the tallest tower in the world

Creepypasta #1192: Kids Say the Weirdest Things

Length: Short

Allison had earned herself a reputation of telling various fanatical tall-tales. “Jimmy fell off of the tallest building in the world!” or “The librarian has a magical dimensional key” or even “Sarah got swallowed up by a giant turtle at the front of the school!”

Most adults would simply smile and shrug off her nonsensical ramblings. Some would become mildly irritated at having their time wasted and shoo Allie away. Of course a few adults had rationalized that there was always a hidden truth to Allison’s words, but in the frenzied mind of a toddler, certain things just became muddled.

For example, Jimmy hadn’t truly fallen off of ‘the tallest building in the world’, he had simply fallen off of the plastic tower at the playground, which to a child may very well have been the tallest building in the world. 

And of course the librarian didn’t actually have a 'magical dimensional key’, just a boring old key card and scanner. 

But Sarah? That one was a head-scratcher.

It wasn’t until Sarah didn’t show up to school for a week, that the connection was made:

From a distance, and in the mind of an oblivious toddler, a black sedan car looked an awful lot like a giant black turtle.

Credits to: YKGem (story)

I had a dream where I was watching an alternate version of the movie Moana.

Moana’s island was a more advanced civilization and had ancient looking towers on it. People were still not allowed to leave, but Moana’s dad was a much more tyrannical leader who would punish those who attempted. He was the only one with the ability to sail, because he could control a magical manta ray he enslaved to be the engine of his ship.

Moana was curious about stuff, and wanted to explore some of the ancient ruins on her island and the outside world, especially the top floor of the tallest tower, the one she wasn’t allowed to visit.

One day, an explorer from another island appeared, and she kept him hidden and safe from her dad, knowing he would kill him or force him back into the sea. The explorer convinced Moana to come with him to explore the tower. They go through the different floors, discovering secrets and avoiding traps, until they reach the top floor.

There they discover Maui, who was trapped there for a thousand years. Maui attempted to leave the island a thousand years ago along with a bunch of kids, but was captured by Moana’s ancestor. Since he was a Demigod, and couldn’t be killed, Moana’s ancestor opted to trap him at the top of the tower along with all the kids.

A thousand years later, he is still there, helping raise the descendants of the kids who were trapped there with him, who developed a small society. The explorer wants to help free Maui and the people who live at the top of the tower, but Moana is afraid of her dad. Maui sings a song to her to help convince her to stand up to him.

And that’s where the dream ended.

“Cinderella’s Castle” Elmer Plummer, 1967

It’s always a pleasure to imagine what could-have-been in the theme park world, and today’s piece is a fun look at how Magic Kingdom’s crowning icon could have turned out a bit differently. This concept from artist Elmer Plummer features a Cinderella’s Castle that sports a chunkier build and more towers, certainly more along the lines of the castle seen in the 1950 animated film. Also of note: the grander second floor entrance, flanked on either side by sweeping staircases. However, the art also shows clear early views of the final version, with the tallest tower and, of course, the clock.

Art ©️Disney

showmeyoureverythingisokface  asked:

Dear Archy, I noticed that today's Google Doodle was about Fazlur Rahman Khan. Do you have any favorite buildings he designed or influenced, and an estimation of his achievements?

Willis Tower

Fazlur Rahman Khan (Bengali: ফজলুর রহমান খান, Fozlur Rôhman Khan) (3 April 1929 – 27 March 1982) was a Bangladeshi-American structural engineer and architect, who initiated important structural systems for skyscrapers. Considered the “father of tubular designs” for high-rises, Khan was also a pioneer in computer-aided design (CAD). He was the structural designer of the Sears Tower, since renamed Willis Tower, the tallest building in the world from 1973 until 1998, and the 100-story John Hancock Center. via

Fazlur Rahman Khan Google’s Doodle

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Further Observations
  • There are more than 3000 floors to Kane Co Tower, if the number behind Kane when he walks into his office are to be believed. The current tallest building the WORLD is only a couple-hundred.  WE GET IT DUDE YOURS IS BIGGER.
  • Casual reminder Texas punches the inside of his car to make it do things instead of pressing buttons
  • also he appears to have two gas pedals so he can just slAM BOTH FEET ON THEM AS HARD AS POSSIBLE
  • We see exactly one (1) female Kane Co. executive (excluding Julie) and she appears to be a very curvy middle-aged black lady who I have immediately decided is Claire’s mom
  • OKAY BUT IT WOULD MAKE SO MUCH SENSE THAT’S HOW CLAIRE AND JULIE ENDED UP FRIENDS!  Kane wouldn’t let just anybody be his precious Julie-Bear’s friend!  Claire’s mom is part of Kane’s Board of Directors!  YOU CAN’T TAKE THIS HEADCANON FROM ME
  • Almost every time we catch a brief glimpse of Chuck’s eyes he’s making a face like >8C  like this boy is scared but also he is ready to Throw Down
  • Jacob has canonically created AIs that can feel loyalty, fear and kinship, and that can be moved by speeches/emotionally engaged.  
  • So honestly, we’re a go for any android headcanon anybody wants to throw around, lbr.
  • The face Mike makes when Chuck is like “I’d have to save you life and let’s face it, that ain’t gonna happen” literally breaks my heart EVERY TIME he’s so sad that Chuck’s sad oh my god.
  • related: the face Chuck makes when Mike pins the crown pin on his chest makes me UNBELIEVABLY GODDAMN EMOTIONAL holy crap he’s so happy
  • Rayon could literally punch me in the face and I would be like HAHA WOW
  • The Duke is REALLY PISSED about Mike accidentally wrecking one half-built car-frame, but literally fires fully-built limos out of a cannon at people.  WHAT IS THE TRUTH
  • Listening to Chuck babbling while trying to drive in Blonde Thunder like AT LEAST LET HIM SWEAR HE OBVIOUSLY WANTS TO HE IS DYING

ITALY FOR EVERYONE: One of the world’s first world’s first shopping malls, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan, Italy - photography: Krzysztof Dydynski/Getty - text: Vicky Hallett - NatGeo June/July 2017

“Ports Nuova, a formerly dead zone located between the central train station and Milan’s top tourist attractions (including its original grand shopping arcade, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II). Over the past five ears, Porta Nuova has become the place to geek out over architecture. Stand in the elevated Piazza Gae Ailenti with its LED-enhanced fountains, while gazing up at the steel spire atop the UniCredit Tower-the tallest building in Italy. Just behind  mod botanic garden is the ultimate tree house; two residential high-rises covered in leafy vegetation and named Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest). The whole develop has become a magnet for coffee drinkers, cocktail sipper,s and, of course, shoppers. International brands abound, but the main fashionista focus is just a short stroll to the south. Behind an understated entrance draped with vines, 10 Corso Como combines art gallery, restaurant, bookshop, and clothing store.” ~ full story covers Milan, Modena, Umbria, Capri & Stromboli

The Brooklyn Bridge opened on May 24, 1883, linking what would become the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan in New York City. It was an accomplishment of mythic proportions requiring new technologies and new engineering. In its day, the Brooklyn Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world with the length of the main span measuring 1,595 feet long. Its towers were once the tallest structures in the city. The design was imaginative: Artists said the Gothic-influenced bridge demonstrated that aesthetics and technology could coexist. It so inspired the poet Hart Crane that he chose his apartments for their view of the bridge. His masterpiece is the book-length poem "The Bridge.“

SHINee in Toronto

Okay so I wasn’t gonna submit a story cuz I was like maybe some fans were gonna bless me with their SHINee experiences and make mines look LAME but all I see is BTS and EXO and GOT7 so let me tell yall about my main kpop group, SHINee! I present to you this extremely long post about my SHINee in Toronto experinece!

Okay so first off, I live in Virginia in the US. My older cousin actually surprised me with SHINee tickets for my 21st birthday which was earlier this month. I broke down crying when she told me we were going because I thought I’d never see my ultimate kpop group since the US tour consisted of Dallas and LA. I tried to get over it cuz I had BTS tickets (which I gave up to travel to Canada… sad but worth it). So anyways, I traveled to the magnificent country of Canada the day before the concert and saw the Niagara Falls and all that fun, touristy things. 

Alright so the day of the concert, I’m hella lit. I was going to the concert with my cousin, her best friend, and her best friend’s husband (They’re such goals. She sucked him into the Kpop world and now he’s a Kpop fanboy). So my cousin’s best friend and I are on stalker mode. We lit walked around Toronto from 9am - 3pm looking for SHINee cuz… ya know. We didn’t find them but I did go up the CN Tower (Which is the tallest building on the Western Hemisphere. I’ll add the picture I took from the top!) and I experienced the greatness that is Tim Hortons. Amazing place, honestly. So like I said we didn’t find SHINee. However, as we were walking past the venue, girls who were handing out lighsticks told us they were at the Niagara Falls and we were just like oh great… we missed them by a day!

So we go back to our hotel and start to get ready for the concert. I spend like an hour on my makeup which my cousin nor her best friend could understand but like… it’s SHINee… my ultimate bias Kim Kibum is in SHINee? Like? What did they want from me? So I went what I consider, “all out” on my makeup. I was pretty cute, if I say so myself. So after getting ready, we head back to the venue (all in walking distance) and the line is getting long cuz it’s like 5pm and doors open at 6:30. There were super long lines at the park across the street for stuff we didn’t know so walked over there instead cuz who’s gonna wait in that long line for the venue? I told them we should’ve waited as I’ve experienced five kpop events before but no no, we get out of line and go to the park. I didn’t complain too much though because I got like three SHINee light sticks, a photo card, a banner, fan chant sheets, etc. So after that we head back to the line at the venue cuz it’s about 6pm but again, they don’t wanna stand in line because it was getting too cold for them. So we head to a coffee shop across the street and stay there until like 6:20. 

Here’s where I wanted to tell them I told them so because when we got back to the venue, the line was wrapped around the building and they were pissed and I’m just like… I told yall but okay. So we stand in line for an hour and a half. Yes, we stood out in the cold until 7:30 when they let us in. Mind you, the concert was supposed to start at 7:30 but I guess they were still setting up? So we get inside, I’m super hype now but my cousin and her friend have to use the bathroom and I’m just like cool okay because once they let us inside the venue the doors to the auditorium were still shut so (: 

So the bathrooms were like downstairs and we go there and since I didn’t have to use the bathroom, I walked off a little to check out the venue and stood beside a friendly security guard. Idk if she was friendly or not but she didn’t tell me to go away cuz she was blocking this door or whatever. So I’m standing there and this other girl who I remember seeing outside is standing with me and suddenly we hear singing? And it’s one of SHINee’s songs and it’s Jonghyun’s voice… COMING FROM THE BLOCKED DOOR! So I turn to the girl and I’m like… “Do you hear that? Does… does that sound live to you?” and she must’ve thought the same thing cuz she’s freaking out and the security guard is SMIRKING AT US and so to confirm my suspicious, we hear Onew’s voice break at one part of the song and now I’m freaking out. I recorded some of it but you can barely hear it because the girl and I were too busy fangirling. So after it’s over, I go back to where the restrooms are and tell my cousin and her friend what happened and they’re mad and I’m just like :) sucks for yall.

SO FINALLY!! We get inside the venue AND PLEASE tell me why I have the best cousin in the entire world?! I was FRONT AND CENTER at the stage. I was within the first five rows from the stage. I literally cried at how close I was and because… SHINee. So I couldn’t take any pictures or anything cuz this one rude security guard threatened to confiscate our phones like we’re in fucking high school or something. And they actually did remove people from the audience who got caught taking pictures or recording and I won’t about to lose my possible only chance and witnessing Kings so nah. No recording or pictures from me.

Okay so here’s the actual good stuff. I mentioned Key was my bias right? I never thought Key would be interested in me cuz idk… he doesn’t give me that vibe he likes black girls so I threw all hope of our imaginary relationship out the window. Until that night that is… So at the beginning, they were introducing themselves and Key is talking and the venue is dead ass quiet except for Key. So my rude American self, I literally scream out, “KIBUM I LOVE YOU!” And lit EVERYONE turned around to look at me. Like EVERYONE, my cousin, her friend, her friend’s husband, the security guards, the people in front of me, SHINEE! Like everyone looked at me. And I’m shocked cuz I’m usually a quiet person. When I yell, people tell me it’s like I’m talking normally lmao. So KIBUM abrubtly stops talking and LOOKS AT ME for like a whole three seconds and looks like he forgot what he was gonna say but he remembered and continued his speech so I’m still shookt cuz he ACTUALLY HEARD ME! 

So the concert goes on, I’m jamming out, and Minho makes his way over to my side of the stage and he’s looking at me and he nods his head at me as if to say, “what’s up?” and I thought I imagined this but apparently not cuz my cousin turned to me and was like, “Did Choi Minho just nod at you?” and these two girls in front of me actually turned around and GLARED at me and I’m just in my head like chill, I don’t want Minho. Key is my man. Speaking of Key, he comes over to my side of the stage every now and then and at one point our eyes lock and he SMILES AT ME and I’m shookt cuz Kibum you don’t know what you do to me holy shit. And this happened during a majority of the concert and my cousin is eyeing me and I’m just like, “Nah he’s not smiling and looking at me. Leave me alone.”

SO during the times he smiled at me, I’m oblivious and don’t smile back so I’m under the impression he’s smiling at the girls in front of me. So at the end of the concert, when Jonghyun was talking, my eyes were like glued to Key as if I’m trying to take as much of him in as I can before I won’t see him in person for another 1,000 years. SO please tell me why he turns his head and boom, our eyes LOCK AGAIN!! And he’s not smiling at me this time, he’s just staring with this blank stare at me and I’m giving him the same facial expression back. So then I decide to test if he’s really looking at me (though it was obvious but stuff like this doesn’t happen to nobodies like me. I’ve met Jackson twice and he still doesn’t love me.) and I smile the biggest smile I can at him and HE IMMEDIATELY SMILED BACK AT ME! Like holy shit, it was the brightest smile and the same smile that made me fall in love with him five years ago! And my cousin is nudging me and pointing at Key and the girl in front of me, whew, IF LOOKS COULD KILL!! And I’m just in a trance cuz, Kim Kibum of SHINee noticed me and now I can die happily.

So besides Kibum and Minho, Onew got really close to us at one point that if I stretched out my hand, he could’ve literally grabbed it. My cousin’s friend caught a ball that Onew personally signed (I’m still jealous), Jonghyun winked at the two girls in front of me and I swear one of them almost fainted, and Taemin is literally so shy and a sweetie. He’s adorable. I had a fun time and now I just gotta find a way to get Key my number and we’re good. Lmao.


LOWER MANHATTAN SKYLINE:  Note the changing visual profile of downtown since 9/11, particularly with the loss and rebuilding of the World Trade Center complex. I took these photos from the Staten Island Ferry and harbor cruises over the years I have lived in New York City.

On May 10, 2013, the final piece of the spire was lifted to the top of One World Trade Center, bringing the tower to its full height of 1,776 feet (541 m), and making it the fourth-tallest building in the world, as well as the tallest in the city, surpassing the 1,454-foot (443 m) Empire State Building.

At the time of their completion in 1973, the “Twin Towers"—the original 1 World Trade Center, at 1,368 feet (417 m); and 2 World Trade Center, at 1,362 feet (415.1 m)—were the tallest buildings in the world.

One World Trade Center would no longer hold its lofty designation, however, under a developer’s plan to supersize a 57th St. residential skyscraper. Gary Barnett wants to raise the top of the spire at his proposed Nordstrom Tower to 1,795 feet (547 m) — 19 feet taller than the one atop 1 World Trade Center. 

Although the angles are slightly different in the three photos, I have tried in sizing them to keep the proportions constant with reference to the older buildings in front. Clearly Lower Manhattan has filled out a lot since 2001. There are many new highrise buildings, most notably One World Trade Center, which is slimmer but 408+ feet taller than the the old Twin Towers. 

So there really has been a lot of change over the last two decades. as Lower Manhattan now booms with new construction. Creative destruction continues unabated in NYC:  stay tuned in the highrise race to the sky! 


Fireworks mark the opening of the 123-story Lotte World Tower, the fifth tallest building in the world.

I’m going to try to figure out how big The Last City actually is.  From what I can see in-game, it’s absolutely massive.  From the top of the tower you can just barely see the skyscrapers that are directly below the Traveler on the edge of the horizon.  Now from the top of the Tower it looks like the city takes on a circular shape, which would make sense if it’s in the shadow of the Traveler.

Now the tallest building in the world is currently the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is 2,717 ft. tall.  The distance to the horizon from the top of that tower is 64 miles.

Comparing the view from the top of Burj Khalifa

To the top of The Tower, where buildings that are likely at least 20-30+ stories look tiny:

And the fact that the skyscrapers directly under the tower are barely visible:

We can probably conclude that The Tower is as tall, if not taller, then 2.717 ft.  Which makes the minimum radius of The Last City 64 miles, or 128 miles diameter.  Not to mention that the Tower is a good distance from the Traveler, which I’d like to remind you is HUGE and visible from space.

I headcanon that The Tower could be at the most a mile tall (5280 ft).  Which would make the distance to the horizon 88.649 miles.  So the radius of the last city would be 88 miles, and diameter 176 miles.  Calculating the area of The City, we get 24,328 square miles.

Now with calculating the population, I took the population density of Mumbai, India instead of New York City like most do.  Because while NYC has a lot of people, it’s not really crowded like Mumbai is.  With all that remains of humanity clustered into the City, it’s bound to be crowded as hell.

So taking the population density of Mumbai (53,597 people per square mile) and the area of The Last City, we get a population of 1,303,907,816.

Okay holy fuck that’s a lot.  It is possible, but wow that is a lot of people.  But we’re going to assume that some of the land is set aside for farmland. Now the actual amount of land in the United States that is used for farmland is about 51%, but with so many people the City could not afford to dedicate half of its area to farmland while trying to keep the remaining population of humanity alive.

For those who don’t know, arable land is defined as land that has been used for farming/pasture in the last five years.  Not all areas defined as farmland are used this often, but the city would use its avaiable farmland as much as it could.  The percent arable land for the United States is 17%.  This is land that is actually currently being used for farmland.  I am going to up it to 20% because of the large population.  We are going to apply this statistic to The Last City.

So if we take in the fact that, when the statistic is applied, 4,865 square miles of that land is used for farmland, and apply the population density to that, we get 260,781,563 people that would be living on that land if it weren’t farmland. Subtract that from the initial figure, you get a population of 1,043,126,253.  I’m going to round that to 1,043,126,000 because numbers are never exact.   Now yes, that is still a lot of people.  But it IS possible.  If Texas had the population density of New York City it could easily house the entire population of the planet. All seven billion of them. And you have to take into account the advanced technology of the Golden Age, it is even more possible.  People from all over the planet would have been able to quickly get to the city the Traveler was protecting via ship and other advanced forms of transportation.  And ships in space from various planets and moons that would have survived the initial onslaught would quickly be able to jump to the city’s location.  Some would not make it depending on what fleet(s) surrounded Earth at the time, but enough would to get to the protective bubble of the Traveler. This is, of course, assuming that the population during the Golden Age was huge,  I often headcanon it to be around 60 billion people.  1 billion surviving out of that many is not much. Despite the calculations I made, they are, of course, not an exact number, and just headcanon.  I personally think 1 billion is a bit much, and may headcanon The City’s population just below that, maybe 800-700 million people.  Who knows how many Guardians there may be. So that’s just a rough estimate based on a shitton of headcanons.  A lot of people may disagree with it, but enjoy!

Der Alexanderplatz is a large public square and transport hub in the “Mitte” district of Berlin, near the Fernsehturm. Locals often call it simply Alex, referring to a larger neighborhood around it. Originally a cattle market outside the city fortifications, it was named in honor of a visit of the Russian Emperor Alexander I to Berlin in 1805 by order of King Frederick William III of Prussia. The square gained a prominent role in the late 19th century with the construction of the Stadtbahn (tram) station and a nearby market hall, followed by the opening of a department store of Hermann Tietz in 1904. The U-Bahn station of the current U2 line opened in 1913. Its heyday was in the 1920s, when, together with Potsdamer Platz, it was at the heart of Berlin’s nightlife, inspiring the 1929 novel “Berlin Alexanderplatz” and 2 films based thereon, Piel Jutzi’s 1931 film and Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s 15½ hour second adaptation from 1980. In 1920, the authorities started a rearrangement of the increasing traffic flows laying out a roundabout. Alexanderplatz has been subject to redevelopment several times in history, most recently during the 1960s, when it was turned into a pedestrian zone and enlarged as part of the DDR’s redevelopment of the city center. It is surrounded by several notable structures including the Fernsehturm (TV Tower), which is the 2nd-tallest structure in the EU. Alex also accommodates the Park Inn and the World Time Clock, a continually rotating installation that shows world times. During the Revolution of 1989, the Alexanderplatz demonstration on 4 Nov was the largest demonstration in the history of the DDR. Since the German Reunification, Alexanderplatz has undergone a process of change with many of the surrounding buildings being renovated. Despite the reconstruction of the tram line crossing, it has retained its “socialist” character, including the much-graffitied Brunnen der Völkerfreundschaft (“Fountain of Friendship between Peoples”). 

MBTI Types as Fun at Amusement Parks

ESTJ: bumper cars

ISTJ: the good burgers and pizza

ESFJ: looking through the gift shop and finding ridiculous sunglasses

ISFJ: the chair swings and taking silly pictures on the merry go round

ESTP: stunt shows where men eat fire and juggle knives

ISTP: betting your friends that you can ride the tallest roller coaster without screaming

INTP: the newest VR or simulator rollercoaster (soarin’ at disney is my fav)

ENTP: the haunted house and tower of terror

ENFJ: the water rides where “you will get wet, you may get soaked”

INFJ: the spinning teacups and “it’s a small world”

INFP: trying butterbeer at the harry potter park

ENFP: the themes in each part of the park that make you feel like you’re walking through different worlds and time periods

ISFP: the cotton candy and funnel cakes

ESFP: taking pictures with the characters, maybe asking to marry them

INTJ: the rides with dinosaurs

ENTJ: walking past the longest lines because you have a fastpass and acting like you’re VIP while you do so