected to be noticed by famous musicians, let alone 5sos.

Heat began to radiate throughout your body as you began thinking about these 4 boys that were about to change their lives. To your brothers and to everyone that knew you, it was no secret that you were a fan of the band.The day that Calum had followed you on twitter had been one of the greatest days of your life.

Before you could delve deeper into your own thoughts, Tanner snapped at you.

“Are you even listening?!” he spoke “We need to pack now!”

But amidst your brother’s ramblings about London, how the hell you were going to tell your parents, and whether any of them were going to hit on you you not-so-nicely kicked your brother out of your room and slammed the door on him.

“Well you better pack, Y/N!” Tanner yelled before you fell back onto your bed.

The phone hadn’t stopped ringing for days after Brady had told you about 5sos wanting to sign the band. Hotel reservations, writing sessions, and time in a music booth were only a few of the myriad of decisions you and your brothers had to make before setting off to London where you were supposed to meet the boys while they were on a break from touring.

Once you and your brothers had reached London, you all spent some time in a recording booth, laying down some tracks and goofing off. Your ‘band practices’ were never traditional but both you and your brothers were ready for 5sos.

That night in your hotel, you had decided to go out and explore. Tanner had insisted that one of your brothers accompany you but you had slammed the door in his face before he could protest further.

The cool London air greeted you as you made your way down the street from your hotel. You’d get strange looks occasionally from people on the street and a few fans had actually recognized you and you happily posed for photos.

Leaving your fans, you walked towards this side-street coffee shop. There weren’t many people in the shop and with a beautiful outlook of London town, you couldn’t resist buying a hot chocolate and sitting down with your notebook and pen to start writing some songs. 

When you found the perfect spot to write, the words just flowed out of you. You were so entranced in your song writing that you hadn’t noticed when another person had entered the coffee shop and had turned their attention to you.

“So you’re one of those people.” 

Your head jerked up and you nearly choked on your coffee. Staring at you bemusedly was none of than Lucas Hemmings himself. 

Regaining your composure, you raised your eyebrows.

“One of those people?” you scoffed

“Yeah.” he grinned “One of those people who buys hot chocolate at a coffee shop.”

“Well I guess I am.” you smirked

You motioned for Luke to take a seat next to you and he happily obliged.  

His blue eyes twinkled in curiosity. “So your the famous Y/N Y/L/N of Chasing The Last Tomorrow. Nice name by the way.”

“Don’t mention it. My brothers are still arguing about the name.” you laughed

“Wow, really?”

“Ha ha yeah! I just gave up. I mean having 4 obnoxious older brothers throwing their opinions around made me not want to get into it with them.”

Luke gulped. “4 older brothers? Wow, they must be protective of you what with you being so cute and all.”

“Wha-” you phone started going off, “Just Saying” by 5sos shattering your sentence.

Luke started chuckling as you shushed him.

“Hello?- Ok, ok, OKAY. I’ll be right there.”

“Who was that?”

“Sorry, it was my brother Tanner. I have to get back to the hotel. Apparently Brady and Noah were arguing about what songs we were going to show your band tomorrow and I’m the only one that can make them see how stupid they’re being.”

“No no it’s okay.”

As you were standing up to leave, Luke shot up and grabbed your hand.

“I guess this is the time in the evening when I would ask for your number but I mean I AM seeing you tomorrow and-”

“Luke, I’m sorry but I think it would be super unprofessional if we started seeing each other.” You gave him a sad smile. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

You quickly exited the coffee shop before Luke could reply.


The next day, when you and your brothers had “officially” met 5sos, it was a hot mess of giggles. After sitting down in a stuffy conference office and signing some paperwork, 5sos had insisted that your band immediately start working in the recording booth to start working on your album.

 In the recording studio, Brady and Tanner immediately bonded with Michael over the latest Clash of Clans update while Noah was in a corner with Calum going over bass riffs and Nick talking to Ashton about his shirt;

leaving you with Luke. Your rejection of Luke hung over the both of you and you sat next to each other for several minutes not saying anything as your brothers got to know 5sos better.

“Let’s go in the booth and maybe work on a song, yeah?” Luke questioned

You shrugged, “Fine by me.”

Entering into the sound-proof booth, the dull-roar of your brothers and 5sos’ conversations was quickly silenced, ending you and Luke’s moment of civility.

“Why did you say it?”

You quickly spun around and Luke’s face broke your heart. His face and expression were laced in sadness and confusion, his body rigged and full of tension.

“I-Luke it was-” you started

“No. You had your time to explain, Now it’s mine.”

His eyes burned into yours as he backed your into the wooden door.

His hands ghosted over your hips and he took a deep breath.

“I like you. I think you’re one hell of a musician and you’re attractive. Hell, I’m attracted to you.” he stated as he rubbed small circles into your hips.

“Who cares if my band signed yours? It shouldn’t matter if we both like each other.” Both of your eyes widened at Luke’s words

“Shit,” he mumbled and he backed away from you. “I just told you how I felt and you haven’t even said you like me. Hell, you rejected me.”

He ran his hands through his blonde-quiff, messing it up a bit.

Watching Luke become flustered was actually adorable. He paced around the booth and his eyebrows were knitted in concentration as he shook his hands nervously and his full, pink lips teased you as he spoke a mile-a-minute.

“Y/N? Are you even listening?” Luke’s full attention was on you.

Within two strides you reached Luke and grabbed his head, hungrily attaching his lips to yours. Instinctively, he began running his hands up and down your sides, causing you to moan into his mouth, deepening the kiss.

“Oi!” Tanner voice crinkled through the sound booth, making you and Luke jump apart.

Staring at you through the glass, Ashton, Calum, and Michael were trying hard not to laugh as your older brothers glared at you, causing you to blush, while you distanced yourself from Luke.

“You better watch it, Hemmings! That’s my little sister!” Tanner frowned, eyed the both of you.

“Sorry mate! We can’t hear you, can you give us a second?” Luke asked before kissing you again, earning cheers from his band mates and groans from your brothers.

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Xiumin’s always ready to fight Baekhyun

So today is dress like someone else day and I easily could have decided to just borrow some of Bradley’s clothes and dress like him but where is the fun in that? I mean, I already do that every day. I have decided instead to honour a woman that I need to spend more time with. That’s right. I am dressing like Crystal today. It was hardly a difficult task since she could be my much tanner sister. So here is to a little bronzer, cute dress and dark contacts are going to get me a long way.