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sasa submitted:  

hi,you made very funny photos X)) had a great laugh last night. esp love the one the lemongrab hid himself in a fridge. so guess this lemongrabgoesplaces photo series has come to an end already? :’-/

Hello!  Thanks for the kind words!  I feel like this is as good of time as ever to address this:

This blog hasn’t posted anything of substance in like a year and it’s unlikely Lemongrab will go out on any more adventures in the future. :(  I’m a very different person than I was when I first made Lemongrab and this blog, and my heart just isn’t in it anymore.  

I greatly apprieate all of the love this blog has received over the years, like for real, ya’ll are great ;w;  And I super encourage any and all wild Lemongrab-holders to take their Grabs places and submit or share their adventures with this blog!!  (I regularly check #lemongrabgoesplaces  ;))))) 

BUT OG Lemongrab is still alive and well, and I’ll continue to self-reblog old posts and share others 

tldr;  This blog is old news but ilu all 

anonymous asked:

Oh my gosh, I don't wanna be annoying or pushy but I've been checking your blog every 5 hours or so for the past week. I was just wondering how far you got with A-A? No pressure though! Take your time! Ily!! <3

Aaah no worries, I feel really bad for taking so long, this is just a touchy chapter–lots of stuff to work out, ya know? I’ve got over 2k words written and I’d say I’m probably 2/3 of the way done with it? I’ll try to get it done over the weekend if I can, I’m so sorry it’s taking so long!! D:  (I know you’re not pressuring though so don’t worry, I just hate being this late!!!)

A little news. I'm leaving permanently -admin m

Starting today I will not be in charge and an admin for the blogs. Due to my schedule and my company not wanting me to have a tumblr account due to it being risky I will be stepping down. Admin pearl some of you may know her from bts wolf will be taking over. I had a bit of drama and fun times within the blogs so I’m grateful for those who supported it. I really do apologize. For the admin applicants you will receive a text from me saying I have told the new head admin about you guys so it’s up to her. I do hope you guys had enjoyed this journey with me and continue to support the blog and also please root for me! Thank you everyone

🌸 happy news 🌸

i may have retired from this blog, but lucky for all of you, someone has volunteered to take it over from here and so i will be handing the blog over to them. it’s not my place to say who it is or when, but the switch will be happening sometime soon! 

it has been a very fun part of my life to run this blog and to interact with all of you, but as i said, in the interest of lessening my online presence and focusing more on myself and my time management, it’s for the best that i leave this blog. i am beyond grateful for the support, interest, and love all of you – all 12,063 of you, omg!! – have given me and so please, please treat your new admin as you would me. 

if you want to keep in touch, find me at the following:

thank you a million times! xxx

@they-bone-us submitted:  Heya, Savio here, I know this is p random and stuff but i made this as my take on how the landlady from SSLL looks like, i just wanted to share it with you because this makes me really proud and feeling like ive really improved over time. And besides, i absolutely adore SSLL and the way you write like aaaaaaa i just love you and this blog so much 😭But im getting emotional, keep being absolutely amazing and keep on doing what youre doing, all the love ❤️

the tortoise talks: I keep forgetting that’s your tumblr now.  xP   But ahhh!  This art is freaking amazing.  Holy crap, I love your take on the Lady–she’s so pretty!  And those moon cycles behind her!  I love it, and the night sky.   Thank you so much for sharing it, and I’m so glad you’re still enjoying SSLL and all the silliness that ends up on my blog. <333

(In case you’re wondering, the reason I’m inactive here right now is literally because I keep thinking of doing something, and then I remember that Ch.3 is right around the corner, and whatever I want to make might be totally revitalized or fleshed out by the canon, or disproven or something. I’m thinking about Bianca’s discovery/Bendy and Boris’s first fight specifically. I could work on it but I’m like OR I could just wait until I have even more details and an inspiration kick which we all know we’re gonna get!

Sooo I’m taking this time to draw some other spooky stuff over at my art blog. It’s not that I’ve run out of ideas, but with the new semester starting and this period of time being just like all anticipation it seems like a good time to take it slow around here.

Obviously, this blog is in no danger of a permanent decline. Everyone gets a fandom boost every chapter, and once all the chapters are out and I know I have all the canon I ever will I can then just go completely nuts without worrying about being incorrect or stepping on the toes of canon. So don’t worry! But do come check out my really dorky fall spooktacular if you really want something to fill the gap, for some reason people seem really into it! -HG)


Welcome to my new segment on this blog, Practical Good Omens References. Basically, since I’m already over here taking photos and videos of everything I might ever need for a Good Omens fic or piece of art, I decided to be so magnanimous as to share them with all of you. Google Street View does an okay job, but it has its limitations, so: here you go! Click on the photos for captions, and see the below for a fairly in-depth description, for all your fic-writing and art-making needs. :)

Practical Good Omens References (1/?) : St James’s Park

Location: This is the part of the park that you first reach when you come down the path closest to the Victoria Memorial. With the memorial behind you, I went down and around to the left. This is also the stretch that was shown in the photo Neil posted recently of David and Michael in costume; you can see Buckingham Palace over Michael’s shoulder (these pictures were taken ~2 days after they stood there!). I don’t have a good photo of the particular stretch of path they were standing on but you can see it in a short video I’ll post next (since tumblr won’t let me post photos and video in the same post, hrmph). I didn’t walk very far around the park on this trip, but I’ll do a full circuit later.

Experience: It was a slightly rainy weekday afternoon when I went, and there were several people or groups of people milling about. A couple of them were feeding the ducks as well, interestingly enough! There was a sign saying not to feed “the pelicans,” but nothing saying you couldn’t feed the ducks. It was fairly quiet, but you could hear the road noise. The ducks, birds, and geese(?) were happy to follow you wherever you went, especially if you had bread (which I did). One of the geese followed me quite a ways, and they’re quite large and persistent. Feeding the ducks was actually really fun, a lot more than I thought it would be. They were quite eager to be fed (see next video), and they’d sort of fall over each other trying to snap up the bit of bread first. :)

anonymous asked:

You're ignorant as fuck and I hope reality bites you in your nonexistent ass. Take a sociology course & get educated.

hey guys, this is what i’m talking about with typical left behavior:
here’s an example of someone who is triggered over my political views for no reason, they tell me to “get educated” which is a very vague thing to say and then continues to tell me to “take a sociology course” as if taking that class would have any thing to do with changing my political views with what they think is correct.
(i think it’s kinda funny they said that because the origins of human societies and our relationships with each other is actually one of the reasons I hold a lot of my beliefs in politics, like the first and second amendments for example!)
You see, it’s all personal attacks based on feeling and it seems this anon is actually the one who’s uneducated.
I offer all over my blog for civil discourse and academic argument. I offer sources sources and FACTS(*gasp*) for the things that I speak on.
I hope y'all get something out of my analysis of this uncalled for, hateful anonymous message that was completely unprovoked. they didn’t counter anything i’ve said on my blog, or engage in civil discussion because they themselves have no clue what they’re talking about

(also, why take a shot at my butt? it’s so cute!!)

i’ve had this blog for a bit over a month, which gave me the opportunity already to meet people wonderful as i honestly never expected, and to get to know you guys and your muses better. so, i thought this would be a good timing to make my first MAINS CALL. this means i will prioritize your replies and pop them out more often, and i will take it as permission on your end for me to randomly tag you on things, write you things, knock on your IM chat for plots, make you random photoshop stuff, cry to you about our muses and (eventually) ships, and all other things of this sort. and, ofc, it will be my official permission for you to do the same to me if you feel like it.

right now, i will accept between 2 to 4 muses for the same spot (considering also how popular the muse is). if you’re interested, just hit the ♥ button. under the cut will be the ones i already have & would like.

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Get To Know The Admin~!

Hiya, everyone! My name is Savannah, but I go as Admin Sav here! Like Admin Rhi said, I guess you’d like to get to know one of the three people that’ll be taking over your favorite blog in the near-future so here it goes… 

  • Age: 16 years old
  • Favorite Color: pastel purple
  • Bias: JHOOOOPE
  • Wrecker: 148 IQ ;)
  • Other Groups: GOT7, ASTRO, Day6, BTS, Pentagon, and more
  • Main Blog: @hunkyhoseok
  • Specialization: I can write small imagines, as well as text, mlts, and blurbs

If there are any questions and/or concerns feel free to send in an ask regarding anything! Thank you! ♡

Musicals and Murder

Little shop of horrors- “I killed a man, and feed him to a plant from space”

Heathers- “I killled a girl, and told everyone she killed herself”

Dr. Horrible- “Accidentally killed the girl of my dreams, time to take over the world lol”

Cabaret- *takes place during world war 2*

Hamilton- “I killed a man cuase he trash talked me lol”

Jekyll and Hyde- *jazz hands* “murder”

Rent- “some lady paid me to kill a dog”

Wicked- “try to kill me with water… Just try…..”

anonymous asked:

brooklyn nine nine is over rated, and yes I have seen it

oh cool. Which bit is overrated? 

Is it the two female Latina women who are completely different character yet love and support one another? Amy who is going to be the youngest captain ever and who is so Type A but isn’t a killjoy? The person who would do anything for anyone?

It’s not Rosa. The Toughest and most independent person. Who wears black always but has a heart of motherfucking gold? Who is the complete opposite to most people but holds onto their friendship fiercely? 

Or is it the male white Jewish man who calls out sexism, racism and “cool motive still murder?

Is it Terry? The black man who is family orientated, care about his girls and his wife more then his own life? Who enjoys yogurt and farmers markets and going to the gym?

Is it Gina? The woman who prides herself on being unique and independent? who is smarter then..well all the people in the precinct and doesn’t care? Just does her and helps her friends? 

Don’t tell me it’s Charles? The softest of them all. The one whose been hurt so many times but keeps believing in love?

Ya know, it’s gotta be Holt. The openly gay Captain who is a great detective and has battled a life of being ostracised and left out only to find his home in the 99 and still maintain respect. Who is in love with his partner but is open about the challenges they face? Who protects his staff/family over himself? who is known to be a brilliant detective? 

Are they overrated?Is it them? Or is it the feeling of comfort you get while watching it? The lighthearted humour that still challenges social issues? Is it the moo moo episode which challenges a modern issues like stop and frisk and racial profiling? Is it the femenist writing? Is it the friendships we all feel part of? Is it the cast? Is it the crew? 

No, honestly tell me what you think is overrated because i sure as hell can’t work it out.

(( Hey guys! As you all know by now it’s been a long while since I’ve properly updated this blog so I thought it’s time to give y’all a final update.

This ask!blog is now on indefinite hiatus.

As much as I love Luciano and ask!blogging, I think it’s time I move on. My priorities and interests have shifted, and ask!blogging is no longer something I have the consistent energy to do anymore. I might update once in a blue moon here if nostalgia hits but I make no actual promises.

If some of you guys have been with me since my early Egypt ask!blog days or when I began this ask!blog, man, it’s been an up and down ride but it’s been a pleasure. I’ll still draw my muses from time to time over on my personal blog @yenpon though if you guys ever want to see them again.

Thanks for all the support and love and for sticking with me and my art over the past few years, guys.

And that’s all folks! ))

“Get a New Tablet” Fundraiser!! (Aka Commissions are Open)

Just yesterday, my tablet completely crapped out on me, and I’m having to watch my wallet more than ever now that I’ve graduated college. SO I’ve decided that I should just get on the commission bandwagon already and ask for some help getting money for a new tablet. I don’t need to fully fund the tablet through this, since my parents are helping cover the cost, just any kind of help would be n i c e. 

I’ll have 10 spots open to draw anything you want. I’ll do OCs, ships, general pretty landscapes, a finely detailed penis, whatever! (just no fetish/kink stuff plz i’ll have to explain my actions to my parents) Once I get the tablet I’ll start on the commissions; It’ll probably take a week to 2 weeks to get my hands on it. For the time being, to make sure people get what they want, I’ll figure out the basic picture in my sketchbook for them to ok before any commitment is made. 


Traditional Sketch: $15

Digital Sketch: $20

Digital Sketch (basic color): $25

Lined: $30

Lined (flat color): $35

Lined (detailed color/painted): $40

It would be cool to do personalized watercolors for people, since people seem to love them on here (thank, you btw ❤︎) but I need to figure out how shipping works first to do that. I could always scan it and send the file, though, if that’s enough~ A watercolor would cost $50+ though, just because of expenses. 

Paypal only, please! (cuz it’s all I’ve got)

I don’t know how many people would be interested in this, but I’ve been wanting to do work for other people for a long time. If you’re interested, just send me a message! ❤️