the talent i can't even

um y'all really thought got7 is untalented, explain this

monsta x deserves the world but the world doesn’t deserve them

i really really love great comet and THE OUTIFTS GOOD GOD

Can we all just take a moment

to appreciate Supernatural fanfic writers? They are all so talented and amazing. And while the AU fics are beautiful and heart warming, I want to focus on non-AU fics. So much thought is put into those fics. They make the case, study the lore, create plot twists, etc. They basically create their own season of Supernatural and that is just mind blowing to me. 

every single time i think yoi has reached the absolute maximum level of Extra™ something new comes up and proves me wrong lmao this show is a gift


@shevoj1207 SPOILS ME, I SWEAR. I was literally just screaming the entire time going through the package. MR. VR SAYS THANK YOU FOR HIS CORAN KEY CHAIN XD XD XD


Gosh, I feel so bad when I send you packages cuz I never have anything cool!! LOL


💜 “… Just You …” 💜

💜 #Reylo

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anonymous asked:

What female idols hides the most on camera?

Welp, anon… Most of them? It’d be easier if you asked me the opposite. lol Male idols are controlled as well, of course, but often are more at ease when it’s about being able to joke around and say some snappy things - because it’ll only be considered funny and therefore attractive, but if it’s a girl? How dare she have an attitude? Or, I don’t know, a personality? All artists are controlled to an extent, but specially female idols are very much so. Most of them don’t show their true selves because they’re not allowed to, and the ones that are constantly only doing aegyo and not ever showing any kind of personal opinion… That’s normally a tell of someone not being themselves on it’s own. If they’re just overall acting like South Korea expects them to, as a submissive and only cute and easily handled girl - then they’re definitely hiding something. It’s totally fine to be cute and sweet but to be it at all times and not explode sometimes specially within the industry that they work with? I don’t trust it at all. But again, it’s not their choice - they’re just severely controlled. I’ll mention three that I’ve noticed from the top of my head but there’s plenty more:

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I won’t judge or something like that, but I’ll pray to any God for Brenton Thwaites and I’ll beg for him to be a decent Nightwing cause this is crucial. And since Starfire will be black (😒) this is my only hope.


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Hello, I'm a big fan of your YOI fanart (I ordered the Mafiazine only for your art sake). I have a request : would it be possible to have the authorization to edit 4 stamps with 2 of your pictures (Japan Victor under a sakura; Victuuri mafia AU on your Deviantart).These stamps are not intended to be used : they are for my personal collection and I won't draw any profit. The French Post Office requires a written authorization. Your signature Lamenart will appear. Whatever your answer, thank you!

OMFG!  You are so freaking the best. I really don’t know what to say. HOLY SHIT ARE YOU SURE?!

Thank you so much. So happy that you like my art that much. And yeah sure! Please go ahead. Thank you for asking permission though. Have a fabulous day!