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I wonder who would get fired first and for what -v-

Pidge: It’s more like… who has already been fired ;)

Lance: No… it isn’t.

Pidge: ;)

Lance: Pidge… stop that.

Pidge:  ;) !

Hunk: Lance got ‘suspended’ for following through with a customer’s request of a striptease instead of deflecting like we were supposed to.

Lance: It was their BIRTHDAY


Keith: Do you have photos?

Pidge: Yes >:)

Lance: PIDGE!

Keith: …

Keith: I’m keeping these.

Lance: !!!

A.N. watch as I take an innocent question as an excuse to draw Lance stripping. Tah.. fucking Dah. *its magic*

can we talk about Youngjae running to get more members to join his and Zelo’s Vlive, and came running back screaming “everyone! I caught the big fish! Yongguk-hyung will be here soon!” and then Daehyun walks in and goes “look, I brought someone with me” and goes all TAH-DA-DA as Yongguk walks through the door, and everyone starts cheering and Youngjae is clapping his hands all “he came!” and oh my god can we talk about how much these boys love their Bang leader bc I’m emotional

As promised, we’ve got some videos of the show for all you Adventurekateers old and new! We’ll be starting with just some musical numbers, but I’ll post a video of the full show when I have it. The sound quality is not the best, I’m afraid, but I trust you can see what a great time our performers had. 

Don’t forget, if this almost aggressively amateur video isn’t enough, we have another post here with some excellent professional photos!

First up, there’s the Sparks Nevada theme song. You also get the tail end of On With The Show. 

Then we take you out to the Red Plains (Well, not that red, I have a small stage and a fondness for minimalist sets) for “Written in the Stars”. 

From a happy couple to one not so much, here’s the second verse through the end of “Gettin’ Nowhere Fast”. This little bit contains my favorite joke in the show.

And you know we just HAD to pay tribute to our fictional sponsor, which is why we closed Act 1 with a word from @workjuice Coffee. BOW BEFORE YOUR KING AND HIS CAFFEINE-RICH MAJESTY!

For a little bit of every song in the show, check out The Wedding Medley. Featuring all the Mutantes and killer robots you want. Just like everyone dreams of at their wedding. 

And finally, as any good Adventurekateer knows, the only way to properly send off a performance is with this simple truth: LOVE AIN’T NO BILLY GOAT. 

Sparks Nevada created by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker 
Music by Andy Paley
Lyrics by Acker and Blacker & Andy Paley
Sparks Nevada’s Theme by Eban Schletter
Love Ain’t No Billy Goat by Jonathan Coulton 




Wednesday, December 22nd.
Dr Jackson was making a lot of notes, which was weird, because I hadn’t said very much.

“I finished for Christmas today.” I chirped. “I’m going home.”

“You seem… excited? I wasn’t expecting that.” She didn’t lift her eyes from the paper.

Myself and Harry had both discussed not telling Bryony about our little set up, because fucking hell, I’d never get out of therapy if she knew I was setting up fake relationships to deal with my family. I’d have to keep seeing her for the rest of my damn life.

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Subject 17

“Hey, thoo thoo?”
“Yes, child?”
“Do you think catapills know they’re gonna be buh-flies?”
“Do you?”
“I unno. I think they wake up one day an’ are like ‘oh em gee I can fly what is this???’ you know?”
“Indeed. Would you like to fly, child?”

“Hey, thoo thoo?”
“Yes, child?”
“How long was your nap?”
“Many years.”
“Like, more than ten?”
“Many tens.”
“That’s a long nap!”
“Do you ever need to sleep again?”
“One day, perhaps. A long time from now.”
“I napped almost a whole day one time!”
“Most impressive.”
“I was soooooo hungy when I woke up. Are you hungy?”
“But you’re not gonna eat anybody, right?”

“Hey, thoo thoo?”
“Yes, child?”
“Look how high I can jump!”
“Have you ever played jum prope?”
“I cannot say that I have.”
“You should try sometime, you’d be good at it.”
“I shall keep that in mind.”

“Hey, thoo thoo?”
“Yes, child?”
“How come everyone’s 'fraid of you?”
“All tend to fear that which they do not understand.”
“What’s that mean?”
“I am old and powerful beyond humanity’s comprehension.”
“What’s that mean?”
“I am before your people’s time.”
“What’s that mean?”
“I come from a place you cannot see.”
“Why not?”
“You lack the ability and have not yet invented the technology to compensate.”
“What’s that mean?”
“Your scientists have not yet discovered other dimensions, despite their many theories.”
“What’s that mean?”
“All in due time, child.”
“Perhaps you can show me how high you can jump again.”

“Hey, thoo thoo?”
“Yes, child?”
“How come everybody looks at me all the time but not everybody else?”
“You are special.”
“Time will tell.”
“So like… why can’t anybody else move things when they look at them?”
“You have evolved beyond the others.”
“What’s evol’d?”
“Evolution is the process by which organisms… you are special.”

“Hey, thoo thoo?”
“Yes, child?”
“Are there more like you down there?”
“An’… will they like me?”
“They will worship you, child.”
“An’ they’ll do what I want?”
“Do… do you like me?”
“More than you know.”

“Hey, thoo thoo?”
“Yes, child?”
“Tell me the story 'bout the ah-tah-puss princess again.”
“Very well.”