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What the heck, the newest episode of Ansatsu Kyoushitsu was almost terrifying…. One week they give us a mostly lighthearted baseball episode and the next they do this? Wow… Really, this gave me chills. Maybe because they pulled it off really well, like… I didn’t see it coming at all that this Takaoka guy would turn out to be such an ass until they made it unmistakably clear. Though part of it might have been simple adult fear, seeing kids being treated so abusively by a teacher… But whoa, I feel a little shaken, which I wouldn’t have thought this series would be able to do to me.

Just an idea I’d been fiddling around with for some time. It was supposed to be a teeny tiny headcanon, but it got a bit longer than that along the way. Just… take it for what it is: a non-specific adoption!AU (though still a middle-earthian one), nothing more, nothing less.

It starts with light chatter at the market, casual inquiries from this plump lady or that older wrinkly one.

The child in Kili’s arms must draw attention – flaming red hair she has, and where did she get it?, they ask, a calloused finger tickling the underside of her chin, the precious spot only he and Fili have the divine right to tickle until she is able to state otherwise. Did she get it from her mother?, they wonder out loud, and for all it’s worth, the urge to swat those hands away is even stronger than the beer Dori brews these days.

Such green eyes, they remark, all downy faces and honeyed voices and pursed lips, and for all that is good and sweet in this world, don’t they have linen to choose or heavy velvet to smooth down with their bejewelled fingers? Shouldn’t they be otherwise occupied, than demanding answers he may never have?

Kili holds the baby a bit more snugly against his chest, stubbly cheek finding her fluffy curls in a most delightful chance meeting.

“She’s one of a kind,” he tells them all, and when his girl waves her tiny fist at them and concurs with a ‘oooh, he kisses her temple with all the pride his heart can contain.

“That’s my girl,” he murmurs, as they leave nosy matrons behind, and her tacky hand curling around his jaw is more than enough reward for his fatherly tribulations.

It starts with light chatter and ends up as a bedtime story; the best one Kili himself has ever heard, in fact - it could very well rival the ones Dis used to make them all drowsy with.

She might as well know, Fili says softly; before she grows up and starts doubting the shape of her nose, questioning the bow of her eyebrows and the curve of her lips, wondering why they find no match on her parent’s faces. And since know she must, she’ll know from them.

That is how they first sit together by the hearth, a small family with two heavy hearts and one gleeful set of kicking legs; their baby girl cradled in Fili’s arms, a sweet tale flowing from his lips like a lullaby.

The tale of how he and daddy stole the fire from Mahal’s forge to put in her hair, and when clumsy daddy got them both busted – “Because he’s silly just like that, isn’t he, your daddy?”, Fili coos, and she agrees so readily and joyfully Kili could feel almost touched - Mahal was so impressed by their courage and so moved by their love for her, that not only did he forgive them, but also cut two of his purest and sparkliest emeralds for her eyes.

It doesn’t take long for the child to fall into a content sleep, and when she does, Kili’s head is already leaning on his brother’s shoulder, relief and heartbreak weighing with equal force on his chest.

“I don’t want her to be unhappy, Fili. I don’t want her to grow up and wonder if she was raised in the wrong family.”

“I know,” Fili whispers, a flutter of lips against the top of Kili’s head. “But she shall never need to wonder if she’s loved.”

Their hands find each other soon after, a loose, tender tangle nestled on Fili’s thigh, and Kili can finally take heart again.

Fili will sit almost every night to tell his tale once more, Kili knows that like he knows the back of his hand.
And maybe in time the story will expand on its own accord, as often stories do; details will be added, some words will be changed, but their meaning won’t shift nor waver. Maybe one day their daughter will be scolding Fili for skipping a scene or forgetting a character, but the one thing she will never fail to know, the one thing they’ll be sure to teach her always, is that blood doesn’t matter. Not if you’re willing to face Mahal himself for your loved ones.


I’m in the middle of writing a huge AU and a few little fics, but aside from that, I’ll be mostly inactive (writing-wise) here in the next week or two!

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Hello, I was the op on the post about MW and yes – ALL OF YOU ARE CORRECT when you say that he let Kramer keep playing.  And yes, there’s no point in doing what-ifs because that’s not the situation that we’re living with – and thank you all for pointing that out.

On the other hand, MW does have a track record of pushing players to get longer periods of rest that their coaches were happy with advocating them to heal before playing, and the fact that Rummenigge made a public statement that he would play less than 24 hours after he got seriously injured is a kind of nonsense that I would not expect if he were still around.  Yes, Lewy is still getting treatment from MW, but MW isn’t making the calls on when players are field-fit anymore.

And yes, it’s true that concussions are not treated seriously in football, and I would really rather not have one of our players become the flagmast for permanent brain damage caused by poor sports decisions.  We have had a track record as a club for taking care of our players’ health even when it’s tight for us, because we care about them, and Rummenigge’s speech yesterday tells me he’s thrown that out the window.  On top of pushing Robben back onto the pitch so soon.  I don’t know exactly who the voice(s) of reason were who are missing, but I firmly believe that we need someone rational back, and I think MW WAS that for the first 8 months of this season.

If you keep a dog in a cage for its whole life, the first chance it gets it’s going to run. The dog will run because the energy in it’s body will build up so it’s legs can no longer keep still. They will twitch at the sight of anything foreign to the cage. We are brought up in cages. We are told from day one to stay away from the bad things, and kept under hawk  eyes behind locked doors. So until we are 18 we gnaw at our chains, waiting to taste experience without restraint. Some break free and others don’t, but there is always the desire, the thought of what life is like on the other side. Outside of the cage. Outside of the home.

All my Marvel peeps, 

Can you do me a favor and tag #AOU Spoilers as such? I know everyone is excited, I am too. I’m really excited! But I try to stay away from spoilers. Especially since many have started to actually see the movie and it’s now not just some rumors or theories. I’m even trying to stay away from some of the interviews that are from the press junket. I’m really pretty good at figuring things out from just a throw away line, and I’d really REALLY like to have a few surprises left to me when I actually get to the theater. I will be seeing it opening weekend in the US but I know that the UK and other places are going to get it first. So please, can you tag? Keep a girl in the dark for just a bit longer.


I feel like if I tell someone how I feel about them and get really emotional and completely divulge all my feelings about them then they should probably reciprocate that…….instead of just saying “Smile (:” like no fuck you I just sent that long ass message tell me that you feel the same you dick

tersyne tagged me to screenshot my desktop
And I’m pretty sure nobody is surprised by this. Porbably the most interesting things I have on there that aren’t obvious is a statistics program called R that I used for a semester and then very quickly (and maybe on purpose) forgot how to use. Also a whole bunch of paperwork that proves that I’m enrolled in my university, it’s really hard to get so I just keep it on my desktop.
Oh also, as you can see in the bottom right corner, my laptop can no longer hold a charge. It’s so great :)
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A week spent with family and I am going crazy! I want my quiet and alone time but my sister keeps pestering to tag along. My inner bitch is slowly showing its ugly face and I don’t know how much longer I can hold it back before it takes over. Ugh. I don’t get why my family can’t understand my need for personal space. They think I’m depressed or something when really it’s just that I get tired easily when I spend time with people and I just want my solitary bliss back.

I just got offered a gig for driving a hearse car that’s no longer in use

but this one took it front of my nose

now I need to get that one’s daughter from a party from a place I swore I never will even spit on


I am 18 years old single stupid bitch that is just sitting at home

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