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/JUMPS IN HERE HELLO I was wondering if I could make a request!! I love your merformers AU like a lot and I love love love your take on yandere characters as well. Could I hear your headcanons on a yandere merformer of your choice?

Oh yes, absolutely!  :D  I’m gonna do Brainstorm for this, because he seems like the type lol!

It’s Brainstorm’s loneliness that sets him down this path.  He’s not exactly what you’d call a popular mer.  Even among his so called friend group, he has a self-destructive tendency to alienate himself.  It’s not his fault they don’t understand his genius.  At least, that’s what he tells himself.

Meeting you was nothing short of a happy accident.  He spotted your bright, yellow kayak as it passed by overhead one day, and immediately decided to investigate.  He’s seen humans come by in boats to see the mangroves before, but it’s certainly not what he’d call an everyday occurrence.

The first thing he notices is that you’re alone, which to him seems unusual, as he assumes humans usually travel in packs.  Yet here you are, quietly paddling your boat through the crystal clear waters, admiring the sunlight filtering through the branches above you, a faint smile on your face as you softly hum to yourself.  It’s mainly for this reason that he decides to approach you.  Even if it goes wrong, there’s not much one human can do against him.

It’s starling for you at first when he first snakes his way over to the side of your boat, but your shock is quickly replaced by amazement.  You had heard and believed the legends about merformers ever since you were a small child, but you never dreamed that you would ever see one, never mind have one come up and strike up a conversation with you.  Judging by the creature’s somewhat startled expression, you gather that this isn’t quite the reaction he had expected, or at least, not to this extent.  You can only hope that your incessant questions and inane babbling aren’t as annoying as you fear they are.

Little do you know, however, that Brainstorm is far from annoyed.  In fact, he’s ecstatic!  Here is this tiny, strange, inquisitive little creature that he’s never even seen before who showers him with attention and compliments and just generally makes him feel actually worth something for a change.  The more you talk, the more he grows to like you, and the more he likes you, the more appealing you start to become in his eyes.  He didn’t quite notice before how your eyes seem to sparkle like the sun on the surface of the water, or the way your smile seems to bloom over your face like a water lily.  He suddenly becomes very aware of how much he’d like to run his claws over your soft skin or through your hair and the thought causes a bright flush to creep over his face.

He offers to show you all the secret spots of his beautiful home, places that the other humans never even knew existed, in return for a small kiss on the cheek.  You giggle and concede to his request thinking to yourself about mers and their mischievousness natures, unaware of how the small brush of your lips sends his stomach flip flopping.  Brainstorm leads you all over the mangroves, showing you where the spoonbills make their nests and where the best bromeliads grow along the shore.  You’re so in awe of your lovely, almost magical, surroundings, that you don’t realize how long you’ve been here until you see the sun start to sink bellow the horizon.

Biting back your worry, you thank Brainstorm for showing you around and ask him to lead you back out again, which of course he will, for another kiss.  You begin to notice however that he seems much less sure of himself this time than he did when first leading you into the heart of the mangroves.  You chalk it up to the dimming light.  Why else would he seem to be leading you down an increasing number of dead ends and wrong turns?  By the time the sun fully sets you’re nearly in tears.  Not only are you cold, tired, and hungry, but you’re legitimately concerned you might not survive with all the nocturnal predators creeping about (you could swear you saw a pair of yellow alligator eyes watching you from the surface of the water.)

Luckily you have Brainstorm there with you.  Don’t you worry, pet!  He won’t let anything happen to you!  You’re completely safe as long as he’s around.  In fact, he knows of a quiet, secluded spot not to far up ahead where you can rest for the night.  He’ll watch over you the whole time.  He’ll even catch you some fish first and maybe try to find you some oranges.  You do look awfully hungry after all.  It’s lucky that you ran into him or you might not have lasted the night.  You just relax, poppet.  He’ll protect you.  Now how about another kiss?  

You feel a small churning of dread begin to settle in your stomach as he proceeds leads you through the inky blackness of the mangroves with expert precision.  

  • Me with the first season of Stranger Things: I can watch one or two episodes at a time, it helps balance out the creepy
  • Me with the second season: I WANT TO WATCH THE NEXT ONE!

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Hey do you post spiders? (the correct answer is "no, we don't post spiders, because they are evil") It's okay if you talk about spiders, but if you post pictures, I can't follow you :(

WADTT does post spiders - there’s no specific taxa that is verboten on the blog  and a big part of the education done surrounding them on the blog is actually about how they can be kind of scary and creepy, but they’re not evil and actually are pretty important in a lot of ways. 

 However, I do try to tag anything that might be disturbing to people or squicky. I’ll be the first to admit it’s not 100% the way I’d like it to be (mostly because of mobile blogging) but I work pretty hard at making sure it’s as consistent as possible. 

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I have a lot of yanderes what about tfp yanderes optimus but the alternative universe, i mean shattered glass 😉😉


Shattered Glass Optimus would be a lot like normal Megatron in most cases, but even more dangerous.  He’s in a position of power to take whatever he wants without consequence, and that includes you.  He’ll send SG Prowl or Jazz to collect you and bring you to him as a total power play (he loves to see the fear in your eyes as he looms over you.)  

He’s very rough with you, and not just when he’s feeling intimate.  He tends to take his frustrations out on you when things aren’t going well for him.  (You’ve learned to keep well out of his way on his bad days.)  He keeps you chained to his throne as a symbol of his power, and will pick you up and seat you on his lap whenever the mood strikes him - stroking your hair and whispering all the things he’s planning to do to you later, whether they be pleasurable or not.

Soooo today’s day 6…

Which means it’s nsfw day here at gwenvid week! (And/or wedding, but come on. Dat smut is too fun to resist.) And I….have absolutely no idea what to write.

In general I feel like the gwenvid fandom is pretty damn wholesome, but if there are any weird perverts among my followers – and I sure hope there are or I’ll be mighty lonely – I’d appreciate ideas. So please go on anon and give me suggestions! I’m pretty open to anything*, so while I can’t promise I’ll go with it in the final draft, I will absolutely give you a digital high-five and a knowing nod. Or I’ll kinkshame you, but only to, like, my dog and he’s pretty nonjudgmental.

So if you’ve got any story ideas, cliche tropes, weird shit, or even just a feeling you’d like to see associated with the two best(?) camp counselors, hit me up! Because… seriously, I got nothing.

*Except omorashi/scat. Or pedophilia, but that’s less a kink and more a monstrous crime.

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i can't believe i never asked if you do yanderes, could i ask for yandere HT UT UF and MT sans relationship headcanons

There were multiple headcanon asks about the yandere skeles before I had any posts out, so to inform y'all in case anyone hasn’t seen in yet; I have already done the Underfell and Horrortale yandere skeles, both including Sans x3 just go to the bottom of this post and click/tap the tag “fyhc” to see them!


++ Sans ++

•Has the creepiest insane expression whenever he gets angry
•Cheshire smile gets super creepy too, especially when his sockets go dark
•He lets you go around Papyrus, but he scared Pappy a lot
•Has a shrine for you. Yes. A literal shrine. Think of something like yandere simulator if you’ve seen it/played it, Classic even keeps your bandaids and stuff
•He’ll hug you and tell you he loves you every day
•Has learned a thing or two about knives throughout the genocide runs, is REALLY good at wielding one now
•Is actually one of the more calmer yanderes, despite his high creepiness and obsessiveness
•Super cuddly and lovey and soft with you
• “I love you so so so so much, and you better not leave me.. okay..?”


++ Sans ++

•Teaches you how to use guns, but scares the fuck out of you by demonstrating on you. He doesn’t shoot you, of course, but it gets pointed at you a LOT, and it’s not empty
•Shares everything with you. EVERYTHING.
•Doesn’t trust his brother with you at all
•Afraid you’ll leave him for Lucky
•Doesn’t let you talk to anyone else except family, and even that’s limited
•Speaks for you in public situations
•Stares at you with a very lustful expression, but treats you with kindness
•If you don’t talk to anyone else and don’t make him upset, your relationship is actually normal
• “I taught ya howdda use dese for a reason, k babe? Don’t make me have to really use em’ any time soon. Love you, sweetheart.”

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"ruke" X'D <3

Omg I knoooooooow, I confessed it. Ruke is everything x)

(…even if, granted, the shipname sounds like an old sick dog growling miserably…)

No but seriously, I’m one of those people who totally see the appeal of this ship. I love tormented hermit Luke so much, and he has always been my fave from the OT. Also we’re promised a very interesting and tumultuous master/student relationship, that will most certainly be powerful to watch. This is all the angst I live for!

And of course there is the **Aesthetic** factor that just hits all my inspiration kinks : all this drama is happening on this beautiful, ambivalent landscape, among this wild, untamed nature, with its cliffs, its raging sea, its storming sky and pouring rain. This is such a Romantic™ setting, furious and dark. This is totally my jam. Everything about Rey and Luke on Ahch-To is just sooooo inspiring : the quest for knowledge, Force philosophy, Luke’s tormented hermit fashion, Rey trying to understand what dormant power has awaken in her, the sense of anguish and danger, the loneliness, the ticking bomb countdown, EVERYTHING.

Ngl I’m as impatient to see their relationship that i’m impatient to see Rey and Kylo interact so that means a lot!

So in all seriousness, it’s that kind of relationship I’m very invested in on an emotional level and that I don’t consider even remotely romantic in canon, but I’m also here for the crackship. It comes with two layers.

But I have to admit that yeah, I do have a thing for father/daughter, teacher/student dynamics and I don’t have a problem with age difference and all the things that traditionally repels people, so it helps. I actually ship the weirdest things, so.

By the way, I have to say that most of the reactions I’ve seen to Rey/Luke were in the vein of “ewww that’s disgusting, yikes”, and it kind of amused me and made me consider it even more. I mean, I can understand people being disgusted by Snoke, I like Snoke,  but this is LUKE we’re talking about, and he looks pretty awesome if you ask me. I guess it’s the age factor, it’s kind of a taboo for many people.

But, well, let’s be real, there’s definitely some weird vibes in their interactions

I mean

If you want to see it, it’s all there, creepy and all, that’s why we’re all making jokes about it.

(Like, the Yoda/Luke comparison is pretty hilarious but also, you know, if Yoda hasn’t been a crazy old muppet, perhaps Yoda/Luke would actually be a thing…)

So yeah, more than a ship it’s first and foremost a canon relationship I’m very invested in, but occasionally it’s also a crack ship I’d very much enjoy. They have such potential.



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Aw geez can you imagine if the yanderes found out that you like getting pet/scritches? Absolute chaos. You'd never be able to get anything done

(This speaks to me on an intensely personal level…  >___>)

Once they figure out your “weakness” there’s no stopping them.  Some of them are subtle about it.  Drift will casually brush his fingers along your hair as he passes by.  Ratchet will absentmindedly start scratching the top of your head while he’s reading.  Rewind and Chromedome will playfully ruffle your hair, but linger just a bit longer than usual. Tailgate and Cyclonus will pretend not to notice your little shivers of delight as they affectionately pet you.  And Rung will ever so gently trail his fingers along the side of your face and hair as he pretends to tuck a loose strand of it behind your ear.

The others are a bit more… obvious.  There’s practically a fight that breaks out every movie night now, because all if them want to have you sit in their lap during the movie.  The winner will lovingly stroke your hair and pet your head while you let out soft, involuntary moans that cause cooling fans to kick in all over the room.  Then there are the afts like Whirl and Getaway who will come pick you up and pull you away from whatever you’re doing at the moment just so they can pet you and watch your reaction.  

They’re not above using their positions to get what they want either.  Brainstorm will drag you into his lab because he just has to get your advice on the latest holoform update!  He wants to know if the scalps are sensitive enough.  Could he just scratch your head a bit to see how humans react?

Rodimus is probably the worst offender.  He has zero shame.  He’ll call you up to the bridge just so he can pull you into his captain’s chair for some cuddles and head scritches.  It’s infuriating but you can’t help but practically melt at the touch as you lean back into him with a soft sigh.

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hi!! i need some help finding a fanfic, if you can help. i'm looking for a fic that i read a while ago where dean is a pirate and cas is a son of a rich man. i think it's a/b/o, where basically they meet at another place (i honestly don't remember much about it) and dean comes in right before cas has to marry some creepy old guy and saves the day. it's cool if you can't help, it's just been bothering me for a while.

I’m pretty sure I know the fic but I can’t recall it. I scrolled through some AO3 tags and the closest I got was 

The Myth of Castiel Novak by adestielable

Dean “The Righteous Man” Winchester of the Impala 67 was the Pirate King. Fierce, merciless, formidable… You name it. He was everything any pirate could ever hope to be and more. You’d have to be living under a rock to not have heard of him or his crew aboard the biggest ship to sail the seas: the Impala 67.

On September 18th, 1692, the governor of the City of Heaven, Michael Novak, faces his biggest fear: Dean Winchester stopped at his docks. Michael’s sole goal was to see Dean Winchester and each and every one of his men and woman on his ship’s crew hanged.

That evening, Dean meets a young man with black hair and striking blue eyes. “Cas,” he tells Dean his name. What was Dean to do but offer the gold in his pocket to the kid who looked as if he’d just been fucked in a dirty alley?

Cas accepts and 17 gold, a short walk, and a few orgasms later, the two are fast asleep on Dean’s bed. For the first time in years, Dean didn’t have any of the normal nightmares from his past; and Cas fell asleep feeling protected and safe in the Pirate Kings arms.

That night was just the beginning for Dean and Cas. The beginning to something neither wanted to end.

It’s not a/b/o but Dean is a pirate, Cas is the son of a powerful dude, Cas would be married off (to a woman though. I did a quick document check *lol*). 

So, what do you think? Is it this one?

on literally any website i go onto i always feel so awkward and out of place. like anytime i make a post on here that’s just me talking i feel like a kid that walks into the wrong classroom at school and everyone’s just starin at me like “lmao this bitch is dumb”

Okay side note but this is what I expected hallucination!Oswald to look like. I mean I thought he would be terrifying and vengeful. But instead he was like wet and sassy. I expected him to scare the shit out of Ed, not serenade him with Amy Winehouse. So I’m kind of excited that hallucination!Ed will actually be creepy and scary (yes I admit the CGI is a bit lame in this screenshot but still). 

I sleep with the window open
Because it gets too warm at night.
But every few minutes I hear someone
Lurking at the glass, or just behind.

Reason tells me it’s the wind,
Scratching of trees against the glass.
But this won’t stop me from looking up,
And every time my heart races past.

I see no one there, just the summer night.
But that didn’t stop me from calling out.
I wished inside that silence would reply,
But that didn’t stop him from coming around.

goldrushrunning  asked:

(If this counts as an hc pls ignore) what do you think the bots kinks are? Like id think the yans would be into petplay to some degree for the feeling of ownership, drifts into overstimulation, and rewinds into making vids

YOOOOOOO!!!  XD  My kink knowledge is minimal at best, but I’ll give it a whirl.  (I’ll just do the main lineup for now to avoid this getting too long)

Rodimus: praise kink, voice kink, roleplay, lingerie 

Drift: hypnosis, voice kink, over-stimulation, orgasm denial

Ratchet: over-stimulation, toys, body worship, orgasm denial, love marks

Ultra Magnus: erotic literature, mild power kink, size play (with vs. without the armor)

Fort Max: over-stimulation, multiple orgasms, lingerie 

Swerve: voyeurism, lingerie, orgasm denial, video/pics, roleplay

Skids: mild exhibitionism, voyeurism, experimentation  

Brainstorm:  toys, praise kink, experimentation, multiple/forced orgasms, mild love marks

Rung: light bondage, roleplay, mild pet play, orgasm denial, body worship, hypnosis, dom/sub, sweet/dirty talk, toys, lingerie 

Whirl: voyeurism, mutual masturbation 

Getaway: B O N D A G E, pet play, power kink, sweet/dirty talk, love marks, praise kink 

Megatron: power kink, dom/sub, multiple orgasms, body worship, size play (mass displacement)

Tailgate/Cyclonus: tag teaming, voice kink, love marks, body worship 

Chromedome/Rewind: video/pics, filming, voyeurism, toys

anonymous asked:

sorry but i can't get this out of my mind - is there some sort of epidemic of littlespace kink blogs reblogging stuff from sweets blogs? like are they adding creepy embarrassing notes or tags? sending inappropriate asks? what is going on? :0

For most blogs that dont want little space/cgl/dd/lg interacting is that it really just makes them uncomfortable and it could be for any number of reasons as it varies depending on the blog! but honestly it makes me uncomfortable because I associate it with nsfw/dd/lg kink (even “sfw cgl”) which I dont support and nsfw in general makes me pretty uncomfortable.. and recently some littles (i guess?) harrassed my friend for putting a do not interact banner on their own hand made gifs (becuase nsfw is a triggering topic for them) and that really pissed me off so I really dont want my blog associated with it if that makes sense?

sorry this is a really long rambly answer lmao i hope it made sense

note: I support age regression and theyre free to interact but cgl etc are not

(also dont send discourse/hate about this please you’ll be blocked I dont have the energy to argue this will be the last time i discuss this subject)

#not food #nsfw mention #cgl mention #ddlg mention #discourse #swearing (ask to tag)

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While reading your DAA/V tag, I invented a dumb AU of that 'verse. Imagine if everything happens the same as in your universe, but Obi Wan can hear all of Anakin's thoughts. He doesn't want to, he's not sure why, but he can? Unfortunately, Anakin doesn't know and can't chew him out or use it to annoy him until after Bespin? (I randomly imagined Obi Wan actually learning from his apprentice, and randomly cracking up in the middle of Tatooine, while listening to Anakin's Palpatine commentary)

Surprise Part 2 to the Obi-Wan-can-hear-double-agent-Anakin’s-thoughts: I know it’s creepy, and an invasion of his privacy, and probably leave Obi Wan incredibly conflicted. I think the only time Obi Wan can hear nothing is when Anakin uses a Storm-Shield. Maybe the connection pitters out after Palpatine dies. I kept imagining as I typed the last part that this was a punishment by Ar-Amu set Obi Wan for leaving someone he considered a brother in chains. Sorry if I am not making any sense.             

Well Anakin is pretty much storm-shielding at all times (even in his sleep at this point). It’s necessary to keep Palpatine out, and by the time we reach the OT he’s been doing it for so long that it’s practically second nature. So that would leave Obi-Wan right out as well.

Also I’m not really a fan of punishment in that sense as a rule, and I really wouldn’t be here for any kind of punishment of Obi-Wan.


But! Considering the fun cracky potential of the first part of your ask:

Okay, imagine Obi-Wan just chillaxing in the desert one day, sipping at a glass of lemonade. It’s a pretty decent lemonade, too, and the wind’s cooperating so there’s only a few grains of sand in it. The local kids haven’t tagged his hut in almost a week, and there was a fresh crop of mushrooms on his vaporators this morning. Life is good.

Suddenly, right in the middle of a nice long sip of lemonade, he hears, Blah blah blah strength and unity blah blah order and might blah blah bl- ooh, the cackle is new, didn’t see that one coming, you’re really trying out some new material today Master!

Obi-Wan blinks. He glances down at his lemonade. Then he glances down at the bottle of moonshine. But no, the sloshing in the jug is still the same, so his lemonade is just like usual. Three parts moonshine, one part lemonade. Nothing too strong.

Ha! And there’s a triumphant raise of the arms! That’s bingo for me. Pay up!

Obi-Wan knows that voice. Even now he’d know that voice anywhere. Ana- No. Vader.

But why is Darth Vader talking about bingo?

No, no, no. You’re not getting out of this one so easily, Your Highness. You bet a full set of hydrospanners and I expect you to deliver.

Obi-Wan has the distinct feeling that he’s hearing only one side of a conversation. He also has the distinct feeling that he’s definitely been sitting in the suns too long, and that there’s not nearly enough moonshine in his lemonade, after all.


Hello there! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I’m back home! How are you?? I hope you all had a lovely weekend! <3 As I’ve already written in my last post, I spent these days far from home (and from books&notes) and boy, did I need that. My boyfriend and I went to one of his friend’s house and we had lots of fun!! :) Also, we both needed some fresh air XD

yay :D


creepy cibia is creepy

I don’t know about you, but I’m not really used to this kind of portion (and the picture doesn’t do it justice!) XD I failed miserably, ahah (no doubt from the beginning – thank god you can ask for a doggy bag), but it was very good!

Then we went to an American-diner-inspired-restaurant/bar and I was so happy because I’ve never had the chance to try anything like that so far! The maximum we got here is a pizzeria with a pirate ship inside, but the food kinda sucks (oops). And my boyfriend basically stayed in the bathroom the whole time because everytime you go in there the Happy Days theme song starts playing lol. Anyway, they said they make the best milkshakes in the whole Veneto region and so I had to try one :’) (despite the fact that I was full because of the (half???)burger I had at the Canadian’s place)

no cibia don’t do that it’s creepy stop smiling and hide yourself somewhere in the darkness

What else can I say…nothing cibia, we don’t care, well, we tried the Resident Evil 7 demo on Playstation VR and my boyfriend got so scared that he fucking hit me XD it was an accident, but still- ahahah XD and then we played Mansions of Madness and holy crap that game is awesome. I mean, I’ve never been a very big fan of board games (I usually don’t have enough time to play them – and friends to play with *cough*) but this one completely (and positively) floored me! Actually, I may just download the app and explore all of the scenarios even if I don’t own the physical copy of the game lol I’m such a sucker for creepy things, ah (´∇ノ`*)ノ

Long story short, I had fun and I’m a bit sad that it’s already over ;; especially because I’m back to studying mode now (still three exams to do…wtf such a bore I WANT TO DRAW MY BABIES ARGH) -_- oh well…oh, anyway, I got 30/30 in my English exam and I’m so happy! :) At least one 30 ahah cibia you lazy thing …mhn…Are you still reading this? Wow! Thank you for your attention! :D Have a nice day! <3

Let’s be real.
Aka: So You Think The 14-17 Year Old Girl Paired With An Ageless/Centuries Old Male Trope Is New And Inherently Bad & You Wanna Start a Riot

X - Elisabeth (Musical). Sissi is 15 when she falls in love with the literal personification of Death. As in, old as life itself. You don’t want me to tell you how many fics there are on the German fanfic sites I know. By the way, the real Empress Elisabeth was about 16 when married to 23 year old Franz.

X - Labyrinth. Sarah’s what, 15? David Bo- I mean, Jareth is centuries old when he falls in love with her. Pretty sure 97% of all fanfics for that particular tale involve romance/love, twisted or otherwise. Most all with Sarah aged up. Also read the damn book. Those budding feelings are canon, baby.

X - Repo! Confirmed by Terrance, not confirmed… we all know Graves was a nosy show off who took a shine to that kid, and she followed. Now, Shilo is 17 so that makes the fanfiction a little less creepy. Then again, Graves is still a lot older, and it is Repo!

X. Phantom. Christine is…. Doesn’t really matter, middle-aged Phantom fell in love with her as a child (okay, okay it developed as she aged). Creepy? Well, I don’t think anyone can argue that. But the romance lives on. And on FF, it really lives on. Also in multiple published fan sequels. And various movies.

X. Beetlejuice. Continuing my march on that side of the internet. Lydia, teen. Beetlejuice, centuries. While most fics like to mesh the film with its more relationship-line crossing cartoon counterpart, this pairing can still be all kinds of odd. Again, with this one we mostly adhere to the age-up-the-teen rule.

X. Drop Dead Fred. So your favorite (centuries old) imaginary friend when you’re like, 7, if we’re being generous, kisses you when you’re in your 20s. Also, canon meet fandom.

X. Whistle Down The Wind (Musical). Blame ALW for this one too. Swallow is 15 when the convict (early 30s?) falls for her. It’s tragic. Also he’s kind of Jesus? Idk the lines blur a lot when you take the whole plot into consideration. Also the book and the movie play with who is enamored by who and the ages…. Essentially though, yeah.

X. Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Buffy was what, 16? When she and Angel dated? Angel is what? 200+? Buffy later is with Spike? We’re talking centuries of difference. Again.

X. Legend. Lily wasn’t that old when Tim Cu- I mean Darkness seduces her.

X. Greek Mythology. Yeah Persephone? “Edge of womanhood” back then was around 14-16. Hades? Let’s not count. 

Not to mention Twilight, because though it’s a regret, it did happen. So did most of the YA Fantasy section of your local bookstore.

Face it, for a lot of young women, naive and searching, reading relationships like these…. It makes a safe way to explore their minds/wants/desires/genders/identities, without getting hurt or getting in over their heads. Is it practical to go out and hit on a guy two times your age when you’re 14-17? Heck no. But that’s what fiction is for*
(*even though all fiction has flaws and you still should be selective -cough- Twilight -cough-)

But I’ve never encountered a problem with these narratives before now. Why?

Because in old fairytales, there was usually a young girl and an older male. Danger, trepidation, coming-of-age, first steps into womanhood, sometimes care and love (I’ll spare you my Little Red and Erl King rants. And Valerie’s Week of Wonders. Hello).

So for the love of the goddess, if you wanna ship the damn thing, ship it. Be respectful of their ages / age difference. If it’s comfortable, embrace it. I’m not advocating underage sex (because also sex =/= romance), but build a relationship (just try to downplay the creepy). Make them friends. Make them enemies. Make them learn. Age them up. Age one down. Put a curse on one. Introduce conflict. Put it in an AU. Make them queer. Make them not. I don’t really care.

Percival and Credence is romanticizing literal abuse, do not pass go. 
Scar trying to get Nala in the musical is creepy. Esmeralda and Frollo also creep me the F#$% out. While Moana and Maui, really don’t.

So quit putting negative rants in the Maui, and Moana, tags (ha, hypocrisy). You’re welcome.