the tale of the blind

matt murdock is the only person allowed to use the line ‘justice is blind’

The tale of blind Jedi Master Ko Hoshino and her journey to becoming one with the force.

i couldn’t find this posted anywhere but i had to share it because this is by far one of the best star wars fan films i’ve ever seen


The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood

“Brilliant… Opulent… Atwood is a poet…. as well as a contriver of fiction, and scarcely a sentence of her quick, dry yet avid prose fails to do useful work, adding to a picture that becomes enormous.”
–John Updike, The New Yorker

Where do we begin? Any description you will read on Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin will be unjust and unsatisfying. Only a master story-teller like Atwood could crate a book about stories within stories. The larger narrative is told by Iris Chase, who coldly reminisces on the mysterious death of her younger sister, Laura in 1950. The story begins:

“Ten days after the war ended, my sister Laura drove a car off a bridge.”

Then it shifts to Laura’s posthumously published novel The Blind Assassin about two unknown lovers: an unnamed man who fascinates his lover with mysterious science fiction pulp tales, mostly recounting one of a blind assassin an a sacrificial virgin who fatally falls in love. Then the novel shifts again to Iris’ account on the events leading to Laura’s death.

So, we are aware that this description is a bit fuzzy, but Atwood’s The Blind Assassin is in fact a labyrinthine-styled book. It is bleak, depressing, sensual, stunning, powerful, and haunting. It’s easy to recognize good literature when you read it, even if you dislike it. If you want to immerse yourself in another world, pick this up. This book will swallow you whole.

Read excerpts from the book here!


Gravity Falls Season 2 (2/2)

Say my name

Deaf Marinette AU

Nope. Totally do not have a half-written one-shot. Totally.

Also, guess who’s sick times two


Marinette furrowed her brows as she saw the blond boy who was kneeling next to her chair, putting a gum on her seat. She patted Alya’s hand and saw what Marinette was pointing at.

“Hey! What are you doing to my friend’s chair?” The girl snapped

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Everlark Fanfics i’m Desperately Trying to Catch Up on: Week 3

Here are some more wonderful Everlark fanfics written by some talented authors. Here are my Week 1 and Week 2 posts. Happy reading! :)

Blind Adrien Au w/ Reverse Love Square

This was such a good concept that I just could not resist adding some tidbits of my own head cannons XD

-Adrien hates signing autographs because he’s insecure about his handwriting (specifically cursive) for obvious reasons

-He’s actually better at video games than Marinette (marinette is still really really good) and he’s the only person that has ever defeated her and that both baffles and makes her fall for him even further

-Chloe is always trying to “cure” Adrien’s blindness or force him to act like “everyone else” (like tossing his cane to the side so that he could walk “normally” without bumping into things or offering him to pay for potentially life threatening surgery to cure is blindness) ***i know this is just an AU but this made me hate her so much more

-He LOVES going to Marinette’s Bakery and he either just eats pastries the entire time there or he just sits there and enjoys the smell (and Marinette’s parents do not mind at all) and this actually inspired him to want to one day become a chef

-Because of his frequent visits he also gets to be around Marinette, and gets to know her more and more.

-Because he dreams of being a Chef (which is something he keeps from his father) he wants to learn how to cook, and the only one willing to teach him is Marinette and her Dad

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what books do you like?

the great gatsby, the handmaiden’s tale, never let me go, girl interrupted, a northern soul (jimmy nails biography), different seasons, edgar allen poe: complete tales and poems, in cold blood, the blind assassin, the shining, the waste land

Fiddleford's Secret Message
  • Fiddleford's Secret Message

This is Fiddleford’s backwards message, unscrambled after he was pulled from the portal. He appears to be saying


Which, translated through abash, is “Bill Cipher Triangle”. He then goes on to speak a mystic prophecy, foretelling the coming of Bill after the portal has been activated (When the earth becomes the sky = gravity anomalies). Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard him speak in this abash code.

At the end of his trials with his mind eraser, he is seen in the junk yard, shouting the same message. I guess he never could truly forget.