the tales of the dead man's float

Secret Admirer (4/4)

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“Is she alright?” Snow asks, leaping from her seat the moment Whale enters the waiting room, “Can we see her? How is she?” she’s blabbering, rocking Neal in her arms, bouncing her whole body to try and soothe him, holding him tightly, Emma doesn’t even think Snow is aware of how tight she’d holding that baby. Snow glances down for a second as Emma reaches over, Emma takes Neal from Snow, the kid’s crying quiets almost immediately, huh, Emma thinks, some of her headache receding as Neal stops wailing, pitiful whimpers escaping him instead, he doesn’t like to be smothered either, surprise surprise.

Robin is slow to rise, looking terrified before his features harden and he stands and walks with silent steps to Snow and Emma, and Whale. He glances at the baby in Emma’s arms, his expression never once changing before he addresses Whale, his voice low, Emma can barely hear him at all as Snow still strings question after question out her mouth, “Does she live?” Robin asks though.

Whale had a hand raised at Snow, some gentle command to calm, but he takes the time to nod at Robin, a little thing, a barely there tilt of his head, “Yes,” Whale says, and Snow explodes a huge sigh of relief, her questions dying off mid-sentence, but Emma’s anxiety isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, people can live through lots of things, she knows that, Regina’s alive, but being alive doesn’t mean being alright.

“Can we see her? How is she?” Snow asks, and now that there is no baby to pour her restless energy into, she wrings her hands instead. Emma shudders, that kitchen playing in her mind, the blood, Regina on her back, her nightie stained with blood, beaten, she was beaten, and she was…she was, Emma shudders, she was raped, Emma’s almost certain, Emma shakes her head and smushes her nose in baby Neal’s hair, trying to get the phantom smell of blood and burnt cookies out of her nostrils.

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