the tail is what you see shining as the sunlight catches it

Lost Without You - Part 1 - Thomas

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Title: Fake It Till You Make It

Pairing: Thomas/Reader

Word Count: 11,083

Warnings: 18+, NSFW, Oral (both receiving), Virgin Sex, First Time Sex, Experiment sex, Thomas’ bad luck with sex, Unprotected Sex, It’s pretty sappy and fluffy

Notes: Low and behold, the sappiest Thomas smut in the world (don’t quote me on that). Roughly 12 hours of writing and this is the result. THE GOOD NEWS THOUGH. This is just PART 1. There will be at least 2 more parts, one for each movie. When will the next one be out? I don’t fucking know lol. Till then, lemme know what you think and give me suggestions for future parts!

The shovel dug into the mud and dirt under his worn-out boots, the metal seeping deep into the ground. A deep sigh escaped his lips, his arm brought up to wipe the sweat off his brow without a care for the dirt and grime that coated his skin. Leaning forward on the wooden handle of the shovel, the greenie let his whiskey-colored orbs scan over the vast green pasture called the Glade, taking in every feature he may have missed seeing over the past week.

That’s right. Just one week ago was when Thomas arrived in the box, his mind void of any memories. The only thought that ran through his mind was one word: run. It didn’t turn out for the best when he found himself face first in the ground and then locked in a cell for a few hours to keep him from running off again.

He learned his lesson that first day.

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Confession rehearsal

A/n: in which Marinette lies to Adrien, daily

The sounds of the city have become a muted thing, all she can hear is the rushing of her heartbeat, a crazy lub dub that fills her sight with stars.

Or maybe that’s just because she’s forgetting to breathe again.

Even the buffeting wind that encircles them is oddly quiet, a blessedly cold caress against her flushed cheeks.

But he’s here. His eyes are wide and curious and the prettiest shade of green. Almost exactly the color of sunlight drifting through leaves.

And she’ll lose her focus if she thinks anymore, because in stark contrast to his eyes, his smile is comforting. It’s a soft, little thing of warmth and encouragement.

Her reality cements itself again when Chat Noir gives her the most earnest thumbs up, the material of his suit is so blatantly loud as he shifts awkwardly.

She gathers up all the courage settled into her dots, the thing that’s decidedly a part of Ladybug and not Marinette.

Her cheeks burn and the words fall out with a vague rush of relief. She shuts her eyes, lets her dry lips stretch and contort to shape what she needs to say.

“Sorry, I know it’s really sudden and all…but I…I really, really like you. For a long time…a-actually…oh god.”

Her eyes are still screwed shut, and this time the stars she sees are from that rather than lack of air. She wonders if she can make a wish on these ones, considering Paris is too bright to ever see real ones.

His soft laughter causes that same familiar pain to lance through her, she wrings her hands in agitation and irritation mixed with all her affection tinges her words.

“You promised you wouldn’t laugh.” She chides, closing the distance between them, and with a strangely Herculean effort, punches him casually on the shoulder.

He chuckles a bit more, rubbing at his arm.

“I’m not…not at you…not exactly, Ladybug. It’s just you always close your eyes. It looks really painful. But at least you didn’t call him ‘beautiful boy’ this time around.”

He seems to notice her underlying discomfort and thinks she’s genuinely still worried about this night’s rehearsal. He takes it in the way she wants him to.

(And in the way she really doesn’t.)

And like always, he makes her confidence a priority. His encouragement is the farthest thing from false.

(Even if it hurts…oh so much…that she’s practicing these confessions for some other person.)

He places his hands on her small shoulders, his smile is that a little more mellow, a whole lot more sweet as he looks down at her.

He thinks that she should really keep her eyes open during her confession. Because they’re such a starkly bluebell blue, that he thinks, no matter who she confesses to with those shining bright eyes, they’ll say yes.

He would in a heartbeat. Or less.

But her feelings aren’t for him. There for some mystery person. Someone who makes her stutter and devolve back into the adorable politeness that was his classmate…

“Marinette…you should really have more faith in yourself. Honestly, you’re ready. You’ve been ready to make that confession for a while now. I don’t think we need to practice every day now.”

She vehemently shakes her head, and her eyes are narrowed in dogged refusal to listen to him.

“I need more time. Maybe on…Christmas of next year.”

“You really…really need to see that you’re already there, Marinette…and that’s like,” He takes a moment to tally up the time, before humming in frustration. “That’s twenty months away. You can’t keep putting this off.”

But there’s this sick twisted part of him that wants her to feel just a little unsure. That wants her to keep fake confessing to him…just so he can pretend for a few more nights that the girl he loves, loves him too.

Still, her uncertainty runs deep. It seems to be a part of her own bones, lacing through her just as surely as her kindness does.

He can’t promise that the object of her affections will return her feelings…but he can promise her that she’ll be fine if they don’t. After all, he’s currently an expert on an unrequited love. Except she’s got a lot more gumption that he does and she’s been practicing.

She’s still shaking her head, although a bit dizzy by now and he sees the edge of mischief curling her lips.

He moves his hands to cradle her cheeks, thumbs laid just over the edge of her mask. It takes effort not to move his fingers, not to trace the planes of her precious face.

But he does it, and she’s still trying to shake her head in jest, straining gently against his careful hold.

“You’re the worst bobble head ever.” He snorts, and tries to catch her gaze with earnest joy. “But no matter what you want to do, you’ll be great. You can mess up. It’s totally fine. Whatever happens, it wasn’t you. That person just wasn’t…the right one at that time.”

She stops shaking her head long enough to catch the seriousness of his tone, and he has to look away before those pretty blues drown him in curiosity.

Because under no circumstances will he allow their friendship to be ruined because he couldn’t control his emotions.

His hands fall away quickly from her, fiddling with the trailing end of his tail as he finishes his point.

“You’ve…you got this, Marinette.” He says gently, and even beyond her Ladybug suit, he sees the way his encouragement helps. The way she stands a little bit taller. The way the energy of her hope seems to make even her ribbons perk up a bit.

“Thanks…Adrien. It really…it really means a lot. I’m so happy.” She answers back…and somehow she doesn’t sound entirely truthful.

She doesn’t sound happy, but Chat decides to attribute that to lingering uncertainty.

(And for once, she wishes her cat was more observant.)

But the night devolves into a gentle, easy conversation. Ending with him scribbling down the answers to the physics homework for her with a half hearted complaint.

“These only cover your butt for the homework. You’re actually going to have to learn the concepts for the test.”

She rolls her eyes good-naturedly.

“So what if I take the path of least resistance?” She remarks, picking her away from around the chimney stack and beginning to swing her yoyo to begin her journey home.

“Did you just make a joke about circuits? Ohm my god….” He deadpans, his grin turning into one that is absolutely shit-eating.

She laughs sweetly, and waves at him over her shoulder…eager to leave before he catches the harsh beating of her heart.

(And he watches her arc through the sky, a streak of red luck breaking through the winter haze with his heart in his throat. His fingers still tremble, regretting everything.)

She knows she’s being entirely selfish.

She knows she’s being entirely stupid.

But there was a culmination of circumstances that had lead to her current conundrum

And that word happened to start with a C too. Chat Noir..who was Adrien Agreste…who as Chat Noir..

The reveal is inconsequential. How it happened is anticlimactic at best and underwhelming at worst.

She had pieced it together before him. It had been an amalgamation of overly specific puns and a shared reference that only the two of them could have known.

He’d found her out after they’d both gone into the same broom closet to transform…the strangest of liminal spaces encasing two confused heroes and two giggling kwamis.

Another story for another time.

For now, what matters is that the reveals had lead to a better friendship. A relationship the spans both sides of their coins. A person with whom they could share everything.

Well, almost everything. She can’t very well tell Adrien that she’s loved him since day two. She can’t tell him that now her first love and her almost love have coalesced into one wonderfully flawed and dorky boy.

So she lies. Sort of.

She tells him that she likes someone in school.

He asks if he knows them.

She shrugs and says she thinks so.

He asks about their hobbies and what they look like.

She resorts to nauseating poetry to throw him off.

Eyes the color of la Seine in winter. Hair that is woven from ambrosia. A smile made of sunbeams.

He laughs it all off, in a way that’s too easy…to casual for her to even fathom that he feels anything other than amusement.

She’s noticed…a miniscule change…but after the reveal, he’s less flirtatious as Chat. A lot more laid back and maybe just the tiniest bit more sarcastic.

A mark of friendship…something blessed and cursed at the same time.

So when she confesses, she’s not lying. She tells him everyday in various iterations how much she loves him…and he still has no idea she’s confessing to him.

It’s painful, but it’s a hurt of her own making.

Except for now…today is the day. She won’t lie anymore, because unfortunately she’s noticed the growing numbers of Valentine’s he’d received last month.

Because she’s noticed how much more at ease he is with girls that fawn over him and how much more familiar he is with everyone in class.

Because one day they’ll graduate and one day Hawkmoth will be defeated and her pride is stubborn enough not to let her confession happen because a man with a butterfly obsession threatens to throw her life into chaos.

It’s the same scene. The same cloudy haze and the same bright city.

The same stars she sees in her sight because she’s not breathing right, but she’s got no more time.

She’s silent for a bit, and it’s enough to prompt the usual encouragement.

“Hey…I’m really cheering for you.” Tumbles from his mouth when she feels it break.

Despite her months of practice, she still screws her eyes shut and practically shoves out her confession.

“Sorry I know I lie all the time, but I’ve lo..liked you for a long time…and I don’t want to hide anymore. I know I’ve messed up everything…I know you might not like me back, but I really…I really needed to tell that to you, Adrien.”

It’s only now that the volume has returned. The loud rushing sounds of traffic float up from below, the wailing of a boat horn in the distance…the brief, choked laughing that comes from him.

Beyond her vulnerability, anger and hurt make her eyes fly open. Make her fingers curl into fists and make her open her mouth to tell him to please realize that she’s being serious, but…

He stands there with a giant smile, a boy made a little bit of laughter and a little bit of tears, as he says-

“I love you too.”

at last (i see the light)

Summary: Of a tower, a missing prince with the sun in his hair and the ability to heal with a touch, and a terrible-dangerous-very-bad bandit who’s never been altogether good at being very bad, dangerous, or terrible.

An AU based off of Disney’s Tangled.

Nico di Angelo grows up with stories of the prince lost to time.

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The Little Mermaid And Her Human Prince | 1

Pairings: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Mermaid!au; angst, fantasy, fairy tale

Words: 3k

Warnings: Death, Monsters, mentions of blood, fighting, injuries

Summary: Your father, the king of the merfolk, has forbid you to come in contact with the humans. But as you see a ship with humans in need of help, you forget his rule and try to help. Unfortunately, you put yourself in danger and got saved by a beautiful human boy. Since the moment you lied your eyes on him, things have changed.

A/N: I am so excited to post this! I worked really hard on the chapter. A big shoutout and a BIG THANK YOU to my love blue @thepettyblue

Chapter list| Chapter 1 | Next Chapter >>

“Come on, Hobi! You are too slow!” You shout  out to your best friend, Hoseok, who struggles to keep up with your fast swimming. You and Hoseok swam out of the dead coral reef, also known as the ship cemetery, outside the palace to find some new adventures. Hoseok wasn’t at first very pleased with your idea to pay a visit to this dangerous spot. The people back in the palace always tell stories, that here lives a monster that drowns humans and these humans turn into more monsters, other sayings are that here live many dangerous sharks. In other words, this is considered as a death place.

“Y/n, are you sure about this?” He asked you with a shaky voice. In one swift you turned to Hoseok throwing him a face.

“Jung Hoseok, be a man for once! What are you scared for?” You asked him.

“You really haven’t heard of the Sea witch, the ugly Monster living here? She will snatch our fins and rip our scales and smack our fish bones one by one!” He told you in a dramatic voice, swirling around to search for possible danger, his light blue tail shimmering in the light of the sun breaking through the water. You watched Hoseok with a blank face, your hands resting on your hips.
“You really believe that what people say?” You asked him and Hoseok answered you with a quick nod, you sighed at his behavior. “Hobi, you know, this ‘myth’ exists only to scare of children, so they will behave and listen to their parents.” You took his hand to drag him with you or else this poor boy will either swim away from you and get lost or you will be caught by some of your father’s guards. “We will be fine, don’t worry okay? Just trust me.”

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Good Girl pt. 4 / hybrid!au - Jungkook

Originally posted by jjeonguk

1. 2. 3. 4. | Taehyung | Hoseok

Jungkook heard the phone alarm blare beside him, his eyebrows furrowing in annoyance. His hand reached over, quickly finding the offending device that woke him from his dream and turning the alarm off with a sigh. He didn’t quite want to leave the comfort of his bed and the person beside him. He didn’t even have to open his eyes to know you were cuddled up to him. He could feel you; your head on his chest and he assumed the ticklish feeling underneath his chin was your fox ear. He felt your small arm draped around his torso, a bit of a grip even in your sleep. He could even feel your leg swung over his leg with your knee dangerously close to his crotch that if you suddenly moved you could cause some serious damage.

He took a deep breath in before he stopped short to hold it when you stirred above him. With his chest rising from the breath made your head rise as well along with a small moan. Jungkook let a moment pass before he moved with slow precision, tackling the unspoken mission at hand. Carefully he raised his arm to grasp yours that was draped around him with two fingers, slowly bringing it over to rest on your body. He dropped a leg down over the bed, too scared to watch your face as he pushed your leg off of him slowly before slipping out of bed.

He let out the breath he was holding when he stood to his feet, glancing over your sleeping form on the bed. A twitch of your ears and the steady rise and fall of your chest assured you were still soundly asleep. You were usually a light sleeper but sometimes when you were really tired you could sleep through almost anything.

Jungkook headed straight to the bathroom to wash up and brush his teeth. Another long week of work began for him and he knew how much you hated watching him go. At this point he didn’t like to either but it was the best for his state of mind.

You were driving him crazy in every single way. Your sweet voice and laughter soothed his ears like honey, and he found himself lost in your deep brown eyes at times. From your head to your toes, he was falling for you in every single way. You always meant well but your innocent gestures were deadly to him, and you didn’t have the slightest idea what you were doing to him. With just the two of you in this apartment together, he didn’t know how he was keeping himself together. 

You were definitely growing on him.

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Take A Chance On Me // Cha Eunwoo

Originally posted by jungkookismybf

Pairing: Eunwoo x Reader

Genre: Fluff ^_^

Summary//Request: awkwardbento said: Can I request an Astro Eunwoo? (since I see you have never written and Astro yet hehe) something fluffy and cuddly like possibly a first date? Thank you so much!! I love your works!

A/N: I was so happy to finally write an Astro scenario! I love Eunwoo he is so tall and fluffy and such a gentleman ahhh <3

For weeks, you had found yourself in a situation that you had only ever seen happen in movies.

“Seriously? Notes in my locker? What is this, the 90’s?” you thought at first, seeing the light yellow Disney paper which had been diligently placed inside your locker by sliding it between the cracks. You lifted it up, trying to examine the handwriting, but you couldn’t recognise it to save your life.

“How do I confess to you? I wonder…”

This was the first note among many, much along the same lines but each time it felt like you were getting closer and closer to solving the puzzle. Of course, you didn’t tell anyone about it in fear of a rumour being spread like wildfire through the school corridors – that was the last thing you wanted. But you were burning with curiosity none the less. You had tried everything from going to school early to try and catch the letter leaver, to even making unnecessary bathroom breaks during classes in an attempt to sneak a peek; but you were always left none the wiser.

The last bell of the day rang out cheerily; music to everyone’s ears as it was Friday, thus marking the start of a long, bank holiday weekend. You lazily put on your school cardigan before neatly putting your books into your Mickey and Minnie Mouse satchel and walking out of the classroom, waving goodbye to your teacher as you left. It was then you remembered your gym bag which you had left in your locker, so you turned on your heel and began walking down the corridor in the opposite direction.

As you made your way through the students all heading towards the exit, you had a clear view of your locker. You continued walking, keeping your sights firmly locked on your target, trying your best to avoid bumping into people when you heard your name being called upon reaching your locker.

“Hey (Y/N)!” a familiar voice came from your left. You turned around to see Dong-Min, or as everyone else called him, Eunwoo. He was in several of your classes in school and you both talked occasionally, but seeing as both of you had different groups of friends, you never really got the chance to hang out or get to know each other that well. So upon him calling out your name, you were a little shocked to say the least.

“Oh, Eunwoo! Hey” you smiled nervously at him as the hallway quickly started to empty.

“What’s up? You heading home now?” Eunwoo asked you, smiling down from his height as the afternoon sun which poured in through the window reflected off his soft, brown hair. You wondered to yourself why he was making small talk with you all of a sudden, but you smiled and answered him anyway.

“Ahh, not much! Just glad to be going home, and yeah I was headed out when I remembered that I left my gym bag in my locker. How about you?” you asked politely, as you reached to open your locker.

“Oh! I see! Well, um, I was just on my way home too. What are you up to this weekend?” he chuckled loudly, making you turn back towards him. “What…?” you questioned his random behaviour silently to yourself, before opening your locker to see the familiar small yellow Disney envelope out of the corner of your eye. “Oh God…” you thought, hoping that Eunwoo wouldn’t see it and question it. You took the letter, along with your gym bag and stuffed the envelope into your cardigan pocket.

“Uhh, I’ve no plans actually. I’ll probably just…stay at home and be lazy? Listen Eunwoo, I have to get going now so…uh, I’ll catch you later? Have a good weekend!” you said quickly before running off down the hallway, itching to open the letter and have a look at what your mystery admirer had written. Eunwoo chuckled and widened his eyes in both shock and jest at your actions, thinking just how cute you looked when you were embarrassed and shy. He put his hands to the back of his neck before exhaling sharply, leaning against the lockers and getting lost in his thoughts.

You made it on to the bus, taking the back seat where there weren’t too many people, before taking out the envelope. It felt…thicker than usual. You scrunched your eyebrows together, wondering what could be inside before carefully opening it. You pulled out the contents, your jaw falling to the ground as you read the letter.

“Dear (Y/N)

You’ve probably been wondering for a while who I am, right? Truth be told, I’m a shy person myself. And I don’t know how to approach you and ask you on a date, so I’m taking a leap of faith here, in the hopes that you will too. Maybe you think this is all too old-fashioned, but I hope you can see how much I want to make you smile. The time and date is on the ticket, I hope you can make it. If you decide to take a chance on a stranger, I’ll be waiting past the ticket gates to the left beside the information centre for you. I hope you can make it ^_^”

You held your breath as you seen a ticket for Disneyland attached to your letter. You widened your eyes before you let out a breathy chuckle, completely dumbfounded. You examined the ticket which was dated for tomorrow at 10am. Millions of thoughts began zooming through your head at 100 miles an hour when the bus came to your stop. You quickly got off and walked the short distance to your house, trying to make sense of the situation.

“What if it’s someone playing a prank on me? What if I go and it’s not a student, it’s a stalker? What if….what if…what if….” you debated back and forth all evening. You had a shower, washed your hair and got into your bed, before deciding that you should go. What the worst that could happen? What would you have to lose? If it was a prank, at least you’re at Disneyland and you can have fun anyway. You were never the type of person to take such big chances; because things like this, things like this that only ever happened in movies never happened to normal girls like you. You set your alarm, before turning over and getting a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, you woke up and began getting ready for your mystery date. You did your hair in a nice, simple pony tail and your makeup was light and natural. You decided it would be best to wear a casual but event suitable outfit – you were going to an amusement park after all. After you had everything ready, you told your mum you were going to meet your friends in town, before kissing her on the cheek and running to catch 2 buses to get yourself to Disneyland.

As you sat on the bus which was almost at Disneyland, you began to feel your nerves kicking in. “I must be crazy…or desperate…maybe both” you thought to yourself upon seeing the park getting closer and closer. Of course you wanted someone who you could be close to. You craved having someone to have a crush on, to go on cute dates with and to create amazing memories with. You wanted to have those feelings you dreamt about before getting into a relationship – those nervous butterflies and secret glances…and finally the first kiss. As the bus came to a stop, your heart began to pound in your chest as you knew that in a matter of minutes, you would meet the person who had been sending you letters and notes for the past year, never revealing themselves to you.

You made it through the gates, putting your ticket back in your bag as you veered off to the left in the direction of the information centre. You nervously scanned the area, looking for someone who you might recognise, but seeing as it was a Saturday, the park was starting to fill up quickly. Your legs felt like jelly as you walked closer towards the mystery meeting point, before you stopped and looked around. You looked up at the Disney clock which read 10:02, reassuring yourself that you were on time as you felt adrenaline pumping through your body with every beat of your heart. “Maybe this is a prank…or maybe they are just running late…oh god why did I come, this was a terrible idea” you thought as you bit your lip, trying to act natural and pretend that everything was fine when you were really a nervous wreck on the inside.


You turned around so fast that your neck nearly snapped as you searched for the person who just called your name. You saw him, standing just a few steps away from you in his ripped jeans and soft black sweater. His hair, pushed back slightly which was shining in the sunlight flowed in the gentle breeze, and his shy smile which practically stopped your heart in it’s tracks as you finally came to your senses.

“Eun…woo?” you managed to say, gripping both of your straps of your backpack as you stepped towards him slightly. “Are you the one that’s…been sending me the notes?” you asked, feeling more nervous and excited now than ever before. He chuckled lightly, looking at the ground while putting his hands nervously in his pockets, before catching your eyes with his.

“Are you…disappointed that it’s me?” he said softly.

You widened your eyes in amazement. You had no idea that Eunwoo liked you at all because he never gave any kind of signals to show you his feelings. He was beautiful, and on top of that he was a complete gentleman.

“No! I mean, I didn’t expect you, I mean, I had no idea that you…oh my god” you laughed, smiling at him brightly as Eunwoo felt small jolts of relief wash over him.

“I’m so happy that you came because…well, I didn’t know how to approach you and sending you letters made me feel a little closer to you. And I really wanted to ask you out on a date, and I know you really love Disney, and I do too…so…” he trailed off, stepping closer to you and giggling nervously. Your heart began to swell in your chest at how adorable he was. You couldn’t get over how thoughtful, caring and spontaneous he had been. You felt like jumping for joy right then and there in that moment, but knowing that there were too many people about, you giggled back and smiled at him instead.

“Well, I would have loved for you to approach me, but I think this is the most thoughtful and romantic thing anyone has ever done for me….thank you Eunwoo” you said sweetly, noticing how his eyes completely disappeared when he smiled back at you.

“So, (Y/N)…did you want to go to Disneyland with me, on a date?” he said shyly, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink – as did yours as you both giggled at each other out of pure nervousness. You felt the butterflies return upon hearing his words and seeing him smile, as you took your place beside him.

“I’d love to. I really would love to Eunwoo.” you replied, looking up into his face cutely, before you felt his hand on yours, taking it gently. Eunwoo’s heart felt like it was in this throat. He was so nervous that you wouldn’t show up or worse; you would reject him. But he was so thankful that you took a chance on him.

And it truly was the best chance you ever took.

First Born Unicorn

Summary: Something mysterious has returned to the preserve, but for once it’s not dangerous.

Notes: A long time ago, someone said something about Derek Hale and unicorns, and I just couldn’t resist. Written for day three of Sterek Week 2016: Myths and Fairytales. (On AO3)

They pull up to an abandoned trailhead at the edge of the preserve and hop out of the jeep, waiting. Sure enough, it’s not long before the Camaro comes rumbling up, pulling alongside them.

Derek climbs out, frowns at them both. “What’s going on?” he says.

“There’s something new in the woods,” Scott says seriously, striding forward. “Something big, something powerful. I wanted you help us do some recon, figure out what it is.”

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Beholder - Part I

here it is, dragon lovers! enjoy! and a huuuuge thanks to @chubbyteeth for encouraging me to write it! 

(part I is sfw! part II will… not be)

(also, i totally modeled the dragon’s voice after goliath from gargoyles, cause uh, have you heard it? damn)

The village elders warn you not to travel too deep into the forest. It’s a labyrinth, they say, and many souls have been lost within its bowels. The trees stand like great spires, tall and lush and ancient; the great mountain they shelter stands much taller.

“Its peak pierces the heavens,” one of the elders tells you. “It is there that the Mountain King converses with the gods. You can hear them when the rains and winds come. Their great, booming voices fill the sky and send storms to ravage the land.”

“What do they speak of?” you’d asked once, back when you were small and as terrified of the elders’ stories as you were fascinated by them. 

“They speak of matters not meant for mortal ears,” the elder had replied, shooing you along with a wave of his hand. “Particularly young ones!”

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Family Addition

Summary: Bucky’s therapist and girlfriend, encouraged Bucky to get a dog to keep him company when human interaction became too much for him to handle. You understand what he’s going through, which is why you have some help from your own four-legged friend.

Word Count: 2,115

Warnings: PTSD, nightmares, fluff, just tons of fluff

A/N:  I finally got some stuff redone! Enjoy my lovelies as I give you fluff!! Bucky’s dog (on the left), Readers dog (on the right)

“Bucky, come on you’ve been looking forward to this all week!” You stared at the man before you, Bucky’s face remained impassive as he stared back at you.

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On the cultural diversity of dragons

Enjoltaire, Fantasy AU, dragon!Enjolras meeting jiaoren!Joly, 1.3k

For @smoljoly, who helped me to figure out Joly’s character <3

Unless he’s truly going ashore, Grantaire prefers to not completely shed his seal form. Usually when he and Enjolras sit on one of the rocks in the shoreline he even keeps the end of his tail hanging in the water. Enjolras had always assumed this was out of comfort, but one afternoon very near the new moon that promises a spring tide storm, he learns differently. In the middle of their conversation Grantaire suddenly lifts his head and sits up, looking out across the sea.

“Someone’s here,” he says.

Enjolras looks around. “How do you know?”

Grantaire gives a splash with his tail. “I can feel them coming.”

Enjolras raises his eyes in surprise and Grantaire grins.

“My tail is not as sensitive as my whiskers,” he says, waggling his eyebrows. “But it’s good enough.”

Enjolras scans the waves, suitably impressed. He sees nothing. “Montparnasse perhaps?’ he suggests. The kelpie is annoyingly fond of bothering them.

“No,” Grantaire shakes his head. “Him I feel coming from a mile off or not at all, no it’s must be s-” His face lights up and he points at the waves. “Hey! Even better, it’s Joly!”

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anonymous asked:

Could you maybe do an imagine where Kakashi is in love with Naruto's guardian/mother figure? Fluff or smut, I'd be happy with whatever you do! Just do whatever you'd like with the story. Keep up the great work! You're doing amazing! Thank you! ❤️

Sorry for the wait, anon! Kakashi is a very complex character and I wanted to do him justice. I don’t know if I really achieved that but I hope you like your 3000+ word story despite any short comings.

I might expand on this story line should we get more requests that fit its criteria as its a fun topic to explore!

~Mod Whipski

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The Fourth Apprentice- Chapter 1

Read the prologue here

“Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the Highledge for a Clan meeting!” Firestar’s call rang out from across the clearing.

“That’ll be you in just a sunrise or two, Dovekit.” Whitewing’s tongue rasped gently over her ear. Dovekit’s sister, Ivykit, was already poking her head out of the nursery, her tail fluffed and twitching with anxiety, while in the back of the nursery, Daisyflower and Poppytail, two of the resident queens, were napping.

“Oh no, we’re gonna be late!” Ivykit moaned. “Whitewing, please hurry! Dovekit’s fine already!”

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anonymous asked:

can you write some fluff for me? i'm so sad today lol rip

hey uh wow same lol but i have this one wip thing that ill never finish from ages ago when a few friends and i were on discord talking about hp aus ft. durmstrang vik and mahoutokoro yuuri??? i hope it cheers you up <3

{ ao3 }

Durmstrang Institute is, much like Viktor has repeatedly assured him, beautiful.  The castle itself is larger than Mahoutokoro’s jade palace, though Yuuri personally thinks his own school has a more intricate and lovely design, but the grounds are stunning.  He doesn’t entirely know where they are, precisely, but the mountains and lakes are so pristine, and oh, the green of the trees against the bright blue sky—

“Appreciating the view?” Viktor asks, drifting almost lazily on his broom with a matching lazy, content smile.  Yuuri shifts close enough to gently bump his shoulder.

“Yes,” he says, “but I wasn’t looking at you, if that’s what you meant.”

Viktor laughs.  “You wound me, dear,” he says, nudging back.  “Except not really, because I love that look you get on your face when you’re enjoying yourself.  Go on, keep looking around, I’ll keep quiet!”

Suddenly self-conscious, Yuuri ducks his head as the wind picks up.  “What look?” he asks, squinting against the breeze.  It’s cold against his face, and belatedly, he’s starting to realize that maybe an extra layer or five might have been useful before going flying up here, but… oh well.  It’s too late to go back to Viktor’s room to dig through his suitcase now, and a little cold never hurt anyone.

(Besides, it’ll be a great excuse for them to have tea together later, not that they really need one.)

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cupidberry157l  asked:

(Pt1 Listen there's an idea I've had in my head for awhile now and I don't know how to work it out, because I have LITERALLY wrote myself into a ditch because of this. But here's a basic background of an idea for an MC, when she was little her father went to war and came back insane, and tried to kill her and her mother, but only killed her mother and once he realized what he had done killed himself by jumping off a bridge. Basically, years later she drank some water her old cat had lead her to

(Pt2 ps she lives in the middle of the woods,  she drank the water from the river & became immortal, she couldn’t die from sickness or injury & never aged, but she had to help anyone who stumbled upon her home, mentally & physically heal them with in 11 days, & once they were over, she would kiss the top of their forehead & they would forget her, well she was cursed to remember it all. Now I want to make this into a mystic messenger fanfic just don’t know how. Do you think you can use this idea

Okay y’all, switching it up a bit. Here’s my first ever Mystic Messenger AU! Thank you to @cupidberry1571 for sending this ask in! I’m so happy to be writing this, as it is such a good idea??? Just remember that a lot of this does not belong to me, although I have incorporated my ideas and my own twists to the plot line. I’ll try to update this on Mondays, granted that goes to plan. Enjoy!

Eleven Days: Prologue

TRIGGER WARNING: Slight violence towards end

Pairing: 707 x MC

Words: 2068

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a little bit of a mermaid AU for my dear @regolithheart​, who is feeling a little under the weather! ♥


The next time Cress sees her human, she has snuck out of her coral cell yet again, and he is standing in the shallows of the shore, bare-chested and shouting. She has wandered dangerously far from her home in hopes of–of seeing something, of seeing the trees, and the sky, and the glittering, sunny sand, and the frothy rolls of the surf as they break against the beach.

She sees more than she bargains for. Carswell Thorne is there. He is standing hip-deep in the water, and he is calling for her, over and over again. “Cress!” he cries. He cups his strange, bare hands around his mouth, around the single word he shouts hopelessly toward the horizon. “Cress!”

Cress watches. Shamelessly she hides behind a crop of rocks. A seagull lands beside her, calls out toward the world. Cress watches. She holds tight to the slick rocks, ducks down low whenever he seems to glance her way. Her heart pounds impossibly loud in her chest.

Carswell Thorne is here.

He is looking for her.

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Down the Rabbit Hole

Series: Fairy Tail, Inuyasha AU

Pairing: Gajevy

Note: Like I wasn’t gonna.  Enjoy, and don’t necessarily count on me continuing this! ><

This is a bad dream!  It all has to be a bad dream! Levy repeated to herself over and over, trying with all her might to dispel the terrible sight around her.  And the terrible beast that hounded her.

Give me the jewel, little girl!” The unearthly voice roared behind her.

Her feet pounded the earth and her chest hurt, hungry for air she couldn’t gasp for fast enough.  Wake up, wake up, wake up! She berated herself again desperately.  All the trees looked the same, and she wasn’t even sure where she was supposed to be running to.  All she knew was the well that had been her gateway into this strange dream world, and even that she didn’t know how to explain.  It was was absurd enough that it could only be a dream!

“Someone, anyone, help me!”  The girl cried out.

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tainted [04]

» featuring; jinyoung x reader x jaebum - got7, other idol groups and some original characters
» genre; angst x romance - business men x gang x mafia!au

“Miss… you really shouldn’t be–”

“It’s fine! I don’t mind helping out.”

Taking a step onto the wooden stool in front of the bookcase, you reached up as high as you could and began to dust off the top shelves. One of the housekeepers looked up at you with such a worried expression as the other glanced around the parlor, hoping none of the men would walk in and find you doing their job.


“But the young masters told us not to let you–”

“They don’t let me do anything around here.”

“Because it’s not your job.”

You flinched hearing a low, irritated voice fill your ears and two strong hands immediately found your waist, gripping you firmly. You bit the corner of your lip and shut your eyes tight as you were lifted off the stepstool and was placed back down on the plush carpet floor.

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