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So, tomorrow is the first day of my second semester in Law School and I’ve just assembled what I’m taking with me and decided to show you what will be in my backpack (Messenger bag). I want to know what you guys take with you as well, feel free to tag me! If you wanna know more, keep reading. 

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I don’t… I really don’t like black people. I just don’t care to add disclaimers anymore. No more buts or explanations. I don’t like ‘em. I feel free finally admitting this. Like a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t keep me up at night and it doesn’t stress me. I do not trust them and prefer to keep my distance. I do not care what they think. And I notice I no longer ‘fake’ around them. I’m me. And I finally feel free from the need to make them feel comfortable. I walk into a room full of them more confident than ever before. There’s peace in this detachment from my oppressor; yesterday’s and today’s. My White shines bright.

More thoughts on CA:TWS

(No longer hiding my thoughts on Winter Soldier under read mores. Still tagging for spoilers though.)

Back to my previous thoughts about the fighting styles, guys.

I stand by what I said about Natasha. She does keep tight and small while fighting but projects big and swagger when she’s not. She makes herself seem larger when she stands at ease, smaller when she’s coming at the bad dude. She’s not dancing. It’s graceful, sure, but it’s subterfuge on another level. It’s cunning.

Steve–especially in that first sequence–is percussive. If anyone’s a dancer in their fighting, it’s him. He’s a strategist–which is different from “cunning”–and there’s so much careful precision in his movement. But then there’s the fact that he’s bigger, more, and beyond a normal human. This comes out most in the rhythm of his fighting, in these moments of bass drum thumps. It’s a patter of quiet, carefully choreographed running and then the slam of his feet to the ground after a jump, the splash of the dude over the side, the explosion of a knife to a hand. It’s musical.

And, yeah, you already know that I think Bucky is all sex in his fighting style. (It’s all grabbing and grasping and pulling things closer and raking his fingers down the street and hips just so much pelvis.) But the cool thing happens with the shield.

Cap’s shield. Obviously.

Since Bucky died losing it, didn’t he? He picked it up and then he died, that quick. And the Winter Soldier keeps going for the shield specifically, especially to grab it away from Steve. It’s the first thing he does, catch the shield in mid air. Then he takes it from Cap and uses it for a second, like it hanging off his arm makes sense to the part of him that doesn’t need memories to remember. And then Steve drops it through the floor and it’s him crashing and Bucky falling all in one moment.

But besides that. Every time Bucky and the shield meet, there’s a clear bell sound. It cuts through Bucky’s background music–which I could also go on at extreme length about it’s so good–and it rings high and true above everything else. And just think: it’s metal-to-metal. Bucky’s super-human arm to the symbol of Captain America-the-myth-that’s-bigger-than-the-man. And it rings out. It’s actually a beautiful sound.

Neighbours (Part 1)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: You’ve moved into a new apartment in Brooklyn. Your neighbour starts getting friendly, and you wonder where it could lead.

Word count: 1191

A/N: Decided to try a series, if it’s awful I won’t continue. (Who am I kidding, it’s going up either way) Also, I’m from the UK, so if you think any words are spelled wrong, it’s just how we spell them here, im keeping in my goddamn U’s) if you want to be tagged, please send me an ask or message me :) (i need a longer tag list)

Key: [Y/F/N] – your full name (I know some people use this as ‘your first name’)

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11

You found yourself breathless as you placed the last box on your new apartment floor. You settled on the sofa that was already in the middle of the living room. Slumped over and almost half asleep, you suddenly noticed you left the front door wide open.

“First day in your new apartment and you’re already making it easy for people to break in,” you spoke to yourself as you begrudgingly got up off the sofa to close the mahogany brown door. “Not like I have much of worth anyway.”

You laughed slightly, pushing the door, but something stopped it from closing. A hand on the door. You opened it slightly to reveal a tall man, with tousled brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. They caught you off guard. The man cleared his throat, looking down at your smaller figure.

“Sorry, I-“ you started, trying to think of an excuse for staring too long. “I wasn’t expecting anybody on my first day.” You smiled, catching his eyes which you could visibly see light up.

“Apologies.” The man said. His voice was low, and raspy, but not unwelcoming. “I’m your neighbour, just wanted to make sure you weren’t some mass murderer or whatever.” He laughed, revealing a heart-warming smile.

“Well, you’ll have to give me a few days to settle in before I plot.” You joked, opening the door wider so that you weren’t just glancing through a small slit.

“Ha ha, I might have to report that.” He leaned against the doorframe and crossed his arms, revealing some huge muscles you were not surprised he inhabited.

“I’ll put you first on my list then,” you paused. “I’m sorry, I don’t think I caught your name?” You looked into his eyes once more, careful not to get entranced.

“James Barnes, my friends call me Bucky, though. In fact, everyone calls me Bucky. I don’t even know why I told you my real name.” He visibly cringed, scrunching up his nose before laughing, a sound that echoed throughout your empty apartment.

“Bucky, huh? [Y/F/N]. It’s nice to meet you.” You held out your hand for him to shake. His hand was warm, strong. It almost shocked you when he gripped your hand so tight.

“Nice to meet you too, [Y/N]. I’ll be over in 2B if you need anything. A strong man to help you unpack, I don’t know.” He smiled, his eyes shining as he did so.

You laughed, looking him up and down. “I’m sure you’re fully capable of doing so, but I think I can manage on my own.”

“Alright then, doll. I’ll see you later.” He waved slightly as he walked off back into his own apartment.

You stood at the door for a second. Doll? Your heart fluttered at the thought. I’m sure it’s just a thing he calls everyone. You tried to convince yourself, though you had a hard time believing.

You began unpacking your boxes. It didn’t take long, you didn’t take many things with you from your old home back in the country. You thought it was best to not over-encumber yourself. You sighed however, looking at how empty the apartment was. Almost all the walls were an awful off-white colour, the laminate looking bland. It didn’t look like it was yours. You needed to add some personality.

You were locking your door as Bucky came out of his apartment. You turned, flashing a quick smile.

“Hey, neighbour.” He said, leaning against his doorframe. You gathered that was a thing he did a lot.

“Hey… Are you stalking me? I’m finding it hard to believe it’s just coincidence we left at the same time.” You giggled, leaving back against your door, shoving your key into your purse.

“Well, that’s an idea…” He started, laughing afterwards. “No, I promise. I was about to go out and get milk because, silly me, I forgot I ran out yesterday.”

“The old milk excuse. Gotcha.” You winked as you went to make your way down the stairs.

“Hey! It’s not an excuse.” Bucky followed you down the stairs, his heavy footsteps echoing.

“Sure it isn’t.” You said sarcastically.

“It’s not!” He ran down a few steps to catch up to you. “Where are you going anyway?”

“An art store. Though, I don’t know any near here.” You stopped as you reached the bottom of the stairwell. “Do you?”

“Yes, I do. There’s one a few blocks down, I can walk you to it.” He grinned, looking down at you.

You rolled your eyes. “Fine. But that’s only because I don’t know where it is.” You walked out the building, Bucky following quickly behind.

It didn’t take long to get there. You spent most of the journey answering Bucky’s questions about you, where you were from, what your favourite colour was and so on. He was very eager to get to know you, but you didn’t think much of it for the time being.

“Wait, you’re coming in with me? I don’t need a babysitter you know,” You laughed as you held the door open.

“Yeah, why not? I love art, my friend, Steve, used to study it.”

“Ah,” you said wandering around the shop, looking for the paint section.

“And, I figured I should also take you to the convenience store. I need milk, and you most definitely need some food.” He followed you around, like a puppy. Only taller, and a lot scruffier.

“You would be right to assume that,” you giggled.

Finally, you reached the paint section. You traced your fingers over the shelves, trying to decide which colours to pick.

“Uh, I think you might need more than little 25 millilitre pots to paint your apartment.” He remarked.

“I’m not going to paint the whole wall, silly. I like art, I’m going to draw patterns on them.” You picked up a turquoise green, studying it carefully.

“Oh? That’s different. Wish I was that smart.” He studied you while you were looking at the paints, though you didn’t notice.

“It’s what I did at home. I didn’t really feel the vibe of solid colours. Patterns are more pretty.” You settled on the turquoise, along with a vibrant red and a few other colours.

“It’s unique. I like it.”

You paid for the paint, then walked into the cool night air. You shivered slightly.

“Should’ve worn a jacket.” You mumbled to yourself, crossing your arms.

“Here,” Bucky started taking off his jacket.

“No, no. You don’t have to do that.” You smiled, silently thanking him for the gesture.

“Who said you had a say? I’m wearing three layers. You’re wearing one.” He handed you his jacket and you, reluctantly, took it.

“I guess you have a point. Thanks.” You said, slipping the jacket on. It was far too big, which made Bucky chuckled at the sight. But it was cosy, the warmth enveloping you. You sighed at the feeling.

“No problem, doll.” Bucky walked a few paces ahead, not noticing the blush rising to your face. “Store’s up this way, you coming?”

You nodded ‘yes’ as you walked back up to him.

Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all.

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To anyone who can help

I’m really, really embarrassed and ashamed to stoop so low to ask this of anyone. I’m probably going to be evicted soon without immediate help. I have been in a really tough financial situation for a few months. I’ve been struggling with mental illnesses for even longer, and they prevent(ed) me from doing many things, including just getting out of bed. It keeps me from doing good at my job, and in turn makes my pay very, very little. This is a last-ditch effort to keep me and my best friend from getting evicted from our apartment. All i have to offer are my paintings, sculptures, art supplies, books, dvds, even some cds. i have an rca 10in tablet with a case and keyboard for $150, pretty much brand new. all of my art in my art tag is for sale. I’m selling commissions of literally anything, as long as i get paid. i can get you a quote asap. on my blog i have a DONATE button. if you donate a little bit i can probably doodle you something. just let me know who you are here. and if you can’t buy or donate, please pass this on. please.

HERE IS A WORKING LINK and here’s another

“he must choose his own path” that doesnt exactly. apply. to the dark side. sorry like?? does anyone know what indoctrination is. you do know how jedi mind tricks work, right????? u know the seduction of the dark side is more than just temptation?? right??? that powerful dark force users use every bit of anything they can get their claws into in your head to hold you under their compulsion and keep you dark?? anakin and ben both disappear behind vader and kylo and the narrative never really tries to hide that or how they’re trying to fight it off. yeah they’re not blameless i’m not and would never say that but it is a lot less about choosing the dark side and choosing to do all those horrible things than it is not being able to make those choices at all.

the weakness inherent in joining the dark side is not in succumbing to doing all the awful things you want to do but rather in being unable to stop yourself from doing awful things you dont want to do. it fucking tears you apart fighting that. your reality and identity are utterly fragmented. anakin both is and is not vader just as ben both is and is not kylo, and their choices were not their own but the actions and guilt are unavoidable. bc deep down there is light. and so often it is fighting to reach the surface, but that struggle is so intense that sometimes they just have to sleep, more or less. go numb and watch their body do and say horrible things without their consent. death is preferable to living in that cage and they both express that when they manage to break through.

anakin fought hard to keep from palpatine’s grip but lbr the jedi order was just an extension of the slavery he grew up in. he was never free and he never had the chance to find peace and balance in himself except for in places he was then told were Wrong. he was told his emotions were weakness and he was used and he lost so damned much and yeah it weakened him and made it possible for palpatine to sink his teeth in.

with ben, snoke’s influence was following him for his entire life. whether his instability came from that or was a way in for it, honestly it doesn’t matter. either way, all the love of his family and all the jedi training luke could give him was still just. it isn’t irrelevant. ben is still in there. but he’s being /torn apart/. he’d rather die. snoke was in his head his entire life! whatever finally pushed him to the edge it wasnt sudden and he hasnt gone quietly. those “tantrums” everyone thinks are so funny are so often just. him fighting himself spilling over. anakin did the same thing. the seduction of the dark side is thick and unbearable and smothering and resisting it is agony but he tries anyway. just like anakin did for a long time and again at the end when he finally saw a glimmer of hope again.

and either way, the force is life and life is emotion and both of them are so strong with the force and so deeply emotional and they were drained over time and hardship and dragged into the dark and still didnt stop fighting. vader Did kill anakin and kylo Did destroy ben, or at least, they tried to. theyre not. the same. and just bc luke could resist palpatine doesnt mean ben and anakin were weak. they just had a lot more working against them and a lot more inherent passion for the dark side to manipulate.

i imagine if palpatine had tried for leia instead of luke he mightve succeeded there too and you’d have to be the wrongest person in the world to think that she is weak. just. honestly if you think the dark side is a really about choice (or that the jedi order is inherently the right choice but that’s a different ball of fish entirely) then you havent been paying attention.

Since Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is only a couple months away in America I just want to point out that Europe and Australia still have to wait until 2016!

So please, if you’re in America make sure to tag everything you post once you get the game, and not just for the first few weeks or a month. Keep it tagged for at least two months. Longer would be allot more useful though.

I (and countless others) would really hate to wait this long for a game only to have it spoiled by people who got it two months earlier than us!

New Year’s resolution: visit more indie bookstores. Today’s #ThisIsMyBookstore feature is of The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles. Photo by @alchymies. We’re lingering in the holiday magic for just a bit longer.

Remember to keep tagging your photos of indie bookstores with #ThisIsMyBookstore for a chance to get featured next!

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I've been trying really hard...

But I just can’t keep my mouth shut any longer.

Look, I do not want to get involved in a ship war.  I really just want to sit back and enjoy the fact that one of my ships, which I honestly had no hope for, became canon.

But the Makorra shippers are pissing me off.

You are free to ship Makorra if you want.  I don’t care.  Go right ahead.  Ship Makorra til you’re old and gray.  I don’t care.

But to everyone out there who’s written a long, deep essay about how wrong Korrasami is because Mako earned Korra, like she’s some prize at a carnival game, please, shut up.

Women are not prizes to be earned.  They are not vending machines that you put kindness or heroism tokens in until sex or a relationship falls out.

Mako could have saved the world five times over blind folded with one arm tied behind his back, and it wouldn’t entitle him to a relationship with Korra.

That’s not how relationships work.  That’s not how love works.

Korra is not a prize to be won, or a thing to be earned.  No woman is.

If your whole argument is that Mako did X and therefore deserves to be with Korra, your argument isn’t just wrong, it’s unhealthy, twisted, and just down right sick.

If your argument makes use of the term “friendzoned,” then your whole argument isn’t just wrong, it’s unhealthy, twisted, down right sick, and makes you look like an entitled jerk.

If you feel the need to include the phrase “I am not homophobic,” chances are, even if you don’t think so, you are coming across that way.

If your argument, and yes, this is pointed at a specific post, is that you view Legend of Korra was a fairy tale where the guy gets the girl at the end, then first of all, screw your heteronormative bullshit, and second of all, see the comment about “I am not homophobic,” because you really, really are coming across that way.

And finally, if your entire argument is you whining about how, just this once, the het pairing isn’t canon, then welcome to how we feel about 99.9% of the shows we watch.  Suck it up, but do so quietly, because if we have to listen to it, we might just punch you in the face.

P.S.  This bares repeating:  Korra is not a prize to be won, or a thing to be earned.  No woman is.


Pixerys Lavellan x Dorian Pavus

On a Scale of 1 to Disney, how pure is your ship?!

According to the stream family, this is apparently some modern/fantasy AU where Pixy is Cindervellan. (Or to be more specific, Tsunderella)

Meanwhile, @gladiolus-red says that this is simply an AU where Dorian’s amatus gets to keep both arms.  HOW DARE YOU.

Anyway, this was cute and took longer than it should have, but I’m just glad it got done.  Hope you like.  And tag yourself, I’m the puppy!

One of the best things about getting into classic who and the EU is that it really put perspective on new who. Let me explain:

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me in person that I have a lot of issues with Moffat’s run. Enough of them that at the end of season 6 I was considering not watching the show again until after he left as show runner. (My love for the Doctor was such that I wasn’t willing to say no more forever). However, before season 7 aired I started watching classic who, and it gave me so many amazing things. 

1. It really ran home the changeability of the show. If I didn’t like one era or doctor or show runner, I knew that it was temporary. 

2. It made me realize that loving the franchise didn’t mean loving every part of it.

3. It meant that I was actively consuming ‘new to me’ doctor who that I enjoyed, even if I wasn’t loving everything happening on new episodes. 

4. What I enjoyed in the franchise out weights any of my problems with Moffat’s era. I loved more of the show then what I had issues with.

5. My consumption of the franchise was no longer focused on period that I had problems with.

6. And now that my entire love of the franchise is no longer focused like a laser beam on the new who material, I can enjoy the new material for what it is. Not being mad about what it is not.

7. It opened the world of the EU, where you can always find more of what you like.

8. It really put into perspective that with such a diverse show and such a long running one - that it is really okay not to like the same parts of it as someone else. Sure I have issues with Moffat’s run, but I can better appreciate and be okay with other people loving it. There are element of the classic series that most people love that I weren’t my favorite.

Again here, the key thing that classic who and the EU has given me is a dozens of other ways to enjoy Doctor Who. The new content no longer was to be the only way to enjoy doctor who.

Basically, my message is - if you don’t like new part of the show but feel heartbroken/disgusted/whatever else about it. You don’t have to stop loving the show. There is so much more to discover. That’s the joy of Doctor Who. There is 50 years of content! Explore and find what you like!


there are only four more episodes of hannibal left. it’s time to get more aggressive about renewal. we really need to be tweeting with this tag all the time, instead of just when hannibal is on. there are not going to be any more sponsorship tags, as the ddlc can no longer play favoritism with sponsors. use #renewhannibal as your secondary tag with #hannibal. you cannot use more than two tags in one tweet.  tweet at anyone involved in nbc’s hannibal. tweet your friends. keep that tagging going. we’ve crushed so many voting polls. this fandom is a force to be reckoned with when it is focused on one thing. focus on this. focus on suvival.


Yixing keeps picking out ugly furniture for their house that Jongdae doesn’t like, so he smashes them to pieces to get the point across, but is actually just doing it to get Yixing’s attention.

This is obviously not funny, I’m not funny, and this is obviously a joke. Fake subs are no longer a thing but this was in my head for such a long time I had to get it out. So yeah, sorry if it’s not funny and don’t take it seriously, because you never know who may or may not take it seriously, and if you enjoyed it thank you very much, but obviously I’m no longer going to do more. Lol bye.

I’m so upset with myself for not keeping my scrapbook a little longer. Taylor Nation were like “we’ll take it. She’ll get it. Promise!” I was so reluctant but they were so nice I conceded and gave it to them… Only to then be picked for pit by Andrea.

If only I’d have listened to my gut and held onto it. I just know I might have been able to give it to her myself if I had, or at least gotten ANDREA to give it to her…

I’m so full of regret right now.

Season 9 Resources

Here at Destielfanfic, we focus on longer fics. With season 9 just ending, there just hasn’t been enough time for authors to get those longer fics written. Until then, here are some resources to help you find what is currently out there and to help you keep an eye out for fics as they arrive!

Relevant resources on our blog:

External Resources:

In honor of BSW

To celebrate the culmination of Bethyl Smut Week, how’s about a Bethyl chat? It’s likely to get a little raunchy…so why not have it on a Sunday? (It totally makes sense in my head.)

This at least gives everyone a couple days notice, rather than the last minute type chats of late.

Sunday, June 7, 2015 beginning at 10:00 AM (CST) and we’re going all day and well into the night…just like a good Bethyl chat should.

We’re going back to tinychat for this one - I didn’t realize we were limited as far as users on the chatzy page. Just keep in mind that for some dumb reason, longer messages get shortened…

And seriously guys, if you wouldn’t mind looking through the list below - all the blogs I’m trying to tag but it won’t let me…did they change their url and I didn’t catch the memo? If you recognize them, will you either let them or me know so I can update the list? I hate to think that I’m leaving people out because of a silly oversight. Thanks!

Edit: And as always, if you want to be added to or deleted from the list, please let me know! Thanks again!

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Aah! I was tagged by the ever lovely jubbly qunaributts for the six selfie challenge. I had sooo much trouble getting pictures together. Can you taste the sarcasm because I sure can. I went with the trend of pictures I liked but never quite made the cut. Even snuck in a bonus of me with longer hair in there. Can you believe it?

Okay so I guess I have to tag some people huh? tvguro draegonhearted cullenrutherford lightgetsout If you want to. Don’t feel obliged or anything, just doing my part to keep ye olde ball rolling I guess.

2 sugar cubes, no cream - 2

chapter title: get up and give me a try

pairing: greake
rating: t (might go up?)
word count: 2784
a/n: peace sign. i actually finished this chapter on the bus back to dallas last night. basically this chapter is “Matt Panics and Is Gay”. also the chapters might get longer from here on out soooooo. also just for reference; bruces name in matts phone is going to change a few times in this au. matt is an Anxious Mess.

[ao3 mirror] [fic tag on my blog]

After what Matt considered a disastrous Saturday night/early Sunday morning, coupled with that stunning revelation that same evening, the state of his emotions could only be described as a trainwreck. Part of him had been so intent on keeping it secret, that when Monday morning rolled around, and Adam was asking about his plans for the week, Matt had completely forgotten about the coffee date with Bruce until he got to Wednesday and what he was saying came to a screeching halt. He knew nothing good could come from mouthing off about this, about how an older, rich businessman was offering to support him financially, so keeping it to himself was a better option. God only knew what the press would do with a story like this, even if Bruce was, according to multiple news outlets, gossip websites, and his Wikipedia page, outspoken about his bisexuality to a point of it not even being a shock factor anymore. He could respect him for that, but Matt had a feeling that him being a male wouldn’t be what the paparazzi would latch onto.

Keep reading