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Woman Up

Part Six in my Sam x Reader series “Thank You.” Based on the song titles from Meghan Trainor’s album “Thank You.”

Pairing: Sam x Reader (not really yet)
Words:  905

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A/N: Reblogs are perfectly fine…because that’s still giving me credit for the work I did.
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          You hadn’t wanted to ask for help. You had wanted to prove to yourself and everyone else that you could handle things on yourself. But you had to be honest with yourself too. And you had to remember that it wasn’t weak to ask for help. It was smart.

           You were also lonely. Being by yourself wasn’t doing much for your physical or mental health. So, you knew you had to just woman up and call the one person you knew you could count on besides yourself. You had to call Sam and see if you could go back. You just hoped you’d be okay.

           “Y/N?” Sam sounded surprised that you were calling.

           “Hi, Sam,” you said.

           “Are you okay? Is something wrong?” he asked.

           “Umm …” you took a deep breath, “I’m woman enough to admit that I can’t be alone anymore.”

           “What do you mean?”

           “I’m lonely, Sam. Being alone is killing me. I just … I don’t have anyone else to go to. I know it’ll be weird and probably awkward or whatever, but I want to come back to hunting with you and Dean.”

           “Where are you?”

           You told him the town you were in, looking out the motel window, “I’ll meet you somewhere,” you said.

           “I’ll come to get you.”

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This is gonna be rambling and out of sorts but like. I want to put out my stance as a trans sga ace person and I’m sure there’s been plenty of people who have said this more eloquently than me but:

If you aren’t trans or sga you aren’t part of the LGBT community. Like, plain and simple as that.

I’m going to start by saying that when I was 14 I thought I was aroace and I came out to my mom and told her I probably wasnt ever going to want to have a relationship. She reacted bad. Like legit screaming fight and calling me a sinner bad. It was some of the most ridiculous bullshit I’d ever been exposed to. And it sucked and it hurt that she didn’t understand and even tho I’ve moved away from that identity, it still sucks to remember that moment. And this is serious shit that needs to be addressed, aroace people do have a lot of interpersonal stigma that needs to be talked about and remedied.

But see. That’s the key difference. Aroace issues are interpersonal, not societal. And the aroace community has very different goals from LGBT people as a result.

Aroace community initiatives are all about Visibility and Education. And those are noble goals, giving people access to this knowledge is great, but for LGBT people the kind of laser focus on Visibility isn’t great.

LGBT people are hypervisible. Trans women get mocked in media constantly, gay men and lesbians are stereotyped and demonized out the wazoo, everyone Knows we’re here. We don’t have a visibility issue.

We’re busy focusing on fighting the societal laws that literally restrict our freedoms. Because at the end of the day if you’re not an sga ace person, you’re not going to walk into an apartment complex with your spouse and be denied a home by a homophobic leasing agent. You’re not going to propose to the person you love and then have a baker refuse to make you a wedding cake because they believe you’re such an abomination that they think getting money from you is a sin. You’re not going to walk down the street holding your partner’s hand and have to fear for your life. You’re not going to tell your co-workers about your spouse and face social isolation, harassment, possibly being fired. You’re not going to be sent to conversion therapy specifically for your orientation and tortured until you’re too afraid to express your love anymore. You’re not going to be refused the right to donate blood.

If youre not a trans ace person, you’re not going to be stopped on your way to the bathroom and sexually harassed about your “real gender.” You’re not going to be denied work. You’re not going to be forced against your will to identify as a gender you are not.

There are no anti-ace laws. Theres no mandate to have sex or be in relationships. There are social pressures, YES, and I’m not denying that. And social pressures suck. But what you’re dealing with is fundamentally different from sga & trans experiences.

The thing about being ace is that it really is more of an interpersonal than professional disclosure. If someone irl asked me about my partners I’d have to talk about my boyfriends. I wouldn’t mention my level of sexual attraction or engagement because that’s not what was asked or what is socially appropriate to disclose. My boyfriends know I’m acespec because it’s relevant to our relationship, my boss would not.

Aromanticism is a mildly different story, because this is when you would reveal, “oh, I’m not in a relationship, I’m not really interested in them.” This could be met mostly with confusion, misunderstanding, disbelief, jokes, or “it’s a phase"s. Which all suck! They do and they’re issues that need to be addressed and dealt with, but once more they’re fundamentally different from the concerns sga people have to deal with when bringing their orientations into the professional realm.

Aro/ace people are perfectly valid, memeatic as that term has become. These are legitimate identities with definitely legitimate issues. But the facts are that the aroace community has vastly different priorities from the LGBT community and this is why they are fundamentally separate.

LGBT spaces and resources shouldn’t be expended in a direction that takes focus away from actual LGBT issues like the ones discussed above. Aroace people need to rally together and get their own resources in shape so they can create a more focused and targeted attempt to do what they want to accomplish. Because tugging at LGBT resources and insisting on including cishet aces, whose experiences are so fundamentally different from trans sga folks’, in LGBT spaces is detrimental to all of us in the long run.

And all the sitting around flinging insults at LGBT people and comparing them to bigots or their oppressors and being disgusted by LGBT people empowering themselves through displays of affection that they’re demonized for in every other circle just kinda proves the rift that exists between these communities and how much their priorities differ.

Anyways I’m done that was a lot of text

That Adweek interview with them on the swings got me thinking…sometimes I love the way Rhett takes it upon himself to explain Link’s quirks to other people. He’s all like, “He does this all the time! CAN YOU BELIEVE I’ve put up with this my whole life because we’ve basically been best friends that whole time that’s right I’M BEST FRIENDS WITH LINK and I must prove it to you by explaining something about him that I understand but you don’t.”

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Siths on Tumblr? I mean, what would their url be, what would they post about & how often, etc. :D

trashlords for the trash website

vader:talldarkandhandsome” reblogs anything and everything to do with starships and engineering, talking at length with other technology nerds. sends anonymous pictures of lava to “obi-juan

sidious:not-palpatine” 80% selfies, 10% Empire propaganda, and 10% outdated memes.

maul:justmaul” reblogs every now and then, usually from “justzabrakthings”. also reblogs Sith stuff, cool weapons, and cats. sometimes writes about his thoughts or events of the day.

savage:dathomirrulez” posts updates of what he and his brother are up to and pictures of strange things he has found. he especially likes to post selfies in response to other bodybuilders in order to prove his superiority. 

asajj: witch-please” aesthetic and magic blog, with some selfies sprinkled here and there. has a very nice blog theme. posts embarrassing photos of the other sith with snarky comments.

dooku:the-count” a jedi hate blog, and gets into heated (but intelligent) discussions with people easily. reblogs a lot of interior design stuff. 

kylo:crawling-in-my-skinweLCOME TO MY TWISTED MIND rants a lot. tags hux in everything. has a playlist on his blog. loves to reblog vine compilations and fresh memes. 

nihilus: “hyaaaal” usually only types with emojis or symbols, but is delighted to have found some ancient Sith speakers! reblogs weird ~dark aesthetic~ posts and food porn

bonus!grievous:not-a-droid” posts pictures of him flipping off various droids. reblogs lots of lightsaber training videos, some of which he makes. sends anon hate to “obi-juan


Sweetramenwonho has reached 4,000+ followers! Thank you so much! I remember this blog being a ghost town when I just started. So happy it grew just like how Monbebe is rapidly growing.  In honor of that, I will tag some amazing people that prove Monbebe are as friendly and down to earth as our precious Monsta X! It actually takes a lot of effort for someone to be friendly and reach out to strangers and these kind humans did it! Amazing!

@ayade (the Changkyun to my Wonho–let’s continue to talk about this dumb couple until they finally start dating), @cookieangelwonho (My cool fellow Wonho lover!) @inkyuns (The sweetest sweetheart to ever sweet) @missramiun (We don’t talk much but you always like and reblog my annoying Wonkyun posts haha! It’s so nice to see other Wonkyun blogs out there!) @justyournotaverage20year-old (We should talk moooore ‘cause we’re too much alike) @1kyuns (Let’s Wonkyun it upp!!!) @preciousjooheon (I’m just looking back at our messages where we ranted about things all night hahaha!) @ki-hyunie (One of the first Monbebe I talked to!) @mizz-apple2016 (Her shipping game is so strong that I admire it haha!)

Even if you don’t remember our conversations, I’m still grateful for your kindness and dignity as fans! Sorry if I’m leaving anyone out! You’re all appreciated! I love reading fun tags and reactions to my posts! Thanks, everyone! Please continue to love, respect, and support Monsta X!

it’s really really okay for sapphics to be single, i know for me at least as a bi sapphic, i often feel pressure to “prove” my sexuality?? especially by citing examples of my relationships??? i want everyone to know that you don’t have to be in a relationship to prove your gayness!!! you are just as gay/bi/lesbian/queer/pan/etc when you are single as when you are coupled!!! bc your sexuality is part of YOU not some other person !!!

this is super late, but anyways, here’s my follow forever for all the people who made bb19 so much more enjoyable to watch for me:

  • @brimlies aka the president of the josh stan club. you are so intelligent, genuine, and one of the brightest people i’ve met in the tag. please keep doing you, because you’ve consistently done #THAT all season long.
  • @youaregoinghome i believe the good sis hannah is truly the most underappreciated blog around. who knew you could be an actual icon simply by existing? the kardashians could and will never.
  • @cjcdeeezy is the biggest sweetheart in this fandom and that’s just straight facts, don’t even try to argue me on it. i’m not sure if i ever interacted with you before this season, but i’m so glad i have now because you are the absolute best.
  • @bblunatic legend that always knows all the tea. i think he’s the only person on here that actually does stay in his own lane. i love your blog so much, and i think you’d kill it if you ever decided to audition for bb. 
  • @davonneday isabelle is the epitome of grace and tenacity. you’re a true kind soul that deserves the entire world and more. thank you so much for reaching out to me first because i love talking to you about everything.
  • @snakole is That Bitch. it’s not up for debate. i’ve seen them around for a few seasons now, and not even ika wong could compete with how petty they are. their posts are ALWAYS on point.
  • @shaolinbynature what would this tag be without our editing queen? she has produced bop after bop (Monte America Has Chosen You and Congratulations Josh are winning snatching those grammys) for us and is the nicest person to ever live in alabama.
  • @dayslostson it’s no secret to anyone that i love my twin to death. not only are you a shady king, but you are someone that is never afraid to stand up for yourself and what you believe in. i admire your confidence more than you’ll ever know, best friend.
  • @sexologii might be THE attention seeker of all attention seekers and an overall hot ass mess, but they’re super funny and cool. i died every time i read one of their posts this season.
  • @versacethotty i know yall have had a lot of discourse about this, but they are the real bae of josh martinez. i have never seen someone stan so hardcore, and your drags are simply legendary. i would not want to get on your bad side.
  • @lickeyrogerswong call me extra or whatever, but joe is the greatest blogger we’ve ever had. he posts a lot of great, hilarious content and is the nicest person you could ever talk to. that one time he deactivated proves that the tag is nothing without him. 
  • @sindysnguyen is another editing queen that deserves more respect on her name. you have the most beautiful personality ever and have been one of the biggest highlights of the season for me.
  • @spunkyspy the bacon goddess, the myth, the legend! you are so entertaining, energetic, and just full on crackedt. i know you probably get tired of seeing me reblog everything you post, but i can’t help it. you’ve made my day 10000 times throughout this year.

some other people that have been my absolute faves are: @feelsg0od, @muvaship@audreysusbb17, @tims-reality-blog@juliechicken, @whats-up-whats-the-issue, @d0nnythompson, @sirdippinghotsauce, @bigbrothermusings, @huntyhex@jackie-ibarras, @vanessacries@bitchwebroke, @tlffanypollard, @blkdiaspora@cole-medaddy, @normani-x-kordei, @momma-day@joshmartinezisdaddy, @pizzapocket24, @sunsign@messypotatoqueen, @davonnelickey@hoh-robe, @ikamwong@flirtyspy, @mitchellmoffit @knightjackie, @natalieskicks, @mrjenkins-4-allstars@tahny-lew, @notjustawave, @sufjan-stevenuniverse and @usernamegameon1000.

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Where do you see what the most popular ships are? I'm really self-conscious about Genyatta right now because like people who don't ship Genyatta just whore Genji out to everyone else and don't give a shit about Zenyatta or his love life lmao i hate people.

Tumblr released a “ship metrics” post where they compile data collected throughout their website and it listed the “Top 20 Ships” on this website. From Overwatch, only McHanzo and Reaper76 made the list. 

I’m sorry you feel that way, though. I don’t think people mean to ‘whore Genji out’ or purposely neglect Zenyatta; it’s just that people like different ships. It’s okay to have different tastes, but I can see why you might feel frustrated. I know some people can overlook or brush by Genyatta. 

If it makes you feel any better, I personally love Genyatta. I’ve joked about this with my sister and a couple friends before, but if Michael Chu approached me and said, “If you delete the McHanzo blog right now, I’ll make Genyatta canon. Do we have a deal?” I’d take that in a heartbeat. That’s how much I love them together. 

It’s a very nice, wholesome ship and I think it’s extremely healthy for both Zenyatta and Genji. Not to say that any other ships with either of them are unhealthy, but their history proves that being together brings them both peace of mind and they get along so well. I have a lot of Genyatta feelings and I’ll try not to bore any of our followers with my spiel. I don’t mind any other Zenyatta-based or Genji-based ships (I believe we can all get along despite having different ships), but Genyatta comes awfully close to McHanzo in my books. 

Aphobes: *Post spam and harmful things in the ace posit/ivity tags.*

Me and a few others: Hey could you maybe not do that?

Aphobes, fists clenched and teeth grinding: Literally fuck you? You’re so rude. I can’t believe you won’t let ME go against TUMBLR’S GUIDELINES and spam/harm people, some of which are lgbt+ without being ace or aro and some of which are LITERAL CHILDREN!

I really wan’t sure how to approach this topic last night. The last theory I posted had a lot more pieces to be presented with. This is very incomplete, as fusion is still a new concept within the episodes I have seen.

After Giant Woman ended and I finished the scoring, I took the time to write down notes and possible things to watch for in future episodes regarding fusion. I started with finding patterns in how features for a fusion are chosen. Personality, color palette, general shapes that make up the silhouette, and how the gem chosen for the fusion connects the component gems to each other.

Then I decided to look for limitations in a fusion. Does Opal have Pearl’s control over sand? Would Opal be able to use the door within the temple if she could fit (she’s pretty big so probably no)? Pearl’s and Amethyst’s gems don’t disappear or move when Opal is formed. The cut of their gems don’t change either, the color however does change. The gems change to a white base with a reflection of light colors that is most notable in Amethyst’s gem. I came to the conclusion that she could probably still open the door using the respective keys of her components gems. And thats when it hit me.


Garnet has two gems of different cuts with the same color. And in Together Breakfast shows us her using those gems to activate two keys of different colors on the temple door. Episode 4 showed me the exact scenario I wanted to see with Opal, but did it with Garnet.

I really, really want to say with confidence, that Garnet is a fusion. But I’m not sure I can. There is so little evidence at the current moment and I have to wait for more information about fusion before I can declare this a true, solid theory. My previous notes and theories post had many more examples to use. And a possible answer as to why it could be so. That made me feel more confident in the theory.

But I don’t have a “why”. And it severely changes my confidence with this theory. Pearl said fusion is for only for deadly situations. While Garnet does get into deadly situations, it seems to be no more deadly than what the other gems encounter. 

For now, this will not be considered a theory post. Just a notes post. Though it will be tagged theory simply for convenience.

Do not prove me right or wrong I want to figure this out myself.

That one stoner Junker post with Roadhog handing Junkrat the lighter specifically got so many more notes than most of my other posts, which I think is funny because it proves how starved we are for stoner junker hc’s and content;;

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There was a tweet from a fan and a post on her Instagram that implied G was with the boys at SDCC yesterday. I didn't see any photos yet. Should we believe it? Why would she be there?

Hello, dear anon!

It’s true - she was verifiably there. Here are some fan sightings to prove her presence. I thought she might tag along to San Diego since she was placing herself in Vancouver earlier this week. My guess is that she needed to be present because it was Jared’s birthday. Perhaps it would look odd to some if she was not be there? I have some other thoughts as well, but since this isn’t an anti blog…

This is J2 and G arriving to the Conan interview. Funny how the men seem to have sat in the back row while G sat in the front. They just… walk away from her. Make of that what you will. ;) (x)

Anyway, I’m glad she’s stayed in the background so far. Let’s hope we won’t witness an elaborate het parade in the coming days, but we should be prepared for anything. Let’s focus on the good things that the Comic Con week will likely bring us, sweet anon! Have a wonderful day. :)


replied to your post:

you know what’s great? the fact that beast boy…

But what about Robin I thought he always made her smile?? Idk just curious

I commented on the post itself, but here I’m not limited to characters, so maybe I can provide a better answer.

First off, I’d like to say that this is subjective and that no one is forced to agree with my opinion on it? So like, if you disagree, that’s cool, yo.

I can blatantly admit I’m BBRae shipper trash, so, yeah. I’m going to interpret their relationship a whole lot  more differently than say, someone who claims it’s ‘abusive’. That’s a can of worms I’m NOT opening. 


If we’re gonna sit here and compare who makes Raven smile most, that’s just silly.

All the Titans make Raven smile. ALL OF THEM. She’s shared heartfelt moments with them all, and they all help bring out her cheerier side. Starfire, Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Terra even.

That being said, it wasn’t the point of the post??

I never said that it was only Beast Boy who makes her smile. 

What I was trying to say was that he’s the only Titan who actively makes it a goal of his.

He has been seen time and time again making the effort to have her smile (no, it does not always work, I know). He’s quoted as saying so himself. 

Originally posted by ginnosaji

On top of the fact that he always cracks lame jokes around her to get her to laugh, and let’s not forget the Nevermore episode where *THIS* happened:

Originally posted by the-37th

That’s her emoticlone, Happy. In case anyone is wondering. 

Beast Boy is the only Titan who goes out of his way to get these reactions from her, purposefully knowing his intent to be based solely on her happiness. What I mean to say is, he consciously puts the most effort into this endeavor. It is not to negate from the fact that the other Titans do care for Raven’s happiness or anything of the like. 

I’m simply pointing out how Beast Boy goes about doing it and that, to ME, it seems he’s the most conscious of it.

Spellbound is a great episode to highlight this behaviour as well, because he invites Raven to a match of stankball (something she has probably participated in before judging from his “get to be the referee” comment) again, in an effort to make her feel included. He knows there’s a good chance she’d reject him but he asks anyways, because he’s thinking about her. 

When she starts to stay cooped up in her room with Malchior, none of the Titans find her behaviour strange enough to warrant investigation. Beast Boy spies on her as a fly and pretty much says he’s watched her relationship with Malchior unfold. Meaning, he cared enough, was concerned enough, to go and see why she was acting so differently. Not saying the other Titans didn’t, only that Beast Boy was the one highlighted as the character who is most in tune with her mood fluctuations. He knows when something is up. He would only know such things if he paid attention to her, and seeing as Raven is very careful with how she reveals her emotions, that’s no simple task.

Next, there’s the Trigon arc, which I also mentioned in the post.

Raven starts acting weird because her birthday is around the corner. Nobody knows it’s her birthday, nobody knows what it means. Guess who picks up on her strange behaviour, again, and goes digging into it? 

That’s right.

Beast Boy.

He’s the one who discovers her birthday, because he was the most concerned by her shift in personality. Again. And what does he do? He discovers it’s her birthday and throws her a surprise party, for what other reason than to make her happy/smile/feel good about herself? 

Originally posted by ttitansgo

Even after all is said and done, BB still wants to celebrate her birthday.

That’s a big deal.

He wants her so desperately to find him funny, because he wants her to smile. The show is littered with moments like these, that showcase how above and beyond he goes just to get that reaction out of her. 

Originally posted by teenagertitans

At the end of the origins episode, he’s thrilled to hear her admit that she finds him funny. It sort of sets up for the whole concept of him making her smile/laugh there on after, and we come to learn exactly why Beast Boy is so hellbent on making it happen.

For someone like Raven, Beast Boy becomes an important person. She clams up a lot, thinks no one likes her or understands her, claims to prefer being alone, but it’s all a front. When Starfire travels into the future, she finds Raven isolated and we know immediately that isolation is literally the worst thing for her mental psyche. Beast Boy, by trying his damn best to make her feel part of the team, by always acknowledging her and thinking about her and worrying about her. Well. I mean, it has to have a positive effect with everything considered.

Obviously, it’s not only him. All the others have had positive effects on her, as well. My post was highlighting BBRae because, well, I ship them, and I’m allowed to enjoy my ship and make positive ship posts about them. I wasn’t trying to shit on the other pairings or Raven’s relationship with the other Titans.

That being said, I know this was lengthy, but, hopefully that answers the question? Everyone is free to ship what they want, and if it makes you happy and hurts no one, then go for it. I’m not going to crap on any other TT ship to prove my point here, nor do I have to. 

You don’t got to agree with me, ofc, but this is what inspired my post and what I meant by it.

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i love how in the tags you talk about "the other roman"

Well yeah. I tag posts that are only about one or two of the sides with a stupid nickname if I remember to do it.

The other roman
The emo
The pun master
Professor logic

And well, I’m Roman too so he’s the other Roman. He has yet to take me up on my offer to fight me in the void, by the way. Won’t dare to try and prove who the superior Roman is. It’s probably him, but I’d still like to fight him for fun.

And again, it doesn’t matter to anyone...

No one cares……that’s what I have to get into my thick skull.

Anywho, I miss having attention on here. I’m gonna be straight to the point with you, because, like, who cares if I get called names again?? Like an attention whore??? I know I don’t.

I remember when I used to get more likes on my posts, but, as it is for most people, little or no reblogs. Because no one really seems to care about what I have to say.

If you can prove me wrong, and get over five reblogs on this post(by my followers, other than the ones I’ve tagged), then that’s an acomplishment. I like to be noticed. I love to be heard. It makes me feel better about my art, my writing, myself, even if I never show it…

That’s probably why I’ve been so depressing lately…I miss having attention…..I miss people reminding me that I matter to my followers, family, and friends.

The lovely ones here, that keep reminding me, are @nothingbuttrash, @pastelturf, @multifrisk-y, and @merebear11. Some of my closest friends(I would say). I honestly don’t see how they can at the least put up with me, but, here we are. I wanted to say thank you to the people that help me to keep going, even the ones I have not mentioned. So, thank you. Thank you for caring, and for staying with me…even if I am an attention whore……and a sadistic, messed up piece of shit…thank you.

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tfw you've decided a generally unliked character is you fav and now you go hunting for content that is practically impossible to find... (why is there no tann content damn it!)

I FEEL YOU NONNY. I went into his tag the other day and it’s, like, the same scene screencapped or gif’d multiple times over, the same pre-release vid posted multiple times, or people complaining about him in text posts :c It’s a little sad and disheartening? But I will try my damnedest to get some content into that tag ASAP.

I get why people don’t like him, and yeah his views on krogan are “problematic”, but I think people also need to remember that he has had (so far as I’ve seen in content - I’m ~50% through the game and haven’t read the book yet) little to no chance for krogan to prove his bias against them… well, wrong. We, as the player base, have a vastly different opinion because we’ve been interacting with, working with, and befriending krogan since the very first game. We’ve seen salarians like Mordin and Padok Wiks not only work alongside krogan, but show a more progressive view on them as a whole species and actually help them. Tann has not been allowed that opportunity (as of yet), and really been given no cause to shift his standing view on them.

He’s also an accountant who has zero qualifications to be in the position he’s in, yet he was next in line and is doing it anyway to keep Jien Garson’s dream for the Initiative alive as best he can. Don’t forget, our Ryder(s) are also not qualified to be Pathfinder. Both Ryder and Tann are trying to work out their place in Andromeda while thrust into circumstances and positions beyond their previous scope of training. The difference being Ryder has a whole team supporting them whereas the team that should be supporting Tann argues with and butts heads with him at every turn. Not to say he’s always right, but the fact that we see so little compromise between the Nexus leadership is very telling to the environment that Tann has been treading water in to keep the Nexus, the Initiative, and all the lives of the people within it safe and alive.



Oh my god! The jikook tag is full of posts about how real jikook or taekook is. Shippers bashing one another, sending proof about what ship is the realest.

Now, I am a jikook shipper (sorry taekookers(?) I love those two, but jimin and jk are my bias and bias wrecker so…) so I am almost always on the jikook tag and I find people trying to force the ship (jikook) in the vkook shippers, trying to prove their points just as bad as what that girl did (not to mention irrelevant since Jungkook has had enough interactions with all the others and it’s just the fan that decide with what filters see those interactions)

Voltron Gang Headcanon Dump

- Hunk loves that pastel sugar baby lana del rey aesthetic, and he has a lot of light pink and purple floral print crop tops to prove it

-Pidge and Lance send each other their best selfies throughout the day for the other to comment cute things on

- Pidge and Lance are also the friends who will help each other get really good pics by planning out the picture while the other one ‘isnt looking’ then post it on instagram with them tagged like ‘got this shot while they weren’t paying attention, my friends are all model material be jealous’

- Keith is a super duper horror movie buff. He really loves and will hardcore binge shitty b-rated garbage but will pick apart the acclaimed classics forever

- Shiro has a mint condition baseball card collection because he’s a nerd. He is not ashamed of it at all.

- Pidge knows every move to the Hoe Down Throw Down because when Matt was younger he made them learn it for a youtube video he was planning and Pidge has never been able to forget it

- pies and pastries are always laying around in the kitchen and everyone assumes its Hunk but when they finally ask, they find out it’s actually Coran, who bakes when he can’t sleep

- Allura will join him in the kitchen during these midnight bakes. They have their best talks here.

- Allura sits down one day with Keith during his horror movie binge and falls in love

- Keith is so excited to show her all his favorites and ones he thinks she might like, and keeps his mouth shut until after the film the best he can so she can immerse fully into the experience

- Lance loves Judge Judy. Its all he ever remembers playing at his grandparents house and she’s so sassy

- Pidge doesn’t like horror movies. There’s too much aftermath that the movies hardly ever address and seriously? Like how big of a mess was it when that all went to court?? Yikes. Just yikes.

- Shiro won’t watch Jurassic Park because it gave him nightmares as a kid

- Hunk and Lance have a monthly Musical Night Extravaganza with lots of snacks, musicals, and snapchat videos of them both singing badly and loving it

- Keith joins them sometimes, only he can actually sing really well and Hunk and Lance both fell in love a little bit the first time they heard him??

- Pidge’s favorite novel is Jane Eyre

- When he’s really tired, Keith gets very sensitive. He cried over a squished bug once. He was very embarrassed in the morning.

- Shiro loves horses. He had a horse when he was younger named Rain and she was his best friend. He can’t watch Spirit, it messes his heart up too much.

- Hunk without fail always burns garlic bread

- Lance makes really good garlic bread. Hunk is bitter af

- Pidge eats all of the garlic bread before anyone else can. They now have to bar Pidge from the kitchen until everything is done on spaghetti night

- Someone introduces Allura to hot cheetos and now she literally almost always has a bag. She loves hot foods. She could down a jar of ghost peppers and then fight you and then win

- Keith, Lance, and Hunk are the ‘always cold no matter what’ squad

- Pidge and Shiro wear shorts in the snow and do not flinch

- if literally any part of her is hot, Allura cannot sleep

- Coran likes to sleep in the equivalent of the Sahara desert

- Keith gets comically enraged if he drops something by accident

- Hunk swears like a sailor in bed

- Pidge swears like a sailor all the time

- Lance still skips over swear words in some songs because he’s used to singing them that way in front of his mom