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Voltron Gang Headcanon Dump

- Hunk loves that pastel sugar baby lana del rey aesthetic, and he has a lot of light pink and purple floral print crop tops to prove it

-Pidge and Lance send each other their best selfies throughout the day for the other to comment cute things on

- Pidge and Lance are also the friends who will help each other get really good pics by planning out the picture while the other one ‘isnt looking’ then post it on instagram with them tagged like ‘got this shot while they weren’t paying attention, my friends are all model material be jealous’

- Keith is a super duper horror movie buff. He really loves and will hardcore binge shitty b-rated garbage but will pick apart the acclaimed classics forever

- Shiro has a mint condition baseball card collection because he’s a nerd. He is not ashamed of it at all.

- Pidge knows every move to the Hoe Down Throw Down because when Matt was younger he made them learn it for a youtube video he was planning and Pidge has never been able to forget it

- pies and pastries are always laying around in the kitchen and everyone assumes its Hunk but when they finally ask, they find out it’s actually Coran, who bakes when he can’t sleep

- Allura will join him in the kitchen during these midnight bakes. They have their best talks here.

- Allura sits down one day with Keith during his horror movie binge and falls in love

- Keith is so excited to show her all his favorites and ones he thinks she might like, and keeps his mouth shut until after the film the best he can so she can immerse fully into the experience

- Lance loves Judge Judy. Its all he ever remembers playing at his grandparents house and she’s so sassy

- Pidge doesn’t like horror movies. There’s too much aftermath that the movies hardly ever address and seriously? Like how big of a mess was it when that all went to court?? Yikes. Just yikes.

- Shiro won’t watch Jurassic Park because it gave him nightmares as a kid

- Hunk and Lance have a monthly Musical Night Extravaganza with lots of snacks, musicals, and snapchat videos of them both singing badly and loving it

- Keith joins them sometimes, only he can actually sing really well and Hunk and Lance both fell in love a little bit the first time they heard him??

- Pidge’s favorite novel is Jane Eyre

- When he’s really tired, Keith gets very sensitive. He cried over a squished bug once. He was very embarrassed in the morning.

- Shiro loves horses. He had a horse when he was younger named Rain and she was his best friend. He can’t watch Spirit, it messes his heart up too much.

- Hunk without fail always burns garlic bread

- Lance makes really good garlic bread. Hunk is bitter af

- Pidge eats all of the garlic bread before anyone else can. They now have to bar Pidge from the kitchen until everything is done on spaghetti night

- Someone introduces Allura to hot cheetos and now she literally almost always has a bag. She loves hot foods. She could down a jar of ghost peppers and then fight you and then win

- Keith, Lance, and Hunk are the 'always cold no matter what’ squad

- Pidge and Shiro wear shorts in the snow and do not flinch

- if literally any part of her is hot, Allura cannot sleep

- Coran likes to sleep in the equivalent of the Sahara desert

- Keith gets comically enraged if he drops something by accident

- Hunk swears like a sailor in bed

- Pidge swears like a sailor all the time

- Lance still skips over swear words in some songs because he’s used to singing them that way in front of his mom

sorry i’m just a bitter puddle cause every time we have a same sex couple on a TV show we have to fight tooth and nail just to PROVE they’re together. They could be fucking saying their wedding vows and someone would open their mouth about how great their friendship is and how platonic they are 

Like straight ships can just stare at each other for 2 seconds and ya’ll will jump on that as proof of canon but if a same sex couple shows a healthy relationship with normal development, ya’ll make us jump through hoops to prove its canon

anyways fucking viktuuri’s canon and they’ve been dating for fucking weeks any half wit can fucking see it im not gonna sit here to argue if it was a kiss or a hug either way they’re still fucking dating 

anonymous asked:

Hey I've been reading that people don't like Karamel because Mon-El emotionally manipulated her into a relationship with him? I get he has flaws but I feel some people are being dramatic? And I also read they're screwing with Kara's writing? I think that's strange because she hasn't changed much I think. Especially in the recent episode she proved she could handle herself.

people will look for any excuse to hate on a ship. i’m a firm believer in shipping what you want but also minding your p’s and q’s when comes to what others ship. i may not like it but i’m certainly not gonna go into a notp tag and post shit about them. what would be the point except to incite people for no reason and start a ship war? i also go out of my way to tag posts as anti so people don’t have to see them if they don’t want to. 
as for mon-el and kara…i like it i admit. i never felt the chemistry between her and james (i wanted to but for me there was never any spark) and i like how their story has progressed. i don’t see any issues with how they’re writing kara (aside from the normal issues i have with mostly male writers trying to write for female characters) and i def do not think mon-el is being manipulative. that’s just a buzzword the antis like to use in order to justify their irrational hate. just my personal opinion :)

You know what? The fact that two lesbians of color already commented on that post asking that person how lesbian issues are racist, one directly reblogging from them, and that they choose to respond to me instead by sinking their heels in, says a lot.

If you think lesbian issues are white issues, that seems pretty dismissive and racist to me at least. I shouldn’t feel like I have to tag a bunch of lesbians of color to come and fight for that. They don’t need to prove their existence or their oppression.

It’s frustrating.

ETA: they just made a nasty remark to one of those women. I’m just going to block them. If someone wants to call out racism, great. They don’t make nasty ableist remarks to other lesbians on my posts.

chris and josh are totally the guys that marry each other drunkenly in las vegas as a joke to prove their friendship

and half of the group (namely sam, who just sees the disaster coming, beth and probably matt) is trying to stop them and the other half (namely mike) encourages them because they are too drunk to take it serious.

in any case it’s a big party and a hell of a mess.

@gorogues: I’m staying out of the tags, but I’m sure there’s still discourse about something or other.  There is a small subset of this fandom that thrives on it.  Unfortunately, they’re LOUD -_-

@nekoumyu:  Lol!  I’m really not trying to prove anything with my crack posts.    I’m just making myself (and other people) laugh while I’m sick.  It all depends on what you want to see, honestly.  I wanted to see flirts, so I screencapped flirts. It just happens that there’s some sort of flirty continuity if you follow the air dates.  I reordered according to the chronological timeline, and the progression is about the same.  I noticed Ladybug is ALSO flirty towards Chat, so I’m working on that shit post >:)

@kohana: I also have Netflix (on my laptop).  I’ll do a short tutorial on how to screencap if I get a moment.  And you are completely right.  I screencapped it for you ;)

@fluggert I’m not shitting on them. And congrats you ship both klance and shit. Again, my post is not for you because I asked for ppl that ship klance and DONT ship shit. I was not addressing you, so why 👏🏾 are 👏🏾 you 👏🏾here👏🏾

Were you mentioned anywhere? Did I ask for you? No, I didn’t. I said klance shippers that do not ship shit. You did not meet the criteria. So don’t comment and don’t reblog. It’s that simple. In other words, do not assert your opinion when it was not asked for. Now if I had cross-tagged by accident, then yes, please tell me. But the fact that you felt the need to insert yourself into a situation that did not call for irrelevancy only proves my point.

It was not for you. At all.

@catdaclarinet my point exactly. It wasn’t for you. You don’t ship klance. Okay that’s you. This post was not for you so why are ppl worrying about it? Idk

Sometimes I can tolerate haters in the tag because they make me laugh but other times their pure stupidity gets to me and forces me to make a post proving just how stupid they really are.

Nothing about the way Stefan looks at Caroline says, “I love you and want you.”

You’re right he looks utterly and completely disgusted by her!

Levi squirmed in his seat uncomfortably, his fingers drumming in his lap. He tried to keep focused on the movie playing on a screen above him as a distraction. This was his first time on a plane and he was more than a little nervous.

He had been watching documentaries about terrible plane crashes the night before, which was proving to be a bad idea. It didn’t help that he’d be alone on this 5 hour flight.

The other passengers around him were all calm as the plane ascended, so the knot in his stomach made him feel ridiculous. The man seated beside him had introduced himself as Erwin when he sat down, and now he was reading a book, as if he were just sitting on a bench in the park. Levi wished he could be that relaxed right now. Instead, he was staring at the paper bags stashed beside the seats, wondering if he should keep one in his hand just in case.

Twenty minutes into the flight, Levi was starting to lose his tension. If he pretended he were in a bus, it wasn’t that bad- he just couldn’t look out the window. Erwin had abandoned his book in favor of a movie. From what Levi could tell, it was some sort of action drama. He was considering retrieving his headphones when the plane started shaking.

Levi tensed up and stared forward with wide eyes. His seat was rattling so much he felt like he was going to fall out of it. He instinctively reached for the other mans hand, looking for some sort of support in his last few moments of life.

Suddenly the plane returned to his smooth flight and Levi blinked. They weren’t going to die?

He looked over and realized he still had a death grip on Erwins hand. Erwin offered him a warm smile and Levi retracted his hand, blushing from embarrassment.

“Sorry..” He mumbled, wiping his sweaty palm on his jeans.

“What happens in turbulence stays in turbulence.” Erwin joked.

Levi snapped his eyes back to Erwins face. He was wearing a grin as if he was waiting for Levi to respond to his joke. Levi felt his cheeks getting warm again, so he looked away.

“Terrible.” He breathed, crossing his arms.

Erwin nodded in agreement.

“Is this your first flight?” He asked, pausing his movie.

Levi gave a reluctant nod, wondering if it was obvious.

“I see. It’s not especially windy today, so that probably won’t happen too many more times. But if it does…” Erwin raised his hand and wiggled his fingers, suggesting that Levi could grab it as much as he liked.

Levi could feel his face burning now, so he buried it in his hands with an exasperated sigh.

nothing can kick me in the teeth quite like those posts that are essentially “here is a woman doing a really cool thing! what a cool thing! isn’t it great that this woman is doing this cool thing in the world?”

and then someone has added a comment to the effect of “AND she is traditionally attractive/feminine doing it!”

nothing quite reinforces that doing cool things is not enough, but that you must also look good doing it, like those posts

discourse is so freaking petty. What the fuck are ace tumblr receipts supposed to prove to me? You have 100 links to people being a little ignorant and impolite or venting, or responding to harassment in a way other than “yes you’re right about everything”, and that’s supposed to prove it’s okay to send people death threats? People fucking devote blogs to smearing an entire fucking identity (and lying about other people’s identities to create a narrative) and raiding people’s posts then have the gall to imply these posts are unprompted?

How the fuck can one “spam tags with easily blockable posts” - if it’s spamming a tag then I’ve got some reservations about how blockable it is.

I just don’t fucking see the evil. My entire experience with “bad discourse” is second hand while my dash is chock full of shitty posts that look like they could be written by tak or lion.

Maybe I’m too forgiving. I’m pretty damn sure I’m not though.

The dedication of the anti Gruvia fandom surprises me every day lol…

I couldn’t care less if they still twist chapters 499 and 500 (and their other moments in the manga) so to “prove” Gray doesn’t love Juvia. Or that this unhealthy ship will be canon because blabla he feels “guilty” and is ooc or forced.

What I really dislike is that they reply to MY pro ship posts with arguments such:

- GRAY SHARED MORE TEARS FOR HIS DAD, UR AND ULTEAR THAN JUVIA: he does not care she died! Can’t you see? The amount of tears is essential, the more you cry the sadder you are! He isn’t that broken for her!
E-excuse me… do you really literally COUNT his tears? Are you really ignoring the parallels between Juvia and Ur’s deaths? Or his despair over her? I thought those panels of him were clear enough… Guess I need a pair of glasses. Or you need to grow up because counting and comparing tears is hilarious. If you also consider THIS was said by a Gray fan… damn. Way to love and respect your favorite character.

(regarding Gray’s invaluable experiences in chapter 483)
Okay. Are we still with the “counting” thing? I just…


Listen, I have no problems with haters as long as they are polite and do not twist facts. Everyone has their tastes and reasons to like or dislike something.

Just stop being this childish by coming in the Gruvia tag with hateful posts directed to fans only to get attention. (replying to our “fest” as well)

Have a nice day!
Friendly reminder: Gray loves Juvia :)

i actually hate going into the asexuality tag because it’s so full of hate

i’m sick and tired of proving my sexuality to everyone

i’m sick and tired of people posting their hate in the tag i go to for love and support from other struggling ace-spectrum people

deny my existance all you want i really dont give a shit because i know you’re wrong just get it the fuck out of our tag