the tale of two suns



FOCUS | Ignis x Prompto x Reader | 5,269 words

INK | Gladio x Female OC | 4,745 words

STAY | Noctis x Female OC | 4,627 words

DEVOUR | Ignis x Gladio x Reader | 7,320 words

FIRST | Noctis x Prompto x Reader | 6,998 words

PLAY | Noctis x Gladio x Prompto x Reader (Featuring: Ignis) | 6,871 words

RECORD | Noctis x Ignis x Reader (Sequel to PLAY) | 9,460 words

REGALIA JOYRIDE | Gladio x Reader | 2,367 words


TIME LAPSE: TWO TALES | FFXV / Fallout 4 Crossover | WIP | AO3

CHASING SUNS | Gladio Soulmate AU | COMPLETE |



THREE WORDS | Gladio x Reader

June Book Photo Challenge
Day 20: Colours
“We read to know that we are not alone.”
  – C. S. Lewis


Cause fuck shading and all that it stands for.
….and those sandals.


anyways, I….once again have made a new character. His name is Sól, and he’s loosely based off of @symphysins au Deity!Tale.

He, of course, will be added to @an-amalgamation-of-bros

RvB Rec Day

Hello, this month I have another theme: Wash and cats. Because who doesn’t love that??

25 - 150 hertz by eggstasy (Gen, 2k)

Wash crouches down and pops the lid off the box to see a scruffy, dirty little orange tabby kitten inside. The poor thing is missing part of its ear and hisses immediately upon seeing Wash and he loves it, he loves it to pieces, this is all he’s ever needed in his life.

Grif and Simmons give Wash a stray, semi-feral kitten. Wash bonds with the kitten. It’s too good, too pure, I can’t even.

Her Name is Flora by @prettyarbitrary (Gen, 1k)

“Where did you even find her?” He rubbed under her chin. She seemed unconvinced, but perhaps willing to be persuaded.

“They follow me around. I may be their god.”

Wash looked around the cat at Caboose for a moment. “You’ve been feeding them, haven’t you.”

Caboose finds a kitten. Naturally, he brings her to Wash. MY HEART.

The Kitten by @a-writing-trickster-angel (Gen, 3.5k)

“I’d be worried for you if I wasn’t so damn impressed,” York said, looking at the other Freelancer. Wash was curled up on his bed and in his arms, he had a small gray kitten. The kitten was nuzzling his hand, purring loud enough for York to hear even at the door. Wash looked at the kitten as if she was the sun after a long, rainy day.

The tale of two kittens Wash has adopted–one in Project Freelancer, one on Chorus. CUTE. (And a little sad. But mostly cute.)

A Special Tower by @renaroo (Gen, flash fic)

“These aliens were an advanced, wise species, Carolina,” he reminds her as the cats begin to crawl over them. “Obviously we should follow in their example.”

Wash discovers the Temple of Cats on Chorus DO I NEED TO SAY ANYTHING MORE?

Cityglow by @elspethsunschampion (Gen, 2k)

“Here, kitty, kitty, kitty,” Wash tried again. The cat responded by opening its wide, pink mouth and letting out a loud, wailing meow. “Don’t even think about it,” Wash said to it. “Just get out here.”

Modern AU where Wash rescues a bedraggled kitten from a frozen pipe and cuddles it and I’m not crying you’re crying.

And also some art!

wash and a cat to end the night by @aromanticyork – such a beautiful, beautiful Wash, and also an A+ cat.

morning kitty kisses by @saladsnek – Wash cuddling a kitty in bed and they both look SO HAPPY!!! a;slkdjf

you want fluff I’ll give you fluff by @papanorth – the sweetest lil sketch of Wash grinning while he holds kitties

also by @papanorth, this adorable comic about young Wash rescuing a cat from the ocean, awwwwwwww.

and [Manwë] said: “Behold O my people, a time of darkness has come upon us, and yet I have it in mind that this is not without the desire of Iluvatar. For the Gods had well-nigh forgot the world that lies without expectant of better days, and of Men, Iluvatar’s younger sons that soon must come. Now therefore are the Trees withered that so filled our land with loveliness and our hearts with mirth that wider desires came not into them, and so behold, we must turn now our thoughts to new devices whereby light may be shed upon both the world without and Valinor within.”
—  J.R.R. Tolkien, The Book of Lost Tales I, “The Tale of the Sun and the Moon”
I grew up reading tales about the infinite love between the Sun and the Moon.
Two entities that loved one another endlessly, a love so divine they needed not ever see eachother. They loved solely with the knowledge that the other existed.
How truly beautiful I though it was that the Sun could love the moon with all of its darkness.
I thought how prodigious it must be to find something that is your opposite half;
It is your its light, and it your darkness, and together you will light the world.
—  indieluhv 
no one asked but here’s a bunch of good games that are less than $10 on sale right now
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  • $1.49 I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream
  • $1.49 Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition
  • $1.49 Brothers: A Tale of Two Suns
  • $1.99 Hylics
  • $1.99 The Bard’s Tale
  • $2.49 Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut
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  • $4.99 Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition
  • $4.99 This War of Mine
  • $4.99 Cave Story+
  • $4.99 Antichamber
  • $4.99 Mirror’s Edge
  • $4.99 Papers, Please
  • $5.49 Neo Scavengers
  • $6.99 Banished
  • $7.49 Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition
  • $7.49 Undertale
  • $7.99 Half Life Collection

10 books that have stayed with me:

1. Harry Potter & the Sorcerers Stone -j.k Rowling
2. The Fountainhead - ayn rand
3. A Tale of Two Cities - Charles dickens
4. A Thousand Splendid Suns - Khaled Hosseini
5. The Book Thief -Markus zusak
6. The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexander dumas
7. Grendel - John Gardner
8. Pride & Prejudice - Jane Austen
9. Ella Enchanted - Gail Carson Levine
10. The Secret Life of Bees - Sue monk kidd


But who had the broken fingers, wrists blue and purple like flower in a picture book? Pepper jars and turpentine and pillars of salt, scattered stems in the bathtub, burning on the stove. Leanne, legs long as that journey west, and the horrible fairy tales about children drowning in the river two miles east, and black burnt suns in the couch, and the walls grow tighter like a horror movie or a booby trap. In Egypt, they call this love.