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Negan/Rick Fic List

(Last Updated: April 28, 2017)

List of fics I personally loved. Made this so it’s easier for me to find them. Prolly the closest thing to a fic rec list I can do (I’M SORRY)…

Chaptered (Complete):

Chaptered (Ongoing):

  • All the Hallowed Roads -If Negan met Rick in TWD season 1 
  • Excess -Negan coerces Rick into marrying him amongst other things (PRETTY DARK.)
  • Ready for Another Life -canonverse!Rick wakes up in an AU where he’s been in a relationship with Negan for years (SAD STUFF AHEAD) 
  • Bloodsport -Negan asks Rick to marry him (the Sanctuary/Savior characters as the supporting cast)
  • The New World Order -if Rick met Negan in TWD season 2 (Negan’s already with The Saviors) 
  • Your Body’s Borders -If Negan was with Abe’s group, and happens upon Rick who seems extremely troubled post-Terminus
  • hallelujah -AU Rick picks up a mysterious hitchhiker (Non-con, VERY VERY DARK and violent)
  • Red riding hood and the big bad wolf -Childhood friends AU
  • All Roads Lead to Terminus -If Negan was in a different group searching for Terminus and ends up defending Rick’s group/the prison from the Governor’s attack
  • Heart In A Blender -AU friends to lovers
  • The Delegation of Power -Simon takes an interest in Rick, handling things a little differently when Negan’s not around (Non-con)
  • Parallax -AU Sci-fi, Rick and Negan are part of a crew sent to investigate a distant planet, which their ship crash lands in. Stuck, they have to work together to survive and find a way out


Fic Collections/Answered Prompts:

By @hatterized​ :

By @neganstonguething​ :

By @psychosexualnegan

By @ocegion 

“One shot where Rick is saved by Negan after he stops breathing and it’s hella awkward.” (I see what you did there anon ;D )

That’s it for now. There are other fics that I’m interested in and currently following, but I’m still waiting to see how they go and how I feel about them??? So I won’t add them here for now… Will be constantly updating this post I guess.

just studyblr things
  1. scrolling through the reblogs of ur posts to see if anyone left cute comments in the tags (literally me every time bc i have no life lol)
  2. studying at gorgeous libraries (hELLO SEATTLE PUBLIC LIBRARY)
  3. buying wAY too much expensive stationery (even if you can’t afford it like me lmao)
  4. having the image of being organized on tumblr but being totally overwhelmed irl (cough me cough)
  5. taking way too many extracurriculars and honors or ap classes but still making time to binge watch shows (heLLO me right there)
  6. buying books but never reading them so the ‘to be read’ list just keeps getting longer 
  7. spending too much time trying to find the right angles and lighting for studyspo pics
  8. blushing and smiling profusely when one of the big studyblrs reblogs your post and the notes just,,,, explode
  9. arranging your pens in just the right way so it looks like they spilled out of your pencil case aesthetically
  10. making posts about positivity and anti procrastination when really,,, you’re just trying to use your own advice too 

lightshesaid  asked:

omg so much microfic. How about some Shiro & Ulaz & a panic attack?

how about it? ;)

“Shiro. Shiro!”

Shiro comes back to himself with a panicked start, lungs burning as he struggles for air. His heart’s pounding, fit to burst right out of his chest. His eyes skitter frantically over a blurred nothing. Where - where - ?!

“Shiro,” the voice repeats, insistent but calm. Something squeezes his hand. “Shiro, you must breathe. Can you do that? Inhale.”

Shiro sucks in a ragged gasp of air, lungs heaving, trying.

“Good,” the voice says, fierce but hushed. “Let it out. Again.”

Shiro obeys. Inch by inch he breathes; inch by inch the voice talks him down. Inch by inch his heart stops pounding. Gradually his surroundings clarify into dull sense. He’s sitting on the dirt floor, back pressed hard against two walls. He’s curled up into the corner. He can’t move his hands -

No. His right arm rests palm-up by his side, heavy and limp. Only his left hand is being held. Long fingers grip his, and the slight tip of claws brush against his wrist.

Someone crouches in front of him, their face furrowed in deep concern.

“Ulaz,” Shiro gasps.

“That is correct,” Ulaz says, quietly. His yellow eyes betray no alarm, merely worry. “Are you with me?”

Shiro’s left hand is caught up in Ulaz’s own, the Galra’s grip firm but not restrictive. Shiro’s knees are tucked tightly into his chest; Ulaz is crouched before him, immobile and steady. Even squatting down, Ulaz is so much larger than Shiro is. His knees press right above Shiro’s own, and his larger form neatly blocks Shiro’s view of the cell door. The edges of the door’s active energy field shimmer brightly around Ulaz’s form, a purple halo Shiro will see in his dreams for a week -

“No.” A hand grips his chin. Shiro flinches, bucking, but Ulaz’s claws are gentle. “Look at me. Do not look at the door.”

“H-how are you here?” Shiro manages. His tongue’s dry, lips cracked.

“I came after you,” Ulaz says, as matter-of-fact as if he were merely discussing the weather.

Came after you. But the cell door is active, and locked. That means -

Shiro fights against Ulaz’s grip, weak and shaking. Ulaz releases Shiro’s chin, but remains crouched before him, still blocking Shiro’s view of the active door. Even so - “You s-shouldn’t be here! What have you done?!”

“Do not worry about me,” Ulaz says, sharp. There’s no sign of injury on his face or hands. Ulaz is unharmed except that he’s imprisoned here, too, trapped just like Shiro. “This was my choice. Shiro, listen to me. The rest of your team is coming, but your Paladins will not get here in time. Your captors are coming for you first, unless we can stop them.”

The brief hope winging through Shiro’s chest sputters, caught. He thinks about crying: not in front of Ulaz. He thinks about running: the door is locked. He thinks about fighting -

“My arm,” Shiro whispers. His right arm is a deadweight at his side, metal fingers limp and lifeless. He cannot move them. “They - they did something-”

“I know,” Ulaz says. His calm voice is a rock, steady despite the undercurrent of urgency running through his words. “I can fix it, but it will hurt. However, if I re-activate your arm, we can use it to get out of this cell and find somewhere to bide time until your team arrives. Your captors will not hurt you.”

It will hurt.

Your captors are coming for you first.

Not even a choice. Shiro laughs, the shakiest of exhales. “Do it.”

Pride flits into Ulaz’s eyes, chased by a clear measure of confusion. Maybe laughing about their impending demise and torture through one way or another isn’t the reaction Ulaz expected. Oh, well. Ulaz should’ve thought of that before he ended up in this cell with Shiro.

“Do you understand me?” Ulaz repeats. “It will hurt. The hard reset was not designed to be easy on the host.”

“I heard you,” Shiro confirms. It takes all his energy but he pulls his head away from the wall, staring back at Ulaz with determination. “Do it. Pidge and Hunk can fix it later.”

Ulaz’s gaze softens inexplicably.

“I will assist them,” he promises. His hand hovers over Shiro’s immobile arm - and then, for the first time since Shiro came to, Ulaz hesitates. “You are sure?”

It will hurt.

Your Paladins will not get here in time.

“No other way, right?” Shiro says, hoarse. “My hand can open the door. Do it.”

“Then take a deep breath,” Ulaz says, and gently - carefully - he takes the elbow of Shiro’s Galra arm into his hands.

The fourth time Ronan hugs Adam, neither of them know it will probably be a while till it happens again.

Ronan lies on Adam’s small bed in his new dorm room. He’d promptly thrown himself onto it, with a heavy sigh, after putting on Adam’s new bed sheets for him. Adam’s roommate would not be arriving until the next day so Adam would have the room to himself for the night. Now, Adam can feel Ronan’s eyes on his back as he places the last of his clothes in his new tiny wardrobe. He smiles to himself picturing the other boy’s expression - brows furrowed, eyes slightly narrowed, gaze intense as he studies Adam’s movements. Classic, Lynch. 

He turns to look at Ronan over his shoulder and his smile widens at the thought of him being so attuned to Ronan’s expressions. He picks his way through the empty storage boxes they’d used to carry his things up scattered over the floor, and sits himself on the edge of the bed next to Ronan. Ronan’s expression softens, and Adam is once again struck by how Ronan is always able to ease the sharp and savagely handsome lines in his face into more smoother edges when he looks at him. He wonder’s what his face looks like when he looks at Ronan. He doubts his gaze is able to convey the way his heart races with some unknown force whenever he looks at Ronan (really looks at him). Or the way his mind clears and settles when he’s touching him - like the way his hip is pressed against Ronan’s right now.

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water park - sincerely three x reader smut (and like 1,000 words of fluff)

request: okay but like sincerely three and reader having a waterpark day and she does something like pull connor into and he just gets pissed™ and pushes them against one of the jets and keeps teases them and keeps saying “you’re in for it when we get home” and jared and evan help and then they keep teasing her on the slides and in the water play thing and when home kinky shit ensures plz plz write this i’ll give u houseplants and cuddles

OH BOY OH BOY THIS IS FUN IG oh,, tags @spicy-nug-boi

Word count; 3455

TW; fem reader (IM SORRY I ALWAYS FEEL AWFUL), daddy kink lowkey, teasing!! in public!!, car rides, begging, lowkey orgasm delay/denial, idek?, poly relationship,its longer than i intended, SEX AND SMUT OBVS, PORN WITH MILD PLOT,  jared kleinmeme is an actual meme, evan is 11/10, bad comedy

When Jared Kleinman had suggested that you, Connor and Evan go to the waterpark to relax and make the best out of the final days of Summer, you had immediately thought it was a great idea. Spending a day with your boyfriends, just escaping all the stress and other shit that was cluttering your mind was exactly what you needed, and while it took a bit of… convincing to get Connor on board with the idea, he was prompted to say yes when you and the two other boys promised him to make it worth-while for him. It didn’t hurt your case when you reminded him of the prospect of seeing you running around in a bikini.

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81. Drunk


I know it’s a little early but if I don’t publish this, then I can’t work on anything else. Just the way my mind works. And I’m just so excited to be a part of @bucky-plums-barnes 100 Banging Kinks for Bucky’s Birthday Project!

Happy Birthday, Old Kinky Man!

Warnings: SMUT. Oral (female receiving). And swearing.

Word count: 1.6k

A/N: Guys, this is my first proper smut so any feedback would be appreciated. If it’s crap, tell me to stop. If it’s ok please tell me so!

Originally posted by hothothotgg

You woke up confused with the commotion happening in your bedroom. You lived alone and the only person who had a spare key was your boyfriend, one and only James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, Captain America’s best friend and recent villain-turned-hero. You gave him the key in case of emergency. Apparently late night shenanigans were what he considered an emergency.

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Not a Lady: Part 4 (Loki x Reader)

Note: I’m honestly amazed at how well this is going down! Thank you so much for reading! Let me know if you want to be tagged in future things :)

Words: 3386 (I’m sorry they keep getting longer I just get carried away!!)

You can find the other chapters here: Loki Masterlist

Both you and Loki followed the rules the other hand set down surprisingly well. You had been shopping to buy more green clothes and thrown out the rich tea biscuits - you’d never really liked them that much anyway so had no idea why you’d kept them for so long. You’d been practising combat skills practically every day and when you’d had pizza to celebrate a hard day’s work you’d always gotten the last slice as per the agreement. You and Loki went for a walk around the fields most days and had visited the stream too, although you didn’t put your feet in anymore.

About three weeks after you’d initially set out your terms, you woke up one morning in a strange mood. Loki was still asleep on the camper bed beside yours - you’d shuffled around the furniture so he could move off of the sofa after his good behaviour - and as you looked at his sleeping form you made a decision you were sure you’d regret. Still, you were deadly curious about how this would play out and curiosity had always been a weakness of yours.

You put on a knee length black and white dress and headed to the kitchen to start on breakfast. It felt like a waffle kind of day so you set about making the batter and ended up cooking enough waffles to feed a small army. Thankfully, it had turned out that Loki had a huge appetite when it came to sweet foods. Putting a pile on a plate, you returned to your room to find him awake and dressed.

               "Breakfast in bed. I feel honoured,“ he said, practically snatching the plate from your hands. By the time you came back with your own portion, he’d already finished his. Loki’s mischievous gaze flickered between you and your breakfast, questioning whether you were going to share any of your food with him. "How did you know I wanted more?” he asked.

               "There’s more in the kitchen,“ you yawned. You sat cross legged on your bed and couldn’t help but laugh at the pile of waffles that Loki had on his return. "There is no way that you will finish all of those.”

               "Challenge accepted.“

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growing old

Mike’s hair goes gray first, or rather, the gray starts being obvious much before Erwin.

It starts at the edges of his beard, and at 43, Mike had expected the color to come in much earlier. Erwin teases him politely when they kiss, or when they lay together on the bed, too exhausted to do much more than talk with half lidded eyes.

Mike doesn’t have the heart to tell Erwin they’ve been doing this since their mid-thirties–coming home late, tired and hungry and craving every bit of affection. Old at heart.

Mike always obliges, Erwin tucked under one arm, backs on their oversized bed. Only, 8 years later the mattress is worn down and the decor has changed as per Erwin’s insistence.

“You have some gray at your temples.” Mike runs a large hand through the sides of Erwin’s hair. It’s an observation only, but Erwin always tended to overthink things.

As he does now, hand reaching up to cover Mike’s and pull it away.

“Are they that noticeable?”

Mike suddenly wonders if there’s any correct way to answer this.

“No,” he tries.

“My father was completely gray by the time he was 34.”

“Lucky, then.” Instead of keeping his hand by his side where Erwin had moved it to, he reaches up once more.

Erwin laughs. “I suppose. And I do have his full head of hair.”

“Even luckier.”

The mattress springs squeak as Erwin adjusts himself on the bed. He sits up, arm bent against the bed so he can rest his head in his hand.

Mike wonders if he’s going to say something, but Erwin doesn’t. Only stares until he starts to smile, barely trying to hide it by biting his cheek.

“What?” Mike grunts, feigning slight annoyance. His thick brow furrows.

“I’d like to keep growing old with you.”

Mike’s face softens and he leans forward to kiss Erwin’s chin.

“If you’re going to keep me around a while longer, we could always see about getting another dog.”

Erwin wants to roll his eyes, but he’s polite. “As opposed to the two that are running around outside now?”

They were both Mike’s–with him when they had first gotten together, now gray and a little slower but just as sweet.

“Together, I mean.”

Erwin nods gently. “A puppy, then.”

just a really really really long petersburg
Lucas Steele

If you wanna waste 10 minutes of your life, the sense of relief and accomplishment you get at the end of this is defs worth it

@stuff-and-shenanigans your tag inspired this but my computer couldn’t cope with anything longer than 10 mins soz

KHR Prompt

When Tsuna was little, Nana had to be on guard against kitsune trying to kidnap Tsuna because hello there fire child clearly you belong with us. The sealing inadvertently kept Tsuna from being spirited away, so they relaxed a bit.

Then Reborn came and unsealed his fire, and to centuries old foxes a few years isn’t that long at all. Reborn is wondering what’s with all these foxes popping up in odd places. Nana’s reaction when she finds out, well, it’s always the nice ones.  

- OpalIstas


The kitsune come when Tsuna is little more than a toddler, playing around outside in the sunny weather. He’s smiling and clapping as he runs about and Nana watches him beneath her sunhat while she gardens with a fond smile. Occasionally his bouncy ball (a last-minute gift from Papa) will roll her way, and she’ll have to put down her trowel and bounce it back, but she doesn’t mind.

The real trouble starts when the next door neighbor’s dog, a tiny little terror that he’s named Akane, gets loose and rushes over, slipping through the fence and rushing up to Tsuna to bark at him. She doesn’t try to play with him, just bark. Nana hears the sound of her collar tags striking each other and turns just in time to see the little dog get through her fence, run up to a terrified Tsuna, who has stopped and is backing up, and begins to bark.

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Request: maybe you could write about single dad!jihoon officially asking her to be his girlfriend? :) also omg eventually if they’re together for a bit longer… soobin should ask them if she can get a sibling too like almost all the other boys children
Member: Woozi (svt)
Genre: Fluff
A/N: I have returned from the depths of school hell with more single dad aus because lord knows I love this au for The Noisy Boys. Also, side note that I try to keep all my aus as gender neutral as possible, so this won’t be for a girlfriend specifically!!
Find the single dad au tag here: x

  • Jihoon,,, wants to be a romantic person
  • He’s certain he has the capacity to be one, he just,,, isn’t the most experienced person when it comes to romance
  • Before you, he had only a few relationships that lasted more than a month, and one of them ended with him being a single dad 
  • But,,, he really liked you, and he wanted to actually make an effort to be more romantic
  • After Soobin’s birthday party, it was pretty much just accepted by you and the boys that the two of you were a thing 
  • There was no official “Do you want to officially be my s/o?” question however, and Jihoon wanted to change that 
  • He spent a little time browsing the internet for ideas while on a group skype call with a couple of the other boys, wondering if he should do something simple or maybe something a bit more grand
  • But then he imagined taking you to a park and presenting you with a big sign and lots of props while the boys sang in the background to add onto him telling you how much he loved you 
  • And immediately cringed so hard he almost broke his neck 
  • He wants to be romantic, yes, but for him,,, simple is best lmao
  • So he finally cracked and asked the boys for some advice
  • After some initial teasing (it wouldn’t be svt if they didn’t tease him a little) they were actually really helpful??
  • They mentioned that he really shouldn’t be overthinking things so much like,,, you were both compatible, you both clearly liked each other a lot, he didn’t need to worry so much 
  • Joshua: if it’s coming from you, I’m sure they’ll love it
  • Woozi: that’s so embarrassing oh my gOD,,,
  • But he does settle on something more his taste, and sets the evening up after making sure that Wonwoo was okay with letting Soobin have a sleepover with Jiyun 
  • He’s really nervous tbh like,, he knows your gonna say yes and that everything is gonna be fine but holy hell you just make him all jittery inside???
  • When you knocked on his door he looked a bit more nervous than usual, but he just gave you a little awkward laugh and said he was fine 
  • It was a sweet night really,,, Jihoon had clearly cleaned up the place for you and was dressed a bit nicer than normal, and he had made you food that Mingyu taught him how to cook, and there were candles on the table with the lights dimmed
  • It wasn’t a five star restaurant, but it was amazing all the same, just in a more Jihoon-esque fashion
  • He told himself not to overthink like the boys said but he was also convincing himself that this setup wasn’t good enough
  • And you could kind of read it on his face so you reached over and grabbed his hand, offering him a smile that made his insides feel all gooey
  • Not that he would ever admit that oh no no 
  • You told him “Jihoon, this is a really lovely night, okay? I don’t know what’s bothering you so much, but I’m really happy you wanted to spend time with me, so can you tell me what’s up so we can continue having a nice time?”
  • Jihoon felt a whole mess of emotions swell up in his heart at your words, his shoulders relaxing a bit as he asked “Do I really look that jumpy?”
  • You laugh and tell him juuust a bit, and he finds himself laughing with you as he squeezes your hand and apologizes
  • “What did I say about apologizing to me Jihoon?” you teased and he gave you a little half-scowl but tangled his feet with yours under the table regardless
  • “I just… I have something I want to ask you, so I wanted to make a romantic gesture… or at least my version of it,” he told you and when you tilted your head, he took it as a sign to continue. 
  • “(Y/n)…I realized I never officially asked you, so I was wondering if you wanna date me? I know that we’re pretty much in a relationship already, but I want to make my intentions clear,” he told you, his eyes trailing away from yours shyly as he finished his sentence
  • You seriously couldn’t help the grin crossing your face as you stared at the boy sitting by you at the table, tugging him forward so you could wrap him in a semi-awkward hug 
  • “Of course I would Jihoon!”
  • Okay seriously you two are so soft hasjdhfje 
  • The rest of the night was spent sharing these dopey little smiles and holding hands and giggling over stupid jokes
  • And after dinner you both didn’t want to part from each other so you just kinda laid on the couch and watched a movie and maybe definitely made out a little bit I mean what 
  • But seriously Jihoon was so happy and relieved that you agreed and you may have teased him a little (or a lot probably a lot) over how nervous he was at the beginning of the date
  • He can’t even get mad tho you’re too damn cute 
  • Telling Soobin was,,, interesting
  • She knew what dating was, her uncles dated, her grandparents were married, all that jazz
  • But she was skeptical until you two kissed in front of her and then she got all excited
  • The kid was like bouncing off the walls and tugging at your sleeves
  • But then she was like “DOES THIS MEAN I GET A SIBLING LIKE EUNMI NOW???” and you and Jihoon were like UM
  • Have fun with that one LMAO
Spending the Holidays with Lucius would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Yay Lucius :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him finding it rather childish to decorate the tree yourself yet being dragged into it because of you and learning to appreciate the time you both have alone together

-Him only accepting to get you some rather elegant sweaters to wear and of course insisting that you only wear them at home when you’re both alone

-Him enjoying to escort you around town to shop and obviously showing you off that you belong to him, unable to stop smirking at the thought of everyone being jealous of you both

-Him slowly learning to find the pleasure in drinking hot chocolate over any of his fancy drinks yet never admitting it to you openly

-Him trying to stop you from cooking, saying that it’s the work for house elves yet smiling to see you being so persistent and making him his meal

-Him getting somewhat flustered when you’d take care of him instead, making sure he’s all warmed up and cozy in his clothes

-Making him realize how much he actually loves the kissing under the mistletoe tradition and of course for him to not miss an opportunity

-Enjoying a quiet/fancy dinner with his friends and family and getting to know one another better

-Him surprising you with all your gifts already wrapped by your bed, just so he could keep you to himself longer in the morning

-Him expressing you his gratitude for making him feel so much joy, only for it to turn into him pleasuring you all night long

Tags : @angel-with-broken-wings, @jokergirl26, @lupinsbaby, @wherethefairytalescometrue, @deaths-maiden. @witch-queen-of-the-north, @xlijahsgirl, @ladysif13, @palemouse​, @Erikaaferns, @ecurrier109, @purplemuse89, @fandomwritingismylife, @ichimaruai,@samwinchesterhasbeensaved, @happyshaddow94,@master-of-schadenfreude, @my-youth-is-my-own, @iammostdefinitelyonfire26, @girlmeetsbullshit, @withered8dandelion, @forestraccoon, @byzantium-glytch, @emoryhemsworth, @askycapes, @withlove-karen, @panda-land ,@starspangledassbootie, @darling-delyn@panda-land, @all-your-favorite-2ps

Soft Touches p2 // Bucky x Reader

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (WOC)
Word Count: 2.2k+
Warning: Smut, language, fluff, THIGH RIDING (I’m so such a ho for this kink), general cuteness. 

Plot Summary: Reader is a top ranking S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who was transferred to the Tower after the Sokovia Accords. Reader and Bucky have had a crush on each other since meeting. They’ve both been hesitant to act on their feelings…until Bucky accidentally catches the Reader masturbating to the thought of him. Smut ensues.

A/N: This is my first ever Marvel fic! I’m really happy that it’s a Bucky one (despite that this is a Thor themed blog lol. I hope you all like it! I’ve got more hot smut coming your way starring Steve, Thor and definitely more Bucky. Let me know if you wish to be tagged!! 

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Em’s Writing Challenge

So, Teen Wolf has ended, and it has been really tough to deal with. I’ve always wanted to do a writing challenge and I was going to wait until I reached 4K but… I haven’t been posting so that will take years to happen. What better time than now? While we’re still alive.

Under the cut has rules and prompts.

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// So basically I just kept going with this picture but changed some small things from last time. This is a little thank you to @axe-me-darius, you’ve been so sweet and I will be eternally grateful for the art you’ve made of Nea. //

anonymous asked:

hc: whenever peter helps may make dinner/meals, they dance around together in the kitchen (this is kinda inspired by them dancing before homecoming)

peter used to sit at the kitchen table and watch may and ben dance together in the kitchen, ben would steal kisses from her an twirl her around and they would laugh and sing. and peter would jokingly complain about how embarrassing they were.

but then ben dies, and may doesn’t have anyone to dance with anymore. the apartment is a lot more quiet now without ben walking around playing his music and humming and singing. may was never really a good cook, ben did most of the cooking and may would usually just be in the kitchen to dance with him. they eat thai food a lot more now.

one day (about a month after ben’s passed) may seems really determined to make a decent meal. peter’s sat at the kitchen table doing his homework, may is at the stove stirring sauce. it’s quiet. it’s boring. it’s sad. peter would give anything to be telling may and ben how embarrassing they are as they dance around the kitchen.

then peter gets a thought.

he pulls out his phone and scrolls through spotify, deciding on “come fly with me” by frank sinatra. as he stands up may startles at the beat of the song, turning around and looking at peter.

“what are you doing?”

peter shrugs, and holds out his hand. “i thought we could dance?”

may looks at peter’s outstretched hand, seemingly conflicted. she looks back to her sauce then back to peter, before she turns the stove temperature lower. she turns back to peter one more time.

“i would love that.”

they fall into the music easily, peter twirls her around and she nearly falls over laughing at what a bad dancer he is. may sings along to the words while peter uses a ladle as a microphone, and they both feel as if their faces could break from how hard they’re smiling. peter’s breathless, and realizes its from laughing so hard.

the music fades out, and moves into “if” also by frank sinatra. the song is much slower, more relaxing. peter pulls may in and they begin to sway around slowly. may puts her head on his shoulder, and peter’s surprised to realize that he’s taller than her now. he wonders when that happened.

as they keep swaying he feels his shoulder get damp, and he can faintly smell the sauce burning on the stovetop.

“i’ll cook for us tonight, okay?” peter says. they’re no longer dancing or even moving, they’re just standing in the kitchen hugging.

“thank you, peter,” may whispers.

Jared x Reader: Part I

(Part II and Part III)

Pairing: Jared Padalecki x reader

Warning(s): Implied death of Gen and sad!Jared… Like, Jared being sad would make me sad, but other than that, I think it’s good! (Like, literally. This is super chill, and there’s not even a kiss. Nooo! lol [Reader and Jared aren’t a couple yet.] But maybe I’ll write a part 2. idk) (Okay, like two/three cuss words?, but yeah.) 

Summary: It’s been exactly two years since Gen died in a car accident, which makes it’s a pretty hard day for Jared, but he still keeps going with his panels. 

Word count: 1388 (Whew! Ended up a little longer than I really expected!)

A/N: I just really want to make sure people don’t think that I don’t like Genevieve Cortese/Padalecki. I think her and Jared are a freaking adorable couple, and she’s awesome! This just popped into my head Tuesday morning, so I wanted to write it. (Not to mention all the JIBcon 8 panels I’ve been watching… lol) Hope you guys like it!
(Picture credit goes to @polystyrenejen on Twitter!)

I watched Jared answering questions up on stage from the side door. He’d been doing pretty well all of today, trying to act like he wasn’t struggling with what day it was. He was more quiet and down when he wasn’t around fans, but he smiled and laughed during photo ops and autographs and his panel with Misha had gone well. The fact that most of the fans knew what day it was, was helpful too, since they were being a little more sensitive.

This was his last thing for today, his solo panel.

I was about to head back to the green room, when I heard somebody ask, “What’s your favorite season and why?”

I stopped, knowing what the answer usually was. Season four. The season he met Genevieve in. But today was a bad day to ask that. A really bad day. I turned around to look at him.

Jared froze for a second before swallowing hard. “Um… Uh, probably season four.”

Okay, let it go. You got a partial answer.

“Why?” the fan repeated.

Oh, God, please no…

Jared bit his lip, looking up at the high ceiling for a second, and glanced back. “I, um, it’s the season where I, uh, met-” his voice broke “-Gen.”

The person asking the question looked genuinely confused, as if they weren’t sure why Jared was getting emotional. They were either new and hadn’t had the chance to find out anything about our cast yet or they really just didn’t know much about Jared in general.

I walked up to Ashlyn, the woman who made sure the cast left their panels on time and whispered to her, “Can I crash his panel for the last few minutes?” 

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The shows Netflix cancelled

Marco Polo

The Get Down


vs what they continue to shove in our faces

Now, you can tell me that the lesser two shows cost less and although netflix does not release numbers, they pay attention to numbers and Adam Sandler is a huge draw. You can go ahead and tell me that but fuck that. Adam fucking Sandler cannot be pulling in huge numbers that lead to a four movie deal. That’s not realistic. 

Even if it was, it’s because he’s on all the billboards and all the commercials. They ADVERTISE Adam Sandler, Chelsea, 13 Reasons Why, all those mediocre shows. Do you know how many people asked me what the hell Marco Polo was? It’s not because they didn’t get a chance to say, you know what? I’m not interested in this, it’s not my cup of tea. It’s because netflix buried Marco Polo like they buried The Get Down. It’s no secret that both shows were expensive but you’d think they’d advertise a show that was costing so damn much.

No one watched the shows get over it. NO ONE COULD FIND THE FUCKING SHOWS WHAT RUSAYING?? My grandmother does not have twitter or tumblr. She doesn’t have people telling her, hey, search for the get down, you’d like it. So of course she’s gonna click on adam sandler if that’s all she fucking sees.

In regards to Sense8, we had to wait almost two years for the second season. PEOPLE FORGOT ABOUT SENSE8. Hell, I wouldn’t have remembered if not for that Christmas special. We’re getting Stranger Things a year after the first season, Bloodline came out every year, same time. Same with Orange is the New Black. They ended up not giving a crap about Sense8 which resulted in season one fans not giving a crap either. If HBO were to not hype up a new Game of Thrones season, who would tune in? Why would we want to and would we remember on our own with little to no advertisement? No, no, and fucking no.

Netflix still has OitnB so stop crying about it being a race thing. Fuck you. Orange came out when Netflix was still trying to prove something and then low and behold, just like House of Cards, OitnB became an award contender. Of fucking course they’re going to keep Orange. It’s no longer about giving a passionate fanbase a satisfying finale. It’s about the money apparently only Adam Sandler can bring in. Fuck Netflix.


Is he gonna make it? Well, if Yang can get her act together. I keep diuresing him, but that’s not gonna work for much longer. Hey, you’re invited to Mer’s for Thanksgiving. Really? I’m invited, and, uh, I’m bringing you. The attendings are gonna be weird if I’m there. No, they’re not. Just go without me, we’ll meet up after. Hey, you think I wanna be there if you’re not? You’re sweet. Okay, screw it. How about we get takeout chicken and eat it in the car like we were raised to do? I think I love you. Yeah, yeah, settle down.

You Abandoned Me-Part Seven (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: Bucky and (Y/N) are being held hostage though they don’t know who by. The responsibility of keeping (Y/N) safe is heavy on Bucky’s shoulders; he can’t believe the situation he has got his best friends girlfriend into. He knows that he needs to get them both out of there but how they will do that seems like an impossible task.

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Avengers x Reader (platonic)

Warnings: Violence, torture, anger, sad

( @meatballevan asked me to tag them in this, so here you go. If anyone else would like to be tagged just ask)

Neither of us knew how much longer it had been since we spoke to each other. Bucky was now leaning his back against the wall, still supporting me on his lap with his arms. We had stopped speaking, well, Bucky had stopped though I was sure he was trying to come up with a plan. There was literally only one way out of here and that was through the door; and our there was probably a number of guards and other locked doors to go through. Even if by some miracle we escaped out wherever we were, we still had no idea where this place was in the world.

I had desperately tried to not fall asleep, knowing that I might not wake up for a while. There was no way I could leave Bucky either, that just wasn’t fair on him. My mind instantly went to the others. They had to be looking for us by now. I didn’t doubt my second family but I was worried about how long it would take them to find us. Who knows where we could be? And how long would it take them to get here?

Loud, sudden footsteps startled us both as they neared our cell. Bucky immediately removed me from his lap and into the corner of the room as he took a protective stance in front of me. Could this be them? Or was it someone we didn’t want to face? I huddled up in fear as the noises got louder and closer. Men were ordering each other around but their voices were muffled to us. All of their voices and movements suddenly stopped, it has gone silent. I held my breath, scared to even make a noise.

The door was kicked open making me scream in fright. Men piled into the room clad out in black, army-like uniform with huge guns. As soon as they stepped one foot into the room Bucky started to attack. I watched in horror as he tried to tackle them all at once. I was useless, useless, useless. His attacks got slower and weaker, more men were grabbing him. Before I could come up with a way to help him, I too was grabbed. I screamed out in pain as well as fear as they hauled me off the floor. Bucky called after me when they started walking out of the room without him.


“(Y/N)!” he yelled back.

I couldn’t see him anymore. My eyesight was only able to see the ceiling where the harsh, white lights blinded me. From being suspended up in the air, I was dropped onto a bed, strspped down onto it. The restraints were tight against my body and I couldn’t move, let alone breath properly. They carted me down the hallways fast, not caring about my pleas for help. Everything looked the same from my point of view, I couldn’t tell where we were going.

The corridors suddenly changed into a huge room, from what I could see there was high tech equipment everywhere along with people in lab costa. Of course I didn’t understand any of it or know what it was. I only knew that it looked terrifying.

“The test subject is here sir.” one of the men announced.

“Test subject!?” I exclaimed, writhing around on the bed.

“Why do we have her? Where is the Winter Soldier?” a lab coat asked.

They had to be HYDRA. They were the ones who made Bucky, they would want him back.

“I’ve made some changes to the plans. Don’t worry, our initial idea will go forward as we planned.” another man spoke. He had a deeper voice but I could not see him, he sounded like he was in charge.

“What do you want us to do to her, sir?”

“You’re not going to do anything to me!” it was as if I wasn’t even there.

Another scientist protested.“Who even is she? Why was she with the Winter Soldier?”

“She’s Steve Rogers, aka Captain America’s partner. By some luck she was in the right place at the right time.”

“Luck, sir?”

“Don’t you see? We all know that the Avengers were going to come after either one of them but this just raises the stakes. The Winter Soldier can defend himself, he is obviously stronger. She cannot. We can use her to our advantage.”

“No! Please don’t hurt me! I don’t want to die!”

This time they acknowledged me.“We won’t kill you. Actually, you’re going to help us in a little experiment we’re conducting.” he leaned over me, his face close to mine.

He had a dark, scruffy heard that matched his hair. The wrinkles around his face showed his age but maybe it was from dress too. Although he looked normal and not like a stereotypical villain, there was something in his wide eyes that warned me he was a psychopath.

“I know who you work for. You don’t just experiment on people, you ruin their lives!” I must have been lightheaded because I wasn’t thinking before I spoke.

“Well then, it seems that we won’t have to get acquainted.”

My heart started to beat faster even though that felt impossible. Sweat was forming on my forehead and around my body. Everyone was bustling around me, the clanking of equipment putting me in edge.

The man came into view again.“Right, are you ready?”


“So we’re hoping that you will be just as strong as your boyfriend and his old pal; that is if your body doesn’t reject the serum and end up killing you. Though that would still be beneficial on our behalf, a little bit of trial and error.”

My voice dropped to a whisper.“You’re going to use the serum on me?”

His eyes and smile got bigger as he frantically nodded.“Think of all the power you’ll have. You can match up to the captain’s strengths. I’m sure that it will beneficial to your reletionships in some ways.”

“You’re sick.” I spat.

An assistant came up behind him holding out scrubs for him to wear. His eyes never left me as he was robed up. I started crying knowing that this was going to be the end of me. These mad people were going to kill me. There was no way my body would be able to put up with the serum, even if I lasted for five minutes I would die after that.

I hadn’t even had a chance to say goodbye.