the tale of the frozen ghost

the signs as abandoned places

ARIES Abandoned gas stations, beholders of tumbleweeds and roadside tales, filled with dead fuel yet frozen in time, eyes on the passengers with their hands and hair out the window, haunted by old desert songs and engines revving behind it.

TAURUS: Abandoned bars, stools turned over, a ripped flyer shouting BABES BABES BABES hanging off the bulletin board, a lost motorcycle tire, glass shattered, and the spirit of hell still living somewhere inside.

GEMINI Ghost towns, at the base of old mountains, houses with shutters like eyes and doors like mouths, swallowing stories whole, convenience stores still stocked with stale bread, cabins and headstones still peeking out from behind fairy wood brambles, nature stretching into steel, ready to come alive with a shift of the wind.

CANCER: Abandoned motels, empty pools filled with deflated flamingos, the sign out front screaming VACANCY forever, each room a different anthology of guest book tales, smashed television monitors and a love note ( or goodbye note ) caught up in the rust of the honeymoon suite.

LEO: Abandoned theaters, stages dented with the ghosts of performances past, torn scripts scattered across floorboards in a mess of Playbills and shattered eyeglasses, broken lights and tattered dress hems, mannequins poised at an eternal act one.

VIRGO Abandoned train stations, cars sprayed in a kaleidoscope of graffiti, drifters still starting fires in some of the shells, grass growing over old gears, ghost conductors with no destination, rails intersecting at odd angles like flowers and bones.

LIBRA Abandoned campgrounds, rattlesnakes and desert blues, dead hot and forgotten, a shelled-out RV and the dry lake where the kids used to play, swallowing up broken toys and flat tents, showers crawling with critters, vintage t-shirts printed with campground bears promising that it’s still “the happiest place on earth.”

SCORPIO Abandoned amusement parks, soggy coaster cars paused mid-ascension, cheap thrills and screams still stagnant in the air, ferris wheels trembling in the wind, clown faces distorted and torn down the middle, a mascot head smiling out from the overgrowth.

SAGITTARIUS Abandoned renaissance fairs, an acre out of time, fake pirate ships swinging, fairy wings trying to fly, dead flower crowns tangled with bright ribbons and peasant blouses shed by the lake, empty squares and old stage buildings, Arthur’s sword caught at the entry, still waiting to be pulled.

CAPRICORN Abandoned toy stores, broken pinball machines, ghost clowns, and popped balloons, playing cards stuck to the floor, a crooked house of childhood horrors, teddy bears bleeding stuffing, and a funhouse mirror distorting the distorted. 

AQUARIUS: Abandoned piers, driftwood split down the middle, coastline the last alive thing, neon lights still calling Gatsby home from the horizon, but promising only the ghosts of mermaids washed ashore, tires and bottles filled with sand, dead trees spouting from old rocks, branches a wind chime of ripped dresses, forks, and seashells on strings.

PISCES: Abandoned waterparks, slides overlooking entire old cities, perfect for climbing, hoses and pools now scrawled over and used as skateboard ramps, kids climbing over the old towers and ladders in their bathing suits when it rains, pure want as their tickets in, yelling, “We’re still here, we’re still here, we’re still here!”

9 Books You May Have Missed Because Your Nose Was Stuck in Another Book

We’re human, which means we make mistakes. But sometimes those mistakes affect our bookshelves, which, let’s be real, is unacceptable. That’s why we’ve rounded up 9 of the some of the most buzzed-about and raved-about YA books that you may have missed because your nose was in another book! Want a sneak peek of all of these books? Read a sample of each of them here!

1. Conversion by Katherine Howe

A chilling mystery crafted around high school seniors suffering from a bizarre epidemic who find out their town was once Salem Village, where another group of girls suffered the same symptoms three centuries ago.

2. Like No Other by Una LaMarche

A gorgeous story about the love that blooms between life-long neighbors, one from a strict Hasidic upbringing and the other a book-smart nerd who’s never been comfortable around girls. 

3. Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith

This Printz Honor book is a funny, intense, complex, and brave coming-of-age tale following Austin and his best friend Robby in recession-era, small-town Iowa. 

4. Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour

A tale as beautiful as its California setting: Emi is a talented set designer on the L.A. film scene who hasn’t been able to design a love life, until a letter at an estate sale leads her to Ava. 

5. As Simple as Snow by Gregory Galloway

After Anastasia, who loves riddles, Houdini tricks, and ghost stories, disappears near a hole in the frozen river, the narrator begins to reconstruct the past five months to find her. 

6. The End or Something Like That by Ann Dee Ellis

A raw and surprisingly funny novel about coping with loss about Emmy, who’s waiting for her best friend Kim to visit from the afterlife, but instead is visited by ghosts of other people.

7. Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David Lubar

The irresistible story of high school freshman Scott, who writes down tips for his unborn sibling because he believes high school would be a lot less overwhelming if it came with a survival manual. 

8. Where She Went by Gayle Forman

The sequel to IF IT STAY is written from Adam’s point of view and chronicles what’s happened since Mia decided to stay – but not with him. 

9. The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie Halse Anderson

This New York Times bestseller is a compelling, heartrending look into the effects of PTSD, following Hayley and her father, who keeps moving her around in a desperate attempt to escape the demons that have tortured him since he returned from Iraq.

the clang of the can in the vending machine startles Nozomi. she jumps, then sighs a laugh as she leans down to pick it up.

it’s nearly three in the morning and she is so tired that she’s not entirely sure what she just bought. her fingers spark in displeasure as the can’s heat resurrects her frozen nerves.

“sorry,” she mumbles to her hands, then laughs again at herself. she can see it now: she will freeze to death, right here on the street outside the 7-11 at their apartment’s foot, and future children of the neighbourhood will run home with tales of the ghost who haunts the vending machines and cries about its exams.

the wind picks up. with a shiver, Nozomi collects her change and shuffles back into the apartment building. if she dies out there then someone’s going to have to return her books to the library for her and she can’t do that to anyone. (there are sixteen on her desk, three beside the bed, and who knows how many piled on the couch. Nozomi will take responsibility for her burden.)

when the elevator dings open, Eli’s standing there. her hair’s escaping its bun and her cheek’s red where she’s been propping it on her hand. she peers blearily at Nozomi.

standing in the below-zero cold, wearing little more than her flannel pajamas and an incredibly exhausted look, Eli says, “you were taking so long, I thought I’d come look for you.”

Nozomi loves her.

“i was thinking, sorry,” she says. she looks at the can in her hand. “…about how i forgot to buy one for me too.”

Eli looks at the black coffee and wrinkles her nose. “it’s okay, you have it. it’s gross when it’s not sweet.”

“thanks.” Nozomi turns them back towards their tiny flat. on the short shuffle back, she presses the hot can to Eli’s neck. Eli makes a sound borderline erotic and tips her head towards the can, like a leaf curling to the sun.

“never leave me,” she groans.

“never,” promises Nozomi.

For those of you staying in tonight, we’ve got the perfect suggestion to keep yourselves entertained! Every episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark is available to watch online!

Season 1 (1991-1992) 

  1. The Tale of the Phantom Cab 
  2. The Tale of Laughing in the Dark 
  3. The Tale of the Lonely Ghost 
  4. The Tale of the Twisted Claw 
  5. The Tale of the Hungry Hounds 
  6. The Tale of the Super Specs 
  7. The Tale of the Captured Souls 
  8. The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors 
  9. The Tale of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice 
  10. The Tale of Jake and the Leprechaun 
  11.  The Tale of the Dark Music 
  12. The Tale of the Prom Queen 
  13. The Tale of the Pinball Wizard

Season 2 (1993)

  1. The Tale of the Final Wish 
  2. The Tale of the Midnight Madness 
  3. The Tale of Locker 22 
  4. The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor 
  5. The Tale of the Dream Machine 
  6. The Tale of the Dark Dragon 
  7. The Tale of the Frozen Ghost 
  8. The Tale of the Whispering Walls 
  9. The Tale of the Full Moon 
  10. The Tale of the Shiny Red Bicycle
  11. The Tale of the Magician’s Assistant 
  12. The Tale of the Hatching 
  13. The Tale of Old Man Corcoran

Season 3 (1994)

  1. The Tale of the Midnight Ride 
  2. The Tale of Apartment 214 
  3. The Tale of Watcher’s Woods 
  4. The Tale of the Phone Police 
  5. The Tale of the Dollmaker 
  6. The Tale of the Bookish Babysitter 
  7. The Tale of the Carved Stone 
  8. The Tale of the Guardian’s Curse 
  9. The Tale of the Curious Camera 
  10. The Tale of the Dream Girl 
  11. The Tale of the Quicksilver 
  12. The Tale of the Crimson Clown 
  13. The Tale of the Dangerous Soup

Season 4 (1994-1995)

  1. The Tale of Cutter’s Treasure (Part 1) 
  2. The Tale of Cutter’s Treasure (Part 2) 
  3. The Tale of the Renegade Virus 
  4. The Tale of the Quiet Librarian 
  5. The Tale of the Water Demons 
  6. The Tale of the Long Ago Locket 
  7. The Tale of the Silent Servant 
  8. The Tale of the Room for Rent 
  9. The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner 
  10. The Tale of the Fire Ghost 
  11. The Tale of the Unfinished Painting 
  12. The Tale of the Closet Keepers 
  13. The Tale of the Train Magic

Season 5 (1995-1996)

  1. The Tale of the Dead Man’s Float 
  2. The Tale of the Jagged Sign 
  3. The Tale of Station 109.1
  4. The Tale of the Mystical Mirror 
  5. The Tale of the Chameleons 
  6. The Tale of Prisoner’s Past 
  7. The Tale of C7 
  8. The Tale of the Manaha 
  9. The Tale of the Unexpected Visitor 
  10. The Tale of the Vacant Lot 
  11. The Tale of a Door Unlocked 
  12. The Tale of the Night Shift 
  13. The Tale of the Badge
The Oddkids.

One summer, when I was a boy, my parents sent me to stay with my grandparents for the break. Raised in the pacific northwest, a small town in eastern Mississippi might as well have been an entirely different country for all I was concerned. The instant we got out of the airport I was struck with the oppressive humidity, and I became convinced right then and there that my parents downright despised me.

Of course, the reality was much kinder than that. My grandparents were good folks, and thankfully I met a girl within a few days of arrival, and we became fast friends. Her name was Jessie. A local girl with long blonde hair and green eyes – the first pair I’d ever encountered. I was in love at first sight. Jessie was a year or two older than me, but that didn’t matter much to us.

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G/t OT3 Drabble: Together

((Ship warning: Contains Lewvithur (Lewis x Arthur x Vivi)

Small content warning: contains a small amount of blood and mention of a hand injury.

Hhhhh, greetings friends, sorry about my lack of consistent activity. Commencement is this weekend, and family stuff keeps happening on top of that/other things, so I’m not quite as active as I should be.

Anyway, this started off as a little idea I wanted to do for fun, and, in typical fashion, I ended up making it wayyyyy too long.

Anyway, here’s a drabble where two borrowers, Arthur and Vivi, scope out a restaurant named Pepper Paradiso, and end up getting discovered by a man working there named Lewis…

And things end up a lot better and lovey-dovey than any of them could have expected.

Anyway, have a self-indulgent thing, and apologies if this is a little awkward/different from my usual writing: this is my first time writing about the Peppers at great length/writing a more canon-ish Lewis/I have very little experience writing OT3 stuff/I’m rambling now, ignore me…

Have a thing.))

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anonymous asked:

Samuel managed to forget his first love in favor of the ocean and when the ocean himself flops into his boat one night it’s as if they’ve already known each other for years. (just saying the Outsider def has a crush on Samuel, insofar as he has crushes at all)

Samuel remembers the day he purchased his little boat. He spent nearly all of his savings, but the immediate rush of cutting through the Wrenhaven River is worth it. Samuel is a man of simple pleasures. Things such as the sight of the reeds pushing out of the mud to the red rise of the sun moves him. Things such as writing letters or the matter of words he finds incomprehensible. He understands the currents of the water and the heart of whatever ship is underneath his feet, but he could never quite figure out the heart of another. Samuel banishes the thought the minute it comes to inception, urging his little boat fast down the river.

It’s near the Month of Songs does he start to spy the strange things moving through the water. He sees faces, blanched by cold and death, eyes closed in a, hopefully, permanent state of rest. There are even times where the river will sing, an awful gurgle and wail of sound that causes the waters to froth. The other boatmen laugh and say it’s nothing but the strange marine life in the Wrenhaven, but Samuel doubts it. It’s only when white fingers grip at the side of his boat and heaves a body out of the dark depths of the water does he discover his doubts were well-placed. He hates himself for it, a shout leaving his mouth as he scrambles for something to stop the intruder. He grabs a waterlogged book wedged near the seat and tosses it, earning a disgruntled sound as the intruder continues to heave itself over. Samuel will find out later that he tossed his copy of The Seven Strictures and Prayers for the Common Man, something that will serve to give both him and the intruder a chuckle over. 

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@allonsy-jon-snow: I was wondering if there is a list of the jonxsansa fanfic out there post 6x10 where they know/find out they are cousins? There probably is, but I don’t get to check Tumblr much these days.

Hi! I would definitely check out our Show Verse and Fic Recs tags, we have answered a couple show verse fic rec requests!

And here some more fics that have been added/updated recently that sound like what you are looking for:

These are all different ratings, so make sure to check the descriptions as well! Enjoy :) ~Alice

The Ghost King — Chapter 1

Summary: Nico, the Prince of Hades, has grown up secluded, after a dramatic incident involving his sister and his dark powers. On the day of his coronation, however, he is forced to face the world and risk losing control once again.

Word count: 3,404
All the chapters here; also on AO3 and
Inspired by weeklypjoprompts​ and their fairy tale prompt. This was meant to be a Snow Queen AU, but I couldn’t stick to it, so it’s hybrid Snow Queen/Frozen/original stuff.

“As he holds the sacred icons, and is crowned in this holy place, I present to you, king Nico of Hades.”

Nico could felt sweat trickle down his back as the crowd cheered for him, calling his name over and over. Sealing his fate, nailing it down even more solidly with every voice gathered in the temple.

He turned back to the priest, who took the icons—the scepter and helmet, symbols of the kingdom of Hades—from Nico’s hands, and placed the kingdom’s crown, silver and gold woven together and embedded with obsidian stones, over Nico’s dark locks. The final gesture, the final nail in his coffin.

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Jelsa Fic Masterpost
Overture in Snow | EireneHarmonia |T 

Someone once told me that everyone’s heart is like a snowflake: delicate, unique, beautiful, and easily melted by love. Then is my hardened and frozen snowflake a reflection of a cold and callous heart? Teach me to love, Jack, so my snowflake may reveal a beautiful and warm heart. Jack x Elsa. Collection of One-Shots.

Finne Min Senter | snowharvester | T

He was a Guardian who just wanted to have fun with his best friend. She was a wandering spirit who cursed her home and had no clue about the meaning of her everlasting existence. But when darkness falls and children started to go missing; a storybook character will be brought to life and the definition of good and bad will be questioned.

Frostbitten | Arialene | T

Three years after Elsa’s extraordinary wintry summer, Anna convinces her to take a vacation back to her old haunt, her Ice Palace. While there, she meets a figure from her childhood that she has only ever dreamed of, sending them both on an amazing week of adventures that morphs into a lifetime of love, adventure, laughter and, eventually, heartbreak.

Abundant as Snowflakes | Eyesblind | K+

She was demure and he was exuberant, the obvious similarities drew them together. It was no surprise to anyone but themselves. [ a collection of 50 moments. ]

The Winter Ghost | Renaerys | T

Even the greatest fairytales must come to an end. Jelsa (Jack Frost/Elsa)

At The Center | therentyoupay | M

Legends and fairy tales, magic and myths, and—at the center of it all—a story of a young, future-Queen and her young, ageless-Guardian; a girl cursed with fear and a god frozen in time, and all of the reasons why seeing isn’t always at the heart of believing.

{ A dash of angst, a touch of fluff, and a whole lifetime of pain and love and hope, all spiraled into a series of drabbles, ficlets, and one-shots; an on-going Jelsa fanfiction of—literally—epic proportions. }

misery-of-us  asked:

Hey I know that you are probably still into the carmilla thing and I'm sorry but SKIMMONS!!! We kinda didn't get a lot this week sooo... Could you do a reaction of when Simmons finds out ward took Skye? Please! And really congrats on the carmilla/laura!

Hello friend! Yes I am most definitely very much excited about Carmilla and Laura (hooray!) but Skimmons will always be number one in my heart. Never be sorry about Skimmons! I’m definitely not! Hope this works for you!

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Frozen Intermission (closed RP)

The night was cold.

The winds were blowing.

The sky was cloudy. It was not awake. 

But they were.

“So were there many ghost stories back in the Southern Isles?” Anna asked her scarlet haired friend as they both hid under the covers in a nearly childish fashion. One of their pillows had propped up the blanket enough to make a makeshift tent as they stayed close to one another in the bed- delighting in attempting to scare one another with whatever tales they could conjure or remember. 

Elsa and the others were all sound asleep, and Kristoff was out on another one of his runs, so Anna and Karen had plenty of time to themselves, but instead of something more sensual they decided to partake in rather kiddy activities. 

Little did they know that the over-active imaginations they shared would be their most hilarious and slightly nerve wracking downfalls.