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Wake Up Part 5

Word Count: 3750 (I know it’s long)

A/N: I apologize that this took so long to upload. I did have to get over some emotional problems of my own. I feel better now some what. I got a lot of encouragement from my wonderful followers and my close friends and I can never thank all of you enough for being here for me. So here is part 5 of the series that has no end in sight! Let me know what you think!

Warnings! Character death, depression, sadness, and angst. This part was hard to write but I feel it was necessary to move forward with the story.

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Where we left off:

“(Y/n), your father is in the emergency room. He’s had another heart attack,” she answered with a cold, pitying sound in her voice.

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One Week Left!

Hey guys! We have just ONE week before Cynco Week kicks off on June 4th, and we are super excited! To prepare for the oncoming event, we wanted to go over some of our rules just to be sure that everyone is on the same page. You can see the full list of rules here!

If you have any questions, our ask box is always open!

  • Please be aware that we will not allow any work that uses Cynthia’s code name. We understand that the name is canon, however, it is widely considered a very offensive slur. We have made the decision that this name does not belong in this event, and we will not be making any exceptions.
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“First time Blake told Weiss she loved her, Weiss literally tried to tip her”

I’ve been meaning to do some monochrome and then @anawitchs and I got to talking about Weiss being emotionally stunted and unable to express love without throwing money at people for affection. And here we have it.

Send help I was not supposed to get this invested in another ship but their dynamic is everythingggg ugh

I can’t believe that there’s people who don’t start crying when they think about their childhood

anonymous asked:

ok everyone is constantly on about neil and allison and neil and matt but WHERE are my discussions on neil and kevin?? don't even TRY and tell me they're not lowkey besties

OH MY FUCKING GOD MY GUY,,, DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED i wrote a whole fucking essay on neil and kevin trying to get into the extra josten squad i’m never ok. anyway even tho i said don’t get me started,,,, im getting started

OK. LIKE. their relationship is so fucky to start with. neil looks at kevin and sees everything he could have had. he’s just… jealous in a lot of ways. but it takes him like 0 time to realise that actually, kevin’s life has been pretty shit, and he’s IMMEDIATELY protective of kevin. like,, he’s so pissed off at kevin for pressuring him into being on kathy’s show but he totally gets where he’s coming from and as soon as riko starts being an asshat he’s just like “you know what? my life isn’t worth anything. i’ll give it up for kevin. no question.” no doubt, he’s a ride or die motherfucker and he gives it all up for kevin


he doesn’t even last two pages and then he’s just. so fucking pissed he literally can’t even let riko talk anymore. what kind of a gem

oh my god and this is just like… the start. this is the first book. this is pretty much the first time neil shows any type of care for anything except surviving this year. he was gonna run away before he even saw riko, and here riko’s not looking at him and he paints a target on his back for kevin??? i love him

alright and that’s not all. it’s not just neil adopting kevin. kevin straight up adopts that boy too. he loves neil for his exy, and he’s certain he’ll make court, but do you see him inviting anyone else to practice at night? nope. AND AS SOON AS KEVIN FINDS OUT THAT NEIL IS NATHANIEL HE DOES THE SAME THING he doesn’t defy riko or smth not yet but

HE STRAIGHT UP ADOPTS NEIL RIGHT BACK!!! and i dont even have to show u guys this quote its the fucking apex of their relationship-

OH MY GODDDDD he believes so much in neil!!!! he’s so fucking upset that neil can’t have a future. he wants that for our boy as much as we do; like nothing else that has happened has hurt kevin that much. 

and they see themselves in each other. they SEE that they’re basically just alternate timelines of each other - that one small difference could have made either one of them into the other

a BUNCH of their compassion for each other comes because they know what they’re looking at. they’re looking at themselves, if there had been one small change in their lives. and both of them know that it wouldn’t have been good either way - both routes were torture in different ways. kevin has a future, but the moriyamas will always be hanging over them; neil was free for a while, but it won’t last. they KNOW that for each other and that fuels them. there’s a bond there that just can’t be ignored ok??


even nicky comments like “kevin has CLEARLY just done something nice for neil but kevin’s a BRAT” like. kevin cares so fucking much,, he’s like “you know what? if i were in neil’s shoes i would already be fucking wasted. idk if it will help but if he wants to he should be able to. i got u, bro.” what a BOY. i love him they’re the best friends

and okay if anyone needs more- i swear i’m wrapping this post up - when neil thinks about his future, he sees andrew. obviously. BUT HE ALSO SEES KEVIN THERE.

they’re straight up best friends and brothers and i fucking love them

and as a last point, this is extra content instead of book-canon, but



[ revision log printable + google sheets ] — reviewing course material is an excellent way to retain information over the long term! to use for my exams, i made a little revision google sheet and a matching printable, which i’ve decided to share with the community (●っゝω・)っ~☆

✨ — at the time i didn’t realize it, but this is inspired by @s0manythings​‘ beautiful grade tracker printable + sheet set! go have a look!

✅ ——

  1. feel free to tag with #studykyt if you use.
  2. credit if necessary and don’t claim as your own!
  3. modifications are ok for personal use!
  4. i worked really hard on this, so likes + reblogs are much appreciated ♡ 

•  printable pdfs, available in 5 colors ( bubblegum, lavender moon, seafoam, silver & gold, studykyt colors ) + b&w version ( skyscraper ) + bonus color ( field berries ).

•  google sheets, available in 5 colors + bonus sheet ( field berries ). to use file in your drive, file ↬  make a copy. no drive? file ↬ download as ↬ microsoft excel.

• instructions manual on how to use the google sheet.

🔗 — printables  google sheet • manual

☆ — originals  more printables

—— happy studying! :: kyt / studykyt


I’ve had lots of people come to me for Finn fic recs of all sorts, and after someone asked if I could collect all of my recs into one post, I decided it was high time I did just that!

Almost every fic I’ve listed below has been read at least once, and each one has a special place in my heart, so I hope you enjoy! 

(Note: I don’t read fics with major character death, non/dub-con, or anything significantly dark or triggering, so I don’t feel like individual tags/warnings are necessary for this list. If anyone feels otherwise about any of the fics below, let me know and I’ll tag accordingly!)


Finn-centric fics (mostly Finn/Poe)

Rated G

Follow me Home by indoissetep

The Bearer of Good Food by Anonymous

bad behavior by demigender

Changeling Children by englishable

she called it a void by vands88

generosity of spirit by avocadodreamin (potentially abandoned, but absolutely worth it for what’s there!)

mustn’t let a little thing like ‘little’ stop you by pdameron

Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble by @linatrinch (a fic based on my witchy AU!)

The Prince and The Pilot by NaruHinaGrrl1995

Rated T+

The Care and Feeding of Mammalian Companion Animals by ineptshieldmaid (I’ve honestly lost track of how many times I’ve read this one)

Tale As Old As Time by @imaginarygolux

with your feet on the air and your head on the ground by avocadodreamin

Varonat by @linatrinch

Skywalker Legacy by stripesyturtle  

Dissenter by fizzyfingermotorfuck

a time for sleep as well by themastersbeard

this attempt of remembering by chartreuser

you asked me to dance (and it was love at second sight) by bodhirook

The Future Prince by StarMaple

Stormtroopers do it in uniform by nekosmuse (so! hecking! cute!)

Tale As Old As Time by @topographical-map-of-utah

half over the moon by atthebarricade

Rated E/M

tell me about the big bang by thebrotherswinchester (one of the most important character studies for Finn that I’ve ever read)

step out into the sun by platos (thank you @littleblacksquirrel for the rec!)

you’ll be my resolution by zeppelin 

Yr so soft (you make me hard) by gloss

Be Here Now by @bluestem10 (Blue is amazingly talented and everyone should read this fic!)

worlds are built for two by synergenic

Yours by the_adequate_pretender (Finn/Rey)

Stars and Skies by asingerofsongs & MayGlenn (this is the only Jedistormpilot content I read, and I love it with all my heart. the writing starts out a bit awkward at first, but if you can get through that initial bump, the series develops into something amazing!)


Spread the Finn love y’all, and happy reading! 


Looks like someone found a random scenario generator!!! (thank you @butterapplego!!!!)

I have so much fun generating different scenarios… and this was one that caught my eye…

Consider this as part 1 of ??? cause I really want to continue this idea…

And I will later explain why PJ is wearing a dress.

But yeah… drew this a few days ago and I’m still busy with work stuff… just wanted to put this out for you guys!

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A piece to invite you to read my new fic: It’s not me, it’s the cape

Okay I might be leaving a little bit out to make this funnier, but I love how he goes from “I want everyone to recognize my voice, I want to be more macho” to “okay yeah I want to attract girls”.

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So I really really need more spn blogs to follow since most of the ones I follow are on hiatus.
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