the tales series


Here’s my Velvet Crowe cos from Tales of Berseria~ I love her so much but I hate her clothes and wig. This cos keeps falling apart but I’m modifying it more so that they’ll stay on for awhile when I take her to AX. This is also the most exposed skin I’ve done in cos (besides femAce) so it was a challenge more ways then one. I cant wait to take more pictures of her, next time a full body one.

Photog: @hime-photos thanks for always agreeing to take pictures with me! And spazzing about games lol.
Velvet: Me


“Let’s move! We go to kill the exorcist legates, and engulf this world in the flames of chaos!”
~ Velvet Crowe

“Let’s go, everyone! We will purify the Lord of Calamity and take back a beautiful world!”
~ Sorey


What kind of Tales blog would I be if I didn’t screen shot the infamous “hot coffee” scene once I got to this point?