the tank man


Aaron Tveit at TLA Philly

I love the Hawaiian shirt on him (I loved it even in that Braindead interview) it just matches his dorky personality and then of course I will never complain when he’s in a tank top!

anonymous asked:

If the Tiananmen Square protests weren't against Dengism then what were them against ?

I’ve heard a few arguments but I don’t think it matters. Heres what does matter: protesters were encouraged, funded and ARMED by the CIA. These “protesters”, whatever their cause, attacked and brutally murdered several Chinese soldiers. The narrative that the Chinese government cracked down on protest is the message that serves US interest, and is the core of the propaganda. In reality CIA provocateurs created a violent situation and engaged with soldiers. Still, there was no massacre, and nobody even actually died in Tiananmen square. Some protesters were killed in clashes with the soldiers during the day but that happened in nearby streets and buildings. Oh, and the famous tank man photo was actually taken the following day as tanks were leaving the square. The story told in the west hangs various lies and distortions of facts together in a way to make a story that suits imperial interests, from what in reality was a more complex and messy situation. This is what disinformation experts are trained to do and that’s the role they play for empire