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Did you like this chapter? Thoughts?

Yup, I liked it a lot. Thank you for asking this question, because I have many things to say about this chapter. Forgive me in advance for what I feel it will be a long reply. 

First of all, I was surprised (though I shouldn’t have been) at Akira’s coldness towards Kaneki. I get where she’s coming from and I understand how hard it must be to digest this sudden change, and everything that goes with it. Flat out acceptance would have been unrealistic and the result of bad writiing, because Akira couldn’t possibly have gone from a mindset in which she represented Justice, and she had no reason to doubt her moral standing, to one where she must admit to herself that her worldview was limited and bigoted, and that the world isn’t as black and white as the Academy would have liked them to envision. 

Despite that, I wasn’t expecting for her to shut Kaneki out completely (and for killing Arima on top of that, which is a lie for f*** sake Akira c’mon, you can figure that much out!), because however confusing her feelings might be right now, he’s one of the few people she’s closest to in Goat, and that’s true the other way around, too. I feel like Akira needs Kaneki’s perspective on this new situation she’s been forced into by her own rash decision-making, because unlike Seidou or Amon, who are in it because of circumstances, Kaneki is her only ally that’s in it because he fully believes in what he’s doing. Amon is getting there, too, what with his forgiveness of Touka and with his newfound way of channeling his anger and grief towards the unfairness of the world instead of random scapegoats like faceless “Ghouls”. But I don’t know. I feel like Kaneki’s perspective is important, too. And having Akira’s approval is even more symbolic for him, I reckon. 

She’s still a mother figure for him. We all can agree of how positive of a character development this could lead to, if he were to finally have a healthy and supportive mother figure for a change. Eto has always used him for her machinations. He needs someone who can guide him and respect him without asking anything from him, without taking anything from him. Akira can (and will) be that person, imho.

Anyway, I’m positive that she’ll come around eventually. She’s smart, strong-willed and perceptive. There’s no way she won’t pull herself together in order to follow her heart instead of suppressing her feelings and get things taken from her, even if her whole narrative wasn’t centered around the theme of being left alone. She just needs a bit of time to sort out her feelings and find a new reason to fight. and that can happen only after she talks it out with a few characters currently part of Goat. I’m really looking forward to her confrontation with Hinami and Touka in particular, though I’m also curious about her feelings towards Takizawa (if he’s not dead). 

On a side note, I really love how Ishida pointed out the irrationality of Hinami’s feelings towards Akira. Grief doesn’t obey logic, and even though she does realize that Akira has nothing to do with the cold-blooded murder of both her parents, she can’t help but associate her with it, anyway. It’s a curious diversion from the usual theme that states “the children pay for the sins of their parents”, because even if Akira didn’t do anything wrong per se, she’s not innocent, since she did approve of her father’s doing and she would have done the same in his place. She doesn’t see Ryoko’s and her husband’s death as a sin at all, and instead used the quinque derived from Mr. Fueguchi with the obvious pride of someone who thinks they’re fighting for the right side. So I’m curious as to how Ishida intends on smoothing out this particular conflict, and how it will affect both Akira’s and Hinami’s character development. 

Forgive me for my obvious bias, but Ayato too deserves a small mention, here.

This scene gives me SO MANY FEELS for so many reasons ;n;

The way I see it, this scene wasn’t portraying just Hinami’s grief. Just look at Ayato’s expression right before he goes to comfort her. Ayato knows where Hinami’s coming from. He too lost both his parents, and he too knows what it feels like to have his own life saved at the cost of his mother’s, who chose to stay behind in order to buy her children time to escape. Just. He knows how she’s feeling because he’s already felt it all, too. 

I love that their relationship isn’t based on forced companionship. It might have been like that at first, but they grew to be such mature and strong people thanks to the support and trust they gave to each other, thanks to the shared burdens and mutual understanding of each other’s pain. Idk, this scene might have been really brief but it meant a lot to me. 

Moving on: Amon and Touka’s talk. *Deep breaths* What can I say. It beat all possible expectations I might have had. 

I think that in a sense it was exactly Amon’s unyielding sense of justice that brought him where he is now. He says it himself: he doesn’t hold a grudge against Touka specifically anymore, but he would have arrested her anyway, if he was still an investigator. That was the right thing to do; setting a moral example for everyone to see so that no one else will have to undergo the same pain. That’s the kind of justice of a ghoul investigator. But this sense of justice itself was flawed, because it didn’t take into account Touka’s own take on justice, and how it was Mado the bad guy from her perspective. So arresting her can’t be the answer. Not only that, but he’s no longer an investigator, so he can’t appeal to the sense of justice of one. 

He himself has changed, and so his moral grounding has to change, too. So then, it comes to this:

This scene is one of my favourites of the whole chapter because it doesn’t just represent Amon’s character development, but also Touka’s absolution. You see that shocked face Touka pulls? I can assure you that Amon’s forgiveness means a great deal to her. This was Touka after Ryouko’s death:

“It doesn’t matter if a murderer like me dies.”

She doesn’t sugarcoat it for her own sake. She’s aware that what she does, killing people to survive, is wrong. She doesn’t conveniently brush it off as something she needs to do because she’s born that way, unlike other characters. She’s always felt this conflict more than other people. Killing never came easy to her, and deep down, she feels obvious guilt over what she does. So having Amon, a former human and enemy, come to her specifically with the intention of telling her that the real evil is not her nature but the circumstances that make men monsters, is really important for her character. For the first time, someone who has every right to hate her, to want her dead, is offering her acceptance. If Kimi’s comment about Touka’s kagune was meant as a “you’re as valid as I am” moment, I consider this talk with Amon as a “you’re as evil as I am” moment. Both were very important for Touka’s character development, and a necessary step towards her own acceptance of her dark past in order to move forward. 

Then there’s Furuta’s moment of glory. Gosh, he leaves me speechless every time. :’D The way he’s not taking the ceremony seriously is very significant imho. Once again, he proves that his role in the story is that of the comedy to Kaneki’s tragedy

Take this single panel as an example:

Kaneki’s group is facing an internal crisis? Meanwhile, Furuta is at the peak of his power. Kaneki despairs because he’s a horrible leader and his organization is only held together by the lack of other options, meanwhile Furuta laughs in the face of his own success, and all of his scheming give way to the exact outcome he’s envisioned. 

I love how he keeps being the comedic aspect of this whole tragicomedy of a story, how he keeps up the facade of the “six year-old” while feeling dead inside, and I love how he chose to wear a stupid mask the moment he reached his goal, because it only stresses further the artificial nature of his own playfulness. 

Just think about it from a narrative perspective: this is the moment that we, as readers, should feel threatened by him. This is the moment he officially becomes the Enemy, because everyone in the CCG accepts him as the leader. Instead, we laugh at him. We don’t feel threatened at all. We’re asked not to see him as the final villain, but as a joke, as another victim of the system. A guy who in his moment of glory, when everyone’s looking his way, chooses to wear a mask, and chooses to treat his victory as a laughing matter. Idk, the more I think about it the more it makes me want to cry. This guy doesn’t have anything (or anyone) else but his sense of humour, and he clings to it like a lifeline. It’s such a lonely, empty existence… I know I shouldn’t pity him after all he’s done but…

Anyway, anyway. This post is already long as it is so I’m going to stop there. Thanks again for giving me an excuse to vomit all my thoughts/feelings of this chapter! o/ I hope it was an interesting read :’D

taken from the comic book series written by neil gaiman

  • “the price of wisdom is above rubies.”
  • “when do the nightmares slip out into the daylight?”
  • “it was a dark and stormy nightmare.”
  • “I left a monarch. yet I return alone…hungry.”
  • “never trust a [insert word here]. he has a hundred motives for anything he does - 99 of them, at least, malevolent.”
  • “I would have dreamed of you…if I could dream.”
  • “the real problem with stories: if you keep them going long enough, they always end in death.”
  • “little ghost, get out of my way.”
  • “I’ve learned from my mistakes, but I’ve had more time to commit more mistakes.”
  • “I suppose there are worse endings.”
  • “it is a fool’s prerogative to utter truths no one else will speak.”
  • “I only have two kinds of dreams: the bad and the terrible.”
  • “the price of getting what you want is getting what you once wanted.”
  • “it’s part of growing up, I suppose. you always have to leave something behind you.”
  • “nobody looks up in the sky anymore.”
  • “everybody has a secret world inside of them.”
  • “it is sometimes a mistake to climb, it is always a mistake never even to make the attempt.”
  • “sometimes you wake up. sometimes the fall kills you. and sometimes, when you fall, you fly.”
  • “without dreams, there could be no despair.”
  • “it is unwise to summon what you cannot dismiss.”
  • “never trust the storyteller. only trust the story.”
  • “destiny is blind.”
  • “remember how hard it was for me to leave, and that it was not your fault.”
  • “life, like time, is a journey through darkness.”
  • “I like the stars. It’s the illusion of permanence, I think. I can pretend that lives last longer than moments.”
  • “when something ends, there’s always something left over. a story, or a vision, or a hope.”
  • “I don’t recommend revenge. it tends to have repercussions.”
  • “honesty is a somewhat overrated virtue.”
  • “I suppose the point you grow up is the point you let the dreams go.”
  • “the things we do make echoes.”
  • “all journeys leave marks on us.”
  • “have you ever been in love? horrible, isn’t it? it makes you so vulnerable.”
  • “when there’s no hope, you might as well be dead.”
  • “they will haunt your sleep until you die.”
  • “everything changes, and nothing is truly lost.”

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Hey, so why can't people do sin with pj. Not to be rude. Just curious


I understand of not being rude - but yeah I have answered this so many times on my blog and I keep pointing to my FAQ page right here.

I’ll copy the part focused on ‘sin’ and ‘nsfw’ to a read more on this post for those who cannot access the page for whatever reason, but TL;DR of it is two things.

One is that I want ‘7goodangel’ to be more of a family friendly name and if I get credit for a character that is within a sin story or picture, then does ‘7goodangel’ look family friendly anymore? No. It wouldn’t since it would be on a piece of sin writing or art. 

Second - I am super uncomfortable with seeing or even KNOWING that my characters are in sin art or fanfics online in public. I know I cannot control everyone since it is the ‘internet’ but I’m gonna try my dang hardest to not have any of that. 

Like seriously - my family knows my characters. And I do not want any little kid looking for PJ and finding sin. Just… no. That is not my focus on the character. At all.

It just kinda ticks me off that people kinda forget about respect and the other pillars of character at the moment they get an internet connection. So this whole thing might be sounding salty and I apologize for the tone but not the content. 

Just - respect the artists wishes - and for those wondering - PFF heck no I am not gonna let some little kids or people who disrespect artists get me to back out of being online. I will not stop doing what I am doing on here. 

(topic continued and faq points are under read more)

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Favorite Stark. (Peter Parker.)

Requested – Yes.

Prompt – You are Tony Stark’s daughter and you are jealous that your dad pays more attention to Peter Parker than his own daughter.

Warning – Has cursing. Very emotional. Possible grammar errors bc I didn’t edit this yet.

Words – 1,721.


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of tesco & boyfriends

SUMMARY: Dan and Phil decide it’s the right time to come out. Later, in Dan’s liveshow, fans ask them to kiss.
WARNINGS: shameless fluff
A/N: so this fic is literally1,465 words longer than i thought it would be bc of the domestic intro and the liveshow. i also hope you like the edits bc i did them by myself. painstakingly slowly. remember my prompts are open here 
lowkey pulled inspiration from realityisnoplacetolive’s Problematic

Dan walked the long stairs to their apartment quickly, glad to be out of the harsh cold of the London air. He loved London and would hate to move, but sometimes he mentally cursed Britain’s strange ability to be constantly cold. Making his way quickly up the thousands of flights of stairs, he managed to make his way to their door. He looked momentarily behind him at their neighbor’s door, decorated with a wreath, and considered going out later to get one, but the harsh cold that had managed to chill him to the bone convinced him otherwise.

Dan pushed open the door and was greeted immediately with the smell of the fajitas that he and Phil had been making together when Phil realized they were out of fajita seasoning and given Dan puppy dog eyes that were unfortunately irresistible. Phil was very loudly singing along to Dan’s “C Word” music Pandora station. “Dashing through the snow! In a one horse open sleigh! O’er the hills we go! Laughing all the way!”

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A list thing... of sorts

Emmmm so I guess have a list to help people narrow down what they may like to try out with any of my muses? //shrug shrug? This is just some of the ones I can think of off the top of my head: 


  • Fantasy (werewolf, vampire, zombie, etc)
  • Reincarnation
  • Arranged marriage
  • Amnesia
  • Childhood friends
  • Ghost
  • Horrible ending 


  • Superhero
  • Pokemon
  • Actual hoodlum Break my heart
  • RPG
  • Pet-sitting

Shugarl + Ponsol

  • Canon
  • Historical
  • Younger/older au
  • Heir/non-heir
  • Professor
  • Ghost
  • Angel vs demon (this has to be a thing if they’re canonically demons)


  • Pirate 
  • Merman
  • Yakuza
  • RPG
  • Haha! Accidentally summoned a demon?

etc etc etc so many more but too lazy to continue so ye.

You wanted me to submit this so… I copied it and fixed it around… Here it goes. I apologise.

me: *Sends photo*
Me: ok listen to me on this one *clears throat*

empty arena/field.
post game 
they lost.


It didn’t cost them like the big tournament but left them in a pretty bad spot, also killed their winning streak, and Harry, being #10 (the number they give the best player in soccer) knows it’s on him. He was all over the place, not focused, he wasn’t giving it his all, or he was and it just spiralled out of control. Kicks were either too messy or too hard. It just… It wasn’t his game and he doesn’t know why. He had been doing so good all season long. The whole team was. But today it all went to shit (not going to say why, you pick a reason E.) 

And you know everyone is devastated, they walk around like zombies and the other team hollers and pokes fun as they leave. Everyone is so down, Harry more than anything, and when you don’t see him anywhere after the game, you don’t spot him or hear any banging or fights (ya know cause he might be angry at this) you think you know where he is.

You go to the stadium/arena/field or whatever and see him kicking around balls he’s laid in front of him. Free style, direct hits to the net, he’s got only his shorts on and his cap, shirt thrown to the side and he’s wearing socks not even his spike shoes. He’s kicking hard, it’s like he’s trying to inflict himself pain since he’s doing this in his socks (in very frat harry fashion). He keeps missing and missing the goal, coming close but not really, no matter what angle and you just stare at him being frustrated. Then he scores one, just one, and he groans and sighs and goes to sit on the stands/chairs.

His back is to you and you see him slumped and covering his face with his hands. You decide you need to talk to him or at least ask him if he needs you, or anything. Instead of seeing this and deciding “yeah i’ll leave him alone to cool off” you think that you need to ask if he wants to be alone and cool off. So you go and when you get close and make noise with the chairs he looks up slowly like that (picture) and he just… There’s a bit of a staring contest kind of. He’s looking intensely at you holding his breath, and you’re looking intensely at him right back, and making sure nothing in your eyes gives him any pity, you know he hates that.
Its a game of who’s going to look away first.

He does.

He goes back to looking to the empty field and clears his throat, readjusting himself on the chair and not looking as slumped. You come to sit 2 chairs away from him.
It takes you a second, a small moment before you decide to start talking. You have a chat and he’s being super down and a bitch like kinda rude cause he feels like a failure and the more you talk the closer you scoot over to him until you’re close enough and lay a hand on his knee. You listen to him comment about technical things he missed, and angrily insult some other player from the opposing team. You squeeze at his knee over and over, trying to give him some sense of comfort, he stays there quiet, slowly he grabs it and caresses it, running his thumb over your knuckles. He sighs over and over still beating himself up for it in his mind, even when he’s not saying anything. You know it. Even when his grip on your hand feels like he’s saying thank you, you know his devils are attacking at full force, and you can’t let that happen, you don’t want him to venture there alone.
“Harry, it’s ok to make mistakes, to have a day when you’re not yourself… ” you sigh grabbing his hand in both of yours “You’re human… Let yourself fall and be wrong and cry… It’s ok to feel. And you get to rise up again, remember there’s always a next time…”
he pulls you in for a bit of a hug, no matter how uncomfortable due to how you’re sitting and your hands still holding on to his, and then you sit in silence holding hands.

And you think that maybe you should get him to go and kick the anger out as he was doing. He doesn’t want to anymore so you decide something else to try and get his mind OFF kicking himself.
“Then teach me how to kick” you say (or something) and you both go kick around balls barefoot as he’s removed his socks and you removed your heels or idk your totally not football appropriate shoes
and you’re kicking around and you start to get the hang of it and you keep scoring
“Hey what the hell?” He says in between laughter, and you shrug and tell him you used to play before so you knew how to kick “you liar” he gets kinda fake mad cause you’re winning so it becomes a game of tag more like him chasing you around with laughter filling the empty field.

And now you’d assume this ends in the typical “ he catches you and you fall and you’re about to kiss ” kinda thing and you might kiss, after all he’s been wanting to, for so long… But no.

He catches you, you fall, like the movie, and before he kisses you, you grab his sock and smack him with it until he surrenders off you, he lets you go and you take off running again, the biggest smile on your face and his laughter is so loud and full.

And then clumsy you falls or trips on air apparently, like how do you even? It’s ok you’re just clumsy, and he’s worried. The fun ends with him insisting he takes you to the doctor cause he’s pretty sure he knows what a badly sprained ankle looks like…

And then you’re waiting for the doctor to come back with x-rays or something but at least he’s smiling and you keep him laughing even though he’s worried sick about your ankle, you try to get him to be happy even right now when you’re hurting.

When you get like idk what they called the thing you use to walk when you have something in your leg, THAT ( i googled it; crutches, iv, you’re dumb); you get them and you’re soooo wobbly with them, it’s weird to have them to try and walk when your instinct is to plant your foot to the ground but Harry’s NOT letting you do anything to that ankle. Harry’s trying to help you walk around and when you go in the elevator to go back and he can take you home, you catch the ride alone, just you two in the elevator and he tells you to rest against the wall so you don’t have to continue being all wobbly and such
and then he just leans in as well as you rest against the elevator wall and kisses you briefly.

It ends before the elevator dings and on the way to your place it’s not spoken about… He helps you get settled in cause of the crutches and all, but not a word.


fic: faulty heart

ha, look what i did. Broadchurch fic. Hardy/Miller, sort of. Set the night after the end of ep3’s courtroom shenanigans. 2000 words, ish.

The soft knocking on the glass jerks him awake. Sitting up on the sofa, he rubs at his eye, and squints towards the door.

Twice in one week.

He heaves himself up with effort and opens the door. “Miller,” he greets, then sniffs, his eyes shifting away from her awkwardly. The other night, when she had come to his house - well, ramshackle hut was more like it - it had been to give him some good news. Now, it’s tremendously apparent from the expression on her face that he’s going to have to invite her in and talk over the bad news they had received in court today.

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Okay so sadly Ive seen this panel in the hidekane tag with the commantary along the lines “lol rip shippers” which is fyi damn rude.

So I wanted to give my two cents to it bc i really really love this panel and whats happening around it. And I gonna get into why i love it so much.

At the first thought its just Hide being ridiculous to lighten the mood bc lets be real - they’ve been friends for over a decade, were in the same classes (including gym class) for who knows how many years (you know locker rooms) and probably were at least once on an onsen trip somewhen (idk seems like a popular thing to do in japan?) - in short i bet you 5 bucks they’ve seen each other naked or particially naked often enough to not be weird abt nudity around each other.

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genre: 2012!phan angst bc who doesn’t want that

warnings: excessive use of the word wonder and orange juice

word count: 1.2k (i’m sorryc ries)

beta’d by: procrastinationpowers

a/n:  okay so i blame everything on lesterotic bc their tag makes me cry. (also this is called wonder bc of the reoccuring use and bc it means ‘miracle’ in dutch)

x-posted on ao3


When you’re alone in bed at night, you wonder about a lot of things. You used to wonder if you locked the door. After that, you used to wonder why you existed. Now, you wonder; does he ever think of you?

It makes you want to smother yourself with a pillow at 4:53 in the morning, because he doesn’t. He never thinks of you. He only thinks of himself and hides behind broken smiles and cracked masks.

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Giant Guide to Ace Self Love

Kieren here. We get a lot of asks about how to accept being asexual when you don’t want to be. And it breaks my heart a little. This is going to be my guide for it. All the coping techniques I list are how I accepted myself being trans. It’s not exactly the same but the strategies will transfer for asexuality and aromanticism. All the asks I’m responding to are going to be under a readmore since there were a bunch and this is already long enough as is. Onto the advice…

I want all of you to know there is absolutely nothing wrong with you all for being asexual and/or aromantic. You are not broken. You are not unloveable. You are not any less than for being asexual and/or aromantic. And I really hope that this helps all of you come to see that for yourselves.

A lot of the asks sent in expressed a desire to feel sexual and romantic attraction or change your sexuality. The hard truth is, you can’t. Conversion therapy has been disproved several times over and is really harmful to a person’s mental health. Your sexuality and romantic orientation are what they are. And while they can be fluid and change over time, don’t count on that. It doesn’t happen to everyone.

First, let yourself be sad about this. Have a good long cry. The start of the healing and acceptance process is to let yourself feel that sadness genuinely. But the key is not to wallow in it. You need to build yourself up afterward. Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel happy. Read a favorite book or fanfic. Watch a movie you love. Listen to your favorite happy songs. Write a happy poem. Snuggle a friend. Wrap up in a soft blanket. Take a warm bath. Do what you need to help build yourself up after feeling sad. You may need to do this a few times. It’s okay.

A good way to do that is to keep a journal (or make blog posts). Log your feelings about this. Venting your feelings honestly is important. Letting yourself feel your feelings is a huge step to self acceptance. Again, don’t wallow in the sad feelings. Bring yourself back up. Write a positivity blurb at the end. Then go do things that make you happy. Don’t let yourself stay in that sad space. that will only make it worse.

Next, start surrounding yourself with ace positivity. If you’re seeing a lot of things that put down asexuality cut them out of your life. Stop. That’s not helping you. Follow blogs that are supportive of all aces. Follow ace positivity blogs. Seeing things from other asexuals being proud and happy with themselves will help.

Also do some affirmations. Repeating to yourself that it is okay to be asexual and aromantic and that you are amazing and wonderful will go a long way. Find a short phrase to repeat to yourself out loud or in your head when the self doubt and hate starts up again.

Talk to other asexual and aromantic people. There are plenty of ace people on tumblr. Talk to them. Send them asks. Chat. I know this can be nerve wracking and hard for people with anxiety. But talking to other people like you is a huge help to self acceptance. It helps you feel less alone.

Again, all of you are lovely and wonderful people. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not broken. And I wish you the best in your journey to self acceptance.


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Things from journal 3 that Made Me Emo. also Thoughts in General

  • everything mcgucket ever did ever the whole time what a kind, genuine, dandelion sunflower sweet guy
  • “F, whose anxiety had rendered him nearly mute”. like. this mans debilitating anxiety had been building thru various incidents and this isnt even the worst of it, and hes so crippled by it, and hes still sacrificing everything he has & fighting his own demons to stay w ford and i love f
  • “[f] says thinking of his loved ones keeps him grounded. (i have a similar picture on my desk of nikola tesla.)”
  • ford reminds me of me when i was dips age. “if only [they] knew the powers of my ‘imaginary’ friend.” he has this chosen-ness, snowflake-esque Demeanor where he’s special and has a secret; its almost this holier-than-thou attitude. secrets are fun and they make you feel important. its so human to feel that way and i relate
  • bill is genuinely horrifying and he like, stabbed fords EYE or smthng so he needs a monocle and thats fucked up
  • bills note as bipper abt pine tree and shooting star made my heart stop i forgot how fucked up and evil and Dont Touch Me Babies I Swear To God
  • “debating the latest fashion trend of ‘Leg Warmers’”
  • “superstitions are for the weak. i am a scientist. and after tomorrow, i’ll be a great one.” OUCH this has such a pithy fire and resolve and this bit into my chest
  • this is so SO interesting as a character study to watch fords arc bc its more fleshed out than what we got to see in the eps. he has absolutely nothing besides his studies, so the amount of effort and sacrifice he has pored into that work is an investment in a future thats worthwhile. the way he reacted to mcgucket and stan by making himself a victim is still wrong and horrible but seeing where hes coming from makes sense
  • fords paranoia shows up in the style of his sketches as well as the content of his notes and thats a very cool touch the drawings are darker and smudgier and rougher 
  • “this journal told me there as no one in gravity falls i could trust. but when you battle a hundred gnomes side-by-side with someone, you realize they’ve probably always got your back.” punch me in the gut the fact that its all incorporated in here punch me in the GUT its the SAME THING AS HOW THIS FEELS
  • the whole bit w wax larry king is literary fare equivalent to that of a modern day william shakespeare
  • dip drew wendy and pacifica in the same profile and i want aro dip but like..fine…
  • “the jagged edge on his body is real, not just a bad drawing by me.” this is so cute and young i want to wrap dipper up in a blanket burrito and hold him forever
  • “mama stan” raising a baby dinosaur
  • stan celebrating his birthday alone please stop, doing this to me,
  • both ford and dip going zeus soos and its like Thats How You Can Tell The Uninitiated from The Initiated Tbh
  • mabel apologizing to dipper and writing a journal entry for him after sock opera made me weep
  • ford said hed die or smthng before letting a pig into his house when mcgucket was his partner and that made me lmao
  • the layout/bills plan makes so much more sense to me after reading it like this….it just makes SO much sense and i feel like all of my real questions about the whys and the hows have been answered and im not really mad anymore about how well, weird weridmageddon felt to me compared to me expectations it makes sense and im ok with it bc there was an overarching story here that i was missing some pieces to
  • im gay for jheselbraum the unswerving
  • literally everything on the last 15 pages made me sob from the bottoms of my feet to the top of my noggin i cant even really go over it right now and it will probably be this long when i do finally internalize and write on it
  • im so proud of my family. im so proud of all of them. my family includes ford.
  • the last page sounds like its a note directly from alex and that also makes me weep like an infant child
  • this:
Calling All Eremika Shippers

Hello! I’m sure many people in the em fandom recognize my url, and know who I am and what I do. Lately, things have been irking me, and I really feel like I need to share with my fellow shippers, because I believe it is important to know. This post isn’t about trying to make everyone feel bad, because that would be solving nothing. However, it is somewhat of a discussion. I do not intend to start drama in any way, shape or form. I also intend for this not to be some dumb fanwank. So please, do not spread ridiculous rumors. I really encourage people to read this, because I think it is important for the sake of this ship. I apologize in advance if this is lengthy.  

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Done with being Nice.

You know, as much as I tried to not really go back to the drama, I thought I’d have a few last words on this. Why? Oh, because it seems that another BillDip blog has been terminated– And please, there would only be one reason as to why it was. So, I am just going to have to explain some basic shit again and maybe, it’ll run through some heads.

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  • chloe: *constantly pressures max into doing dangerous things, takes advantage of her powers even after seeing multiple times what using them too much does to her, shames her for not wanting to do crazy shit like attempting to shoot someone, jumps out and yells "boo" at her in a stressful situation mere hours after she saw her friend jump off a roof (and if kate ultimately survived, acts like it's nbd, even though max is probably still really upset and stressed out and possibly traumatised), gets irrationally mad at her for taking 10 seconds to answer a fucking phone call when they're not even doing anything that important*
  • fandom: wow such a good relationship!!!! she's so good for max, i love best friend romances, look how good this couple is. there is nothing wrong with any of this for the sole reason that chloe has abandonment issues even though that's not even relevant to everything she does. there's no reason for anyone to dislike this ship other than being a homophobe or too harsh on chloe
  • warren: *looks around a corner and through a window to see if max is on her way one time for like 1 second, makes a slightly distasteful comment and rolls with it instead of getting defensive when she calls him out on it, harmlessly texts her a lot in a way that's perfectly normal for friends to do (which they are), tries to hug her & awkwardly backs down when she doesn't notice (rather than insisting or overtly pointing it out at all), and in the timeline where she watches kate die he repeatedly tells her it's not her fault & texts her with reassurances that she doesn't have to spend time with him anymore if she wants some time alone to grieve but he's there for her if she wants him to be*
  • fandom: EW WHAT A FUCKBOY FEDORALORD CREEPER. CLEARLY HE JUST WANTS TO GET IN HER PANTS. THIS IS A BAD SHIP AND IF YOU SHIP IT YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD. THIS IS FORCING UNNECESSARY HETEROSEXUALITY ON THIS GAME (even though they've both shown hints of possibly being bi or pan and being in an m/f relationship wouldn't magically make them 100% straight) AND WARREN IS AWFUL FOR MAX AND A HORRIBLE PERSON

Now that 2016 is finally and thankfully coming to an end, I thought I should thank all the people who at least managed to make some of it amazing, those who helped me, who took care of me, who made me smile and laugh and who made me realise that no matter how difficult life can get, it’s all worth it. This is NOT a follow forever. I did one last Christmas and last July, and I didn’t want to do another one again. If you’re not included it doesn’t in any way mean I don’t like you or your blog, but I tried to keep it limited to those I actually interacted with at some point this year. I also really want to apologise if I forget anyone - there are too many amazing people on here and even though I tried so hard to include everyone I could think of, sometimes it’s easy to forget someone, especially from the first few months of this year. If you think you should be here please do send me a message or something though. Please ignore that basic af edit but I didn’t have time to do anything better 😂

@gigibuffone - Jack!! When you came to talk to me just a little over 6 months ago it didn’t cross my mind you could end up being my best friend. Can you believe we never shut up for not even a single day since then? 😂 Thank you so much mate for all the times you listen to me rant and for being one of the best parts of my 2016. You are amazing in every sense of the word and I hope you know that, you cute doughnut bean ☺️❤️

I know most of you don’t use tumblr anymore but if you see this pasta squad aka anti-bleaching ❌: @swanvika @desciglio2 @fabiantasticschaer @mesut-and-tie @neymessigriziman @loriskariius21 @diesama5 @sampers; thank you all so much for everything. You have become some of the most important people in my life, I know I can be myself with you all without being judged. Your words help get me through hard times whilst no one could make me laugh as much ad you can. We also bond over our love for pasta, and there can never be a stronger bond 😂 I’ll always support you girls through everything and once again thank you. ❤️❤️

@satansfavouritegirl - Sometimes we go days or even entire weeks without talking (mostly because of my awful replying skills) but you will always be such a special friend to me. 🌟 Thank you Ela for being like a sister especially earlier on this year, always taking care of me during rough patches. 💕

@mia-san-fcbayern - Your kind words always helped me through difficult times and I assure you I hold them (and of course you too) very close to my heart. Lis, you are such a sweet and amazing person and you deserve all that’s good in the world. Thank you for all you’ve done for me 😚❤️

@kiararose40 - Fam!! Thanks for being an amazing friend and for listening to me rant all the time. I hope I always was/will be there for you too. You’re the best smol angry ninja friend I could have ever asked for.  💞

There are so so many people who made my 2016 worth it, and that’s really saying something cause 2016 was horrible, so another big thank you goes to the following people!! Whether you checked on me often or even sent me a sweet message just once, I really appreciate. I can assure you that one good word at the right time means more than anything, and everything would have been more difficult without all of you: @alamanyar @alessandro–florenzi @fearlesskiki @incredybala @joherrkimmich @lahmz @leupolz @mypinkisfloyding @neymvrjr @philip-lahmmm @riyadmahrz @robholding @thousands-of-splendid-suns @vitaeternum @zedtheartist  💘💘

Aaaand another shoutout goes to both more friends I made this year/in previous years and mutuals who although I never actually talked to/had a conversation with, we lowkey interact sometimes smjdksn and make me v happy when I see them on my dash. I wish y'all the best: @amantedelcalcio @alexisnchez @aussenrist15 @biggestmoraticablog @boringchelsea @brozukas @buyerns @bxsti @cormacmclggen @cristalski @dimitriipayet @draxlerr @durmerella @fcbayernmess @flashed-football-mind @footballbabesmakesmesmile @gerraaard @gigi-amoremio @gigibuffonforever @gloria13 @hungarynt @kroosmas @leobittencourt @lukaszpiszcat @malta-gozo-comino @margiolys19 @nachofernandez @nemozil @princephilipplahm @rafaeloangelo @ronaldeus @sergioislife @shootballx @sterndesuedens @teamraikkonen @thiagomaia @thomasmxller @welcome-to-a-nuclear-winter  💘💘

I’d also like to thank @iwriteyourfanfiction for writing me the sweetest fic about Mats!! I still have no idea who you are but you deserve the world 😘💕

And last but not least, a big thank you goes to all those who wished me a happy birthday yesterday!! I cannot tag all of you here but know you made my day special, and I appreciate every single one of them 💖

And that wraps it up, and I do truly hope I didn’t forget anyone. This also includes any cute anons I’ve received this year - I do wish I could tag you here to thank you but of course that’s not possible, but if you see this know I appreciate 💖 Thank you so much for everything!! 2016 would have been wayyyy more horrible without you all. Of course, even if you’re not included here, I still want to thank ALL of my followers and mutuals. You’re all fantastic ✨ I would like to wish you all a wonderful 2017 from the bottom of my heart, because you deserve nothing less. ❤️

To Whom It May Concern

Ok, yeah, I just can’t keep quiet about this anymore. You guys from fandom police can come throw stones at me, for all I care. But this is really getting out of hand already – and the show has yet to be aired!

First of all – reading all of your ‘oh, don’t ship Yuri P. with adults – it’s disgusting and you’re all paedophiles’-posts makes me feel like you don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about. What you’re describing isn’t even paedophilia – go, do some research before you wave the big P-flag in front of you, trying to shame other people into doing as you please.

About the topic of underage shipping: It’s not your cuppa. I get that. And you know what? That’s perfectly fine. Don’t do it, if it makes you uncomfortable. Hey, I’d even suggest to establish a fandom-wide warning-tag like “underage”, so you can block or blacklist. No big deal. No one forces you to do, see or read anything you don’t like.

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Internet Support Group 5 - danisnotonfire (transcription)

Disclaimer: this is an audio transcription designed to be used as an aid when watching Dan and Phil’s videos for those who have hearing issues. It is fan-made and I don’t claim to own any of the content of these videos. There may be a few minor mistakes; if you notice one, feel free to let me know! 

You can request any videos you want transcribing here

Key for all my transcriptions:

[words in square brackets] = actions taken on screen/other notes from transcriber

(/./) = very short pause

(.) = short pause

(2), (3), etc = pauses graded by length (not by seconds, but relative to other pauses taken in the video)

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[Part One]

Guys I wrote some more because I can’t help myself and also like farm AUs. Please enjoy the boys wearing plaid above. For science.

Tags: Farm/Ranch AU, vaguely talks about a cow giving birth (but not really because Stiles won’t look), mentioned past: scott/kira, stiles/malia, kira/malia/scott/stiles, isaac/scott

{now on AO3}

“You did what???”

“Dude relax, I just gave him our numbers.”

Stiles tries to be surprised that Scott decided to, essentially, ask out his burning hot, grumpy as hell, crush, but he really, really isn’t. Appalled, maybe; annoyed, a bit; but surprised, no.

It’s just that usually they discuss these kinds of things, or like, it happens much more naturally. Like when Scott was dating Kira and he was dating Malia in college, and then they were all kind of dating each other. They never exactly talked about that, just regular dates turned to double dates turned to group snuggling on the couch. And it worked for them at the time. There was also that time last year when Scott went out with Isaac from the hardware store on a couple of dates. Before that even happened, Scott had insisted on talking about everything with Stiles, to make sure he was going to be okay with it. (He was fine by the way. Maybe just a little jealous of Isaac and his cheekbones and dumb hair, but that was just because he doesn’t really like Isaac anyways. The dude’s an asshole. Okay, so maybe the whole polyamorous thing works better for him when it’s all one big relationship and he’s not feeling like he’s missing out on something. But he wants Scott to be happy and Scott did bring up that they could both date Isaac, which no. Isaac’s hot and everything and like, Stiles might be down to bone him once or something, but he is so not in for like spending extra quality time with him, so he’s working on learning to bend a bit. And curb his jealousy by doing yoga. Which mostly ends with him falling asleep on his yoga mat in front of the TV, but that’s not the point). Anyways, he has zero indication that Derek would even be interested in a polyamorous relationship, never mind if he’s even interested in men. Sure, Derek blushes every time Stiles so much as tries to flirt with him, but he could just be embarrassed. Country boys are hard to judge is all, picking out which ones are cool and which ones are bigoted assholes can be a challenge.

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