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Masterpost: Stimming

Stimming is an important part of most autistic people’s life, and as such, something you’ll probably want to include in your narrative to make your autistic character(s) more realistic. Which is why we’re now going to tell you all about it!

First of all, what is it? The word “stimming” is short for “self-stimulating”. Almost everyone uses it preferentially because it’s easier to use and sounds less… weird. It has a lot of derivations: the verb “to stim”, the noun “a stim”, the adjective “stimmy”… Isn’t the English language wonderful.

Self-stimulating, or stimming as I’ll call it for the rest of this masterpost (and of the blog), consists of doing something with the specific goal of stimulating one’s senses.

If you haven’t done it already, we advise you to read our masterpost about sensory differences, since we’ll refer to many concepts we have explained there in this post, and we won’t re-define them here.

Now that all of this is sorted, let’s get into the heart of the matter. First I’ll explain what stimming looks like, and then I’ll try to outline the main reasons why someone might stim.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of stims, sorted by the sense they stimulate. Every sense can be stimulated by stimming, except maybe the interoceptive ones. Your character stimming can look like:

  • Sight: moving their fingers in front of their eyes, pressing on their eyes until geometric patterns appear, watching a screensaver for hours, looking at things with pretty colors, looking at bright lights or blinking lights, looking at glittery or shimmery things, sorting objects by colors or shape, watching moving things such as a spinning top or a pendulum…

  • Hearing: Listening to music (for example listening to the same song on repeat for hours), rubbing fingers/hair/ cloth next to their ears, tapping on their ears, eating crunchy food, walking on dry autumn leaves, making noises, repeating a word or words with a fun sonority, humming, singing, clicking a button repeatedly, zipping and unzipping a sweater, listening to the sound of rain/waves, opening and closing scissors…

  • Smell: Sniffing things with a pleasant smell, wearing perfume, smelling flowers, smelling a favorite blanket/object/pet/person, making food, taking a walk after it’s rained, sniffing dirty clothing…

  • Taste: Eating things with a strong taste (spicy/very sweet/sour/salty…), chewing gum, chewing non-edible objects, kissing someone, licking stuff…

  • Touch: Rubbing soft fabric, rubbing things with pleasant textures, chewing on things, rubbing their fingers together, touching/playing with their hair, biting their nails, picking at their skin, sitting/lying under heavy things, pressing themselves in tiny confined spaces, pressing parts of their body, hitting themselves, playing with dough or baking, touching water, walking on tiptoes, walking on textured ground, clenching their jaw…

  • Thermoception: eating ice-cream, drinking hot drinks, touching snow, touching a radiator, staying under the AC, taking a very hot or very cold shower/bath, eating ice cubes…

  • Nociception : doing anything that inflicts pain, this includes all self-harming stims (hitting, biting, scratching themselves for instance)

  • Kinesthesic sense: Flapping their hands, twirling their fingers, playing with fidget toys, bouncing on their toes, playing sports, knitting, doodling, pacing, tapping their fingers, chewing, bouncing their leg, twisting their hands and fingers, playing an instrument…

  • Vestibular sense: rocking, spinning around, riding a roller coaster, sailing, horse riding, being upside down, doing cartwheels, shaking their head, playing on swings, slides or merry-go-rounds…

But really, the possibilities are endless! We recommend the #stimfreely tag for gifs of people stimming (it’s so cute tbh) and general stimming positivity!

Now that we’ve seen what stimming is, let’s get into some of the common reasons a character might stim, and the benefits they can get from it.

  • It helps regulate their sensory system. If one of their senses is under-stimulated (possibly because they are hyposensitive to it, possibly because there just isn’t enough stimulation), stimming can help put the level of stimulation back to a normal state, and thus alleviate feelings of restlessness, discomfort, craving or even pain.

  • It is soothing. When an autistic person is upset, anxious or overwhelmed, stimming, by its regularity and predictability, can help them calm down.

  • It is a coping method. When overstimulated or overwhelmed for another reason, focusing on another sense can help take the focus away from the pain and confusion. For example, someone might focus on the feel of rubbing cloth to avoid being overwhelmed by loud noises. It can also be easier to deal with a stimulation that comes from oneself than from the outside world, because it’s more predictable and less chaotic, and it is not illogical that sometimes, when confronted by for example loud noise, a person might start tapping their ears to cover the sound: it’s even louder, but easier to deal with.

  • It can help concentration.

  • It is a part of our natural body language and we use it to express emotions. If you know an autistic person well, you’ll often be able to tell how they feel by watching what stims they do. One common example is flapping one’s hands when happy!

  • It can be very pleasant and enjoyable. Overall, we’d say this is one of the most important reasons for stimming: having fun and feeling good!

As an additional note, I’d like to add that everybody stims, neurodivergent or not. Even if you’re allistic, you must have caught yourself bouncing your leg when anxious or humming absentmindedly. Especially in moments of extreme grief, sadness, or fear, allistic people often rock back and forth or hit themselves in exactly the same way autistic people do. Autistic people just need it more because they have different sensory systems, which are more demanding and need more regulation.

So please, have your autistic characters stim! Have them rock to calm themselves down and flap their hands when they’re happy and spend hours repeating the same word! Stimming is most often a very positive experience and one of the reasons many autistic people enjoy being autistic and wouldn’t change it for the world. This is who we are, and stimming is a really cool part of who we are, and we’d say it’s an essential part of positive representation of autistic people.

I think we covered the basics, but of course we’re here to answer any specific question about this topic or another. Happy writing!

💮 How to start a RP blog 💮

Before I start please keep in mind that there are no specific rules on how your blog should be! I’m just explaining the common set ups and what not that most rpers use!

Also I’m going to organize this in steps because steps help my overwhelmed brain

1.)   The first step to starting a RP blog is deciding on your muse, or the character you’re going to write as. It can be any muse you want! You can even have multiple muses for one blog if you’d like (but that does make organizing a bit harder). You can write as a canon character, an oc, a canon character with your own headcanons, whatever! 
     Just ask yourself: is this a character I’m going to want to write for a while? Is this a character that I feel comfy portraying? Choosing a character without thinking this over may lead you to give up or delete quickly because you find that you don’t enjoy them! This is okay though! It’s good to experiment and find out who you write the best!

2.)   Once you have your muse chosen, maybe practice writing with them a bit? This is optional of course, but practice may help you decide if they’re right for you or not.

3.)   Look at you! You got your muse! That’s awesome! Now, time to make the blog! The URL is fun to work with but may also be difficult to figure out. Go with whatever your heart desires! Look at examples too! Here’s how I chose mine:
      Peregrine (as in peregrine falcon, the animal Avi represents and owns) was taken, so I changed my i to 3 i’s (a popular trend ha ha). Avian’s url is peregriiine because the word peregrine represents her in multiple ways (I’ll explain how later).

4.)   Got your URL? Radical. Time to give your blog a nice theme! You don’t HAVE to do this, but I highly recommend it. In all honesty, people are going to want to interact with you more if you have a well put together theme and blog.
Finding a theme may be difficult but there are blogs made just to help with that!

@theme-hunters for example

Or, go look at some rp blogs and see if you like any of their themes! Grab the code from the maker, plug it in, and viola! Now you just have to put all your images and text and colors that you want! With this in mind, try to think of a specific color scheme and aesthetic for your muse. It will help with the look I promise!

  Got your theme and images? Wowee you’re really close! Now it’s time to make your pages. There are 3 very important pages to have:

An open and easily accessible ask box, a bio/about page for your muse, and a rules page

- Ask box: This one is easy. Have it open so people can send in starters and memes! The big one is having it easily accessible in your theme. It doesn’t HAVE to be, because people can find it and sometimes it’s worth the aesthetic, but it’s just easier for your RP partners!

- About page:
Please have a link/tab about your muse (esp if it’s an OC!). People have to know who you’re writing! If it’s a canon character you’re writing as (ex RED demoman) then you don’t have to put too much there since most people already know the basics about him! But! You can add in your own headcanons if you’d like! I recommend looking at some other RP blog bios to find out how you want to structure your’s :0

- Rules: This one actually isn’t required for people to RP with you, but I recommend it for your own sake. Because different people go by different standards and most (good) RPers make sure to check them first. Some important things to add is how you feel about certain writing topics (ex: No smut because I am a minor/I don’t like it, gore and violence is okay, etc). Again, looking at other rule pages will give you ideas for how to structure it

-Other: There are other (optional) pages to include as well, such as a list of verses (like AU’s and what not), relationships (list of their relationship with other rp partners), etc! Anything you also want to have available!

6.)  Your pages are done, your theme is set, you’re almost ready to go! Now here’s the most difficult part: Starting to write. I recommend 3 things:
 ~ reblogging RP/ ASK memes (lists of certain things that other people can send you)
~making a promo post to get yourself out there
     This may seem like the hardest task to fulfill but it’s the most efficient way to get started. You can’t just wait for people to find you. You gotta fling yourself at others! Once you do that, people will follow you and send things themselves! It’s very anxiety-inducing for some people (me!!!me!!) but it’s worth it I promise

7.)  YOU DID IT! You are now writing little stories with your muse and another’s muse! How cool is that? You can write about anything ever! You can write small little silly threads (or a series of replies to the same story) or even long extended ones that are deep and thick with development :0!!! Possibilities are endless!!! YOU DID IT YEAAAAAAAH!!!

Now for some extra tips just for fun!

~ Having specific tags for things is REALLY helpful in organizing your content!

~ You don’t just have to reblog memes and replies; you can reblog images or posts that relate to your (such as an aesthetic that follows them or some musings!) I have tags for each of these things
~ For those tags, I recommend looking at other people’s tags for ideas on what to tag and how to tag it. I’m a dork and made really fancy tags with quotes and all that but you don’t have too!
~ Also add fun things to your blog, like a music player for tunes to set the mood for your muse!
~ Also, some people like to use little icons or art pieces in there responses to show their muse’s expression. This is optional but really fun! You don’t have to be an artist, you can just use other people’s art (with permission but most people don’t do that because they state that their icons are not their own art.)
~ Make sure to be respectful and kind to your fellow rp partners!
~ Roleplaying is a hobby. People do it for fun. Do NOT feel obligated to do a reply super quickly if you have other things going on. 
~ Have fun omg

For those who are unsure even HOW to write rp responses, there is no set way! You just write how you wish as long as you write your muse and give your partner enough to work with!

(Any questions or example requests? Send me an ask)

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Opinion on Keith X Lance? Like I know, Shiro X Keith but besides that.

If I’m being completely honest, I do not like Klance. I’m more than fine with ppl shipping it & don’t police shipping because, you know, I’m not an asshole. It’s just a ship. 

I wish I liked Klance. Then I could experience going under a tag without endless callout posts and pedophiliac claims being thrown at other users. Then I could stop getting nasty messages in my inbox and not have to read comments on my YT channel saying I’m a FILTHY Sheith shipper. I could frolic happily, enjoying my popular, unproblematic ship. 

Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is that Klance seems like a cute ship, but after being bullied by like?? that “side” of the fandom?? It’s just… it just makes it really hard to ever possibly enjoy it. Not all Klance shippers are antis, like duh, I know this. If you like Klance, then Klance is a good ship. And Voltron is a good show. It doesn’t deserve to be disgraced by a shitty fandom. 

Idk how or if I’ll get any responses to this, but I’d REALLY like to know from fellow Buckynat shippers what comic book moment/picture you’d like to be recreated on screen with Seb&Scarlett if y'all could choose ??

I read 17776 tonight bc I’ve been seeing a lot of it floating around and I was curious. It actually triggered my DPDR a little, tho I’m handling it okay.

It’s very interesting and I think I want more, but I also found it deeply unsettling. It’s just so contrary to everything I consider essential to the sweep of human existence- the chain of birth and death and the transfer and transformation of information between generations, both biological and social- for everything to be frozen into an endless blur- I remember seeing “the absurd” being defined as an endless task that is never truly complete, and for existence itself to become absurd… Very unsettling.

My brain connected this to Transformers. One of the things that most bothers me is the sheer length of the war- why on earth would any race fight for 4 million years straight, how is that literally even possible, what is DONE that a war lasts 4 million years? Especially in G1 where the leadership of both factions is missing-presumed-dead for 4 million years and the war carries on without any change despite that.

In 17776, the human race plays endless absurd nonsensical games of football, because it gives their lives meaning when there is no other source of adversity. Did the sense of purpose generated by the war perpetuate it? It also made me think about the Lost Light’s quest in a new perspective. Coming off an endless, borderline pointless, war, finding the Knights of Cybertron in the most efficient manner possible isn’t really the first instinct for anyone, even those who really believe in the quest. The quest is a structure that gives shape and direction to the theoretically endless lives of the questees- it is literally the journey and not the destination that is the source of meaning.

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Hey! I apologise if you have answered this before but I was wondering, how did you end up shipping Jon and Sands?

Hello! (this is going to get lengthy unfortunately)

I distinctly remember it was during my attachment at this law firm in February, they didn’t have any work for me that particular day so I was on my phone scrolling mindlessly on Instagram’s explore page. That’s when I came across this page, @/jonsansa - it’s basically a page for Jonsa that sometimes posts meta from Tumblr(with credit).

When I first saw the page(this was after season 6), I was honestly confused. I think it was largely due to the fact that I’m not the type of person that watches a show for its ships, and GoT was the last show that I thought would generate such a huge fandom invested in a pairing. Strangely enough, I wasn’t opposed to the idea because if there’s one thing season 6 did for me, it’s that it made me root for both Jon and Sansa.

Season 5 left me knowing that one of two things were going to happen: Sansa was finally escaping Winterfell and heading to Castle Black, and Jon was most definitely going to somehow be brought back. However, I was still skeptical as to whether or not they would meet. Even after Jon’s resurrection, I really did not let my hopes get the best of me so when Sansa walked through those gates all I could think of was “holy shit it’s really happening we’re really doing this now omg omg omg” and let me tell you… I teared up so much. It was such a heartwarming scene and for once something good was finally happening, and then from there all their scenes together just stroke me as natural. The BoTB was by far the most emotional battle in GoT, I had so many emotions and was honestly crying and then that scene where Sansa swoops in with the Knights of the Vale happened and all I could think of was “omg thank GOD.” Afterwards I started appreciating Sansa as a character so much more, and reflected on how strong she was to have survived all that she’s been through. With Jon, I rooted for him just as most people did, but I never regarded him as a favourite. However season 6 left me liking Jon a whole lot more as a character, and Jonsa definitely had a huge part to play. Jon and Sansa’s arc that season was the one thing I really enjoyed watching.

So I read some theories, like the Tourney of Ashford theory and all of the Ned x Cat 2.0 parallels and I started getting reeled in and was convinced.

When season 7 started, that’s when I started going on Tumblr and engaging in the Jonsa tag. Prior to this, Jonsa was my secret pleasure - I had brought it up to a friend once and she was completely unwilling to embrace it as a possibility so I didn’t really have anyone I could discuss it with. Fortunately, this fandom has been so welcoming, engaging, and thought provoking. I was seeing Angry Kitten Jon unfold on screen while being spoiled with endless speculation on Tumblr on just how unnecessary shooting scenes like that would’ve been unless it was to buff the idea of Jonsa. I was so sad when Jon and Sansa departed but each week they had managed have them be mentioned in each other’s scene despite being away from each other. It became my favourite time of each week, and waiting for the next episode didn’t feel as hard anymore because they gave us plenty of material to discuss for the rest of the week. 

This was truly when I started reading more and more meta, but I wasn’t completely opposed to the idea of J0nerys because I hadn’t seen them together yet. When they finally met however, I completely rejected it - it just wasn’t as good as Jonsa. And of course I was anxious about the ““dreaded”” boatbang. I was frustrated too, because I had been thrust into the wonderful world of Jonsa only to have J0nerys be forced down my throat. But when it finally happened, I ended up laughing SO loud. I assumed they’d at least build up to it but if anything, it just made the idea of Jonsa that much more appealing and probable to me.

That’s basically how I got into it and why I stayed! The Jonsa community never really came off to me as “shippy” due to all the well thought out meta and book references. It managed to sell me an idea I never would have thought up myself. Of course, no one knows for sure how the series will end, the white walkers could end up coming in and destroying everything and everyone, but even if Jonsa never becomes canon, I’m forever grateful to all the joy it’s given me and will continue giving me. It was truly my happy place at a time where I was lowest in life this year, and has never failed to put a smile on my face so thank you to all the other Jonsa shippers - even those who don’t engage as much! Our ship is amazing and I’m happy to be apart of it(even if I seldom contribute in comparison huhu).

[Also, this is somewhat personal but I was in a very weird position and had just left the second abusive relationship in the same year, so I was somewhat alone. I felt isolated for the most part, so turning to GoT was a means of escaping for a bit and it introduced me to the best and most welcoming fandom, and I’ll always be grateful]

Tl;dr - Jonsa just makes the most sense to me, and makes a far better narrative than J/D in my opinion. It feels natural and I’m here for it, canon or not(though it has a fighting chance to really be canon and I’m hoping for it!).

Thank you for the ask and I’m sorry for typing so much! I just love my babies and this community I’m really ugly crying rn omg bye x

He Had It Coming - Part 2

Prompt: The reader is a young ambitious psychologist with a special interest in criminal anthropology. She gets the chance to sit down and talk with Captain Boomerang’s killer to grasp a better understanding of what happened and finds herself captivated by their romantic affair.

Prompt Request: “I’m not surprised that you murdered him.” 

Warnings: Cursing, sexual suggestion, and attempt at sexual violence (No, not on George’s part)

Chapter 1

A/N: Let me know if you want me to add you to the tags list my dudes!

Originally posted by felywrites

It was certainly a long three days to follow your session with Lana. You couldn’t help but to imagine what she was going to tell you next. The possibilities on how she had come to fall into the arms of such an infamous criminal only to come out of the relationship a cold-blooded murderer were endless!

You indulged your imagination on countless scenarios on what was to happen next in Lana’s story despite your own assumptions of what really happened. Based on the evidence her ‘story book romance turned tragic’ you imagined her tale was more stereotypical than she’d like to admit. Digger was a scumbag. It was easy to see that by looking at his mugshot. Surely, Boomerang broke heart heart somehow.

You imagined the ending of her tale would be something along the lines of Digger having strayed from loyalty and into the arms of another woman. From what her friends told authorities in questioning, Lana was quite the impulsive hot head. Some would say those characteristic could suggest she might seek revenge on a cheating spouse.

Surely this was a cold blooded act of revenge committed by a naive heartbroken woman. However, you weren’t there to judge her character, your job was to determine if and when she was mentally capable of standing trial, a process that could take many weeks.   

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Uhh, so I have no idea what to name my ghost garden story. I’ve just been calling it “ghost garden story” and now it’s really hard to stop. So far my possible titles are:

1. Giving up the ghost (stupid, nope)

2. Unraveling the ghost (on the nose - maybe something to do with unraveling will work, though?)

3. Uh, something about a grim

4. Uh….. some sort of pun or fancy phrase involving “apparition” or “manifestation”

5. *endless screaming*

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Hi!! Would I be able to request #20, 69, and 90 with VIXX Leo? If thats too many, any of those are fine. Thank you so much!!! 😊😊

Send me a number + an idol

“Why did you let them talk me into this?” You groan as soon as the building came into view. The ivy covered walls were cracked and darkened with age. There were bars on all of the windows, some of them even boarded up and no lights escaped their endless depths. The air around the place was still and quiet despite the crowds of people here, this only adding to the foreboding feeling you had. In the spirit of Halloween the old asylum was being opened to the public for a special haunted house. You didn’t really want to come along with them.  You couldn’t stand haunted houses, but the boys were so excited when they asked you to tag along that you couldn’t possibly say no.

This place gives me the creeps. Why couldn’t we do this during the day?” You whine as you try to keep up with Taekwoon’s long strides up the tree lined path toward the wrought iron gates.

“Because then it wouldn’t be creepy,” he counters and removes his hand from yours to link your arms together.

“Exactly!” The two of you come to a halt behind a group of people waiting to pay for the admissions fee and Taekwoon turns to look at you properly.

“Y/N, it’s going to be fine. None of this is even real. Look at that arm there,” he inclines his head toward the tree behind you covered in thick cobwebs with a bloody, severed appendage hanging from it,  "that’s obviously plastic. You can tell even in this low light.“ You turn around and immediately take a subconcious step back, more out of fear for the very real and very large spider crawling there than for the morbid Halloween prop. Your frown deepens as you meet his eyes again, he was missing your point.

“I know it’s fake, but its still creepy. And people actually died here! What if we see a real ghost?” Taekwoon tilts his head and lets his eyes wander as he considers your words. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. When he opens them again he lifts his hand to gently cup your cheek and speaks softly to you.

“Do you think I can’t protect you from a few ghosts and people dressed in costumes? I’ll be right there with you the whole way, I promise.” You find yourself nodding at his word, all of your worries suddenly scattering as the warm look in his eyes grounds you. The group ahead of you two finally moves through the gates and Taekwoon reluctantly drops his hand back to his side and wordlessly steps forward to pay. While he handles the transaction, you take the time to look around and ponder this unfortunate predicament. You know you have to believe him, Taekwoon wasn’t mean enough to leave you all alone when you were scared just for kicks and giggles. And yes, the asylum was known to actually be haunted, but if you were too busy panicking over the spooky decorations and the people dressed up to scare you, would you even have time to notice the real ghosts? 

After clearing the gates you heave a dramatic sigh finally resigning yourself to your impending fate, “If I die, I’m coming back to haunt you,” you declare.

He looks at you with a small teasing smile and a raised eyebrow, “Would you like a treat for your troubles?”

You bite at your bottom lip and pretend to think for a moment. You don’t miss the way Taekwoon’s eyes stare longingly at your mouth and you pout playfully at him, “Kiss me,” you say. Taekwoon stops abruptly in the middle of the path and smoothly swoops in to capture your lips in a tender kiss.

The thing that really gets me about Haruka is that she wants to be a hero so badly, like a dashing yuriprince knight in shining armour or whatever, and she’d be so good at it. She’d be the BEST kitten- and baby-saving power of love and friendship superhero ever (hey, she has the speeches down already). I mean her first reaction to being attacked by a monster is to protect it from Sailor Neptune because it used to be a human.

Even after she’s presumably been Uranus for a while, and been through the whole wait-for-enemy-to-attack-see-if-the-heart-is-a-talisman routine a few times, Michiru has to bodily stop her from rushing in to help the victim of the day (I actually headcanon this as the first time the victim is someone Haruka knows personally):

But no, she gets put on the OTHER team, the black ops B-team weirdos, with the tragic immortal time guardian and the death incarnate baby goth doomsday weapon and actual human disaster Michiru Kaioh, here to make Sacrifices and Hard Choices so others don’t have to, so that the important people keep their hands clean (I am also quite attached to my headcanon about the Outers being very painfully aware that when shit goes down, they are the first to go and the least importance is placed on their survival as they are the disposable ones in the grand scheme of things - Saturn is, as always, a special case).

And she adapts and does it and she tries really hard to make the tough calls, but she detests herself for it and it’s so far from the honest core of her character – and then I remember her “ordinary happiness” speech to Minako about just being your true self, and the degree to which she is convinced she couldn’t possibly be one of the holders of the Talismans because she is horrible and bad and worthless and tainted and I get really sad.

Anyway, Haruka Tenoh, everybody.

we’re so blessed to live in an age where resources are available to fans to allow them to produce this kind of content, it’s really amazing and the possibilities are so endless, and just!! it makes me so happy that lisvn is a thing that exists and i wanna congratulate everyone involved i’m just rly fuzzy with feelings right now goddamn

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do merlin and Arthur have kiddies? I saw a pic of fem!merlin and Arthur w/ their kids I think~

I think with AU universes there are a range of possibilities, some they might adopt, they might have them with women, maybe an OT3 with gwen or freya. my current fav to draw is with Human!Aithusa (who i really like the headcanon i read in someone’s tags (sorry can’t remember who) as her being possibly disabled, with speech problems etc.)  Mainly because Aithusa got such horrible treatment in the series, I would love an AU where she got a much better childhood and life. but i mean really there are endless Alternative scenarios, you could really take your pic.

The picture you are thinking of is this one I think

if you’re confused about why people are getting angry over this, it’s not just the potential idea of the equivalent of a particularly annoying hangnail being cast as marvel’s next white guy lead. like even if they’d gone with any of the numerous other conventional white guys rumored for the role, it’s still the same damn formula they’ve been using since the mcu started. there is a REASON dc’s announcements for their upcoming lineup made so much noise, and not just because we’re finally getting dc characters on screen who aren’t dressed like giant bats. marvel’s movies are just so. conventional. unsurprising. unimaginative. even marvel’s team films so far have followed the exact same formulas, all they’ve done is changed the background scenery a bit.

like, nothing in phase 3 has pushed boundaries, nothing is new anymore, nothing is really all that exciting, because it’s just the same things we’ve seen before. superhero films have endless possibilities, but marvel’s purposefully limited itself. they have a billion dollar industry here, they can do whatever they want, and they’re just recycling the same plot over and over. it’s taken the mcu less than 10 years to reach the same predictable, boring plateau that comics have been at for over half a century, and it’s frustrating that people can’t see why that’s a problem.

anon, what u have to understand is that when u say “i prefer cis ppl,” the automatic and unavoidable implication of that is “i believe that trans ppl as a whole, regardless of the endless possibilities of their appearances, identities, presentations, personalities, and other incredibly varied qualities, will always be undesirable, and will always be less desirable to me than cis ppl”

i am really, really curious as to what arguments u have about how that’s not transphobic

I really love tumblr. I think it’s a great platform with endless possibilities and awesome people.
But it is also one of the most hateful, elitist and excluding environments I have ever witnessed.
The amount of petty judging, badly masked racism and general bad behaviour on this website is disgusting.
The fact that you cannot enable anon without recieving an avalanche of hate is disturbing.
So many of us are outcasts, one way or the other. We have been bullied and picked on, we know what it’s like to feel excluded.

What I’d really like to see is people stepping up to overcome differences, and to go the extra mile to be accepting and inclusive. See something in a tag you don’t think belongs there? Ignore it. See it repeatedly? Ignore the user.

Think a person is too fat/skinny/tall/small/dark/light/whatever: don’t tell them. If you wouldn’t say it to your friend, don’t say it to a stranger.
Step up and be a proper human being. Look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘today I will spread joy and love and not let negativity get me down!“

It makes me really sad that we use all these amazing opportunities to learn and make new friends to bully. Let’s all evolve past it. To quote a popular text post: let’s all be the person Uncle Iroh knows we can be <3

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(Just to be clear, I'm having a wicked evening and this isn't urgent). I'm so uncomfortable when I think about the guys that make me dysphoric and how it's IMPOSSIBLE for me to ever look like they do. How do non-transition folks deal with this heartache?

Ren says:

Love, I feel you. I really do. But…you’ve seen Trans Selfie Tuesday, right?

And if that glorious tag doesn’t convince you of the endless possibilities, how about professional trans models. Who get paid to be hot. Mm-hm.

Balian Buschbaum, Billy Castro, Ryan Sallens, Loren Cameron, Ashley de la Cruz (pictured here with trans lady model Valentijn de Hingh), Trevon Haynes, and Arin Andrews (pictured here with trans lady model Katie Hill) are all trans male models.

Not to mention gorgeous trans lady models like Isis King, Jenna Talackova, Lea T, Andreja Pejic, Ines Rau, Amiyah Scott, and Carmen Carrera.

Plus, Ryley Pogensky and Erika Linder are two outstanding self-identified genderqueer / non-binary models.

Here’s the cool thing: I could go on! There are tons and tons of other handsome / gorgeous / stunning trans models. I’m just scratching the surface with these links.

TBH, this is undeniable proof that transgender proof are literal miracles and can look however they darn fricking well want to.

(Sure, it takes time, but hey, maybe that’s the source of our power.)

Basically what I’m trying to say is: that’s how we deal. We don’t give up. Because maybe we didn’t start out properly, but boy howdy, are we going places!!