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Cinnamon is a 5 week old kitten that I’m helping my aunt take care of. The rest of his litter mates and his mom are staying with her but I’ve been taking care of him when I go to let out my aunt’s dog. He’s got conjunctivitis and the antibiotics aren’t working so I’m taking him in with me to my shift in the morning

Here’s the baby

and here’s his siblings and momma

Animorphs was my JAM as a kid. My friends and I used to pretend to morph at recess and investigate mysteries. I was always Rachel, but andalites and hork-bajir were always my favorite.

Hence Joxirin-Caerith-Kahoul, here. Or Jox, since it’s easier for his human friend to say. His design is kind of @lackofa inspired as far as tail blade goes (I LOVE the idea that it kind of naturally ‘sheathes’ itself) but also kind of @the-tabularium inspired too, with the face shapes and feets. (Still can’t draw cervine hooves.)

Eldritch Librarians

         Dark sat upside down on the living room’s couch, fiddling with a smart phone. He kicked his feet back and forth like a fidgeting child and scrunched his face in frustration. Beams of light came in through the windows and bits of dust floated in their rays. Anti walked into the living room, munching on a flaky croissant, flakes falling onto his black t-shirt. He dusted the flakes from his shirt and the bits of croissant joined the particles of dust.

         “I made some croissants; want one?” Anti asked and took another bite. “I know they’re supposed to be flaky but I think I made ‘em too crumbly.” Dark didn’t reply and clicked away at his device. Anti looked at him and raised a brow. “When did you get a…you didn’t steal that, did you?”

         Dark looked up and finally noticed Anti and slid down to the floor, legs still resting on the couch. “Nope. Bought it.”

         Anti chuckled, and joined him in the floor, resting his feet on the couch. “Ah-huh. Did you steal the money?”

         “No, I got this tiny computer with my own money and it does too much and I can’t figure out how to do any of it.” Dark tossed it towards a window but, using his glitch, Anti quickly teleported and caught it.

         “Dark, you got an iPhone! If you look at this thing wrong, it’ll break. Let me see if I can help you with it, okay?” Anti sat on the couch next to Dark’s feet and Dark crossed his arms.

         “I just want to do a few things!” Dark sat up and waved his arms around as he explained, “I want to call and text you but no matter how many times I type in ‘Anti’ it won’t do anything! I want to change my background to something besides some stupid water drops but when I type in ‘background’ it does nothing! I want to look up porn but I keep typing in ‘porn’ and I get nothing!”

         Anti held in his laughter and looked at the iPhone in his hand. The “notebook” app was open and, written over and over again were the words Anti, background, change background, text Anti, call Anti, porn, people fucking, and lastly SOMETHING TO JACK OFF TOO I HATE THIS STUPID THING. Anti couldn’t help it and burst out laughing. Dark crossed his arms again, pouting.

         “Laugh it up, I’m a real comedian.”

         Anti coughed and subdued his laughter. “You can’t just start typing in random stuff, Dark. To text me you need to know my number. You have to change your background yourself and to look up websites you need to know their address. Here.” Anti put his phone number in Dark’s contacts. “Now when you need me just go to your contacts and click on my name! Now, what do you want your background to be?”

         Dark jumped up and plopped down hard onto the couch. “Put that thing in ‘selfie’ mode!” Dark beamed.

         Anti laughed and opened the camera, switching it to selfie mode. Dark took Anti’s hand, the one that held the phone, and held it up. “SMILE GREENIE!” They smiled and Dark clicked the shutter button. “Make that my background.”

         Anti went to the phone’s settings and changed the background to the picture they just took. He couldn’t help but smile.

         Dark marveled at his background. “Your hair’s getting’ a little long, man.”

         “Eh, if it starts to bother me I’ll cut it.” Anti shrugged his shoulders. “Now about porn…well…it’s not safe to look that up on your phone, Dark. Wait ‘till we get a computer.”

         Dark smirked and caressed Anti’s thigh. “Hm. Bummer.”

         Anti’s face blushed bright red.

         The doorbell rang and they both jumped, then looked at each other and laughed. Anti got off the couch and went to the foyer. He walked to the front door and peaked through the peep hole; standing straight at attention was a young man in a CDO jacket. On his forehead were tiny horns. Anti opened the door and waved.

         The young man saluted. “Reporting for a Mr. Antisepticeye, sir!”

         Anti pointed to himself, “Hello there. You’re looking at him, ahaha.”

         Still saluting, the young man continued, “I am Knight-in-training Sukino, here to take you on your first mission, sir!”

         “Oh.” Anti looked back to the living room and saw Dark taking several selfies. “Can he come?” He pointed back to Dark.

         Sukino stood back to attention. “I…suppose so, sir! I’ll give you a moment to change.”

         “Er, change?”

         Sukino nodded, “It’s rather cold where we’re headed, sir.”

         “Oh. Okay. Come on in.” Anti motioned for Sukino to enter and he did. “Make yourself comfortable; I’ll be back.” Anti left to the upstairs bedroom, not before saying, “Dark, be nice!”

         Dark looked up from his phone to Sukino and giggled. “Hey, horny.”

         Sukino blushed and made sure not to make eye contact with Dark.

         It didn’t take very long for Anti to get changed (though, to Sukino, it felt like it took an eternity). Anti now adorned a black beanie and black hoodie that said, “wub a lubba dub dub!” in bright green writing. “Warm enough?”

         Sukino nodded. “Grab onto my shoulders, please.” He didn’t even ask why Dark wasn’t getting into anything warmer.

         Dark groaned and got up and grabbed Sukino’s right shoulder, Anti grabbed his left. Sukino pulled a metal tube from his pocket with a white jewel at the top and flicked it. The three were engulfed in a white light and, when the light disappeared, so did they.


Northern Canada

         A bright flash of white light appeared and along with it, so did Dark, Anti, and Sukino. Anti and Sukino shivered, while the snow immediately around Dark melted. In front of them was a stories tall, massive, brick building, with “Clericus Daemon Ordinem Tabularium” carved above the doors.

         Anti smiled and looked all around. “Yay! Snow!!!”

         Sukino pulled a folded piece of paper from his pockets and handed it to Anti. “There are some documents we need you to pick up for your first mission. They’re here on this paper.” Sukino saluted and prepared the device he held in his hand.

         “Wait, why are they sending me n’ Anti up here; why not you? Or another CDO kid?” Dark asked.

         “Commander Padula wanted to start you off with something easy…and uh…we don’t really like coming up here. The people that work up here are…strange.” Sukino stuttered. Before Anti or Dark could ask anything else, Sukino flicked the jewel on his device and was gone in a flash.

Wow, I did not mean to make this that long. I didn’t want it to just be “we need to go here. Okay we’re here” but I also did mean for the this much build up ahaha. Whoopsie. Also…this is gonna be my first time RP-ing sooo, the lovely @brittany-san  and @ari-trash , TAKE IT AWAY, YA’ BAMFS!

(btw, those of you that have been making OC’s and what not, I’ve talked to some of you about RP-ing, some of you have chosen to opt out which is totes fine- like I said, this is just a realm of all sorts of possibilities- you do what you’re comfortable with and I freakin’ love you ALL! This is a place to have fun, bb, YEAH!)

Here’s my half of the Draw Each Other’s Cetecean Art Challenge

I was paired with the-tabularium and chose their artwork of J22 Oreo and J26 Mike! Their original is here.

I picked this because Mike is a favorite of mine but I also wanted a bit of a challenge and this is an angle I have never drawn before. So sketching took some time but I think it worked out in the end ;)

This was so much fun, I hope we do another round! 

This is done in Copic Markers, Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils and white ink.

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Just holy shit. Clint and Natasha recording their pranking escapades with/against Bucky. Bucky just randomly appearing in the background of everyone’s Vines and becoming an unwilling participant. Snapchat too. Natasha or Clint taking a snapchat of the “fearsome Winter Soldier” sprawled on the couch with Steve, fast asleep. Steve taking a snap of Bucky, Clint and Natasha, with Lucky flopped on top of them, all cuddled up after an exhausting assignment. Tony being, well, Tony and catching Bucky under like five million blankets and giving it a caption with something like “i’m thinking he’s more of a summer soldier tbh” but good luck sending it because Bucky would be up and after him in like two seconds flat.

And Sam recording a Vine of him finally getting revenge on Steve and Bucky with a high-speed flyby, shouting “ON YOUR LEFT!” before knocking them both into the reflecting pool and flying out of there before either can get a hold of him.

here’s a fairly low quality picture of the poster i have displaying Australia’s Key Aboriginal Tribes. i think i got it from a thrift store a few years ago but i don’t really remember. i’m sorry about the stained bit in the top corner, that’s how it was when i acquired the map.

it’s probably about 2'x3’ and seems to have been put together by the Aborigines Advancement League’s School Project 1971. it looks to have an address and phone number where they can be contacted (or could have been back in 1971, maybe). it’s got the divisions for the states & territories (as far as i understand. regretfully, i’m not super familiar with Australia or its divisions) and for the regions which were occupied by different key Aboriginal tribes.

i was trying to google what “Koorie Boogaja” means (again, i’m sorry for my ignorance) and based on the results i found, they seem to have a copy of this map at the Northern Territory Library in Darwin. i can try to get better photos of it if people are interested.